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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 485  (Vol. 10, No. 28). This edition is for the week of July 6--12, 2009.

Movies and The Mob: part 1
The Stuff of Legend: 2009 Film Florida Legends Awards
R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett, 1947--2009
A Date With Disney .... Toy Story Ride & Frenzy .... Mgm Staples .... .... .... .... ....
The Jackson Distraction .... Btw Palin Resigned .... Win Win 4 Palin .... The Best Offense Is No Defense? .... Cap & Trade Warning One .... Another Stimulus .... In God We Trust Missing? .... h
Air Mcnair .... Movie Notes .... Another Voice Of My Youth Moving On .... .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... i

Robert S. McNamara, Dead At 93
Vacancy in Alaska
The Final Word on Michael Jackson?
Two Ties at the Box Office
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No baby-boomer can separate the Vietnam War from its original architects John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and especially Robert S. McMamara, Secretary of Defense under both those presidents. Arguably the most influential Defense Secretary of the 20th century, it was McNamara who took the biggest pride in escalating the Vietman War.

Tragically, it wouldn't be revealed for decades, by McNamara himself, that he knew towards the end of the conflict that our involvement was futile, but he sent thousands of kids to their deaths anyway. Due to the weight of guilt, he remained a haunted man till his dying days, only coming out with the truth sometime during the 1990's.


I'm a little surprised no one started a Message Board thread on this topic up to now, so I guess I'll start one. I can't be the only one who found the announcement of Governor Sarah Palin's resignation jaw-dropping.

Late last week, the former Vice-Presidential running mate to John McCain announced she was stepping down as the Alaskan Governor due to, basically, impatience with media obsession over her family and constantly dealing with lawsuits that drain the public funds.

Immediate speculation began over how this might play into a Senatorial bid or even a run for the White House in 2012. I find both of these scenarios to be unrealistic. The first thing her opponents will do is throw her early resignation as governor against her. That and the not-unfounded speculation that the increased pressures of higher public office will only cause her greater suffering and impact her ability to lead.

I'm sure PCR writer Brandon Jones will comment on this in this week's State of the Nation, and I certainly don't intend to steal his thunder. But this is a pretty big story, let's hear some feedback.

A Message Board thread has been started on this topic

As I write this (Tuesday, July 7) California authorities are bracing for the turn-out to the funeral of Michael Jackson. Tickets were won by lottery and holding tickets is necessary for admission. Chaos will ensue, of course, but the funny thing to me is, even in death, Jackson's event is a sell-out. His seemier, scandalous past is referred to only occasionally, no one thinks it's a big deal. Hell, there's even talk of a Michael Jackson commemorative postage stamp! (Al Sharpton is leading that brigade). Amazing.

It's a rare thing when there's a tie at the weekend box office, let alone two! In the Top Ten early results for last weekend, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (opening week) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (second week) are tied for first place, while Year One and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian are tied for last. Final figures are pending which might change this.

Readers' Comments

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DJ Wiz Kid [13-07-2009 17:02] 
If anyone is interested me and my "partner" Chris Pissin-Salt will be performing tonight in GAYbor. It promises to be very professional.
Doc Daneeka [13-07-2009 09:47] 
I'm Casey Kasem and this is American Top 40!
Curious [12-07-2009 20:59] 
Terence [12-07-2009 15:24] 
Mike- Casey Kasum did not voice Robin in every DC cartoon since 1973. he did none of the voices for Batman The animated series nor any of the new ones. im going to assume you meant the Super Friends series.
Puff Chrissy [11-07-2009 18:30] 
Thanks, Brandon! I appreciate it!
Brandon [11-07-2009 15:58] 
Happy Birthday Christian, love to see more of your work on the PCR
Chris Passin-Salt [11-07-2009 05:55] 
I think Bruno is hot and plan to professionally see this movie twice to show my support. Because I am a professional model my professional models in the indie professional modeling scene always tell me how much I remind them of Bruno. Maybe I will go see it at Channelside so I can stalk Terence.
the love God [10-07-2009 22:45] 
The Love God hugs Terence, as does his concubines.
Nolan [10-07-2009 19:29] 
Nice work on the Farrah Fawcett story, Lisa.
Michael [10-07-2009 16:27] 
I too was shocked the film was that good. I know USA Today gave it ***. Much more coherent then "Borat" and the fact that this guy literally suffers for his art impresses me. I did find out after the screening that one scene was filmed here in KC and that there was mucho trouble with the local law. I'm still waiting for the Freddie Mercury story!
Nolan [10-07-2009 11:56] 
Mike saw something of value in the film. Usually, telling critics to hold off reviews until opening day is a bad sign, so I was expecting the worst. so Mike's 4-star rating took me by surprise as well. But I haven't seen the film so can't judge.
Brandon [10-07-2009 11:28] 
Interesting that Mike gave Bruno 4 stars, AP gave it 1 star describing as one joke over and over again
The Lie [10-07-2009 10:36] 
How can it be Passinault? He's too busy revolutionizing the film industry to post on this board. I'm excited ... I BET BIG THINGS ARE COMING!
Nolan [09-07-2009 06:52] 
Yes, Mr. Miller, the poster just under your last post is indeed who you think it is impersonating you, and is the same person using the "the_truth". His outrage at everything we say made it obvious.
the_truth [09-07-2009 06:39] 
I think that J.Miller accidently posted and found out that he could not delete. He is trying to play it off.
the_truth [09-07-2009 06:37] 
John Miller, maybe you mouthed off to too many good people. Maybe they are sick of you and your mouth! Karma, my friend... Karma.
I, for one, think that your demented comics sucked.
J.MILLER [09-07-2009 05:51] 
Did Passin-salt just sign on in my name or is there a new crazy on the homepage?
J.MILLER [09-07-2009 05:18] 
Whatever Terence. I'm sick of your mouth. This is a hate site! You people are a bunch of fakes who discriminate and judge. Losers!
Your stalkers are probably victims of your hate. There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself when you are victimized!
Terence [09-07-2009 04:32] 
yeah you are right John I am. I dont think the situation should have happened nor do I think the family funeral should have been televised like a carnival. I think eh should have been buried etc and then have a tribute at some later time.

"Just admit that no matter what took place you and Nolan were going to hate on it.."

and why is that John? oh yeah cus Im a hater and this is a hate site I guess. if its about hating something like making a guys funeral service and grieving children into a carnival act only a week after he died then yes you are right.
J.MILLER [09-07-2009 04:10] 
It didnt look to me like the kid was forced to do anything...Just admit that no matter what took place you and Nolan were going to hate on it..Thats all..
Terence [08-07-2009 20:44] 
im sorry I think that it was wrong to stick the kid up in front of all those people and when she shrank away forced her to speak up and finish when she obviously didnt want to. thats my opinion. arent we allowed to do that on here anymore?
Michael [08-07-2009 20:32] 
Just an FYI, an embargo from the studio means my "Bruno" review won't be up until late Thursday night. Sorry for the delay.

The big difference between MJ and Donny Osmond was family. While the Osmonds were very close, the Jackson clan was ruled over by a father who beat his sons and browbeated them every chance he got. That he hawked his new record company at the BET awards says everything you need to know about Joe Jackson (the dad, not the singer). As I've pointed out in the past, Al Sharpton got his start as James Brown's drug mule and went downhill from there. Where do he and Jesse Jackson get their money to fly from place to place to "care" for celebrities? I did feel badly for MJ's kids. His daughter broke my heart when she referred to him as "daddy." And that is what it's all about. To us, he was a lot of things - talented, troubled, twisted - but to her and her brothers he was just "daddy."

Simon, what are you going to buy? :-)
Terence [08-07-2009 20:26] 
john whatever you have no idea obviously what I was talking about. i was referring to Michael Jackson himself I was refering to the way his fricking funeral was made into a spectacle and his kid was put up there like she was part of the show. you are actually defending this or are you defending michael jackson. it wasnt MJ i was attacking. get it straight.

"If anything that little girls voice sounded like a jab at the sickos who obsess over his personal life and call him all types of foul names...The people who make careers off of his public humiliations and the leaches who never get enough scandal..."

wow thats reaching. as for the sickos who make careers off of it count Joe Jackson in there buddy.
Steve [08-07-2009 20:18] 
The kids aren't biologically Michael's anyway. Not that it matters.
Nolan [08-07-2009 19:22] 
That's what you'd do with Michael Jackson-level money? Interesting. John, "fringe" doesn't automatically translate to "self-obsessed lunatic". It happens, yeah (like with our stalkers). I'm not sure this is what Terence was trying to convey, but in death, everything about Jackson was a show, including his kid being prompted at the mic.
J.MILLER [08-07-2009 16:26] 
What was so sick about it?..People came and showed their respects to an icon...

If anything that little girls voice sounded like a jab at the sickos who obsess over his personal life and call him all types of foul names...The people who make careers off of his public humiliations and the leaches who never get enough scandal...

If I had Michael Jackson type money Id have a pet monkey, bang Brook Shields, sleep in a hyperbolic chamber and buy the elephant mans bones too all while dressed like Captain Crunch...

For people who live on the fringe of society you guys are mighty liberal about throwing stones from your glass houses...Two of the saltiest people I have ever seen...
Nolan [08-07-2009 07:30] 
Terence -- Noted, but there is some activity on the Sarah Palin thread anyway. I agree with you that the Michael Jackson funeral was a sick carnival. And thanks to Petrey for starting a Michael Jackson thread.
Terence [07-07-2009 21:53] 
Nolan nobody is talking about Palin on the boards because there are other topics about actual pop culture related things. Michael Jackson, Tranformers 2, and 2009 album releases. in other words stuff us nerds like.
Terence [07-07-2009 21:48] 
wow that Micheal Jackson thing was disturbing. they liked forced his kid to pony up to the mike and shed tears on TV. she like was crying and wanted to leave and they like pushed her physically and said to "speak up". its that ol' Joe Jackson method. even his funeral is a carnival. the whole thing was kinda sick. why would they put her through that. to be on TV in grief for her father and maker her perform. must be that joke of a man Joe Jackson. he just cant quit being a scumbag. im sure the last place MJ wanted his kids around was him. and Al Sharpton was there???? why cant that guy go away. I didnt see him at Koko Taylors funeral. hmm maybe she wasnt a powerful enough black entertainer. she didn't have enough money for him. what a joke.
Simon Lynx [07-07-2009 19:33] 
I'll be in town this weekend. Hope to see everyone atleast at the comic convention.
Steve [07-07-2009 12:02] 
The saddest part about Palin resigning as Governor is that she'll be a front-runner in any future political race in the future, simply because she's a celebrity. These days the public is heavily obsessed by fame, regardless of the reason for the fame.

Sarah Palin relinquishing the Alaskan throne should be a major career blunder, especially given her reasoning, but I'm confident in the fact that she'll be elected to a major office in the future. The Republican/Christian Coalition females will 'forgive' her and see her for the sainte she claims to be and the males will vote for her solely on her ability to look good in a miniskirt.
Me [07-07-2009 11:51] 
Michael Jackson on a postage stamp? As much as I detest hearing about the Ripley's Believe it or Not oddity that was Michael Jackson, I'd like to have 1 for every stamp sold.

Just so no one charges me with racial bias, I have the same opinion of his white counterpart, Donny Osmond. They both have/had mental issues. One was obsessed with his appearance and the other with religion.

If I have to hear one more MJ tribute song on TV by the creepy Jermaine Jackson, I'll become a charter member of The Wristcutter's Cadaver Society!
Reporting from the southern hemisphere.. [07-07-2009 11:28] 
I never cared for Transformers when it was on TV in the 80s. I may have been too old to 'get it'. Being a 'cartoon-ophile' from way back, I never dug the Japanese cartoons of that era. They were a pretender to the throne and always appeared too contrived for my taste. Having said that, I never watched a single episode. That was the much the same for TNMNT cartoons and the Pikachu (sp?) drivel.

The closest I ever came to watching 80s cartoons was when I dated a chick who had kids and they'd watch these shows much the same way I watched Mighty Mouse and Fireball 500 as a rugrat.

That said, I dug the first Transformers movie as well as the recent incarnation. That isn't to say that it's a film on a level with the classics however, as summer movie fare, it's just the ticket. Granted it is heavily SFX-laden, but it was a fun ride from my admittedly jaded perspective.

Over & Out
Brandon [07-07-2009 09:13] 
Sad to see the Transformers abomination still lighting up the box office, I guess we can expect part 3 - maybe they'll be Dinobots sponsored by Toyota or environmentally hybrid transformers
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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