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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 484  (Vol. 10, No. 27). This edition is for the week of June 29--July 5, 2009.

"Public Enemies"
The British Invasion and Garage Bands a Go-Go
The Monster Squad: The Complete Collection
FANGRRL Goes To The New Tampa Film Network Meeting
Dr. Paul Bearer - Where It All Started .... .... Wghp-tv .... The Gags .... .... The Hearse .... What's It Worth? .... r
The Music .... Have You Heard This One? .... America Wouldn't Know Talent If It Bit It In The Ass .... Please Have Kleenex Ready .... Passing On .... Happy Birthday U.s.a. .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... h

And Away We Go!
Joining...Here We Go Again!

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

Karl Malden, Dead at 97
Ye Olde Editor Interviewed by the Miami Examiner
Ain't Gonna Study War No More
More on MJ's Kids
Another Sad and Nutty Week (Billy Mays, Fred Travalena, Roy Huston)
Madoff Made Off
Moving On (Transformers)...
Readers Comments


Brandon Jones, July 1, 39 yrs.
U.S.A., July 4, 233 yrs.
Christian Dumais, July 11, 35 yrs.
Juanita Smith, July 15, 46 yrs.
Phillip Smith, July 26, 24 yrs.
Joining the ludicrous avalanche of celebrities dropping dead these last two weeks is Karl Malden (A Streecar Named Desire, The Streets of San Francisco, AmEx commercials) at the age of 97 of natural causes. Mike Smith will have his hands full again this week in The Rant with all the new obits.


Yours Truly was recently interviewed by Examiner columnist Julianne Draper. I am grateful to Juli for the opportunity to share some thoughts with her readers.

Message Board poster Lauré started a thread on this, bless her devilish little heart!


OK, that subject line may not exactly be accurate, but Crazed Fanboy contributor, George Roth, whose 2006 article, "A Solution to Prevent Accidental Nuclear War," actually elicited responses on other websites besides this one, has composed a new essay: The Fallacy of Conventional War in the Nuclear Age. Those interested in such a topic are encouraged to check it out.


According to Us Weekly, the biological father of Prince and Paris Jackson is Michael Jackson's dermatologist Arnold Klein, whose former employee is Debbie Rowe. "He is the dad," says a Jackson insider. "He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth."

Jackson's youngest child, Prince Michael II, was born to an unknown surrogate.

So...Jackson was so freaking dysfunctional he couldn't even sire his own kids. Not even sure he and his former wives ever slept in the same room--or lived together at all.


This just in: Turns out Michael Jackson fathered none of his children and Debbie Rowe was the surrogate for two! In vitro, baby! Wooohooooo, too weird.

This is un-freakin'-believable. I no sooner put the "obituary" PCR to bed last week, then a new crop of notable deaths occurs. OK, this is it -- the last death issue. Note to celebs: STOP DYING ALREADY!

The noise from the premature death of Michael Jackson was still ringing in my ears when I heard about TV pitchman Billy Mays, 50, dying of a heart attack and the Readers' Comments started pouring in. The report where a bonk on the head from a bumpy airplane landing had anything to do with it turned out to be false. Anyway, I would've never predicted such tumult over an infomercial guy, especially one voted by AOL pollsters as the "most annoying voice on television." Not that I ever wanted anything bad to happen to him, don't get me wrong. But it seemed incongruous. Apparently, he was so annoying he was beloved? Not sure I get it. OK, I guess he'll be hard to replace. R.I.P. Billy Mays.

Far more personal to me was the tragically under-reported death of comic-impressionist Fred Travalena, 66, who died about the same time, but of complications from cancer. A gifted impersonator on the level of Rich Little and as frequent a Vegas and talk show guest for decades, Travalena had been notably absent for several years, presumably due to illness. He came back recently on a David Letterman episode spotlighting impressionists (look up "Impressionists Week" on YouTube). He looked a lot different from the days when he was the young buck on Ed Sullivan, but gave an energetic performance nonetheless. Impressionists have always been among my top favorite performers and he was one of the best. R.I.P. Fred Travalena.

Locally, spook-show magician Roy Huston died in his sleep earlier this week (as reported by Andy Lalino in PCR #483 Readers' Comments just before it was archived). I'm not sure of Roy's age, but I think he was approaching 70. I first saw Roy at a Spook Show at St. Pete's Royalty Theater in 2002. Then around Fall of 2007, we spoke by telephone about getting together and doing a video interview. Sadly, that never happened, and now, never will. I thought he'd have more time on this earth before the Grim Reaper took him back. Like Sanford's Harry Wise (a personal friend of Roy's), Roy was a veteran performer of the festival circuit, with great stories and insider knowledge. R.I.P. Roy Huston.

Hey how about that nutty Bernie Madoff? 150 years for his ponzi scheme! Hey, sends a message to other billionaire scheisters, eh?

Despite the fact that virtually every review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen rate it as a slow-moving lame sequel, there's every indication it will be the money-maker of the summer. Great. Now Michael Bay and company know they don't even have to try all that hard next time. Then again, there's really no competition, this is one of the weakest summer movie seasons in memory. Save for Star Trek and UP, what have we got?

Ye Olde Editor is fed up enough to return to the underground indie film scene where things are a little more fresh and unpredictable.

Readers' Comments

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Omar [06-07-2009 19:46] 
I do like how quickly that you made the correction on the name, however. It made me chuckle. Good job!
Omar [06-07-2009 19:42] 
Lisa, the name of an actress is important. The name of your film newsletter is not. The difference is that I knew that I was shortening the name of your newsletter when I typed it; taking the time to write out the entire long name was not worth it. I didn't make a mistake. You did. Deal with it. The fact checker is all yours.
Angora Countess: Ed Wood [06-07-2009 18:29] 
Congrats to the divine Miz' Draper for writing an exceptional article on Nolan "Brainwaves" Canova. Well done, in spite of the subject matter. ;)
Michael Bay [06-07-2009 10:22] 
Thanks Lymph, I want to thank Mr. Guzzo for the same - a great teabag opportunity for the last week or so.
No Cult Jam, Just Lisa [06-07-2009 09:26] 
To Nolan -- Congrats on the interview! That's way cool.

To Lauré -- Nice article! (In addition to the obvious good choice of interview subject, I mean :)

To Simon -- Hope to see you when you're in town and a very belated happy birthday to you.

To Chris W. -- Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked my review.

To The Three Faces of Eve -- Thanks for the heads up about the misspelling. I've corrected it. Thanks also for your feedback on my film news column, although the jab about the "so-called name" lost some steam because you had the name wrong. It's called the TAMPA BAY AREA INDIE FILM NEWS. Maybe you and I could go halfsies on hiring that fact checker, hmmm?
Goingi [05-07-2009 23:35] 
I always suspected Brandon was like that.
rush lymphnode [05-07-2009 22:49] 
thanks to Brandon for to opportunity to teabag him this weekend.
Petrey [05-07-2009 20:12] 
I didn't know Sharif made comments on this page, WOW!
Skulsky [05-07-2009 19:07] 
Yes, and maybe Lisa can start covering the Tampa Film Network in her so-called "Tampa indie film news". There was no mention of it before. Did it fall through the cracks? Why the lukewarm support? That's right.... It's not the TFR, so they don't really care.
Omar [05-07-2009 16:46] 
The actress in Spaventare was Sarah BRAY, not BREY. Lisa needs a fact checker.
Chris Woods [05-07-2009 09:20] 
Lisa - Great write up on the TFN. Glad you enjoyed Spaventare and thanks for the good review. I enjoyed the event and plan on going to other TFNs in the future.
Petrey [04-07-2009 19:12] 
Happy 233rd Birthday America!
Michael [04-07-2009 16:12] 
Happy 4th of July everyone! Be safe...don't blow off anything you may need later.

Boss, love the piece in the Examiner. Man, this is like the fourth or fifth interview you've done where they've cut out the part where you talk about me. :-) Seriously, great job. Miami...who knew?
Beaz [04-07-2009 00:34] 
Have a happy independence Day, y'all!
Chris Woods [03-07-2009 09:19] 
Nolan - Great article on you in the Examiner. Congrats again.

Will - Enjoyed the write up and all the youtube videos. Glad you did another one, I really enjoyed the ones you did late last year on the 1960's.

Brandon - Liked your Splash Page this week on all the old Dr. Paul Bearer stuff. Very cool! It's too bad I never got to see his show when it was on. I was still in NY and didn't move here till years after the show was off the air.

ED - I liked the Monster Squad review. At first when I saw the title I thought it was the film. Didn't know there was a show by the same name in the 70's.
Lonnie [02-07-2009 12:12]  
Harve Presnell (Fargo,1996) Dead at 75
Nolan [02-07-2009 08:33] 
Chris, thanks! The interview is out now -- click on my announcement where it says "Yours Truly was recently interviewed...". That is the link to it.
Chris Woods [02-07-2009 07:42] 
Hey Nolan, congrats on the interview in the Examiner. When will the interview be out?
Terence [01-07-2009 20:58] 
Will- my bad I should have known better.

Petrey- yes! i totally want that.
William Moriaty [01-07-2009 15:28] 
Hey again Ter!

I barely remember "You're Gonna Miss Me" by the 13th Floor Elevators (1966) Great song and great band name. Link to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYh5oMDlWwQ
William Moriaty [01-07-2009 15:15] 
Hey Ter!

Check out PCR #453 (http://www.crazedfanboy.com/npcr08/laflapcr453.ht ml) where I had two You Tube songs from the Seeds, oh yea of little faith!

PS: Sky passed away June 25, 2009.
Petrey [01-07-2009 14:44] 
Terence, I have an excellent copy of an episode of "FRIDAYS" the ABC TV networks answer to SNL back in 1980. It features 2 live performances by The Sir Douglas Quintet. Let me know if you want a copy.
Terence [01-07-2009 14:18] 
But the hands down greatest garage rock song of all time? thats easy.....The Sir Douglas Quintet's "She's About A Mover". this was Doug Sahms first band.
Terence [01-07-2009 14:14] 
Will you left out two of the most important garage bands ever The Seeds and The 13th Floor Elevators. The Elevators frontman is a piece of work in himself. The Seeds frontman Sky Saxon Passed away just two days I think before Michael Jackson.
ED [01-07-2009 13:49] 
Karl Malden dead at 97. R.I.P on those streets of San Fransico in the sky.
ED [01-07-2009 13:25] 
Will - loved your column this week except now I have to spend the next two hours watching videos on Youtube! I find that sight addictive. The Royal Guardsmen video is from the Mike Douglass Show and was recorded with them singing live but the music was pre-recorded. This was the infamous performance where they turned the lights off of drummer John Burdett because they thought he was stoned but in reality he had just been up all night traveling. The RG's also performed their latest hits Snoopy's Christmas and I Say Love on this show and talked with Mike and co-host Ricardo Montalban.
ED [30-06-2009 16:16] 
Brandon - nice piece on the Dr. Paul Bearer card set this week. This was one of only two authorized pieces of Dr. PB memorabilia ever produced. The other was a painter's cap that didn't last very long. There was also a #0 promo card to this set with a green border and a #37 bonus card. This bonus card was included signed in a limited number of autographed sets and unsigned copies were later sold individually through the magazine. The card sets originally retailed for $10 regular and $15 signed. The signed ones sold out pretty quick but the regular sets were still available through Scary Monsters at the original retail price for years after they were produced. I have seen a few of the regular sets turn up on eBay and a few of the card dealers carry them but they are still aound the original retail price.
Marcus Terrence [30-06-2009 13:30] 
Michael Bay is a GENIUS! Don't ever forget that.... I'll make sure that you don't.
Curious [30-06-2009 12:43] 
Great, now I can finally ask you what you bought at the convention!
Simon Lynx [30-06-2009 06:57] 
Totally off subject. But I wanted to give everyone a heads up in Tampa area, that I'll be in town at some point in July and I would love to meet up. And catch up with everyone, I miss everybody.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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