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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 495  (Vol. 10, No. 38). This edition is for the week of September 14--20, 2009.

"The Informant!"
The Fabulous Thunderbird
Jackie Chan Retrospective
Joe Wilson The Hero .... Blame It On Racism .... .... Renewed Strength .... .... .... .... o
Slow Down! .... Patrick Swayze .... Larry Gelbart .... This Just In .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... l

Well, I Tried...

Woops, Hold The Phone!
Well, I Tried
R.I.P. Patrick Swayze
Readers' Comments


It now appears the announcement of the resignation of Brandon Jones from PCR was a little premature. As you all can see, State of the Nation has been restored to the columnists' nav-bar. No definitive word yet on Splash Page.

The impassioned phone call I received from Brandon yesterday which contained his desire to separate from us indefinitely (and that was reported below in "Well, I Tried...") sounded absolutely final with no turning back, so I did not consider any waiting time necessary to publish the story. Looks like both of us may have been a wee bit premature.

Please read this week's State of the Nation (particularly the last section called "Renewed Strength") for Brandon's perspective on his emotional crisis and final resolution.


In the many years I've published PCR, I never considered politics a "taboo" subject, I've written numerous politically-themed pieces here on the homepage, and many writers have successfully incorporated it into their columns with varying degrees of emphasis. It's not for everybody, but I always felt it was important to discuss matters that affect all of us as a people, as a nation. That sentiment, however, is not shared by everyone on staff.

Even the Message Board, where such topics enjoyed so much back-and-forth banter over the years, can also turn into a minefield as contributors lose their cool against their opponents and the name-calling begins. A shame, that, because it seems, especially this year, most political forums are crashing badly. I've never seen it exactly like this, even during Bush years, and that's saying a lot. The dream I sustain of a true conversation between informed and interested parties is something I'm having to fight harder to maintain.

The latest casualty of this situation is PCR contributor Brandon Jones, our lone conservative, who has decided to take an extended hiatus from his column State of the Nation and from the Board. Can't say I entirely blame him, the left-wing contingent at PCR proved a bit overwhelming, and more to the point, any other conservatives out there were simply not joining the conversation to help him out. (Note: his other column, Splash Page, an entertainment column not related to politics, is being discontinued as well.)

I am aware that many don't agree with my perception of the PCR Mission Statement including politics. Mainly the idea is that most readers do not come here for that, but for light-hearted info-tainment related to television, music, movies and nostalgia. That is high on my priority list as well, don't get me wrong, but the "Current Events" referred to in my pagetop banner has always been there and is meant to convey my openness and willingness to discuss newsworthy topics of the day unrelated to the entertainment industry.

While Mike's Rant frequently involves political commentary (as did the now-defunct Matt's Rail and Oddservations), State of the Nation was the first to become political exclusively (although an argument could be made that Lisa Zubek's Lisa on the Left was technically first to do that, it only lasted two issues.) The political topics covered in these columns was always handled well I thought (well, OK, not so much Oddservations), but evidently, a column of pure politics is an ill fit for us at this time. Your voices have been heard.

I will continue to spotlight current events here on the homepage where appropriate and where applicable, as I trust Mike Smith will do in The Rant. There are no changes planned with either, nor will there be. They will continue to be a mix of entertainment and news.

The Message Board is a different story, as it always has been. I will continue to encourage civil political discourse there, as well as the always-welcome readers' reviews on TV, movies, music and sports.


Actor Patrick Swayze, 57, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer a few days ago. I am probably one of the last remaining humans on the planet who has never seen Dirty Dancing all the way through. But I loved Point Break even though I'm not a big Keanu Reeves fan, and Ghost even though I'm not a big Whoopi Goldberg fan. It was Swayze's formidable screen presence that made the chemistry work in both cases.

Swayze's slow deterioration from cancer was chronicled best (and most sadly) from photos appearing in newsstand scandal rags, even as he and his publicists continued to maintain he wasn't that bad off. In retrospect, this was obviously an attempt by Swayze to dissuade pity-parties and to encourage positive thinking, something that might help his recovery. I admire that, as I admired how earlier stars of similar stature coped with the pubic perception of their terminal illnesses (like Bill Bixby, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Landon to name just a few).

Readers' Comments

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J.MILLER [22-09-2009 08:06] 
People have responded to you several times over...Get over the fact that nobody wants to sit around and argue about politics all day...No matter what response we give you it'll never be good enough...
Brandon [22-09-2009 04:53] 
To each their own. I don't think the public that votes is generally stupid or uncaring. Too many fit the description I gave, especially apathetic.

I don't look at a President's "coolness" but rather his policy. I don't believe we support delusions that the President will help you with your car or mortgage payment.

I do realized that many, many believe in his policies and I've asked specific questions regarding many of these decisions and don't get answers. It should be easy to back up "why" you support these decisions or how they will benefit the country -- most of what I've gotten is non-response, then the "faith based" Obama knows best attitude and then attacked. Dissent can be frustrating at times.

"you just want to believe its all about poor blacks, dumb rednecks, and liberal communist bastards trying to make things unsafe." - you inject those sterotypes, not me, but many of these people on BOTH SIDES (D&R) are being exploited for their vote
Fritzi [21-09-2009 23:57] 
The name of the most crooked street in the world in San Francisco is Lombard Street. Have fun.

J.MILLER2 [21-09-2009 16:49] 
LOL The left made similar videos of Bush supporters...Brandon would have been spinning so fast to flip those videos in a positive light that he would have messed up the earths rotation...
Terence [21-09-2009 13:55] 

"Apathy: How many times have we heard about people that don't care? Obama become the "cool" pic when supporters were asked about policy -- many didn't know"

thats not why I supported him because he was cool. thats a minority that the right wing news stations portray.

"There were several videos of Obama supporters viewing him as the solution to pay their car payment or even mortgage"

again a minority that you and right wingers have blown up to push your thoughts.

Im really surprised at you that you would make a generalization fact. do you ever stop and think how many more people voted for him becauase they liked the direction he was going in or because they liked his ideas. nah you just want to believe its all about poor blacks, dumb rednecks, and liberal communist bastards trying to make things unsafe. thanks for the post everything i ever suspected was ridiculous about your arguments is now confirmed.
J.MILLER2 [21-09-2009 13:48] 
Im sure Brandon appreciates the bleeding hearts who fell for his victimhood speech...

I will say one thing...All of the extra prayers I have been recieving courtesy of his church pals that troll this site have been a real asset...Thanks guys...In this economy one needs all the help they can get!
Brandon [21-09-2009 10:02] 
Re:'refuses to admit he isnt objective" -- never said i was. It op-ed for a reason. I have though, presented a lot of questions that many won't answer to.

To Beaz, who said I made you think -- Biggest compliment in the world. We know we don't agree on MOST ,but our back and forth has gotten more and more civil - I'm thankful for that

"I said it once and Ill say it again if you bring in politics on a non political site especially one that swings one way more than another you better be able to handle the sh@#t storm." - You've made it clear you don't want me here, got it. But lies about my personal life are uncalled for and unfair.

"more about that his friends at work and family and his church buddies reading it " ONLY when there's BOLD FACE LIES being presented with nasty vulgar insults. It demeans the entire site.
Brandon [21-09-2009 09:58] 
"Apathy, laziness and boredom "

Sorry you took that personally.

Apathy: How many times have we heard about people that don't care? Obama become the "cool" pic when supporters were asked about policy -- many didn't know

Lazy: How many have expressed their desire to sit on the couch and watch a movie than participate in political debate or even understanding. There were several videos of Obama supporters viewing him as the solution to pay their car payment or even mortgage

Boredom: Again, "We don't care" , "What difference will it make" etc...

Re communism: the administration has move faster through distribution of wealth and into the classless society with government ownership of insurance, banking, GM, etc...will little to no questioning from supporters while railing on previous administrations for lesser crimes

To Rex, Beaz: thanks for the support
Marion Barry [21-09-2009 04:15] 
I can only imagine how Vegas was, say, pre-1985. Same thing with Times Square, NYC. Didn't Giuliani try and make it the city's top tourist area, subsequently filling it up with places like Bubba Gump and McDonald's?
Beasley [21-09-2009 01:44] 
This kinda goes with ED's column this week!

http://www.archive.org/details/Drive-inGo odnight-replaceSpeakerBw
Beasley [20-09-2009 20:48] 
Terence said: I refuse to let PCR become family friendly and sanitized.

That is exactly what's wrong with Vegas today. They went for a family atmosphere, and have achieved exactly that. I'm quite sure that Bugsy Seigel and Meyer Lansky are puking into each other's graves over that.

I believe Brandon means well. He is just incredibly passionate about his beliefs. I don't ask anyone to necessarily agree with my position. I just ask that they debate in a rational manner without getting personal...unless they're cuttin' the fool. You can't have too much humor!
Beasley [20-09-2009 20:41] 
Yosemite Sam Francisco: The crookedest street is Lombard Street. You can get an idea by typing, "Lombard Street San Fran" on You Tube.

Sea Lions & Mall: At Pier 39

I'd also suggest Japantown, Chinatown and the Mission District.

The Googleplex offers tours as well. That might prove very educational and fun!

Terence [20-09-2009 19:07] 
I also will like to add that most of Brandons hissy fits and walk offs most certainly are less about how he is treated on the boards and more about that his friends at work and family and his church buddies reading it and being in shock that he is associated with such "vile, heinous behavior (thats my fav). I refuse to let PCR become family friendly and sanitized. that sickens me.
Terence [20-09-2009 18:57] 
Rex im not sure if your response was concerning John or me but alot of us were sick of Brandon sneakily refering to us as communists and saying because we support Obama that we are lazy apathetic and mindless. its people like that that will cause the return of McCarthyism and the Red Scare. I will personally insult anyone who is responsible for that before i let that happen on here or anywhere else. i didnt bring Brandons family into it i just wanted to point out that i think hes a hypocrite alot of times and refuses to admit he isnt objective. he always is right in his mind. Did John Miller go to far? maybe but hey I said it once and Ill say it again if you bring in politics on a non political site especially one that swings one way more than another you better be able to handle the sh@#t storm. especially if you are going to preach to people about how if they dont see your side that you are wrong. ya know "why dont they get it" kinda attitude.
Terence [20-09-2009 18:48] 
"Apathy, laziness and boredom has become the disease of the Obama devotees and their blind loyalty to the socialist in chief. "

thats not a personal attack? just because someone speaks more professionally doesnt mean they arent using personal attacks. please.

Fritzi [20-09-2009 18:43] 
What happened to the band, Strange Agent? Are they still around?
Nicholas Rex [20-09-2009 16:34] 
Let me say this about Brandon Jones: I have the utmost respect for the man. I've never met Brandon face to face but he and I went through a strong batch of words several years ago, over political problems. While I may disagree with his points of view, he has never resorted to personal attacks to get his message across (something talking heads from both sides could learn a lesson about).

Keep up the good work Brandon. Who knows? I might even write a response to one of your columns, provided I have plenty of time to do the research. Being a full-time college student leaves me very little time for extras.
Harvey Milk [20-09-2009 14:17] 
Simon, I've never been, but I know that there's an official 49-mile scenic route around the city, aptly named the 49-Mile Scenic Route. They have little directional signs along the street.
California Dreamin' Lisa [20-09-2009 14:08] 
Simon -- My sister used to live in San Francisco. She said definitely take a trolley ride to see some of the city, especially Knobb Hill. It's a ritzy neighborhood with amazing houses. Also Pier 29 or 49 (she couldn't remember) is famous for the sea lions that hang out there and there's a big shopping area at that pier.

Her other suggestions were: take a tour of Alcatraz Island, go to the top of the historic landmark Mark Hopkins Hotel to look at the city (it's called "going to the top of the Mark"), check out the crookedest street in the world (she couldn't remember the name but said just ask anyone in town), and go to Chinatown.

FYI -- She also said the Golden Gate Bridge is closed to foot traffic, downtown San Fran has alot, do NOT go over the bridge to Oakland cuz it's dangerous, and if you rent a car make sure it has an emergency brake cuz of the hills.

Hope that helps. Have fun!!
Missing the Cult Jam Lisa [20-09-2009 14:04] 
Thanks everybody!

Steve -- You give me too much credit. I think it's really just the luck of the draw and the house dealt me a good hand (all things considered) this time around. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.

Happy birthday to Chris M., John M., Mike and the other birthday boys.
BEASLEY [20-09-2009 13:12] 
Michael [18-09-2009 20:55] 
ED, I forgot to add my congrats on another outstanding piece. Some of my fondest job memories are the summer I helped out at the Tower Drive In (it was owned by the same company that owned the theatres in Floriland Mall, where I worked) I also ran the Edmonson Drive In in Baltimore it's last year (seen in the movie "Tin Men") I have a friend in Baltimore who still runs his family's drive in, now in its, I believe, 54th year of business. My only question for the Thunderbird owner would be how he divides his box office profits amongst the film companies. Does he go by tickets sold for the first show? Especially if it's free to roam the site and take in the movie of your choice (not sit through the double feature you chose). And for some reason, there is nothing like the taste of a drive in cheeseburger...those and the ones we used to get in the high school cafeteria!
Michael [18-09-2009 15:19] 
Hello from Minnesota. Great issue everyone. Lisa, congratulations on the anniversary! Let's celebrate every year, at least the next 75. After that I'll probably be elsewhere (preferably not TOO warm). And shame on everyone, I was thinking Clearwater Beach.

Steve, my first job at the Britton was to clean out the poster room. I ended up taking about 300 of them home. Yes, it was the exploding Gremlin in the microwave and the ripping out of the heart in "Temple of Doom" that brought about PG 13. Ooops, time to eat!
Chris Woods [18-09-2009 15:09] 
Yay! Lisa! Congrats!
Gizmo [18-09-2009 14:46] 
Just an observation about the message board, but perhaps I am wrong.
I don't know if I will make Brienza's meeting. I haven't made one yet, and I've been busy. I do know that everyone should support the TFN, though.
The call me the Breeze (lee) [18-09-2009 13:28] 
Lisa congratulations, you have not only kicked cancer directly in the gonads...you've kicked it's evil ass! You're a hero to humankind, including the thousands of cancer victims at the moment and there's thousands of those! My Uncle Chuck up in Brantley County, Georgia succumbed to cancer on the 6th of September. It didn't help that he was a hardcore alcoholic and a smoker. But, he did play a mean guitar. His rendition of Ol' Shep would leave you with a tear in your eye.
It's time for you to grab that glass of root beer, sit down at your computer and write a book that will give hope to cancer victims and their families around the planet. I'll toss one back for you here, except it won't be a root beer, because sadly, there is none in NZ. Perhaps orange juice will suffice.
Side note: Did I ever tell ya that I used to work at the A&W Drive-in in Homestead, FL? Best root beer EVER!
Terence [18-09-2009 13:18] 
Root Beer!! im gonna hold ya to that at Nina O's!
Nolan [18-09-2009 11:17] 
Lisa, from the bottom of my heart, congratulations!
Bionic Woman Lisa [18-09-2009 10:52] 
And now for something completely different (and completely off topic and totally unrelated to pop culture and outrageously self-promotional):

Today is the one-year anniversary of my receiving good news from my doctor that my cancer treatment worked and that there was no evidence of disease. Yay me!!

A round of root beer for everyone, on me!!
Simon Lynx [18-09-2009 07:28] 
Has anyone in our family been to San Fran, Cali? If so do you recommend any places Is hould visit?
Steve [17-09-2009 20:34] 
Great Obits this week, Mike!
I'd forgotten about Swayze being in M*A*S*H until you mentioned it. I loved every episode...even the one most people found boring, where almost every word was spoken by Hawkeye when he was stuck someplace and talking to himself the entire time. Just call me a M*A*S*H-aholic!

I laughed out loud at the "KW" zinger at the end of 'Mike's Rant', too!
Steve (the sequel) [17-09-2009 20:09] 
pretty stupid for falling for these damn diversions time and again.

Earl Pitts said it best: "WAKE UP, AMERICA"
Steve [17-09-2009 20:07] 
From 'State of the Nation': "NBC's Matt Lauer suggested. "We talk about political divides, ideological differences that sometimes turn ugly. … Why can't we say this is what this is about right now? Why does race have to be made part of it?

Brandon, I'm with you 100% on that. Racism does read it's ugly head too often in these enlightened times. It angers people today, more than most anything else. What we also have is blatant racism from certain blacks like Kanye West who is so angry about being black that he interrupts award shows (twice now) after a white person has won and vented his anger there. One of the issues with racism or any 'scandal' is that it pops up when we least need it. It's a diversion from what we NEED to be discussing. I've seen this happen time and again, and I'm sick of it. Scenario: Just as we're digging in our heels as citizens regarding a particular issue, something happens to divert our attention from it. Of course people en masse can be
Major Major [17-09-2009 19:34] 
Fun-Lan had speakers until a few years ago. I know that Ruskin still uses them.
Nolan [17-09-2009 15:46] 
Puff, re: Fetters: I've acknowledged his contributions before, but not nearly enough. I agree with you that his column is excellent and he hasn't missed one since the day he started (always a good sign). Plus, it looks like he's ready to work on some into indie films with us (another good sign). I'm all for it.

The rest of the cast and crew of PCR has never met him, however, and that seems to impede their feedback, so we need to get Jason into the group meetings. (One coming soon, Jason , I'll let you know.)

Covering Japanese/Asian cinema has rarely been done here (only Peter Card attempted it before). I'm learning a lot from Jason's columns.

To Petrey, re: "Gizmo": I guess it's because they want a presence here, but don't have anything useful to say.

To "Gizmo": The message board is fine, so, I don't know what you're talking about. Going to Brienza's meeting next Friday?
Petrey [17-09-2009 15:30] 
Why do people who say unnecessary things remain anonymous?
Jason Fetters [17-09-2009 15:26]  
Thank you Puff Chrissy
Gizmo [17-09-2009 15:14] 
Nole, when are you shutting down the message board? Not looking to healthy now, is it?
ED [17-09-2009 14:09] 
Glad you liked it Steve. I got several of the old drive-in speakers when the one two miles from where I grew up, the Ocala Drive-In, converted to radio sound. They could be adapted to work on home stereo equipment, contrary to what the public service messages they used to play about not stealing the speakers said.
Steve [17-09-2009 13:54] 
When I went we had those old speakers that you'd hand onto your partially rolled down car window...with the wire going from the speaker to a pole from which you would hang the speaker after watching a film. I had a couple of speakers in the trunk of one of my cars for a few years and finally gave them away. When drive-in theaters changed to a radio signal, it felt to me as if I'd arrived in the future. How cool was that!

I spent many a weekend in Lauderdale during the late 70s. My regular bar was a discotheque called, "The Brasserie".
Steve Beasley [17-09-2009 13:46] 
Hey ED! Great piece on the Thunderbird Drive-in!

When I was in the Air Force from 76-79, the Thunderbird was a favorite haunt of mine. My most memorable experience was watching, "Up in Smoke"! I'd have been about 20 or 21 at the time.
Of course there weren't 14 screens back then, but more like 7...if memory serves.

Thanks for the memories.
ED [17-09-2009 09:07] 
Thanks boss! It took three trips there at different times of the day to get the photos I wanted but I was pleased as well. The Thunderbird is an absolute must visit just to see what a 14 screen drive-in looks like.
Mistaken Puff Chrissy [17-09-2009 08:50] 
And I apologize for getting the name wrong. It's Fetters. My bad.
Puff Chrissy [17-09-2009 08:50] 
I think Jason Fetter should be acknowledged for his contributions to the site. Between all the political and ego driven nonsense that's been flaring up here, I believe no one has really taken the time to point out that Fetter has been delivering timely good work every week.
Nolan [17-09-2009 08:42] 
ED: Nice job on the Thunderbird Drive-In story, and really nice job on the pics! Well done, daddy-o.
Brandon [17-09-2009 06:47] 
“Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten" - Buddha

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one" - Benjamin Franklin

"Nowhere in your incoherent rambling did you come close to what can be considered a rational thought. Everyone is now dumber having heard it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.” -- Unknown

Life goes on.
Simon Lynx [17-09-2009 06:45] 
Going to California for a week. See you guys when I get back.
Gizmo [17-09-2009 06:19] 
Nole, one thing is certain. Your web site is a dependable source of entertainment.
Petrey [16-09-2009 21:53] 
If memory serves, TEMPLE and GREMLINS both pushed the limits to help create the rating.
Terence [16-09-2009 21:02] 
i thought Temple of Doom was the first? or was Temple of Doom just the cause of it?
Petrey [16-09-2009 20:59] 
And I remember that poster being in the storage room at the Britton Mike. I looked at it and thought wow! Here is a poster of the first PG-13 rated movie, even though I've heard rumors that FLAMINGO KID was actually first but I always thought it was Red Dawn because when the poster hit the newspaper I was wondering what the heck kind of rating is this because I'd never heard of that one. AND it's plagued us ever since, ha ha!
Michael [16-09-2009 20:47] 
Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes.

Steve, this week's trivia: "Red Dawn" was the first film to be released with a PG 13 rating! Well, got to get the Rant started before someone else passes away.
STEVE [16-09-2009 20:37] 

http://www.popeater.com/2009/09/16/henry- gibson-died/

Steve [16-09-2009 20:29] 

Chris Munger Sept 3, 26 yrs
Scott Gilbert, Sept 11, 48 yrs
John Miller, Sept 18, 26 yrs
John Hooper, Sept 27, 49 yrs

Petrey [16-09-2009 20:21] 
And between it all Steve, I say Happy Birthday to Mike Smith!
Steve [16-09-2009 19:46] 
I could never replace Brandon or anyone else at CFB. My writing (as you know) rambles and seldom stays on track. I kind of write in a stream-of-conciousness manner. Whatever my brain tells me goes onto the paper, er, umm...pixel. Usually when I read something that I wrote along time ago...I find I could have said this or that...in other words everything I write needs improvement.
Nolan [16-09-2009 19:27] 
Steve: Haha, are you trying to audition to replace Brandon on State of the Nation with all these posts of yours? 'Cuz you've damn near written a column! And I can tell you really wrote these this time, they sound just like you.

Re: "December 31, 1969". No. Your time-stamp is next to your name. The date at the very bottom of Readers Comments is a default produced by this program to go first --- for no particular reason, it's always been there, you just never noticed it before.
Me [16-09-2009 14:34] 
Original story here:

http://www.eons.com/groups/topic/1838938- THE-NAKED-BIKER?page=1

That's where the "wrinkly" bit came in.
Steve (again) [16-09-2009 14:32] 
Florida is definitely the home of the strange and unusual.

http://www.ocala.com/article/20090916/ articles/909161000&tc=yahoo

I'm all for the naked bit, Florida gets pretty hot! It's the drinking while riding the motorcycle that worries me. And although Im fine with the thought of riding naked, shifting must be a pain! At the very least, I'd wear my boots!
As for being old and wrinkly, that shouldn't stop anyone from riding nude because it's nature at its best and because you've earned every single one of those damn wrinkles! If I were paid a dollar for every wrinkle, I could retire much earlier!

I do hope his sweaty ass cheeks didn't cause him to 'stick' to the seat..err, use a towel next time, dude!
Steve Beasley [16-09-2009 13:40] 

If I've somehow gone back in time, I should be writing about Woodstock or the invention of the internet (then known as ARPANET) or the big concert at the Altamont Speedway or the My Lai massacre or Apollo 12's mission successful splashdown. Remember splashdowns? They were so cool! I believe the shuttle itself made NASA missions boring for two reasons, namely:
1. They stopped going to the moon.
2. The spacecraft appeared to be nothing much more than a bulky delta winged aircraft that had the ability to achieve low earth orbit...rather than high earth orbit or even LUNAR ORBIT! It's as if they (NASA) simply gave up, after beating the Ruskies to the moon.
Steve [16-09-2009 13:26] 
cont'd from below...

...who has the time to read and digest as much as what's needed? I will miss Brandon's diatribes. They serve to make one think, regardless of the end result of that process.

Okay, that's all I had to say, sorry to take up two spaces, y'all.
Steve [16-09-2009 13:23] 
That's a shame Brandon's political rants are going the way of the dinosaur. He and I had many a discussion on the message board and although we are dissimilar in our disparate political ideologies, I'm sure all of us at CFB want a happy and successful America. It's difficult today to know what is truly going on in the political world. There is just too much information out there today. Wait, nix that! Actually the problem is that there is so much spin on a national level from talk radio, the news channels talking heads and even from the actual politicians. It isn't that this wasn't the case before we had home computers and 24hr cable news, but that there are now so many sources and the fact that it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'm very thankful for home computers, even more so that cable TV, but information overload seems to confuse even the best of us, at times. I try and get a balanced opinion by reading as many sides of an issue as possible, but who ha
ED [16-09-2009 13:06] 
Sorry, just saw the note when I re-read your article. I may have ignored that sentence originally in my wishfull thinking or the race to be second. I am sad to see Splash Page was a casualty as well.
ED [16-09-2009 13:04] 
Nolan, just out of curiosity, did anyone have five months in the office pool? Also, is Splash Page gone too?

Steve Beasley [16-09-2009 12:55]  
My favorite Swayze movie was Red Dawn, the one where a small town is attacked by Russians, which was made a few years prior to the end of the Cold War.

[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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