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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 493  (Vol. 10, No. 36). This edition is for the week of August 31--September 6, 2009.

"Halloween II"
Thyme and Again with Florida's Mister Magic!
Loose in Las Vegas: 2009
A Brief History of Jpop
Cover Songs
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Top Ten, Revisited
Top Ten Cover Songs, Revisited
The Neighborhood is Out of Control
Disney Buys Marvel
Disney Buys Marvel -- Art Brown, guest editorial
Readers' Comments

I confess after a rather uneventful week for yours truly (with some notable exceptions I'll get to in a sec), I wasn't quite sure what to lead off with in this week's PCR homepage section. Then, PCR's teen titan Bobby Tyler, having just returned home from a trip to Arizona, dropped by 7-Eleven to inform me his latest column, Musical Musings, would feature his all-time favorite cover songs, featuring the YouTube videos in which they currently appear.

Chris Munger Sept 3, 26 yrs
Scott Gilbert, Sept 12, 48 yrs
Mike Smith, Sept 16, 49 yrs
John Miller, Sept 18, 26 yrs
John Hooper, Sept 27, 49 yrs
Long-time readers may remember we were quite the trendsetters for Top 10 lists in the early years of PCR. Once we ran through everything once, though, the Top 10 challenges kinda faded out (only Top 10 Horror Movies ran more than once -- and currently, only ED Tucker's "Scariest Moments" list is still active, but I digress...). I did tell Bobby we did a Top Ten Cover Songs of All Time issue waaaaaaay back in PCR #117 (2002), but it might be high-time for a revisit. I know my original list can use some...er...adjustment!

To be fair, eagle-eyed readers may observe Bobby's list numbers only nine. This is due to the fact it was written spontaneously without regard to any numbering system or end goal "list". I ran the "Top 10" idea by him post-facto and he seemed jazzed at the idea.

In fact, while I was laboring over this edition of this homepage, Bobby started The Top Ten Album Openers on the Message Board!

It started with the revelation that the guy who held me up at gunpoint a couple months ago lived with his brother roughly a mile from here.

Over this past weekend, a major fire broke out Saturday morning at a small strip mall next to a Home Depot right up the road from me. A suspected arson, I investigated by literally riding my bike up to the crime scene, it was that close.

But the kicker was Sunday night around dinner time. Terence had come over to pick me up to go to Nina O's, but we had a small errand to run first, so he arrived early, about 6:30pm. We noticed quite a commotion a few blocks north involving several police cars, but time was of the essence (my brother was expecting us to discuss some film projects), so we couldn't investigate right away. Closer to 7:00pm is when we were able to drive directly by the scene and noticed the TANK parked just around a corner! Actually an "Armored Personnel Vehicle" I don't believe I've ever seen one of those things up close, let alone that close!

Believe it or not, that affair started over a dispute involving a $6 cab fare!! The suspect was informed by the cab driver that his toll was six dollars and some change. The suspect, a 22-year-old male, only had two dollars and some change available and said he'd go into the house to ask his dad for the balance. After waiting several minutes, the cab driver went to the door and asked about the delay. He found a large gun pointed at his face, the 22-year-old threatening him off the property. As the cabby dialed 911, the kid's reaction was to head him off and call 911 first and -- get this -- inform them that if any cops show up, he's going to kill them all! Kid's got a way with words, eh? He's in his new home now.

I have never seen it like this. Out of control, man.

This could be good or this could be disastrous. Well, obviously. I am literally stunned and have no more to add at this time, except that a Message Board thread has already been started on this topic.

Guest Editorial --

by Art Brown

(Editor's Note: Art Brown was the last editor of PCR's experimental "Flash Fantastic" series that ran several years ago. I've known Art for over thirty years, consider him among Tampa's fanboy royalty, and this topic marks his first homepage guest op-ed. -- Nolan)

It feels like the quiet stillness or dead calm after a strong storm. No electricity or phones and we have no way to communicate and learn what comes next. We have heard that Disney has acquired Marvel.

The newspapers seem to concentrate on the film and merchandising rights and nothing is said about the comics. Those of us who have read Marvel Comics for decades care less about the former "hot properties" and some of us may still care about the comics. Now I am not necessarily in that category. I haven't read or followed much of the product that Marvel has put out of late. If a casual observer familiar with the characters or a curiosity-seeker were to look at the titles, they certainly would not recognize the "Avengers" or many other characters and book content. They would be confused by the number of Spider-Mans and Fantastic Fours and not know the difference between an "Ultimate" version and whatever else. I have found unreadable the recent Marvel titles I have tried. I have enjoyed somewhat the current Millar/Hitch Fantastic Four issues.. even though they look like the "Ultimate" series already done. That is enough to confuse anyone trying to reintroduce themselves to the characters.

But all this is nothing new to comics people. I have heard fanboys gush about how Bendis and other writers have excited the line. All I see is the word "dark" everywhere and the characters changed, lost and forgotten. No good and evil anymore...just "dark".

Now I am NOT a typical "old fogie" resistant to change. DC has done some positive changes and updates but they seem to be heading down that dark road (See Green Lantern titles.. which hopefully will change when movie comes out) I would welcome some major editorial changes and a positive change of direction to Marvel Comics...the current editors need to change...maybe writers, too. But who knows what Disney will do. Cancel multiple versions and titles of key characters? Worse...sanitize and make generic versions of key characters that will only appear in merchandising and films and forget the rest of the characters, the mythos, the titles?

As I began to say, the newspapers so far have only reported non-comic news: concerns about how the Marvel characters will be used by Disney competitor Universal in theme parks, and the further news that FOX will continue to plan on a Fantastic Four reboot movie and have the property for about 9 more years. (Yes, I said "reboot"...already!)

So...we shall watch and wait. The comics media will no doubt begin to report the changes and we can only be patient and hope. Ah, a new merchandising slogan -- "Marvel Comics: A New Hope"

Readers' Comments

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Steve Beasley [07-09-2009 16:06] 
I recently read a book on Brian Jones courtesy of the local library and there's a short John Lennon interview where he mentions something to the effect of dreading a phone call from Brian because he'd become so messed up. Not dreading as in Brian being in imminent danger, but because he feared being stuck on the phone (again) while Brian talked his nonsense. This was only towards the end of Brian's life. It makes John sound cold-hearted, but John wasn't to know he'd be dead soon.

Art, it's been years! Nolan can fill in the gaps until I get back home. An abbreviated version is that I moved to NZ and got married. I haven't done much TV since the 80s, with the exception of doing some volunteer work in B'ham, Knoxville, and Tampa (WEDU) a few times, however I do some radio in Waycross (WHFX), Knoxville (WIMZ), WKXV (Knoxville) and B'ham (WURL). They were silly enough to pay me for that! ;)
Chris Woods [07-09-2009 01:42] 
Lisa - Thanks again. Hopefully I'll win something, this is the first time one of my films will play at this festival.
Arthur Brown [06-09-2009 16:42]  
Hey Steve and Michael.. nice of nyou to remember me. Drop me a line and let's fill in the gaps LOL ArturTampa@aol.com
Terence [06-09-2009 13:12] 
re: Brian Jones

for some people its hard to believe that brian was murdered going in the direction he was going. Kieth has gone on record saying that although Brian was on his last legs mentally and psychically he was also always bitter from day one and felt like the band was stolen from him and became a nasty mean person because of it and wouldnt be shocked if he pissed someone off and was murdered.
Uber Fangrrl Lisa [05-09-2009 18:09] 
Chris W. -- You're welcome. Congratulations on getting into the film fest! You know how much I love SPAVENTARE. I hope you win.
Laure [05-09-2009 13:31] 
Oh, my gawd, Jason. I remember Pink Lady! I loved them when I was a kid. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
Nolan [05-09-2009 07:11] 
To Josh Sullivan: That's fantastic, Josh! I'm very glad to hear you're OK and the cross-country trip is working out as planned. This is something you'll remember the rest of your life. Your memoir should be most interesting, haha.

To Steve: I thought we'd already spoken of the demise of the local Egg Platter, perhaps you'd forgotten. But we've made a new home at Nina O's, so you can take us there, haha.
Petrey [04-09-2009 23:09] 
That's cool Steve except the 'Splatter is now a rebuilt Burger King. However the one on 34th st. in St. Pete is still there.
Steve Beasley [04-09-2009 22:50] 
Aww, thanks Petrey. Thanks for lettin' me know that my ol' neighborhood has a least some decency left.

As soon as I get back (it can't be fast enough as far as I'm concerned), I'll take you and Nole to the Egg Splatter!
Steve Beasley [04-09-2009 22:39]  
Will, loved the piece on Harry Wise! Hell, I love all your posts!

I hope they find a cure for Harry ASAP!
Steve Beasley [04-09-2009 22:36]  
Brandon: It doesn't matter if you're anti-gun or pro-gun; pro-life, pro-choice; for the war, against the war; for healthcare, against it -- we have to ask some serious questions before it's too late. Our Republic is dying a rapid death.

Me: It's already too late and has been since Bush the Younger was in office.

In the words of Hank Williams, Jr...."They call me the Beaz!"
Terence [04-09-2009 15:36] 
re: south tampa nutiness

since i was little south of gandy has always been known as no mans land...the middle class ghetto....etc. i mean port tampa is another redneck trailer trash world of all its own. so let's see im 30 now and when i was little it was the 80s. so anytime that south of gandy was known as a safe classy palce must have been waaayyy before my time. at least thats how us north of Gandy have always seen it.
KSeuss42 [04-09-2009 14:01] 
Another example of an extremely well done cover is Heir Apparent's version of Sound of Silence.
Simon Lynx [04-09-2009 06:11] 
I wonder if he's related to Earl Hickey? He's a repeat offender.
ED [04-09-2009 06:07] 
Will - that is a shame about Harry Wise having cancer but the elder showman looks pretty darn good in those recent photos.
Petrey [04-09-2009 03:42] 
Nah, I didn't take it that way Nolan. I just felt like posting some of the possibly positive stuff for our out of towners, like Steve. You're definitely right about the 'nutty ups and downs', that's for sure.
Nolan [04-09-2009 03:22] 
John, thanks. By "out of control" I didn't mean to imply that our neighborhood had gone to sh*t !! I'm sorry if I left that impression. The recession has made people crazy, sure, but over the past decades our neck of the woods has seen some nutty ups-and-downs. Only two years ago, our homes were valued at over a quarter million dollars and upwardly mobiles were fighting to move here! The crashed real estate market quashed that, of course, to more realistic levels, but it's all rock 'n roll to me. I have mixed feelings about the new Wal-Mart. The Gandy widening fortell of the much-ballyhooed and (hotly debated) Gandy "overhead" highway which, together with Wal-Mart, could dramatically change the traffic situation. But the new streetlights and road improvements were quite welcome, I agree.
Petrey [04-09-2009 01:12] 
I have to now point out some positive elements around South Tampa. The stretch of Gandy Blvd. from Dale Mabry to Westshore has been re-paved & has street lights it seems like every 20 feet apart/ like a main steet feel to it. Manhattan Ave. from Gandy to Euclid Ave. is now four lanes and relieves a lot of traffic as does the re-construction of the intersection at Manhattan and Dale Mabry. The left turn lanes at Dale Mabry and Gandy are now two left turn lanes for all directions. A lot nicer. Also which helps out where I live a lot is the recent closing of the section 8 apartments around the corner. It's made a difference. The new Walmart is finally being built at Lois and Gandy. Whether that will be a good thing traffic wise will be seen. At least I can go to Walmart at 2AM without hitting any major roads by sneaking in through the neighborhood rds. The positive to Walmart is it will create some jobs in this area. So I'm just pointing out some good things that are happening here.
Nolan [04-09-2009 00:34] 
"Boom Boom" , aka, Andrew Hickey, and his latest sheriff's department portrait can be seen on his arrest record here:

Petrey [03-09-2009 20:18] 
Forgot to mention that that was on Paul ave. The same street my second mistake spawned from. Also know of a notorious sexual predator who used to live on that same street as well. We're not talking about a long street either guys, at least not that section. That street must be 'hallowed' ground.
Petrey [03-09-2009 19:46] 
The 22 yr. old who was arrested over the $6 cab fare goes by the nick name of 'Boom Boom' so I guess he wanted to live up to it but lost the guts. He religiously hung out with Jim and Lisa Nolan and has a kid like mentality sometimes. I suspect it's because of his old man, the way he was treated. However I'm not excusing his actions because I always said he was a little weirdo and warned Lisa that he's eyeing her 11 yr. old daughter like a turkey dinner so be careful.
He begged to come watch the videos on the big screen when I would view them late at night at the Britton. Once was enough. He kept complaining about his weiner and I told him to stick it out there and I'll shoot it off and then there wouldn't be anything left to 'complain' about.
Major Major [03-09-2009 14:54] 
A truly awful cover is Bill Cosby (yes, Hutxable himself) singing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

On a similar note, the Steve Martin version of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" is good for a few laughs.
Simon Lynx [03-09-2009 14:45] 
Bobby - I just heard Metallica's cover of Iron Maiden's Remember Tomorrow. I'm sure yet what to think. It's on te Maiden Heaven tribute album if you wanna check it. There are a few ok covers, the rest are horrible.
Josh Sullivan [03-09-2009 01:03] 
Hi Nolan! I wanted to stop by and tell you things are going well with the trip. I've gone 14,000 miles so far and I'm on Week #35 in Manhattan. I'm slowly working my way back to FL, where I'll be for the last two weeks of the year.
Steve Beasley [02-09-2009 21:26] 
Is that the Art Brown from 80s era Jones Intercable Public Access?

If so, tell him I said "Howdy, Pardner!" We worked together on many old programs...
Steve Beasley [02-09-2009 21:24] 

South Tampa has changed, and it sounds like it ain't for the better. By the time I get back, I may not recognize it anymore. A sad day, indeed.
Michael [02-09-2009 21:20] 
Holy crap!! Art Brown!! Royalty indeed. A pleasure to see you again, sir.

If I had to list a top 10 worse cover song list, I think #1 would be Shawn Cassidy's version of "Once Bitten, Twice Shy." Jack Russell isn't dead and he's turning over in his grave.
Chris Woods [02-09-2009 20:06] 
Thanks Lisa, for posting about Spaventare playing at Spooky Empire in October.
Simon Lynx [02-09-2009 15:31] 
Bobby - Ya that was a bad cover too.

Nolan - Vigilante's huh?
Bob [02-09-2009 15:13] 
Haha, that one almost made the last. Also Limp Bizkit's horrible cover of Behind Blue Eyes.
Nolan [02-09-2009 14:01] 
The other "funny" thing, Simon, is the father, as I heard tell it, was just as nuts. The house held an arsenal of weapons.
Simon Lynx [02-09-2009 13:59] 
Bobby - I enjoyed your article on Remake songs. Here's a bad one for you KORN - Brick in the Wall
Simon Lynx [02-09-2009 13:57] 
Simon Lynx [02-09-2009 13:56] 
That's a funny story Nolan about the CAB. Sad part is that happens all the time in a little place called Utica (Corn Hill). Another reason I don't live.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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