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Number 492  (Vol. 10, No. 35). This edition is for the week of August 24--30, 2009.

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The Passing of Senator Ted Kennedy at 77
District 9
Readers Comments

The end of an era. The Liberal Lion, and the Last Son of Camelot, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts died this week at his home in Hyannis Port at the age of 77 from brain cancer. Less than two weeks ago, his sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver died at age 88.

The legacy of Camelot that started in the '60s with Ted's two brothers, President John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy has ended here. John and Bobby's ambitions ended with their assasinations.

The incident that squashed any likelihood of a successful presidential run for Ted was that of the tragic post-partying 1969 car accident at Chappaquiddick that put Kennedy's car in the drink and ended the life of passenger Mary Jo Kopechne. Critics frequently charge that though Ted pleaded guilty, the incident was quickly buried, even if never quite forgotten, they say, due to Ted's connections and wealth.

Regardless, in Ted Kennedy's 47-year reign in politics, he is responsible for a great wealth of legislation and reform. He is widely heralded as one of the most influential politicians of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Corey and I finally made it to this movie on Tuesday. I liked this film, but I didn't love it. I certainly didn't hate it. Both of us did find it derivative and a bit overrated. I usually post reviews on the homepage, but due to my compulsion to delve into spoiler material, I posted my thoughts for this film on the Message Board for this go 'round, please read it there.

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ED [31-08-2009 13:13] 
Mike - you still should have interviewed Sheri Moon Zombie if you had the chance. The perfect question to ask her was what do you think your film career would be like if you weren't married to Rob Zombie? Now, of course, if you had seen a screening of Halloween II prior to the interview, you could have asked her if there was any way in hell Michael Meyers dead mother would have gotten so much screen time in the sequel if the director's wife hadn't been playing her. Inquiring minds want to know!
Angry Young Man [31-08-2009 13:04] 
Your first reaction was negative .... uhh... shocked.
Simon Lynx [31-08-2009 12:52] 
I smell "cross over film"
Roger Rabbit style. Maybe Goofy will be the next X-MEN?
Only Child Wannabe Lisa [31-08-2009 12:26] 
Mike -- Nice to see the movie "Yours, Mine and Ours" getting some love. Yay!
Nolan [31-08-2009 12:16] 
To "Disney": I didn't even know what you were talking about until I saw the headline on MSN, "Disney buys Marvel for $4 billion"! (Brandon just beat me to this post).

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but my first reaction was negative, probably due to the issues of shifted creative control.

Of course, it's not the first time a film studio has bought a comic company...Warner Brothers has owned DC comics for, like, forever.
Brandon [31-08-2009 11:24] 
Disney buys Marvel for $4 billion!

http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainme nt/arts/2009/08/31/2009-08-31_hey_mickey_be_gentle _with_spiderman_worried_over_disneys_4b_purchase_o f_marvel_e.html
Disney [31-08-2009 09:14] 
I own all your asses now fanboys!
Simon Lynx [31-08-2009 07:03] 
I'm still waiting for my "Blair Witch" refund. I need to put gas in my car.
laure [31-08-2009 06:07] 
I disagree. I think it's better to know what we dislike than waste our money on it, only to find out we dislike it, after we've lost our hard earned bucks. ;)
Petrey [30-08-2009 18:19] 
Which movie are you referring to, HYM?
Happy Young Man [30-08-2009 17:10] 
I am shocked! I can't believe that people on this website would hate a movie before it comes out and they see it! This is shocking!
Petrey [30-08-2009 16:50] 
My nod to "ORPHAN" for winner of Horror/Thrillers. No masked monsters with knives and tons of gore to make up for what I'm hearing unanimously is a mess of a plot in H2. So it's nice to see some originality and as Bill Murray put it, "I like mine with a twist". A great one to boot.
Michael [30-08-2009 15:56] 
Fresh from my email - Bob Weinstein has announced that his company will release "Halloween 3D" next year, however Rob Zombie will not be involved. Not sure is this will be another Michael Meyers movie or a remake of "Season of the Witch," which I actually enjoyed. Hell, you can't go wrong with Tom Atkins in your movie!
Chris Woods [30-08-2009 09:30] 
I don't know what has gotten into Zombie. When he made House of 1000 Corpses I had high hopes but it was a real let down. Then he redeemed himself with Devil's Rejects, which is probably the best horror film to come out in this decade. Then he remakes a classic like Halloween and destroys it. Now Halloween II and The Blob? I would like to ask him why? Is the studios just paying him a bunch of money and telling him what to make?
Simon Lynx [30-08-2009 07:43] 
Again, why remake a good movie? There's a reason it worked in the first place. And you can't capture the magic again. I would rather see a ton of horrible sequels than a bad remake to a good film. And I hate when there is a ton of sequels, unless it is continuing a story. Not 10 films of the same plot. Films like Jason Bourne, Underworld, Star Wars, Harry Potter, That's how you do sequels.

Zombies last to albums sucked too. He lost his heavy edge and scare factor.
Dr Puff Chrissy Loomis [30-08-2009 04:11] 
That's really where Zombie dropped the ball. What made Meyers scary was that he was just evil through and through, no explanation needed. To feel the need to humanize Meyers completely misses the point of the character. He's an empty void that cannot be reasoned with. An unstoppable monster.

Now Zombie is apparently remaking The Blob. His quote: "My intention is not to have a big red blobby thing, that’s the first thing I want to change." Not kidding: http://weblogs.variety.com/bfdealmemo/2009/08/zomb ie-remakes-the-blob-.html

I wonder if the Blob will have parents that abused him.
Terence [29-08-2009 22:20] 
I would love to interview Rob Zombie and ask him why he hasn't made an original or good movie since Devil's Rejects. and then let him know that know one wants to see Micheal Meyers as a problem child with a stripper mom and trailer trash dad. lame. he took all the mystery and creepiness out of the character. and the back story he gave him wasnt even good. so he's a redneck from port tampa. who cares. as for Sheri Moon I wouldnt know what to say even if I could just stop staring and drooling at her hotness for even a minute.
Michael [29-08-2009 21:12] 
I'll have to give the book a read. Thanks for the info. It was actually kind of creepy watching Bana go back in time to visit this young girl that eventually will become his wife. Your explanation of the wife not knowing when/if he's ever coming back does make the plot a little more compelling.

ED, though I was offered both Rob and Sheri, unfortunately I was only allotted Mrs. Zombie for 15 minutes. I really didn't have enough to ask her to make the interview interesting. If I had gotten Rob I could have talked to him for an hour and still had questions. I was also scheduled to interview Eli Roth this past Friday (I even took off from work so I could be available) and the Weinstein Company cancelled it. Oh well, I'll keep trying.
Present Day Puff Chrissy [29-08-2009 17:55] 
Our days are longer here.
Slow Reader Lisa [29-08-2009 17:30] 
Puff -- You read that big-ass book in a day?? Wow. I'm impressed. (Are days longer over in Poland than they are in the U.S.? ;)
Future Puff Chrissy [29-08-2009 16:04] 
I agree with Lisa. It was an amazing book. I read it in a day a few years back and it stayed with me. I don't even want to see the movie to be honest. The book was fine the way it was.
Time Machine Owner Lisa [29-08-2009 14:09] 
Mike -- If you ever get a chance to read "The Time Traveler's Wife" I'd be curious to hear if/how your assessment of the movie changed any. The crux of the book, from what I remember, was the love story between the two main characters: How does the Rachel McAdams character make peace with the fact that the love of her life could disappear (and then possibly -- hopefully -- re-appear) at any moment? How does the Eric Bana character get his beloved to fall in love with him when he pops up in her past -- after having lived with her and having loved her for years -- before she even knows who he is? And so on.

I haven't seen any previews or read anything about the movie (except your review), so I'm curious about how much of the epic love story aspect was carried over from the book. It was a really good book (little long though).

Even if I had not read the book, I'd want to see it. You had me at "Eric Bana naked". *fangirl squeal*
Terence [29-08-2009 07:57] 
Puffy means it's a MacGuffin device.
Time Traveling Puff Chrissy [29-08-2009 06:56] 
Mike: I wouldn't say that not knowing the reason Bana's character time travels is a plot hole. In the book, it's not explained either. Because that's not the point of the story. It's like arguing why Travolta wants to dance in Saturday Night Fever...he just does. It's not important why.
ED [29-08-2009 05:45] 
Mike - I think what the studios are thinking is that positive critical response isn;t going to get them any more people in the theater and negative response might cost them a few so why bother with a screening? Why would you cancle an interview with Rob Zombie just because you couldn't "properly" question him about a single film? There are plenty of other things to interview him about and I am sure he has whatever spiel he wants printed for the new film memorized. My rule is never pass up an interview with anyone you want to talk to because you may never get that chance again.
Potsie Weber [28-08-2009 20:05] 
The Beaz, not true. I know of one other comedienne who tells it like it is...Wanda Sykes.
Chris Woods [28-08-2009 17:02] 
ED - Liked your article on A*P*E. I've always heard about it but never seen. I remember hearing how Joanna Kerns from Growing Pains was in it and that the movie was really bad. I remember seeing a trailer or clip of it on YouTube that had the ape flipping someone off, that's classic.
Michael [28-08-2009 15:32] 
ED, i agree that movies like "FD4" and "HII" have built in audiences. In monitoring Facebook today my horror film fan friends have already planned on doing a double feature of both today. I think what the studios fail to consider is that some critics may enjoy the film. I liked what Zombie did in "Halloween" and was actually psyched to be able to interview him and/or his wife this week. However, when they pulled the critics screening I had to cancel the interview, since I didn't think I could properly question them about a film I hadn't seen. I've already seen "Extract", which opens next week, but intend to take in "Halloween II" and review it instead. Stay tuned.
Me [28-08-2009 14:26] 
Now that I've re-read what I've just written...I believe Bill Maher is today's Mark Twain.
The Beaz [28-08-2009 14:25] 
Careful Brandon, now you're picking on the next president, when you attack Bill Maher! LOL! I'm still waiting on Time Magazine to make him Man of the Year.

Actually, since George Carlin entered comedian heaven (damn, that's where I wanna end up!)...Bill Maher is one of the very few people left who say it like it is...albeit in a humorous manner.

The Beaz [28-08-2009 14:08] 
Happy Birthday Joel, Thespian Villian Etraordinaire!
Nolan [28-08-2009 07:03] 
Joel -- So sorry your birthday got overlooked, man! I usually copy those lists from the previous year and somehow yours wasn't on before. I did a search and the closest I could get was August 24 -- is that correct?

Anyway, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!! Many Happy Returns!
ED [28-08-2009 06:24] 
Mike - there were apparently some studio screenings of Final Destination. I heard a reviewer on the radio talking about going to one yesterday. He also complained about the lack of a Halloween II screening. Honestly though, no critical opinion is going to do anything to effect the opening weekend take so I guess they figured there was no point. That's usually a bad indicator about a film though. I am sure bootleg copies will be available by Saturday afternoon!
Simon Lynx [28-08-2009 04:05] 
And knowing is half the Battle!
Terence [27-08-2009 22:02] 
"Due to the fact that the studios refused to screen either "Halloween II" or "The Final Destination" this week's review is the sleep inducing romance from last week. "

what a shock. they do that when the movies suck. G.I. Joe anyone?
Michael [27-08-2009 20:15] 
Due to the fact that the studios refused to screen either "Halloween II" or "The Final Destination" this week's review is the sleep inducing romance from last week.

R.I.P. Ellie Greenwich, songwriter extrordinaire!

Simon, recently Tom Rothman at Fox hinted that the studio has just approved a new "Apes" script which will be a prequel to the Tim Burton story, supposedly dealing with earth in the year 2010. I think my favorite "Ape" inspired bit was on the Simpsons when they did the musical "Stop The Planet of the Apes I Want To Get Off". When the apes start signing "Dr. Zais, Dr. Zais" to the tune of "Amadeus, Amadeus" it's hilarious. That and the finale, "I hate every ape I see, from Chimpan A to Chimpanzee oh they'll never make a monkey out of me!"

Happy Birthday Joel! Just missed the day on Facebook!
Chris Woods [27-08-2009 17:47] 
On the subject from TV to Movies, for me, most ones that have come out from this decade have been pretty bad and have nothing to do with the original idea of the show. Like Simon was saying, when you're use to seeing one actor play the role for so long and then years later a movie comes out of that show and a another actor is playing the part of that character, it just doesn't work for me because I'm so use to the original guy.
Chris Woods [27-08-2009 17:39] 
I didn't know it was Joel's birthday this month. Happy Birthday Joel.

Bobby - Enjoyed your article. Pretty much my whole CD collection is like a collection of memories. When I listen to one it takes me back to a time when I first listened to it. My Jr. High and High School years were Genesis, Van Halen, Kiss, Def Leppard, The Doors, Led Zepplin, Peter Gabriel, and Eric Clapton. College years were Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera, STP, Pearl Jam, Alice and Chains, Tool, Megadeth, and Paradise Lost. I still listen to all that music now and it brings me back. There's also certain songs I heard on the radio when I was just a kid and up to my young adult years when I hear them now it brings me back to that year.
Happy Young Man [27-08-2009 09:05] 
Yes, Twin Peaks, a show so brilliant they show the replays on channel 1,999,456 1/2.
Terence [27-08-2009 08:59] 
actually Lynch made his own TV show Twin Peaks into a movie but it wasnt a remake or reimagining it was a prequel
Simon Lynx [27-08-2009 08:14] 
I meant to say:
I think the formula only works from tv to film if there is enough there and it's not watered down or stretched to fit.
Simon Lynx [27-08-2009 08:11] 
Paul - I agree with you, but I think it's just the fact that it's a visual form. It's not in your mind, it's in front of you.

I know for a fact though that it's actually harder to do a tv show style over a film. Condensing everything to fit and make sense is tough in tv and movies. I made commercials in college and squeezing a good story and the product into 10-30 seconds and it not coming across as stupid or confusing isn't easy. Chris and I did Creeping Death tv and we had to squeeze story for a time slot. I think the formula only works from tv to film if there is enough there and it's swatered down or stretched to fill it. Atleast with film to tv, you can distribute the information over a period of time and so it can play out smoother.

Atleast with a book it seems your imagination and story telling can be endless.
Happy Young Man [27-08-2009 07:52] 
But TV and movies are different forms of visual mediums ... you have to tell the stories differently. So making a show into a movie is a different medium and another person's vision for how the story should be shown.

Granted, David Lynch would never make a show into a movie, but he's perfect.
ED [27-08-2009 07:36] 

Dr. Who started out as a TV show in 1963. In 1965 and 1966, a couple of the TV scripts were adapted into movies with Peter Cushing and in 1996 a TV movie with Paul McGann (sp?) was done.
Simon Lynx [27-08-2009 07:18] 
Nolan - when was Joel's Birthday?

Nolan - I think the jump to tv or to movies is tough. There are way more that have failed. I agree I think Star Trek did ok, and MASH too. I thought the MASH show was better than the movie. I thought the Star Trek show was better (the one from the 60's). Star Trek just had problems with keeping things straight, continuity was screwy in the facts and stories.

I never watched Dr. Who, he looked like one of my teachers in Grade school and that was a bad thing.

I never saw the show Untouchables but I enjoyed the movie. I liked the Planet of the Apes movies better. I knew a guy who looked like Dr. Zayas. Besides we could have done without the newest movie with Whalberg. It looked cool but that's about it.

I don't like John Cena but has anyone seen his "Bad Bad Man" video, it's an A-Team spoof. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8Kt2jHnMh0
It's worth a look and a few laughs too. It even has a cameo with Gary Coleman.
Nolan [27-08-2009 06:58] 
Re: TV shows made into movies successfully: Some I can think of immediately are Star Trek, The Untouchables, and The Fugitive. Movies successfully made into TV shows: Dr. WHO, M*A*S*H, Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More, and Planet of The Apes (well I think so, anyway). Those are just off the top of my head. The list of both categories that wound up sucking, well, there's not enough room here...
Steve [26-08-2009 23:52] 
Good article on Lifetime in Music, Bobby! I too, remember similar occurrences. When I hear Crocodile Rock by Elton John in Study Hall. To this day I know that song from the very first note...literally!

Stone Temple Pilots is a rockin' good band. I wish I could say I remembered them from high school.

Actually, I could say that, but I'm sure some numbnuts would do the math and prove me a liar ;)
The Beaz [26-08-2009 21:21] 
Ted Kennedy was, in my opinion...one of the better senators from his era. At least he fought for civil rights and was pretty liberal. There probably was something covered up in the Chappaquiddick incident, and that is sad, however his professional life was, for the most part, without scandal. That isn't to imply that he was well-behaved because we all heard rumors about the wild parties at Cape Cod, the Kennedy compound n Florida, etc. They definitely led the life of a celebrity. But no scandal ever seemed to 'stick'.

I'm just eatin' a Vegemite sandwich in the land downunder...*puke*
Joel D. Wynkoop [26-08-2009 19:54]  
Hey thank you to who ever is crazed Wynkoop Fan for the Birthday wishes. Much appreciated. Thanks again. I'm leaving for Minnesota in the morning to shoot STRIP CLUB SLASHER.
Simon Lynx [26-08-2009 19:07] 
Paul - I didn't like Miami Vice the movie anyway, But I think going in you expect something and don't get it. So it kinda ruins it. I think if they do a movie of a show and the actors are still alive and capapable of performing then they should use the originals. And there's a chance that the original magic will be there.

As far as books to movies, I agree with T in the adaptation part. But most of the time the film doesn't live up to the Book anyway. I think it's when you read the book you are creating the visual through the authors words. And obviously in tv you get the visual and don't have to create anything. With a tv show at least for me, if it runs for a few years then you associate the actor with the roles and they become one. It doesn't work like that in a book. So to see someone else play the part is a hard sell.
Nicholas King [26-08-2009 19:00] 
As for Ted Kennedy dying, that's one less long-tenured politician in office. Now we can get some fresh blood in there to be corrupted by the system.
Terence [26-08-2009 18:42] 
"How is it original to make a book into a film yet not original to make a TV show into a film?"

Because Paul a book is not a visual medium and if you make it into a movie you arent remaking it you are adapting it. TV is the same medium. id be ok with TV shows being made into movies if they somehow put a new spin on it or made them better. but none have been made better. i cant wait till they start make remakes of books. like a book company starts hiring some guy to rewrite whole Stephen King novels. who would be ok with that?
Aaron Spelling [26-08-2009 17:14] 
I'd really enjoy an ALF or Family Ties movie. Maybe even Three's Company.
Petrey [26-08-2009 16:40] 
Ted is one of the Kennedys to survive what I call "the curse". With all the tragedies in the Kennedy family I was telling my mother he seemed to escape the 'younger death syndrome' and aside from trying to turn his car in to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, he had a long life and career.
Crazed Wynkoop Fan [26-08-2009 16:27] 
Happy belated birthday to Joel D. Wynkoop!!
Lil Sad Lisa [26-08-2009 16:26] 
R.I.P. author Dominick Dunne

And the deaths keep on a-comin...
Happy Young Man [26-08-2009 15:40] 
In his last interview, Kurt Vonnegut was asked what happened to all the great writers and he said there are still a ton of great writers, but they all work in TV and film ... while Kurt Vonnegut is no David Lynch and couldn't save the world like Lynch, he was a decent writer so knows a thing or two about the craft.

SO, with that said, why is it ok when movies are made based on books but not OK when they are based on television shows? I'll agree that the shows you mentioned were butchered when made into movies (though Miami Vice if not called Miami Vice woulda been ok), but could we think they suck because we are so in love with the shows, just as people in love with books hate the movie because it usually butchers it in their minds?

Anyway, while I again am not a fan of the TV shows made into movies, to say making them shows a lack of originality is another Angry Old Man comment. How is it original to make a book into a film yet not original to make a TV show into a film?
Simon Lynx [26-08-2009 13:34] 
I'll pass on the A-Team, probably gonna suck just like the Miami Vice movie and Bewitched and Starsky and Hutch and Dukes of Hazzard, although that is worth watching just to see Jessica Simpson in Daisy Dukes. They're killing the legend and the Magic that made the originals great.

Where is the Originality?
Happy Young Man [26-08-2009 10:54] 
Nolan, surprised you like the Kennedys ... they are very mainstream after all.
Nolan [26-08-2009 09:51] 
Expect to see several TV specials devoted to the Kennedy legacy and whatever.

As far as books, sure, I can see a few tell-alls along with Chappaquiddick exposés here and there happening.
Brandon [26-08-2009 09:35] 
How long til we have Ted Kennedy collector plates and 4 tell all books?
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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