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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 489  (Vol. 10, No. 32). This edition is for the week of August 3--9, 2009.

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Everything Sucks Now? Part 2
"Everything Sucks? Really?" by Christian Dumais
Readers Comments

At the time, I wasn't really sure if last week's main topic would grow into a two-parter or not. Then a weekend communication from our member in Poland, Christian Dumais, compelled my action to continue.

I deeply respect Christian, who is a highly-regarded author in his own right, and I am honored if and when anything I do inspires him to write.

Last week's topic was on the idea of whether the seeming degradation of current pop culture is real or perceived among various age groups. My piece was initially inspired by message board poster Simon Lynx (who I neglected to name last week). To summarize briefly: My position was that it depended largely on your "hot ten years" of consumer awareness in your youth and the rejection of changing market values and delivery mediums as you age leading to contempt. PCR contributor Vinnie Blesi cited the technologically advanced, but derivative nature of much new media and the easy-to-market value of only top-selling products obscuring the worthier artists (see PCR #488 for expansion on these ideas).

Christian's perspective follows below.

Everything Sucks? Really?
      by Christian Dumais

Iím amazed at how pop culture sites and message boards continue to circle this issue, especially one thatís so overwhelmed with subjectivity that thereís no way to properly engage the discussion without becoming what youíre rallying against. The reality is, when people proclaim that ďEverything sucks!Ē what they usually mean is that the mainstream isnít reflecting their own interests, at least not with the consistency and regularity that would make them happy.

Frankly, considering how wide the entertainment spectrum is and the amount of access we have to engage it, if you insist that everything sucks, then you simply are not taking advantage of whatís available. If you are going to be dismissive of everything, then you are setting yourself up to overlook the good stuff. If you were too busy griping about Twilight, then you probably missed the brilliant Let the Right One In. If you miss how great Stephen King used to be, then you probably didnít realize how amazing Joe Hillís writing is today. If you long for the days George Romeroís zombie movies were relevant, then you certainly arenít reading The Walking Dead, Crossed or World War Z. If you are too busy getting everyone to watch A Boy and His Dog, then you probably didnít read Cormac McCarthyís The Road, perhaps the most important book written in the 21st century.

You expect the entertainment to evolve, but somehow your tastes donít.

Look, the things you love Ė the things that you think donít suck but probably do anyway Ė are still there. They are on your shelf, in your DVD player, on the Internet and on your iPod. No matter how dated they are, how many times they are remade or how often they are scoffed at, these things will forever be important to you, and no one has the right to take it away from you.

And yet, you insist on telling everyone else that what they like sucks?

You see, I have an unhealthy love for the Flash Gordon film soundtrack and despite the interventions and the whole world constantly telling me Iím wrong, nothing will stop my heart from jumping every time Freddie Mercury tells me that Flash Gordon will save every one of us. John Carpenterís The Fog is as dated as itís flawed, but itís still my favorite horror movie. And while the kid in me loved the original Battlestar Galactica, the adult me knows that not only was the remake far superior, it was also one of the most important and relevant dramas on television.

573 movies were released last year in the US alone. Over 200,000 new books are published every year. There are tens of thousands of new songs coming out every year. And this isnít even counting the movies that went straight to cable or DVD or made but never distributed, the books published on POD, and the songs put online through MySpace or torrents.

There is an infinite amount of entertainment at your disposal, with more coming out every day, and youíve probably watched, read, and heard about 5%.

And amazingly enough, youíre somehow qualified to say everything sucks.

Readers' Comments

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Laure [11-08-2009 05:58] 
I agree with Christian, there is good stuff out there; it has to be looked for. In re: The Road, even that opinion's subjective, because I've seen reviewers who say it's worst piece of writing they've ever read; I'm starting to hear the same things about the Time Traveler's Wife. That type of dissent isn't exactly going to cause me to care about it.
ED [11-08-2009 05:48] 
Squeaky - Manson is in jail for conspiracy to commit murder because it was proven that he was the one orchastrating the crimes committed by his followers. What I find ironic is that they can be on death row and have their sentences changed to life in prison when the state abolishes the death penalty. Then when they reinstate the death penalty they still have life imprisionment because you can't have your sentance changed back to the previous greater one. Then they become eligible for parole under the terms of the life sentence even though they should have been executed years ago.
Squeaky Fromme [10-08-2009 17:26] 
Does anyone realize that Manson never committed murder himself, yet he's in prison on a murder charge?

He's still a psychopath that shouldn't be freed, but he never actually committed a murder.
Joel D. Wynkoop [10-08-2009 16:28]  
No biggie Nolan. But just to clarify I can't get in, I use my password just like I've always done but it refuses to let me log in. It did this once before along time ago and you told me just try again and I did and it let me in. Hope your BIRTHDAY was AWESOME!!!!!!!
Nolan [10-08-2009 13:12] 
WOW...the response to the main topic has been outstanding! Thanks to all who contributed. I will post my final thoughts in the upcoming PCR.

To Curious: A decent turnout of some good friends, good food and good times.

To Joel: Thanks! You haven't been "blocked" so I'm not sure what you're referring to.

To Simon: You weren't blocked from Readers Comments, but one of your posts may have contained profanity which is filtered on the homepage (but not on the Message Board)

To Matt Gamble: The title that kept getting blocked was I "heart" Huckabee which uses a special character that is filtered on the homepage (but not on the Message Board). We've had stalkers that necessitated this precaution, so sorry.

To Ashley Lewis: Sorry we missed you at the Con. Thanks for posting!
Curious [10-08-2009 12:32] 
I wonder what Nolan got for his birthday...
Joel D. Wynkoop [10-08-2009 12:17]  
Happy Birthday Nolan. I can only post here I have been blocked from the regular sight.
ED [10-08-2009 03:53] 
Mike - Interesting you brought up the Manson / Monkees connection. If you check the facts, Manson was incarcerated on a charges resulting from car theft during the time the Monkees auditions were held. I never heard this rumor until the 80's when Eric Lefkowitz wrote his book The Monkees Tale. He supposedly got this information from Mickey Dolenz but a quick check of the facts would have proved it could not have happened.
Jason Fetters [09-08-2009 23:30] 
Still Lisa, Paul is a friend of mine. Someone I used to work with. That's interesting about "What About Pho?" No, its not my film but I would like to see it.
Ashley Lewis [09-08-2009 22:35] 
Yes, there are several typos in my last post, its late. Sorry.

Ashley Lewis [09-08-2009 22:34] 
Yes, this is pop culture website and its also a news website. I'm suggesting people not make "entertainment" from what happened. People are free to make whatever they wish. I also am not suggesting that Ed not be allowed to report on what he wishes to.
I'm not "upset" by the article either. Norman Bates and Hannibal Lector are loose interpretations of Ed Gein (and many others for that matter), they are not the story of his life. Thats not really a relivant comparison to "bio-pics" if you will. P.S. Why do you care what "family" life Charles Manson had?
However, above all of this. I thought that this was the readers comments section, am I wrong? This was my opinion (I thought it was in somewhat poor taste) and if I wanted to debate this I would have put it on the message board. I saw a place to comment so I did, thats all. It wasnt intended to be a debate, just my opinion.
Plus, he's soaked up enough fame whilst alive.

Ashley Lewis
Michael [09-08-2009 20:54] 
David Fincher earned my love when he directed the Rick Springfield video "Bop 'til You Drop!"
Michael [09-08-2009 20:52] 
My, what a busy comment section we have this week. Ashley, would you be as upset if ED commented on the different movies (from "Psycho" to "Silence of the Lambs") that Ed Gein inspired without going in depth about his crimes? What ED was doing, in my opinion, is offering those interested readers a look at the many films Manson and his ilk inspired. And let me preface this by saying that though I find his actions abhorant and I am by no means a fan, I have written to Charles Manson in the past, asking him questions ranging from his real family to whether or not he really auditioned for the Monkees. The curious want to know.
Abbie Hoffman - Youth Int\'l. Party [09-08-2009 19:02] 
Except that you may be forgetting Ashley, this is a pop culture website. Every other website has the Manson murder tragedies in spades. Besides, there was a hell of a lot of pop culture associated with the murders.
Ashley Lewis [09-08-2009 18:33] 
Ed, I agree that there has been a lot of attention brought to the Manson murders in light of the 40th anniverary. I understand you wanted to take a different approach. I just think, for such an occasion, the focus should be on the tragedy more so than the pop culture phenomena which it resulted in.
ED [09-08-2009 17:06] 
Ashly - there have been books, articles, and entire websites dedicated the Manson Family crimes and the people and psychology behind them. Many writers have written articles for the 40th anniversary that revist these events and they are popping up on search engines daily now. I chose to focus on one often overlooked aspect of the murders -filmmaker's attempt to cash in, expolit, and ocassionally factually document them. I think plenty of attention has been brought back to these crimes recently so my article concentrated on a different angle.
Still Lisa [09-08-2009 14:34] 
To Jason: I recently saw an animated short film called "What the Pho?" about that noodle dish you wrote about -- was that your film, by any chance?

And also -- who is the Paul you're referring to in your article? Is that someone we know or are supposed to know? Or did I miss something somewhere (which could very well be the case)? I was slightly confused about that, so that's why I'm asking. Thanks.
Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam [09-08-2009 14:21] 
Terence said: "wait a minute Lisa. Simon writes his opinion, nolan writes his opinion etc. and Christian comes on here saying who are we to have an opinion and you are defending that? im confused."

I don't see it that way. It seemed to me that Christian was just giving his opinion too. Yeah, it was a little bitchy in tone, but that's nothing new around here; emotions run high a lot. We're an opinionated bunch.

Terence said: "wow Lisa you are completely taking my comment out of context. the context was that its obvious that the ones controlling stuff find it dispensable. thats is a fact most will probably admit anc chock up to good business ethic. that can be a fact not subjective. wether the material is good or bad can be subjective but thats not what I wrote."

I re-read your original post. I did misunderstand that part and accidentally take that out of context. Totally my bad on that one. Sorry 'bout that.
Ashley Lewis [09-08-2009 13:20] 
I rarely make it over to this site anymore (on a side note, it looks great Nolan) but I decided to check it out today.

I read the Manson article and was a little dissapointed to see someone writing about the movies of the grim crime that he orchestrated. Its the 40th anniversary of a heinous act and I think its in poor taste to have an article based on the movies pertaining to the crime and not just the act itself (I know there is a forward about the actual crime in the article). Charles Manson has more fan mail sent to him than any other inmate in the US. Thats just insane. There are people alive who were deeply effected by what he and his followers did. I just think that if any attention should be brought to this subject it should be for the tragedy alone and maybe the psychology behind it.

I dont know, just a thought.

Ashley Lewis

Chris Woods [08-08-2009 13:53] 
ED - Great article on all those Manson films. I didn't know that there was that many either so close to when the murders happened. Only one I've seen is Helter Skelter, it use to play a lot on TBS.

John - Good reviews on Aenigma and Penitentiary. Never seen both. Penitentiary sounds good but the Fulci one doesn't. Lots of Fulci's later stuff isn't as good as the films in made in the 70's and early 80's.

Angry Old Man [07-08-2009 19:48] 
Grrrr... I'm a one dimensional character who needs to hate everything popular... grrr
Terence [07-08-2009 16:25] 
" it's called pointing out how ridiculous you all sound ... GRRRR... I hate everything modern because I'm a rebel "

wow I can see you actually bothered to read the posts. amazing.
Angry Old MAn [07-08-2009 16:22] 
GRR.... it's called pointing out how ridiculous you all sound ... GRRRR... I hate everything modern because I'm a rebel ... GRRRR....
Terence [07-08-2009 16:02] 
I love how people this site has supported deface the comment section under fake names.
Angry Man [07-08-2009 15:52] 
GRRRR... I'm misunderstood and hate mainstream ... GRRR!!!
Terence [07-08-2009 15:27] 
", genre and arthouse directors are seeing mainstream success and recognition."

David Fincher? are you kidding me? Peter Jackson should have stayed there. King Kong anyone?

I actually agree with you about music Matt Gamble but not so much in that I think Girl Talk is getting anything into the mainstream. and if he did it wouldnt be surprising all he does is make collages of music that already exists that he didnt make. we already have hip hop in the mainstream which samples like theres no tomorrow so any fame he gets in the mainstream isnt actually all the surprising.For instance take mainstream rap or hip hop it hasnt to this day taken any of the interesting innovations pioneered in backpack underground rap like Cannibal Ox, Dalek, or MF Doom. Radiohead is one of my favorite bands but lets face it they are a fluke. I wish that would happen more often. I dont agree with Simon though that there is no light at the end. remember disco. remember glam metal. tbe horror ended ev
Simon Lynx [07-08-2009 13:52] 
I just said they are cookie cutter and cramed down our throat everywhere you look.
Simon Lynx [07-08-2009 13:51] 
I'm having fun reading all this. I hope nobody is really taking this to heart.
The only research needed is turning on the t.v or the radio.
You hear the same song every 10 minutes on any rock channel.
As far as tv, there are reality shows on every channel even the History channel.
I never said everybody like Boy Bands,
Simon Lynx [07-08-2009 13:50] 
Have I been blocked from this whole thing?
Brandon [07-08-2009 12:12] 
", genre and arthouse directors are seeing mainstream success and recognition."

I certainly don't see it.
Brandon [07-08-2009 12:11] 
To Matt Gamble

Sorry to disagree about your lists but I wouldn't put a single movie listed on the Top 100. Some are good films, but Harry Potter in particular have never separated themselves from one another to an elite status. "Control Room" is too dated and tied to politics to hold up over time and I haven't seen "Downfall"

No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood and Dark Knight are the locks off the top of my head, but 10 - I don't see it.

Radiohead is an interesting choice but I'll always associate them with the 90's - similar to saying U2 should be thought of -- not tied to this decade. Linkin Park is the only band I can think of for sure, but they could fizzle out as well.

TV's legacy will probably be the cable contributions like Sopranos, Six Feet Under, (I'll agree) Battlestar - which surprised me, but network TV is a joke. It's filled with reality show crap and will be a joke decades from now.
Matt Gamble [07-08-2009 09:45]  
This martyr mentality of the fringe is counter productive and it needs to stop. You shouldn't be bitching about the mainstream or labeling certain things as terrible, you should be trying to find the connective tissue that ties together popular acts of today with those that you think might hold more cultural or artistic worth. Crapping on someone's taste is not going to do that. Blatantly labeling a decade of art as crap or whatever only makes you look uninformed, not the person who does find value.

Especially when you have things like music and movies, which are so dependent on using past material and techniques and building on it to create their own unique visions. These are new twists on old themes, yet the one thing that seems to hold true is people always seem to be complaining that the new simply isn't as good as the old without ever actually taking the time to sit down and analyze if that is even true.
Matt Gamble [07-08-2009 09:34]  
As for music, the biggest band on the planet is Radiohead. An art band. Then you have someone like Girl Talk blowing up everywhere, who not only is pushing a revolution in creativity but a cultural revolution as well. That hasn't happened in decades. Claiming the mainstream only wants Boy Bands or easy to digest and easily disposable filler is a blatant fallacy, and it has been disproven time and again. Great bands/acts rise to the top of the music world and time and again the mainstream gravitates towards them. Does every great band get that success and recognition? No. Yet that seems to be a general expectation of the fringe. That all great bands should be well known and that Boy Bands and pop stars and whatever else are standing in their way, as if 12 year old girls listening to N'SYNC and 14 year old boys listening to Limp Bizkit are interested in or willing to listen to The Velvet Underground or Leonard Cohen or whoever. They don't care and that is their right.
Matt Gamble [07-08-2009 09:20]  
Well I give up on making the list. Ah well. Continuing on.

There are plenty more films from that year I didn't include, and the naughts as a decade have been outstanding, far better then the 90's and especially so compared to the 80's. 2009 is shaping up to be yet another outstanding year in a decade that is filled with them.

The other remarkable thing about the naughts, is that for the first time since the 70's, Indie, genre and arthouse directors are seeing mainstream success and recognition. Timur Bekmambetov, Spike Jonze, Takashi Miike, Michele Gondry, Charlie Kauffman, David Fincher, Michael Haneke, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, David Gordon Green, Lars von Trier and Neil Marshall just for starters. Relative unknowns like Shane Acker and Neill Blomkamp are being given major pushes for their films because the public is responding to their unique vision.
Matt Gamble [07-08-2009 09:11] 
Bad Education
Born into Brothels
Control Room
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Matt Gamble [07-08-2009 09:09] 
"For example, what films in the last 10 years would be on a list of the 100 Best of All Time --maybe 5 tops?"

Well, considering it only covers 100 years, they should only average 10 a decade. But since you insist, from 1994 alone.

Bad Education
Born into Brothels
Control Room
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Petrey [07-08-2009 02:53] 
Thanks Lisa

The short of it is my grandma is still alive and I went to Louisville, since it was so close. Tired of waiting for her 'death'. So I had to have some fun. Some fun, with my back going out yet again. I've decided no more long distance driving trips. From now on it will be to hop a jet and get a rental car. But this will be in emergencies. No more pleasure trips until my back has surgery or some other alternative can come about.
Michael [06-08-2009 19:49] 
I used to sing these lyrics to the "Flash Gordon" theme song, based on the talents(?) of star Sam J. Jones:

He's for every one of us.
Acts better then none of us.
He's nobody's friend
He was better in "10"
'Cause at least in "10" he didn't have to act

Michael [06-08-2009 19:46] 
ED, excellent piece on the "Manson" films. I do agree that "Manson" is the best of the bunch as far as getting inside the "family." Ironic that Squeaky Fromme is about to get out of prison isn't it. I didn't see the remake of "Helter Skelter" but the original version was also outstanding. Steve Railsback was excellent as Manson. I remember him later starring in "The Stuntman" and "Lifeforce" and then disappearing. Too bad, he was talented. I can still remember reading the book "Helter Skelter" and the light in my bedroom lamp mysteriously going out as, in the book, the "family" was creepy-crawling a house.
Thomas jefferson [06-08-2009 17:09] 
This must be said:

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.
Forry [06-08-2009 17:02]  
Even the monsters, creatures and other critters in general suck today, because it looks just a bit too polished. I still prefer the grainier look.

But that's okay, because it make my work look that much better!

I'll see you crazed fanboys on the darkside...

Michael [06-08-2009 15:06] 
Two very different but talented screenwriters died today - Budd Schulberg and John Hughes. Looks like another busy Rant this week.
ED [06-08-2009 14:50] 
Ter - I have all of them except for Manson Massacre if you want copies. Just let me know.
Terence [06-08-2009 14:04] 
Ed- awesome. I didnt even know there were that many older Manson films. i am aware of all the newer but they dont look half as interesting as these. Ill have to look for copies of these somewhere.

Chris- aha! you finally saw Dont Look Now. god just thinking of that film creeps me out. still the only film thats able toscare me to this day.
E.T. [06-08-2009 06:17] 
I'll tell you what I didn't realize ... I didn't realize that films on today's world would so quickly sell out to product placement. ... ... ... Reeces anyone?
Simon Lynx [06-08-2009 05:30] 
I didn't realize, sharing my opinion was gonna cause such a stir. It's kidda funny to see who goes where.
matthew [06-08-2009 04:22] 
there has not been, and likely never will be, ANYTHING mainstream about Nolan Canova.

cutting edge and out there? yeah.
mainstream? no.
Queer as Folk [05-08-2009 20:42] 
The shows don't either!
Broke Back Mountain [05-08-2009 20:42] 
Stop it John ... you're SOOOO wrong ... today's films just don't push the boundaries like the films from the 60s...
J.MILLER [05-08-2009 20:20] 
As a fan of exploitation Ive found that some of the most exciting stuff has only recently been made...The two best example I will give are The Passion Of The Christ and Fahrenheit 911...Both are great in their own ways and I have no doubt that decades from now will be the stuff of legend...Who can forget three seasons of watching Flavor Flav banging low class hookers, eating fried chicken and watermelon on the minstral show The Flavor of Love...

Music has perhaps been hit the hardest in the mainstream...But I see hope everytime I go somewhere like Vinyl Fever and listen to the music on the Paste Magazine display...Being a fan of rap (the hardest hit by the mainstream) I have Raekwon, Jay-Z, Slaughterhouse and The Clipse to look forward to in the next month or so and can currently be found listening to Wu-Tangs "Chamber Music" their best and most creative project in over a decade...Things are looking pretty good.

Terence [05-08-2009 20:13] 
"That's what I thought this site was, too, but it seems that lately there's less room for differing opinions. God forbid someone should disagree with the Official Fanboy Dogma and then actually have the nerve to post about it publicly. "

wait a minute Lisa. Simon writes his opinion, nolan writes his opinion etc. and Christian comes on here saying who are we to have an opinion and you are defending that? im confused.

"Terence said "I cant see why this isnt obvious."

"Because different people have different opinions and the idea of what is obvious is subjective and therefore not the same for each person. "

wow Lisa you are completely taking my comment out of context. the context was that its obvious that the ones controlling stuff find it dispensable. thats is a fact most will probably admit anc chock up to good business ethic. that can be a fact not subjective. wether the material is good or bad can be subjective but thats not what I wrote.
J.MILLER [05-08-2009 20:03] 
I will co-sign most of what Puff wrote because I agree that not everything about current pop culture sucks...'

In my opinion much of reality tv (as bad as some of it is) isnt that far of a stretch from the 70s Mondo docs most of us love...Anything gross, disgusting, exotic or taboo I want to see there is either a show or a channel for...John Waters gave us fictional white trash sleaze...Jerry Springer and Maury give us the real thing...Nobody here loves watching Cheaters?

As far as regular shows I get alot of enjoyment out of Adult Swim, Chappels Show and South Park...All of which are as prophetic and boundary pushing as anything ever on tv...

Mainstream movies for the most part are generally pretty bad but that hasnt stopped me from enjoying newer films...Last week I picked up a Jamaican gangster movie called Shottas out of the $5 bin at Wal-Mart that is as low budget and wild as anything made during the grindhouse era...I also think JCVD and Oldboy were great...

Just Plain Lisa [05-08-2009 19:17] 
Petrey -- I wondered what happened to you! Welcome back.

Christian -- Excellent OpEd piece. One of the best damn things I've read on here this year.

Terence wrote "last time I checked this was an editorial/commentary type website. "

That's what I thought this site was, too, but it seems that lately there's less room for differing opinions. God forbid someone should disagree with the Official Fanboy Dogma and then actually have the nerve to post about it publicly.

Terence said "I cant see why this isnt obvious."

Because different people have different opinions and the idea of what is obvious is subjective and therefore not the same for each person.

Arguing that something is right or wrong is silly, because it's all subjective. 9 out of 10 dentists preferring a certain brand of toothpaste doesn't necessarily mean that all the other toothpastes suck. Opinions can't be right or wrong because they're opinions and IT'S ALL SUBJECTIVE.

IMHO, of course.
Michael Jackson [05-08-2009 17:00] 
Thank god I died before entertainer became corporate spokespeople ... int h 70s and 80s, it was all about the art ... anyone want a Pepsi?
Grateful Dead [05-08-2009 16:57] 
Yeah, in our day, bands sold themselves on their music ... or, we'd just tell everyone that every year was our last tour. But that's different than how bands dupe people today because we did it decades ago and not today when all young people stink!
GI Joe Cartoon Creator [05-08-2009 16:56] 
And in my day, we never made cartoons only to sell action figures!
President of Movie Studio from 1920s-50s [05-08-2009 16:55] 
Yeah, and corporate studios are also totally new!
Mickey Mouse Club [05-08-2009 16:53] 
Yeah, Boy Bands are such a new fad! They weren't around over half a century ago!
Frank Sinatra [05-08-2009 16:50] 
yeah! No one likes boy bands ... bunch of guys who can't write their own music or play any instruments ,.... oh, wait ...
Simon Lynx [05-08-2009 16:42] 
Ok, Let me straighten this all out right now. My point from the very beginning is and was - That the things "we are supposed to like" as in the media saying so, are horrible and I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know just like in the past that most artistic stuff or talent based stuff isn't usually in the main stream anyway. "Movies and Music have become to business controled and creativity and talent are out the window. Yes there are some good things that come out of the mess. Some good tunes and some good films have come out in the last 10 years. But no matter what comes out RIGHT NOW is quick and easy with no staying power. People are lazy and want things quick and easy, they don't wanna think about stuff. (Main stream audience) Of course there are good writers out there writing books, there will always be. But in the Entertainment area of (Movies,Music) The cookie cutter theory is in full force. Can we all say Boy Bands.
Cranky Old Man [05-08-2009 15:52] 
GRRRR.... I hate everything! these damn kids and their rock and roll music! Nothing but banging tin trash cans if you ask me! It doesn't take talent to play that rock music ... in my day, those big bands had talent! GRRRR... These damn long haired hippies ... no respect ... GRRRR ....
Brandon [05-08-2009 15:00] 
Wow, the bomb went off

I said this to Nolan, who can add his own expose, but I find it simple: things suck = the things being produced will NOT have a legacy.

For example, what films in the last 10 years would be on a list of the 100 Best of All Time --maybe 5 tops?

The same across the board, there are always treasures, but the recycled nature of creating has hit a wall in Hollywood, comics, the corporate control music industry et al.
Terence [05-08-2009 13:57] 
"And yet, you insist on telling everyone else that what they like sucks? "

we arent telling anyone anything. last time I checked this was an editorial/commentary type website. maybe though you arent thinking objectivly enough and need to look around to see if maybe all these people who are saying this might have something. i will admit that "everything sucks" is kinda broad but you I cant believe for the life of me you took that literally.
Terence [05-08-2009 13:10] 
liking something lesser and something dumned down just because thats all thats around right now doesn't equal evolution!!now thats not say you couldnt grab a pick axe and dig but even then its slim.

lets be honest here Dr. Who which was aimed at kids had better sci-fi stories then the new episodes of Doctor Who which are aimed at adults!!!! and anyone who tries to defend the awfull crop of souless horror films we have been having to deal with for the last ten years or more is completely nuts. thats plain to see. thats not to say that this isnt just a phase. the empty gloss and explosions, the useless plastic reality TV, the wham bam thank you mam IPOD single song fad, all have to end at some point. and at least thats a brightness at the end of the tunnel.
Terence [05-08-2009 13:09] 
I am a few years younger than Christian and I know in just the last 5 years quality has dropped in media. i can talk to the younger crazedfanboy crew like Mason or Jake and Bobby and even they have said new music just isnt as good and they are 18! things have gotten flashier and quick and emptier thats not perception thats fact. why? simple the people responsible for funding movies or bands arent fans/businessmen anymore now they are just businessmen. They do not care to try and nurture a band to be better through the years they only care that their single lasts the week and then on to the next band. same with movies. I cant see why this isnt obvious. Nolan, me, Chris, Simon, and the rest have not changed what stimulates us or what we like. If something came along that was well written, well acted, and intellegent we would like it. If we dont its because it isnt out there. liking something lesser and something dumned down just because thats all thats around right now doesn't equal evo
Terence [05-08-2009 13:09] 
What did Christian say exactly? being a response to Nolan and the rest of us on the boards he has wrongly painted a picture of us as lovers of mainstream art and that we dont search beyond Borders and Best Buy. apparently he has forgotten everything about us and our columns, message boards posts etc. We do search. I more than anyone when it comes to music. I know who Joe Hill is. I have seen some episodes of Batle Star Galactica and am aware of Let The Right One In. thats all you got? the point I think of Simon's post wasnt that there arent great underground music and movies but that the mainstream has gotten dumber. you didnt have to search for rare treasure. now you do. I for one find it fun to find rare unheard of bands but it sure was nice when Pavement was somewhat of a household name though. Further more this isnt limited to age or people not wanting to accept change. thats insulting.
Petrey [05-08-2009 13:00] 
Hello everyone.
I'm back from 'vacation'. Barely had internet access. Library visits only give you enough time to take care of Banking and such. Nolan, the shotgun in the face is not a pleasant experience, is it? I was held up twice at RENT-A-MOVIE back in 1990. I have video of it here near me. The funny thing is that I used to carry my gun to work every day. The manager begged me not to bring it. I complied and the very first night afterwards I was held up by two of the 'cultural elite'.

Terence- Sorry for the procrastination. I will dig up the DVD with the band I was supposed to send to you from the show FRIDAYS.
Peanut Gallery` [05-08-2009 12:35] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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