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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 499  (Vol. 10, No. 42). This edition is for the week of October 12--18, 2009.

"Where the Wild Things Are"
Spooky Empire 2009
The Night of the Living Dead Experience
FANGRRL Goes To Spooky Empire 2009
Nfl Unbeatens .... Goodbye, Lou! .... Tyson On Oprah? .... Roger Goodell On Limbaugh .... .... .... .... f
I Hope I'm Sick This Day .... You Mean He's Still Alive? .... You Mean They're Not Still Alive? .... Speaking Of Drive Ins .... It Was 40 Years Ago Today (give Or Take) .... They Write The Songs .... I (heart) New York .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...

Dark Tidings
Shaping Up
Dark Tidings
Halloween Bidness
PCR 500!
Readers' Comments


In an otherwise slow news week for yours truly, I'm glad to see the rest of the of the world -- or this area at least -- getting ready for Halloween. We've got some super articles on PCR this week (thanks, gang).

Ye Olde Editor-in-Webmonkey is finishing and finessing the PCR Content Management upgrades that will carry us through 2010. It is a mighty big undertaking and taking more time than I thought (as usual). Theoretically, it should be working more efficiently when everything's done. I was hoping to have it done by PCR #500 (next week), and that still may happen, but it's likelier to hit #501.


I'm a little behind today as my work schedule this week mirrors last week's snafu -- and may continue into next week as various shake-ups at work labor to settle down. But I'll do the best I can to keep up.

An approaching cold front due this weekend will finally break the record heat wave we Floridians have had to bear this year as Fall is taking longer to...er...fell...than usual. That concludes my weather report. Anybody know when we turn the clocks back? It used to be Halloween weekend, but Dubya changed that, and I think it's sooner now.

At this writing (10-14-2009, 11:00am) Chris Woods' Growing Up Fanboy has made it into the compound already, and it's a doozy: a personal retropsective on the seminal zombie film Night of the Living Dead. Do check it out!

Several of the stalwart staff of PCR made it out to the big Spooky Empire Weekend horror convention in Orlando last weekend, and I'm looking forward to reading several eye-opening articles covering this event! They should be arriving over the next couple of days.

PCR staffer Terence Nuzum and I are filming Ter's newest horror film, as yet untitled. We were planning on having it ready by Halloween, but actor and location scheduling hassles have threatened that goal. It still may happen though. This is Terence's first project since 2006's Milk Crate Scars (still available on Radioactive Television) and it's always an inspiration to work with him.

PCR 500!
Believe it or not, next week we publish the five-hundredth issue of "Nolan's Pop Culture Review"! And hey, it only took ten years! I remain indebted to all the wonderful talented folks here who helped me build this online e-zine and web community. But I'll go into all that much more in next week's issue!

AND SO....
That's all I can squeeze in for this morning's update. Some other personal business has taken a time-sensitive priority, unfortunately, but I shall be back with more updates ASAP!

Readers' Comments

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ED [20-10-2009 05:45] 
Ter - it's a weird coincidence that you just reviewed The Prey. I had completely forgotten about this film until I was talking to some friends about a film called Alien Prey this past weekend and one of them confused it for this one. He remembered the tag line and all. I remember this one made the rounds on the movie channels back in the 80s. I turned it on one night at the scene where Uncle Fester was telling the back story of the burned gypsy kid and I was hooked. That was the formula of the day to get some borderline name actor like John Carradine, Aldo Ray, or, god forbid, George Kennedy and stick them in one of these pictures to add some class! Great review choice.
Puff Shelley [20-10-2009 02:09]  
I'd imagine that the owner would make some horrifying sandwiches, not take responsibility for them, eventually the sandwiches would educate themselves, and then kill the owner's wife.

It's a poor business plan if you ask me.
Petrey [20-10-2009 01:28] 
The Frankenstein Sandwich shop? That sounds so cool!
Jason Fetters [20-10-2009 00:28]  
Two things that remind me of Halloween are Frankenstein shaped chocolate cookies from the late 70's. I can't remember who made them. I haven't seen those cookies for sell since I was 8. The other thing is, when I was traveling somewhere in Florida with my parents, I saw a roadside diner called The Frankenstein Sandwich shop. All my attempts online to find out what happened to that shop are in vain. I'm not sure of the exact location either.
Petrey [19-10-2009 01:29] 
Looking forward to your article Ed! Just to let everyone know, I'm usually in the minority when it comes to liking or disliking a movie. I used to tell the kids at the theatre if you want a recommendation ask someone else. What always bugged me was when I did watch a movie, a co-worker would always ask "Did ya like it?" I was asked this so much I finally came up with a standard reply. IT"S A MOVIE :)
Nolan [18-10-2009 10:37] 
Steve: Re: AOL, no idea. It's working OK on this end and my email box wasn't full (my first suspicion), so chalk it up to a temporary server glitch. Sorry for the hassle.

Re: Chad Eidschun. Yes, I've heard of him, not sure where. Probably a TFR exhibition.
Nolan [18-10-2009 10:04] 
Don't know if anybody else saw this, but this morning (Sunday), FOX 13 News had a generous segment on the Guzzo Bros newest film. Considering local media virtually ignores indie films, this was amazing.
Michael [17-10-2009 22:26] 
Another great issue, everyone. Wow, 500 next week. I do feel old.

ED, glad you got to meet John Landis. I once ran into him at the Coca Cola store in NYC and he was very pleasant. Even told me the whole story behind "See you next Wednesday," which had been a burning question for years.
tricky ricky [17-10-2009 18:12] 
anyone go to halloweenie horror picture show?
Beaz [17-10-2009 18:07] 
Nole, what's up with your AOL email address. It was asking if you've heard of the Tampa filmmaker named, Chad Eidschun who it appears owns Atomic Films. Your email was kicked back, twice!

The name reminds me of Charles Eidson, remember him and his anti-Jewish Gestapo church on Kennedy Blvd. He even ran for mayor once. Wacky guy!

I was wondering if there might be a connection.
ED [17-10-2009 17:39] 
Petrey - I think you hit the nail on the head about drive-ins being the southern equivalent of the grindhouses and I had already intended to mention that point in next week's article. We had a low rent theater in town when I was growing up but they usually got the less desirable of the first run movies because we didn't have many screens. In the 80's and early 90's, I saw multiple films from the 70's run as second features at the drive-in and even one from 68 that kept breaking constantly. You never heard so many car horns in all your life!
Chris Woods [17-10-2009 17:34] 
Chris M. - That was cool you mentioned Capt. Lou in Sports Talk. He was a great part of the wrestling world and a great entertainer. I also remember him in some film roles like Body Slam and Wiseguys. He'll be missed.
Chris Woods [17-10-2009 17:30] 
I'll have to check out Trick R Treat sometime and judge for myself. When I saw the trailer it looked promising, but maybe it's like Petrey says about the trailer, bait and switch. Many times I'm disappointed in many new horror films (I'm not counting remakes, they just plane suck.) I'll have to see it.
Petrey [17-10-2009 17:03] 
I'm glad you enjoyed TRT Puff and like I said you either love it or hate it. You definitely hit the nail on the head by saying it ends when it seems to just be getting started. Did you see the deleted scenes on the BR? I seriously think 1 of those scenes should have been left in. God knows they had plenty of time to fill. But deleted scenes on discs, especially today seems to be more of a double dip in the ticket buyer's pocket than creative decisions to leave them out.
Petrey [17-10-2009 16:57] 
Ed - Thanks for the response regarding Grindhouse. It just seems odd that someone like myself had never even heard the term until I'm in to my 40's. Every teen and twentysomething pretty much throws the word around to identify any film from the 70's, ha!What's interesting is that the definition of Grindhouse isn't really all that different than the second run Drive-Ins film prints when I was a kid. Even films like KING KONG ' 76 was spliced and diced all to hell. Up in Smoke (CHEECH & CHONG) actually had minutes of scenes missing and then appeared at the tail end of the credits!! SMOKEY & THE BANDIT had been run so much that the drive-in print had deep green scratches almost covering up the left side of the screen as well as PATTON which had the entire opening speech completely covered with scratches making Scott invisible. But looking back I think PATTON was a victim of someone's agenda coming across on film by marking up that great opening. Looking forward to your article next
Puff R Chrissy [17-10-2009 16:07]  
I just finished TRICK R TREAT and loved the hell out of it. My only complaint that it was too short and it felt like it was just getting started when it was ending (and it was in a way). A great cast, some clever writing and a wonderful Halloween movie.

I don't know who the director pissed off at Warner Brothers, but I don't see any reason why this wasn't rolled out in cinemas.
ED [17-10-2009 07:17] 
Petrey, RE: The Grindhouse - I know I had heard the term back in the 80's and I would guess it was from the pages of Fangoria. I remember reading accounts of these seedy theaters that showed all these cool movies I had never had an opportunity to see. I think the term came from the fact that most of the film prints were so worn by the time they eneded up in these theaters that they looked like they had been through a meat grinder. There was a book about exploitation cinema published in 1996 called Grindhouse to the term definetly pre-dates Tarantino. I am glad all this discussion got started this week because my column next week is about a modern grindhouse of sorts.
Petrey [17-10-2009 03:45] 
I don't know why the last few letters of my comments have been getting cut off but I did switch to Firefox so I may be switching back. Regarding the Schlockorama remarks. Please don't think I'm pissing on your creativity and energy guys. I just after reading Chris's review looked at that list and said well if THE FOG doesn't stand out like a diamond in the rough! Everyone's a pro who Nolan has brought on board and it wouldn't be here 10 yrs. later without you because all of your determination for creativity, reviews and articles are gold! In my opinion you don't get enough recognition but I can guarantee every single one of you that you have entertained and informed millions of interested, silent lurkers!!
Petrey [17-10-2009 03:33] 
UMPS! I really do hope you enjoy it. I even watched it again after knowing why the certain lines were there but it still didn't do anything for me and won't be re-watched which is a rarity for me because I usually re-watch every thing to death. I don't think the musical score was worth anything either. The funny thing is that I'm usually really easy to please with Horror films given the right medication. Are you renting the BR or DVD? Like I said if you want to save money I have a burned copy of the film, deleted scenes, Behind the scenes and even the commentary. Yes, I carry films I don't care for because I am my families video connection. One thing I haven't done is watch the film with the Director's commentary. Maybe this will clue me in on what was missing and why. Maybe another reel or two could have made this a decent watch, like CREEPSHOW. I love anthology films, just not this one. The director has said he is tossing a sequel around. Hope it's better for me than this wa
Petrey [17-10-2009 03:17] 
Terence - I only said MBV 3D was passable in the gore and nudity area PLUS I admired seeing a real 3D feature instead of those pesky, clunky red/blue nightmare glasses someone created at a North Korean Hell plant decades ago. TRICK R TREAT had been in limbo for years. Warner released a theatrical trailer I linked to a while back. The tone of that trailer varies vastly from the film you will eventually see. The hype had been set in motion many moons ago. It was a mess for me because the film is tightly packed into 82min. I REALLY looked forward to this film but without spoiling anything I'm just going to have to re-iterate you will either like it or you won't. There isn't really any gray area. I can't believe how many people have compared this film to CREEPSHOW. Well, CREEPSHOW'S trailer adequately gives you the feel of the movie it represents. TRT's does not. There (2 me) was only 1 story that seemed to be going in the rite direction and ended up feeling like an episode of GOOSEB
Chris Woods [16-10-2009 22:35] 
Maybe the tag line on Schlock should be changed a bit to mention classic horror. I try mostly to review grindhouse and low budget drive-in horror, but sometimes if it's a cult classic and not a mainstream horror film like Elm St. or Friday the 13th I'll review. Sometimes I have second thoughts in reviewing certain ones because they were made by a big studio in the 70's or early 80's but I want to write about them. But I keep away from major big budget mainstream horror.
Terence [16-10-2009 20:41] 

Im not watching Trick R Treat until next weekend but it comes highly recommend from my friend Drew who I usually agree with. unless i got that wrong i think he said it was good. im surprised you said it was a mess. it better be really bad after you claiming My Bloody Valentine 3D was decent. without giving away plot points or spoilers if you can what was bad about it?
Petrey [16-10-2009 20:33] 
Also, for the people my age (45) or there about, did you ever hear the term Grindhouse before the Rod-Tino double feature? If you did I would really like to know when and where because I was a rabid movie goer in the 70's and never once heard it. Never in the 80's as well as the 90's. Is it something that was used in the 60's like Wiki said about "Grind'em out' run down theatres or did this term pop up over night in '07?!?! Our deal in Louisville in the 70's was the mafia theatre got the big films like JAWS and such while lower budget films like 'Race with the Devil' went straight to the Drive-In or smaller 4 plexes on the fringe. Their was also the theatre that played mostly Black films while all martial arts films were usually delegated to the Drive-Ins as well. Best part of the 70's was the DUSK TILL DAWN shows which had themes like Spaghetti westerns, kung fu, 007s all night. Then I moved down here to Tampa in 1979 and noticed Floyd Theatres only ran 2 features at thei
Petrey [16-10-2009 20:15] 
OH PLEASE put "Trick 'r Treat" in the schlockarama section where it belongs after you watch and review it Terence! I've never seen a film whose trailer was so intense and the movie turning out to be a 180 degree mess. Bait and switch. I only give it credit for the 'feel' of Halloween. That film is definitely 'love it or hate it' with no in-between! Also, if you are reviewing the DVD and not the Blu-Ray then you're in for a treat. Although the Blu-Ray has more features to try and pull people over to the format, the DVD has the option of WIDESCREEN or FULLSCREEN. Well, since it was filmed in Super 35 the FULLSCREEN version suffices because the WIDESCREEN process here is just matting the top and bottom with thick bars to create the illusion of Panavision, Scope. The sad thing is the Blu-Ray camp doesn't have this option. Why? Because if there was one they would see the WIDE being a rip-off on those great big LCD TVs and be pissed. BTW I have the BR xtras burned to DVD-R if you
Terence [16-10-2009 19:03] 
Lisa- as you know I dont moderate on this site much haha but yeah if you want to review something just ask. kinda like you would have to if it was a real magazine with an editor and assitant editor. when it comes to schlockarama run it by us. it cant be a free for all with people posting whatever they want. just ask me or chris or even john. we all usually agree with what belongs on there.
Terence [16-10-2009 19:00] 
John- its never been about era. your example is correct about The Fog remake. that is schlock. i have said to nolan that it should have a different title from day one. you know that you were there when i said it. but i dont feel we should be reviewing mainstream films from this country or any other. bottom line. but yes of course a film from asia or a new horror film can be current and be cult still. in fact as soon as I watch Trick R Treat im going to review it for schlockarama.
J.MILLER [16-10-2009 15:15] 
Tez -The point that I was trying to make was that the films should have a underground / cult feel to them...

Maybe Schlock shouldnt be the title because it doesnt really fit the films we are reviewing...When I think of Schlock I think of bad...Like Petrey said...the remake of The Fog is schlock...We are sticking moreso to genre films so maybe there is a title more deserving...

My other question would be...What about current films that are sort of obscure or have a cult following...For instance...Say I watch a martial arts film from Asia that nobody has heard about...Is that still eligable even though its current?..Seems like we place a emphasis on era above all else...

Lisa --- I dont think you will have that issue...Ive been reviewing films that dont fit since we started...if all else fails just ask before you write it
Schlock and Awe Lisa [16-10-2009 14:18] 
Part of the reason I've never written a Schlock review is because I struggle with the definition. I'm scared that I'll pick a movie that somehow doesn't fit the criteria and I'll get drawn and quartered over it.
Terence [16-10-2009 13:46] 
re Schlockarama:

on another note it's interesting to see how each of us have almost a particular style of movie we review. John seems to be grindhouse horror, King Fu, and blacksploitation. Chris seems to stick to slasher and 70s 80s cult horror. And I seem to stay with 1950s stuff. just a interesting observation.
Terence [16-10-2009 13:43] 
I asked Nolan time and time again about changing the tackiest movies line but he seems stuck on it. no pun intended. The Fog as great as it is shouldnt have been on their but Chris's review was excellent and it was already up so no need to take it down. Demon Seed is also towing the line since it is a big budget film with name actors but it was a bomb when it came out and has faded enough in time to be considered cult.

I agree mostly with your criteria john but it cant just be Horror or just King Fu or just Foreign they have to be cult and/or obscure and underground. for instance if any of you guys try to review A Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th its coming down.
J.MILLER [16-10-2009 13:25] 
Schlock is fine for the most part...The only thing that really needs be changed is the Tackiest Movies On Earth tagline...That may have been true for Wills incarnation of Schlock but the reviews Chris and I do are for movies we take very serious...We arent watching them to get laughs and make fun of them so calling them tacky is a bit of a disservice to readers...

The name Schlock Grindhouse is great...Its just maybe we can do more to let the reader know why we choose the films we do...My criteria for review is that films should be horror, sci-fi, kung fu, arthouse, exploitation, foreign and have somewhat of a cult status or be deserving of such...

Still Spooktacular Lisa [16-10-2009 13:17] 
ED -- You made some good points about checking the Spky Emp website frequently to see who's dropped out, and about some of the guests (like the wrestlers) having nothing to do with horror whatsoever. Looking forward to reading about Halloween Horror Nights next week.

I'm curious about your not mentioning Tippi Hedren. Did you get a chance to see her and get her autograph? Or did you already have it from a previous con and not have any interest in seeing her again this time around?

Chris W. -- Thanks for the feedback. And for having the good sense to ask HGL to join us for dinner! Looking forward to reading your write-up next week.

Nolan and Terence-- Thanks. Yep, my perspective is the country-mouse-in-the-big-city, goofy fangirl point of view. Glad you're ok with it, 'cause that's all I've got! As Popeye says, I am what I am. :) The movie project sounds interesting. Maybe next year we'll be watching it at the Freakshow Film Fest at Spooky Empire??
The Spooktacular Lisa [16-10-2009 13:03] 
Photos have finally been wrestled into submission and are now posted in my column.

Nolan, Terence, Chris and the rest of The Powers That Be -- I agree with Mr. Petrey about needing some sort of text/title/tag line tweaking in the Schlock review database.

Jason -- I heartily second the comments ED and Chris made about H.G. Lewis. If you ever get a chance to talk to him at a convention or event, go for it.

ED -- Oh, ED, you scoundrel you. Here I was, heartbroken, thinking I had been snubbed by not being invited to lunch ('cause you and Chris both have my cell phone number, and I had told you that I was going to Spky Emp a couple of months ago when we had dinner with Nolan). But now it seems that I wasn't shut out on purpose. Hmmmm. Ok, guess I'll let you out of the doghouse this time. :) :) Next year, though, definitely have your people call my people and we'll coordinate for sure.
J.MILLER [16-10-2009 12:18] 
Did Glenn Becks lawyers finally put a stop to State Of Insanity? I was looking forward to reading about the government and science trying to control us through swine flu vaccines...
Terence [16-10-2009 09:03] 
I think I have to see Cop Killers now. sounds great.
Nolan [16-10-2009 08:47] 
Whoa! Good week For Schlockarama: Grindhouse what with Chris Woods' reviews of The Fog and Demon Seed, and now the return of John Miller with Cop Killers !

Well done, gentlemen!
Nolan [16-10-2009 03:10] 
Steve, yes.
Steve [16-10-2009 02:20] 
Should events be listed on the MB instead?
Petrey [16-10-2009 01:28] 
Nolan and Chris > 10-4
Nolan [15-10-2009 22:30] 
Lisa: Excellent FANGRRL, as always. A very personal review, and a very different perspective on Spooky Empire. The HGLewis encounter at the restaurant is a classic, haha! That kind of thing doesn't happen every day!

I'm very proud of the trifecta of Retrorama, FANGRRL, and the upcoming Growing Up Fanboy articles providing such a thorough overview of the event from all different viewpoints. Collector, fan, filmmaker, everything. Should prove a one-stop shop for anyone searching for feedback!

To Robert E. Lee: I never saw it, so it was probably Terence. Please remember, Readers Comments is NOT for overt advertising, even for a Halloween-themed event. Commentary only, please.
Chris Woods [15-10-2009 20:59] 
Jason - Herschell is an awesome person. One of the kindest and smartest people I have ever met. He has been a hero for me for a long time and it is a thrill to work with him on a film.
Chris Woods [15-10-2009 20:49] 
Lisa - Awesome article on Spooky Empire. I liked how you wrote it, giving a play by play of each day. It was also great having dinner with H.G. Lewis. That was also a highlight of my life as well.
Robert E. Lee [15-10-2009 20:25] 
Hey, who deleted the post about the Jacksonville Grave Walking Tour?
Moe Green [15-10-2009 18:56] 
Just returned from seeing The Godfather on the big screen...
ED [15-10-2009 18:54] 
Lisa - gald you enjoyed the show and thanks for solving the mystery for me. I was wondering why I didn't see you but you were apparently asleep the whole time I was there. I didn't realize you were staying at the hotel. Too bad you couldn't join Chris and I for lunch (or breakfast for you). I regretted not being able to see the rough cut of the Uh Oh Show but I could barely walk on Sunday morning (Halloween Horror Nights column coming soon) and had to get back to Jacksonville. If we both make it next year we'll have to coordinate.
ED [15-10-2009 09:43] 
Ter - of course there were things I liked about the convention including meeting the celebrities that I did who were new like Russ Streiner, John Russo, and John Landis. I spent the money to meet those guests and to take the gamble that the dealer's might have had something worthwhile in it. I have purchased a few things there in the past. I think a significant portion of the people who go to these shows are repeat attendees so their should be a larger percentage of new guests. The types of shows I ran were for collectibles and considerably different from something like Spooky Empire. My review was written strictly from the perspective of an attendee, although granted one who has attended multiple years but I make that clear. If the 2010 guest list doesn't interest me, I most likely will not attend. Had it not been for John Landis and the last minute addition of the NOLD actors, I would not have gone this year and I told several people this in advance.
Terence [15-10-2009 09:29] 
Ed- im a little confused. did you like anything about the con? and if not why do you spend the money and time for something so crappy? i believe this isnt the first year I have heard your displeasure with the event. if I went and hated it I know I would never go again. im thinking Romero didnt show because of Russo. last I heard they hate each other. as for the guest list most people cant or dont make it out five years in a row Ed so of course you would have an issue with the same guests but its not realistic to expect the guest list to cater to repeat attendees. i mean cmon. does any of this negativity have to do with that you used to run conventions and you are viewing it as you would if you ran it? if so then your review wasnt a fan review anymore than Chris's will be and maybe thats why its so dissapointing to you. maybe a break will be in order. i mean how many times can you see the NOLD gang right? So itll be cool to see if Lisa's fan review matches with you and Chris's.
ED [15-10-2009 04:08] 
Chris - I am looking forward to your review next week (and needless to say loved the NOLD piece this week). You see Spooky Empire from the perspective of someone working it rather than attending it as a fan so it's nice to see that side. Regarding your Demon Seed review, maybe Schlockorama should be retitled It Came from the $3 Bin at Big Lots!
ED [15-10-2009 04:03] 
Jason - I have known Herschell Lewis for close to twenty years now and he is always great to talk to. He is actually one of the smartest people I have ever met and he is well versed in a wide variety of subjects as well as being considered one of the world's foremost authorities on direct advertising. Making movies was really just one stage of an incredible lifetime for him. If you ever have the opportunity to meet him, I recommend that you do.
Nolan [14-10-2009 23:36] 
To Mr. Petrey: Point taken. Chris, Terence, and I actually debated quite a while ago about whether to include films like The Fog in "Schlockarama" at all. I agree that, taken on its own merits, it is neither really schlock nor grindhouse, BUT it falls into that wonderful little niche of late '70s/early '80s lo-budget, classic horror films that wind up on similar lists for whatever reason. I told Chris whatever he and Terence decided to do was OK by me. Since 80% of all the "Schlock: Grindhouse" reviews are Chris's, I know how personally he takes it, so I have no objections.

However....Terence and I have also debated deleting or modifying the proprietary Schlock tag line "The tackiest movies on earth and the reviews to prove it" with something less demeaning, less we be misunderstood regarding films of higher caliber. The jury's still out on that one...
Jason Fetters [14-10-2009 21:14]  
ED - What was it like talking to Herschell Gordon Lewis? I have most of his movies on DVD. He is one of my all time favorite directors along with Fulci, Bava, Argento, Hitchcock, Romero, and Michele Soavi.
Chris Woods [14-10-2009 21:00] 
Steve - Thanks! I'm glad you like the NOTLD article. it's my favorite horror film of all time.
Chris Woods [14-10-2009 20:58] 
ED - Enjoy your article on Spooky Empire. It was great weekend as always. I had a good time and it was cool I got a chance to have lunch with you and Byron. I'll have my article on the convention next week.

Petrey - I'm glad you like the review of The Fog. It's a great horror ghost story and has a real eerie vibe to it. I know it doesn't really fit the schlock section, but sometimes i throw in a horror classic in that section that has sort of a schlock vibe. Kind of like my entry this week with Demon Seed.

Nolan - Are you doing something special with PCR next week for the 500th issue?

Also, that's sad news about Capt. Lou. He was great wrestler and one of the greatest wrestling managers.
Petrey [14-10-2009 17:14] 
Hey Nolan,
As much as I liked C. Wood's review of "THE FOG", shouldn't there be another category for your reviewers like HORROR CLASSICS or GRAVEYARD GREATS? "THE FOG", IMO is in no way Schlock. Just a suggestion. Yeah, yeah I know. the thought of adding another category and more web work probably wears you down as much as me but it may be needed if films of this caliber are going to be reviewed. Now the 2005 remake can easily be laid upon the logs of the burning Schlock fireplace, ha!
Rodney [14-10-2009 17:12] 
Fourth! Oh yeah!
Steve Beasley [14-10-2009 14:25] 
Great piece on NOTLD, Chris! It's certainly a classic and one of my favorite films as well!

By the way, I just might be back in Tampa before Xmas...to stay! All I need to sort out now is short term accommodation at this point, until I become employed and can grab a cheap apartment near a bus route until I get my own wheels.

It's a shame I can't be there for Halloween this year.
Simon Lynx [14-10-2009 11:29] 
R.I.P. Capt. Lou
Terence [14-10-2009 08:41] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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