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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 494  (Vol. 10, No. 37). This edition is for the week of September 7--13, 2009.

A Day in the Life of an Astro-Zombie
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Linda, Linda, Linda
Disrespectful Outcry...missing The Point .... Bye,bye Van Jones .... .... .... .... .... .... Acorn Outted...child Prostitution i
We’re Here!!!!! .... John Madden Can’t Stay Away .... Emmitt Smith Downs The ‘boys .... Ah, The Good Life .... .... .... .... e
have We Forgotten? .... Number Nine...number Nine .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... b

In Between...

Anniversary of 9/11
In Between
Everything Sucks Now? Part 4?
Readers Comments


I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to commemorate the anniversary of this dreadful occasion when our country was attacked on our native soil, eight years ago today as I write this. A war or two later, mastermind Osama Bin Laden is still in hiding, somewhere among the mountains of the Middle East.

PCR # 77 recounts my personal perspective (along with some contributing writers' thoughts) on the events of that day.

The brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in the subsequent war in Iraq should not and will not be forgotten.


As I write this (9-9-09) we are in between speeches by President Obama, we are two days away from the anniversary of 9/11, and we are smack on the day of the re-release of newly remastered Beatles albums. With the current date having three nines in it, guess 9-9-9 is why we're seeing District 9, 9 the movie (reviewed this issue), Nine the movie (isn't out yet), and...The Beatles? "Number Nine/Turn Me On Dead Man" from "Revolution" and "Revolution Number 9" are two connections, I guess. The concurrent release of the "Beatles Rock Band" video game doesn't have any "nine" things going on, but is timed with the CDs for maximum publicity as far as I can tell.


Last week's Top Ten Box Office and this week's are virtually identical, save for the totals, of course, which are much lower. This marks the beginning of the motion-picture "slow" season.


I've been tempted to add a chapter to the previous series on deteriorating facets of pop culture, but so far have over-ruled myself due to the runaway emotional response the last one brought. The topic I might yet bring up is the one brought up by guest editorial writer Art Brown about the current state of comics (his engaging digression from the Disney/Marvel story). This is a hot-button topic for older fanboys, and though Art did a great job in a small space describing our frustration, I think some further elaboration might be called for. If I don't get to it this week, I'll be gathering strength for a possible rumble next week.

Readers' Comments

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Happy Young Man [15-09-2009 06:28] 
Reading this board this week on cell phone... so hard to read and maybe I misses it.... but is there NO mention of Jim Carroll?
Jason Fetters [15-09-2009 04:10]  
I was working at Misty Darkness from 1989 to 1990. I don't think it's there anymore. It was close to Clint's Comics. Most of the people working there have moved to Catacombs. My friend Todd is in charge of Catacombs now. Here's a movie that was filmed there http://www.zombiebloodbath.com/catacombs.html
Brandon [15-09-2009 03:04] 
RIP Patrick Swayze - he's no longer suffering.
Nolan [15-09-2009 01:01] 
Steve, haha, thanks, but Deloris Telescope went considerably further than Blade! There is enough coverage about Hats/Blade on this website for my taste.
Steve Beasley [14-09-2009 23:41] 
Hey, if Deloris Telescope rates a Wikipedia mention, then I demand equal time for Blade! After all, I saw them perform live for more times than they even played together and I recorded a live session at USM!
Nolan [14-09-2009 22:46] 
Jason: That's amazing! Your low-budget horror movie experience didn't come up in the one in-person conversation we had. I hope you're available for one of our PCR group meetings (which dropped off in frequency for a while due to a number of factors). I sent you an invite a few weeks back, but you never responded. We'll have another one soon, I'll send you a notice.

Mike: YES, I was there for the Orlando trip. But I also seem to remember you had seen a screener or something before we went as a group . That later group included me, John Hooper and either Scott Gilbert or Rick Sousa, and our driver, John Setlow! (Remember him?)
Chris Woods [14-09-2009 21:31] 
Mike - I also saw Star Wars again in '82 and remember the Revenge of the Jedi trailer playing. Wow! Remember the days when you wanted to see your favorite movie again you had to see it in a theater.
Michael [14-09-2009 19:35] 
I was very fortunate to have spent some time with Patrick Swayze in the mid 80s and I'll recount it in next weeks Rant.

Nolan, did you go with us to Orlando? If so I surely apologize for not including you. I know a few groups went because of the 70mm, including the now-resurrected Tom Bowles.

Chris, judging from the one sheets in my collection, "Star Wars" was re-issued three times (twice before "Empire" and once in late 1982 in which the trailer for "Revenge of the Jedi" was highlighted). They sure knew how to attract a crowd.

Jason, what haunted house did you work at in K.C. (I live there)

Steve, amen brother!
Very Sad Lisa [14-09-2009 18:46] 
R.I.P. Patrick Swayze
Chris Woods [14-09-2009 16:41] 
Jason - Actually, people here have been making low-budget horror films for over ten years. I don't know how long you been reading this site, but a lot of local horror films have been covered on here throughout the years. I'll check out the link you posted.
Chris Woods [14-09-2009 16:39] 
Mike and Greg - I enjoyed your piece on Empire Strikes Back. One of my favorite movies of all time. I remeber seeing Star Wars again when it was released in '79, thinking it was Empire, and I just got like a teaser for the new film and I had to wait a whole year for it. Well it was worth the wait. Also, the shocker at the end with Vader being Luke's father was a great cinema moment for me as a kid.
Missing In Action Lisa [14-09-2009 14:50] 
Steve -- Yep, I've been "off" for a couple of weeks now. I had a big project at work going on AND moved to a new apartment (yes, at the same time -- not the wisest choice in retrospect) and needed to take a break from PCR for a little bit. FANGRRL (the column) will be back next week and Fangrrl (the person) will be back on the board this week. Thanks for asking!!
Jason Fetters [14-09-2009 13:52]  
I'm wondering if anyone is interested to make low budget horror films in the Tampa Bay area. I made 3 films in high school in the late 80's with Todd Sheets http://zombiebloodbath.com/
I played a zombie in Blood of the Undead and Blood of the Undead II.
I wrote the script, acted, and did the special effects for Shadows (which I like to think of as Creepshow made for $5.)
I was working at a haunted house in downtown Kansas City, MO and we used the house for the setting for Shadows. I don't think that many people have seen it.
Steve [14-09-2009 13:37] 
Hey, what gives? Is Lisa off this week or sumthin'?
Nolan [14-09-2009 07:57] 
Michael: Regarding your otherwise remarkable memory of The Empire Strikes Back: was there a second trip for you to the 70mm theater in Orlando, or was I part of an alternate reality?
Petrey [13-09-2009 16:16] 
Steve, thanks.
Steve [13-09-2009 14:50] 
Referring to Mike's comment dated 13-09-2009 07:38

Mike, I'm 100% behind you with that statement!
The Beazmeister [13-09-2009 14:47] 
Petrey, I'd venture that a 'repugnant' is a derogatory term for a 'Republican'. There's an off-chance that I could be mistaken, but I believe that's what it refers to.
Michael [13-09-2009 07:38] 
T, not trying to sound like Charlie Sheen here but Bush was going to attack Iraq no matter what happened during his presidency. I actually feel it lessens the impact of 9/11 that he used that tragedy to fuel his personal agenda.
Petrey [12-09-2009 23:13] 
What's a repungnant?
Obamafanintampa [12-09-2009 20:05] 
Obama is kicking the repungnants ass this week.
Petrey [11-09-2009 21:14] 
Just in case no one sees this on the message boards, I've never watched a Presidential Infomercial. How long do they usually last?
Terence [11-09-2009 15:32] 
re: 9/11

i hadnt read my article about the attacks in years. im pleased to find that I still agree with what I said about not attacking other countries over this. yet we did it anyway.
Byron [11-09-2009 09:13] 
Hey it was great to see ed being in a film --- he hasnt even told me about this yet
Brandon [11-09-2009 05:37] 
I don't know about the lock down or cancelling flights.

One of the first things I'd do is deport the UN and its building etc...sorry. I guess they can set something up in Switzerland, but we just can't afford the $8B plus all of the security and fees associated with their "diplomatic immunity"

Steve Beasley [11-09-2009 04:51] 
I'm starting to agree with Brandon. Lock down our borders for one year to start. No loans or donations to other countries for that entire time or at least until we get a few things resolved. Cancel incoming international flights for non-U.S. passport holders, too!
Brandon [11-09-2009 03:25] 
The fact remains that we are in a global economy. We refuse to secure the Mexican or the Canadian borders, we refuse to drill the oil reserves that we have and we keep letting the UN skirt issues and force us into being the world's police.

BTW, the $8B we give the UN isn't enough, they want more because they are also going broke.
Nolan [11-09-2009 00:24] 
Ron Paul's being sidelined as some sort of fringe whack-job is possibly the greatest political tragedy experienced in my lifetime. Everything he stood for -- eliminating The Fed and the IRS, becoming more isolationist (at least as far as oil, likely more), and returning much more decision-making to the state level, are just a few of the ideas deemed undoable by the political cognecenti. His Libertarian views on Constitutional freedoms was/is inspiring.

The everything's-gone-too-far-to-turn-back-now attitude churned out by Paul's critics is a cop-out. As a society we can do anything given the confidence and leadership to make it happen.

It's way too early to deem Obama a success or failure, but I've long held that a good, charasmatic third-party candidate can become president and we can abandon the tired, ineffective two-party system. It's nearly happened before.
Terence [10-09-2009 23:41] 
"While I understand funds being sent to Israel is something that you don't agree with, I'm sure there are some that claim that is not enough."

thats why we need to become isolationists. if only Ron Paul wasnt so wacky acting we would be by now. too bad. ive been saying we should be for years.
Terence [10-09-2009 23:39] 
no one should decide what doctors make but hospital doctors who arent also surgeons do next to nothing. the RN's do most all of the work. this is true. as for the comment about Tom Cruise making more than a cop. well that is the failure of it all isnt it.
Brandon [10-09-2009 16:18] 
Politicians salaries is different because they are public servants. The lifetime salary and $175K per year would be struck down immediately if it were up to me. But then again, I think we need new job restrictions for them anyway.

For example, 16 years max, Congress-President-VP whatever. Salary reductions and limited & reduced lifetime benefits. If they run for an office, they have to forfeit their current one - Obama/McCain/Hillary would have had to resign to campaign and run for President.

Re: Teachers -- obviously I think teachers are underpaid. It's hardly fair to compare teachers to doctors. Years and years of med school and the life-and-death responsibility drive higher salaries and fewer skilled individuals. Our free market allows teacher to pursue higher degrees, advance to higher paying administration or college certifications and teaching opportunities.

Back on the slippery slope.
Brandon [10-09-2009 16:12] 
In this FREE country, neither you nor I or anyone else should get to decide what a doctor earns. How much is too much? $200,000? What if you practice in New York? Should a family doctor make more, less or the same as the best cardiac surgeon? Economic justice represses ambitions.

While insurance companies make a ton of money, there are several that are non-profit, same for hospitals. In fact, when comparing them, the prices are about the same.

The free market decides these salaries. Athletes are entertainers and paid accordingly. Should Tom Cruise and Alex Rodriguez earn $20+ million per year - they earned the right to do so, no matter how insane that is to you or I.

While I understand funds being sent to Israel is something that you don't agree with, I'm sure there are some that claim that is not enough.

Once you start down the slippery slope, there's no end. Who gets to decide the salaries? Would you want GWB telling your doctor he has to take a pay cut?
Steve Beasley [10-09-2009 14:06] 
Ed, cool move getting a part in a Ted Mikels flick!

Methinks most (if not all) fanboys reading your article are insanely jealous! I am! Righteous move, dude!
"Thunder Horse" Beasley [10-09-2009 14:02]  
Brandon, you said: "Kucinich misuses the preamble to depict insurance to a civil right."
It's not (to me) about insurance. In a perfect world, insurance companies wouldn't exist. As citizens of the largest and richest nation in the known universe, Americans should have free (or tax paid) health care. We send billions of dollars annually to Israel (for example) when those same billions should be used for medical care. Doctors make too much money and insurance companies shouldn't even exist. Sure, doctors provide a valuable service, but no vocation deserves that much. Same with politicians and athletes. If they weren't robbing us blind, we wouldn't need insurance. Are doctors any more important to our society than teachers? I think not. If sports fans only went to games occasionally, then ticket prices in professional sports would drop in price. No athlete is as important as an educator, yet athletes make millions while teachers strug
Simon Lynx [10-09-2009 12:58] 
Ed - Congrats to you, I hope the best for the film.
ED [10-09-2009 08:19] 
Simon - yes, that is the first one.
Simon Lynx [10-09-2009 07:31] 
Ed - is Astro Zombie the first film you've ever been in?
Simon Lynx [10-09-2009 07:30] 
To go back to Bobbys Cover song article, If any one is interested there is a guy in Brazil who is amazing. He plays metal tunes on the Harp. The easiest way to find him is Google video and type in Iron Maiden by Harp. I know he's done atleast 4 Maiden tunes, 1 Metallica and a Scorpions tune as well. It's worth checking out.
ED [10-09-2009 05:51] 
Ter - the stereo version of the remastered box set that was just released is going for $179. Not a bad price for 16 CDs plus extras. Hold off buying the individual CDs and I would bet you could find it for under $100 by the first of the year through Amazon remainders or something similar.
Terence [09-09-2009 21:00] 
unfortunatly im gonna have to get the remastered beatles albums little by little. the box set is too pricey. but i have to get them. the cd versions that have been out have always sounded crappy. hell its the same ones since like what the late 80s?
Michael [09-09-2009 20:54] 
Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. With a birthday next week I'm hoping the new Beatles set will be waiting for me.

Also, a happy 63rd birthday to the late, great 5th Beatle, Billy Preston!

Actually, since most DVDs/CDs/Games come out on Tuesday the thought was to make the release of the Beatles items special - 9-9-09 sounds good!
Terence [09-09-2009 20:23] 
oops you already answered my question below me haha. guess i should actually try to read the comment section.
Terence [09-09-2009 20:22] 
Ed: when does it come out officially? im still reeling over your Devo new wave zombie shirt.
ED [09-09-2009 18:04] 
Chris - word right now is early next year for the release of Astro-Zombies: M3 Cloned. You can bet I will have my hands on a screener as soon as they are available. I am already planning a party to celebrate my three minutes of fame!
Chris Woods [09-09-2009 15:44] 
Nolan - I read in the paper and on line after we talked and most of them say the main reason for the release of all the Beatles stuff today is Revolution Number 9. So, your guess was right.

ED - Enjoyed your article. That's cool you got to be an Astro-Zombie. When does the film come out?
Brandon [09-09-2009 11:38] 
Bobby Campo or not, it's a sad sad state that the third sequel to a mediocre film is the #1 option at the cinemas.
Happy Young Man [09-09-2009 11:06] 
Very happy to see Final Destination still doing well! Again, it stars Tampa's own Bobby Campo!
ED [09-09-2009 09:25] 
Oh and........first!
ED [09-09-2009 09:25] 
Nolan - I just picked up the remastered Abbey Road and Past Masters CDs. I listened to some of the PM tracks on my old car stereo and even in less than outstanding fidelity I could tell the differences on the tracks. I will be interested to hear what other fans have to say and to give them a better listen.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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