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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 500  (Vol. 10, No. 43). This edition is for the week of October 19--25, 2009.

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PCR Number 500!

  • Soupy Sales, Dead at 83
  • On PCR #500, Addendum
  • On PCR #500
  • Would You Like to Riiiide in my Beautiful Ballooooon....
  • Obama Nixes Medical Marijuana Busts
  • Readers Comments


    One of my favorite, if short-lived shows of the mid-'60s was The Soupy Sales Show starring someone that, to me, combined the physical comedy of Jerry Lewis, the more slapstick antics of the Three Stooges (particularly pie-throwing), and a certain extra weirdness that's hard to quantify, but I'll call it a vaudevillan's "sneaky adult humor". "Sneaky" in that Sales' show was supposedly for kids, but I always got the feeling there was a wink at the adults in the audience for humor not comprehended by children. Kind of like I felt watching Beanie and Cecil, any Tex Avery cartoon, and later, Pee Wee Herman.

    Sales was born Milton Supman on Jan. 8, 1926, in Franklinton, N.C., where his was the only Jewish family in town. They later moved to West Virginia and Sales left for Ohio around 1950 to pursue a DJ gig and later host a children's show. After accruing quite a reputation, he moved to New York in 1964 to debut The Soupy Sales Show which ran for two years.

    He had great characters on his show like White Fang and Black Tooth, two dogs of opposite personalities. Through an open door on set, I could swear there was a suggestion of a naked female just off camera.

    Many skits devolved into pie-throwing. Over time, even Frank Sinatra and Tony Curtis stopped by the Sales set to have pies thrown at them.

    Soupy's most notorious antic was instructing kids watching his show to sneak into their parents' bedroom, find their wallets or a purse, remove the little green pieces of paper with the US presidents' pictures on them and mail them to him! That got him suspended from broadcasting for a week and made headlines.

    I also remember fondly his participation on the What's My Line game show, the refurbished version that ran from 1968 to 1975, hosted by Larry Blyden. Soupy sat on a panel with three other celebrities (I believe Arlene Francis was the only regular besides Sales). During the show, the panel would try to guess a guest contestant's occupation by asking a series of questions. If they were stumped, the contestant won a prize.

    Soupy Sales was a rare talent from the golden days of television and will be sorely missed.


    I my zeal Wednesday to crow about my technical achievements on PCR, I kinda neglected to mention why I chose to cover fan-based media on CrazedFanboy.com and make Nolan's Pop Culture Review my flagship publication.

    Simply put, it was something I'd wanted to do since a few of us started publishing paper 'zines in the '70s and '80s, that is, create a publication for appreciation of genre-based media, but we now lacked the funds to tackle the overhead. Bills and mortgages can suck the hell out of your screwing-around money.

    After the technical epiphany I expressed in the aforementioned story, I got an AOL account that came with free web space and an online web-building tool called "Easy Designer". My first baby steps came to fruition in mid-February 2000 with my first "The World of Nolan, Friends and Family Homepage". (Believe it or not, that still existed in some form or another until October '08, when AOL discontinued Hometown, their webhosting program and online community.) In any event, one month later I started Nolan's Newsstand, which after a few issues became Nolan's Pop Culture Review, or "PCR" for short.

    OK, now I'm caught up!

    ON PCR #500

    So the legend goes, short version: Nearly ten years and five-hundred issues ago, artist, musician, occasional videomaker, and aspiring writer, Nolan B. Canova, discovered the internet. Or more specifically, discovered the computer and then the internet. Not that he had never heard of such things before, it's just that they didn't seem all that useful to him. The computer seemed mostly used to play video games, he observed, and the internet was growing as a secondary business card for the dot-com revolution. All well and good as far as that goes, but what can it do for me, he thought? Hell, he could play video games at the arcade for a quarter. At 44 years of age, this all seemed such a frightful waste of time.

    His long-time friend, good ol' boy Steve Beasley, a Tampa resident at the time, had been noodling on computers for almost ten years, mostly playing video games and surfing online search sites. Thought computers were the sh*t. Nolan remained unmoved. Other friends had procured WebTV. Slightly more colorful, interesting, but still....feh.

    That is, until that fateful day in late 1999 when Steve's brother Adam "hired" Steve to house-sit his place while he was away on business for a couple weeks. Nolan was invited to fool around on Adam's computer as often as he wished until he got back. Nolan gleeful discovery of the internet evolved into an epiphany of sorts over those two weeks. We'll call that "phase one".

    Having exhausted every URL and search term he'd memorized from TV, radio, magazines and the like during those two weeks, Nolan began to question how these web pages were built and made available. No one knew. Steve, with only a passing familiarity of such things, built Nolan a phony web page using Microsoft Word and said, "This is how a web page of yours might look." Nolan flipped and his epiphany was complete. We'll call this "phase two". But the hardest was yet to come.

    OK, enough of referring to myself in the third person. Kinda creepy.

    "Phase three" is still being played out on your computer screens right now. I had to learn the basics and grow from there. Crazed Fanboy and Nolan's Pop Culture Review is the result of a self-taught journey of discovery and renewed purpose. I did it the way I always do everything: the hard way. A couple friends who'd had some basic HTML experience (John Petrey, Julianne Draper) helped break the ice in the very beginning, then it was books and more books, online tutorials, and plain ol' experimentation. But it's been exquisitely satisfying.

    I usually save the "thank yous" for year-end issues, but this is a special case. As far as content, obviously, I didn't build this website's reputation alone over the years. Will Moriaty, Mike Smith, Matt Drinnneberg, ED Tucker, Andy Lalino, Chris Woods, Terence Nuzum, Drew Reiber, Lisa Scherer Ciurro, Brandon Jones, Vinnie Blesi, Chris Munger, Patty G. Henderson, Julianne Draper, Paul Guzzo and Jason Liquori are the most talented and influential writers I could've hoped to have on board to help build -- and steer -- this ongoing experiment. Newcomer Jason Fetters has added an international dimension. John Miller has helped with the reinvigorated Schlockarama. Of course, I have not forgotten those whose columns only lasted briefly but were all worthy additions to our volumes. Nor have I forgotten Message Board contributors. All content lives on in The Archives. Thank you, everyone.

    Next March, we celebrate ten full years of existence. I will likely go into a more exhaustive retrospective (the good, the bad, and the ugly) at that time. There is a party/gathering in the works. And then....on to issue #1,000 !


    You know, it's funny how during an otherwise slow news week, a simple, almost stupid story captures the public's imagination, the media runs with it, and before you know it, you have a sensation. Remember John and Lorena Bobbitt? The Runaway Bride? Now we have The Balloon Boy. Headlines for nearly a week now.

    Last Thursday, a panicky call to 911 from one Richard Heene (rhymes with "weenie") of Fort Collins, Colorado reported that his saucer-shaped helium balloon, purportedly developed for weather research, had escaped its back yard moorings with his 6-year-old son, Falcon, aboard. Calls went out to every government agency for help. Two local airports temporarily shut down for fear of interfering with the balloon and endangering the boy. Dozens of videos were taken of the balloon in transit. Finally, the "craft" set down several miles away and rescuers scrambled to find the boy.

    No one was aboard at all. The boy was later found to have been at home, hiding in the attic the whole time, supposedly fearing punishment for triggering the accidental launch. Now it looks like the entire thing was a hoax, staged by the parents in the hopes of stirring interest in a reality show with Roswell overtones.

    Richard and Mayumi Heene met in acting school and had already had experience with reality shows when they participated in ABC's Wife Swap some time ago. Looks like the attention, money and notoriety were addictive.

    Now huge fines and federal charges are being filed against the Heenes. Their publicity stunt was successful and we certainly know who they are now, but I doubt the price they'll pay will wind up being worth it.

    Favorite moment: during an interview on Larry King Live, fill-in host Wolf Blitzer talked with the Heenes. The Heenes asked their son why he had not come out from hiding when they called his name. "You guys said we did this for the show," the boy responded.

    Out of the mouths of babes. At least the Heenes taught their kids to be honest, even if the example they set was atrocious.


    In a refreshingly progressive move by the Administration, President Obama has instructed his Attorney General and Drug Czar NOT to prosecute any medical marijuana cases until further notice.

    IT'S ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME. I have long held in deep contempt how so many states could legalize medical marijuana only to have the Feds threaten prosecution regardless. States' rights haven't been sovereign since the Civil War, OK, but they've gotta mean something!

    Dubya was particularly vicious about legal pot users, but Clinton doesn't get off the hook, either. Janet Satan Reno was the first administration official I remember -- a Democrat under Clinton, no less -- to threaten prosecution and jail time for the sick and terminally-ill if legal pot was the only pain-reducing drug they could use that was effective.

    Under Obama's directive, the reefer must be prescribed legitimately, of course, and users must adhere to their particular state's laws governing its use.

    Touché, Barack!

    Readers' Comments

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    moonboy [27-10-2009 08:38] 
    drat! the moon rocket did not launch! they would havfe done it, too, if it hadn';t been for you meddling kids
    Steve Beasley [26-10-2009 16:34] 

    Norman Jay Levitt

    I forgot to add that his eloquent and witty, "Science: A Four Hundred Page Hissy-Fit", an awesome rebuttal to Patricia Fara's (British Historian of Science), "Science: A Four Thousand Year History" is a must read!
    Steve Beasley [26-10-2009 16:19] 
    Rest in Peace: Norman Jay Levitt, who died on Saturday, October 23, 2009, due to heart failure.

    A chronic contributor to Skeptic Magazine. Also the man who ripped British Sociologist Steve Fuller a new one at the Dover trial in which Fuller defended Intelligent Design Creationism as a legitimate science that deserves equal treatment with evolutionary theory.

    Without Levitt, Skeptic wouldn't have been anywhere near as fantastic as it is. Now...how will Skeptic fill his shoes?

    I, for one, nominate Nobel Laureate Runner-up Nolan B. Canova, CFB Professorius Emeritus!
    J.MILLER [26-10-2009 13:23] 
    tEZ - From what I can recall the film did not allude to the original Petie Wheatstraw...Though I'm sure the homage is intended with the highest respects...I think Moore based the charector off of that and folklore...Not sure though you'd probably know better then me
    Just Plain Lisa [26-10-2009 13:09] 
    Mike -- So sorry to hear about your dog.

    Chris W. -- Enjoyed your write up of Spooky Empire.

    Will -- Congrats on the house. Now you'll have no "excuse" for not writing PCR columns, you know. :)

    Happy belated birthday to Paul and Corey and the other CFB peeps with b-days this month.
    Dressing Up For Halloween As Lisa [26-10-2009 10:37] 
    Chris W., Terence and Petrey -- Appreciate the feedback.

    Nolan -- Congrats on hitting 500!! What a great accomplishment!
    Terence [26-10-2009 09:04] 
    Petey Wheatstraw the Devils Son In Law is an interesting title. Original a 1920s blues singer William Bunch's alias: Peetie Wheatstraw, The Devil's Son-in-Law. did the film mention this or allude to this? just curious.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petey_W heatstraw

    ED [25-10-2009 12:58] 
    I saw a 35MM print of Night of the Living Dead project about two years ago and it looked very good. There was a little bit of surface damage here and there but overall it looked very nice. I personally own a very nice condition 16MM print and even an 8MM feature print.
    Petrey [25-10-2009 10:50] 
    When I was coming back from BAYWALK friday night I saw the usual sign "Stop here on red". If anyone would like a new horror title how would "Stop here on Dead" sound? It hasn't been used.
    Petrey [25-10-2009 10:48] 
    Lisa - enjoyed your article on these talented ladies :)

    Chris - You're welcome. PA suffers from little scares spread out into 98 min. and no brains where the couple is concerned. You're 100% correct on a retro weekend series!

    Every one who has witnessed my DVD shows know I'm all for DVD/Blu-Ray/HDD on the big screen, if it's done right. The only reason I asked about GHOST & MR. CHICKEN is I would have been interested in seeing a 35mm scope on the big screen memory from the past. Plus to see the sharpness of an actual Universal Studios print that I know has made it's way around the theatrical circuit in the past few years.

    Terence - You're probably right about the NOTLD DVD. Even though the film was in limbo in regards to the rights, I doubt new (meaning 90's on) 35MM prints have been struck. Image may have bought the rights to this, can anyone confirm?

    Miller -Your description of BUFFY in the end also matches the ROSEANNE TV show when it wrapped up, ha!
    Chris Woods [24-10-2009 18:25] 
    Wow, Schlockarama is hot! Another new review. I think there were almost 10 new reviews in one week. Awesome! I better catch up. LOL!
    Simon Lynx [24-10-2009 17:33] 
    Good thing Swayze is dead, he won't have to see the abortion.
    Simon Lynx [24-10-2009 17:32] 
    The madness continues. They are remaking RED DAWN for 2010
    And everyone wonders why I complain......
    Chris Woods [24-10-2009 10:16] 
    Terence - Liked your review on Trick R Treat. Sounds like a cool scary Halloween film. It's good to see that there's a good horror coming up these days. Can't wait to see it.
    Chris Woods [24-10-2009 08:48] 
    It would be cool if The Beach Theater did some type of grindhouse/retro night every week or month. It just really only does stuff for Halloween and they show mostly public domain films and it has Rocky Horror every week year round, but it would be nice if they showed more 70's and early 80's horror films on a regular basis.
    J.MILLER [24-10-2009 08:18] 
    Tez --- I know I should be slapped for asking this...But whats wrong with Buffy?..Id throw a temper tantrum everytime Id walk in the house and see my ex watching that garbage...Then one day she handed me a slice of pizza, told me to sit down and the rest was history...I been a fan from that day on...Its really not that bad when you give it a chance (yes I said that)...The only thing that was ever annoying was the underlying man hating theme and extreme lesbo tone it took before the end...
    Terence [24-10-2009 07:32] 
    re Fangrrl:

    Lisa glad to see the list is finally being continued. i cant say i disagree with Sarah Michelle Gellar being so high even though I despise Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the tv show not the movie) but Shawnee Smith is definetley way too high up on the list. I lker her but she hasnt done enough of lasting appeal to be that high.
    J.MILLER [24-10-2009 07:30] 
    Petrey - Pretty sure they also run their weekly Rocky Horror show on dvd as well...It looks really good though...I recommend checking out the Beach Theater atleast once if you see they are showing something you might like...Its a cool lil spot

    Would be a perfect spot for a night similar to the one featured in Ed's article this week...
    Terence [24-10-2009 07:26] 
    any 35mm print of Night of the Living Dead that Beach Theatre would get would be so scrathed up and full of pops and lines that it wouldnt even be worth watching. unless they are going to get new copies of 35mm films id think the dvds would be the better choice to run and watch in my opinion.
    Petrey [24-10-2009 06:08] 
    Thanks John, I'll skip it then. I ran GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN on the screen upstairs at the Britton which was the DVD. Just wanted to see if they may be showing 35MM prints.
    J.MILLER [24-10-2009 00:40] 
    Petrey - Last year they showed NOTLD and it was on dvd...Im assuming thats how they do most of their retro presentations...
    Petrey [23-10-2009 20:27] 
    Does any one know if the Beach theatre is playing 35MM prints or DVDs of their features this weekend?
    Chris Woods [23-10-2009 20:26] 
    Lisa - Good article on part 2 of your countdown. Michelle Bauer has always been a favorite of mine since I saw her in Hollywood Chainsaw Hooker.
    Petrey [23-10-2009 18:43] 
    I just returned from the Sunscreen showing of "Trick 'r Treat". I'll post what I thought in the 'At the Movies' area on the message board since I officially saw it there now.
    omar reloskinolia [23-10-2009 18:31] 
    petrey your the only one going to the suncreen halloween festival. who else is bothering to go.
    matthew [23-10-2009 17:43] 
    nolan, congrats on this amazing milestone.

    and thank you for all your hard work to keep it not just going forward, but fresh and original. week by week, year by year.

    i pray one day your talents get recognized in a grand scale.
    Steve Beasley [23-10-2009 15:33] 
    Soupy Sales dead?! Say it ain't so!
    Damn, I'm feelin' older everyday with stuff like this happening!

    I did a bit of research and found something on MSNBC's website that surprised me..."Sales is survived by his wife, Trudy, and two sons, Hunt and Tony, a pair of musicians who backed David Bowie in the band Tin Machine."

    Who'da thunk it?
    Jason Fetters [23-10-2009 15:32]  
    I'm kicking off my annual Halloween Vacation tonight. That means Universal's Halloween Horror, watching ton of horror movies, will try to catch Trick R Treat, going to supernatural/haunted locations in the Tampa Bay area, and will probably see Frankenstein meets the Wolfman and The Mummy double feature at the Tampa Theatre on Halloween Day.
    Chris Woods [23-10-2009 15:08] 
    Petrey - Thank you very much for the compliment about Spaventare. I appreciate that and Iím glad you think itís scarier than Paranormal Activity. Havenít seen that film yet but wondering if the trailers to it have been all hype like Blair Witch.
    Petrey [23-10-2009 12:09] 
    Thanks for clarifying! I plan on attending :)
    Terence [23-10-2009 12:01] 
    Petrey- my bad. i just saw Muvico and assumed Ybor for some bizarre reason.
    Petrey [23-10-2009 11:20] 
    Terence - maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot but I see this on the Suncreen website: Screening at Baywalk Muvico -
    the best and darkest Indie horror films on the circuit:
    7:00pm:Trick 'r Treat, starring
    Anna Paquin (most notably of X-MEN and HBO's True Blood).

    According to the site one show tonight at 7:00PM at the Baywalk Muvico in St. Pete? I'm not seeing Centro Ybor but I may be missing it.
    Help if you are on soon.
    Petrey [23-10-2009 09:26] 
    Terence - For them to pull up stakes immediately after he got into office is a shame. Even the little I know about Politics they should have still held their ground until he actually kept his word. People who went by what Bush promised and stuck to their parties idiot are no less guilty. Just proves how blind both sides are and in my opinion Democrats and Republicans out here in the real world are blind as hell with their pseudo knowledge of the mafia we call our government.

    Thanks for the heads up on the screening of TRT. I'll let people know!

    Concerning the paying royalties, from what I have read you do have to pay some kind of fee to run these theatrically, especially if you are charging people. The website I hang out at talks about paying fees to Swank. Some get prints directly from the studios and have to set up some kind of percentages and such so the answer would be yes, u do have to pay fees or u will be fined and then you run the risk of the owner not getting prints!
    Petrey [23-10-2009 09:03] 
    Terence - Have you had a chance to view TRT? I'm creating a YouTube channel that has the Blu-Ray deleted scenes that Warner didn't put on the DVD. BAD marketing. They should have just did what Disney does. Include the DVD with the Blu-Ray. Looks like they are going to screw over people with ORPHAN the same way. Oh well let us know what you thought of the film when you get the chance.
    Terence [23-10-2009 09:02] 

    p.s. Trick R Treat is playing at muvico Ybor as part of the local Sunscreen Film Festival.
    Terence [23-10-2009 08:59] 
    actually im watching Trick R Treat this weekend.
    Terence [23-10-2009 08:58] 
    Petrey- what about our question concerning does this kid at Pot Bellys or anyone doing this have to pay rights to play the films?

    also I dont agree about the anti-war protesters. they stopped because Obama promised to set in motion their removal. so whats to protest about? i dont get that.
    Petrey [23-10-2009 08:57] 
    Terence - Have you had a chance to view TRT? I'm creating a YouTube channel that has the Blu-Ray deleted scenes that Warner didn't put on the DVD. BAD marketing. They should have just did what Disney does. Include the DVD with the Blu-Ray. Looks like they are going to screw over people with ORPHAN the same way. Oh well let us know what you thought of the film when you get the chance.
    Terence [23-10-2009 08:57] 
    Tom Savini was one of the biggest jerks i have ever met.
    Petrey [23-10-2009 08:52] 
    summer which can be found at just about every landmark theatre across the country. I would post the website that the collectors buy, sell and loan their prints but I'm not sure if Nolan wants that on the fron page. If anyone wants it, they can PM me. Thanks again ED, great piece!

    Soupy Sales, wow I have a videotape of bloopers that shows him looking behind his set on TV while the audience is laughing he's looking at a topless woman someone threw in for a gag that he is laughing at but the audience sees nothing. Good stuff! I have a film called "Palmer's Pickup" with him from 10 years ago that is definitely an aquired taste, ha!

    Chris - May I be the one to say that your short film was scarier than the whole film Paranormal Activity!

    Brandon - It is interesting that when our new president got elected the crowds disappeared from the street corners yelling 'Bring the troops home'! That proves they were out for their parties agenda only. Pretty sad and quite revealing.

    Petrey [23-10-2009 08:39] 
    First off, WTG Nolan on the 500!

    Ed: This was a cool write-up on the Pot Belly. Leave it to a Kentucky boy to have the love for those 'Grindhouse' presentations the way a true second or third run feel should be. Half my childhood was at these ozoners. What most people don't know is that film changed in the early 90's to polyester so it is more durable. Honestly, you could hang a man with the 35mm films cranked out post '92. I ran trailer reels I had spliced together, about an hours worth and played it on the screen at the Britton. Once it got going it was ok but most of the trailers were from '88 to '90 so they become brittle and the platter systems are much harder on older prints than the reel to reel system. Most collectors, when loaning out a print will make it a condition to have their film played on a reel to reel projection set-up only! Tampa Theatre has it but I personally think they've went the pc route with their 'retro' package of films they play every CONTINUED
    ED [23-10-2009 07:31] 
    I guess Mr. Soup is doing the mouse in Heaven now. 83 is a pretty good run.
    Nolan [23-10-2009 07:07] 
    R.I.P., Soupy Sales, 83.
    ED [23-10-2009 05:27] 
    Jason - I have heard a lot of negative comments about Tom Savini from sources I consider credible. I have probably spoken to him personally at various events at least eight times and every time he was very nice to me. He always seemed talkative and not in a rush to move you along which is more than I can say for a lot of "celebrities". Everyone has their bad days though so maybe I have just been lucky.
    Varient Cover Puff Chrissy [23-10-2009 05:04]  
    Congratulations on hitting the 500 mark. You should consider renumbering to #1 to get more readers. Later you can return to #1000 after you get to #499 again. Also, do holographic covers.
    Jason Fetters [23-10-2009 02:57]  
    I got Tom Savini's autographed indirectly. A friend of mne, who directs horror films, met Tom on the set of Night of the Living Dead (1990) and he signed my copy of Grand Illusions. I have recenlty read posts about how bad he comes across at cons. I was wondering what its like to meet him.
    Joel D. Wynkoop [22-10-2009 22:41]  
    Nolan, Happy 500th, very cool in deed. Ed, Lisa and Chris, I really enjoyed reading the SPOOKY EMPIRE memories, very cool write ups from all of you. It was a BLAST!! It goes so fast doesn't it?
    Happy Young Man [22-10-2009 21:14] 
    Congrats Nolan!
    J.MILLER [22-10-2009 18:48] 
    Nolan - Congrats on the 500th issue! Its incredible how much local fan documentation is held within the archives of this site...If only we could get sponsorship from upscale urban condo developments, fancy restaurants and phone sex lines we would smash TBT and Creative Loafing!

    Steve [22-10-2009 18:24] 
    Will, what a nightmare you and Karen have had to deal with over the past couple of years. The '00s have not been very kind to you, that's for sure.

    I hope (and wish) the next decade will be the best yet for the both of you!
    Steve [22-10-2009 18:17] 
    Chris, I'm in New Zealand and anytime in the past eight years whenever I mention the Bucs, I get blank stares. When I wear one of my Buc shirts, they ask what the name of the team is? I have to tell them..."It's on the shirt right here...Buccaneers, see?" as I point it out. They have no concepty of America football and when I run across someone who has heard of American football, they want to call it, Gridiron".

    When they think football, they could be talking about rugby, or soccer...you never know...but generally it's rugby.
    Chris Woods [22-10-2009 15:59] 
    Nolan - Awesome review on Andy Warhol's Frankenstein. I first saw that on Night Flight on the USA Network in the late 80's along with Andy Warhol's Dracula. I got the DVD to both films and in Frankenstein, all the gore and sex scenes are intact. I believe you have the line right about the gall blabber, but I can double check it if you like.
    Chris Woods [22-10-2009 15:25] 
    Will - Glad to hear that your house will be ready soon. Sorry to hear you had to go through that whole ordeal with the different contractors.

    Jason - Glad you liked that article on The Encyclopedia of Horror. I'll have some more horror themed articles coming up.

    Happy Birthday Paul!
    Major Major [22-10-2009 14:09] 
    Nolan, congratulations on #500!

    Will, I've enjoyed your series on Bay Area architecture. I've read all of the articles lurking around in the archives. Roser Park...man, what a trip. I remember the evening I first wandered in there. I'd never driven on such winding roads...and hills, wow.

    My main hobby is going around and finding Bay Area "things," for a lack of a better word. You might be interested in my Pinellas County album on Flickr. There are some relevant gems, but there is also lots of modern retail banalities. My set is nowhere near finished. Whenever I leave, I always remember a dozen places that I missed.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/ferret111/ sets/72157620968356102/
    Simon Lynx [22-10-2009 06:26] 
    Nolan - Congrats on 500, Let me know when the party is and I'll be there. Even though I was not a writer here, I'm glad I contributed photos along the way and caused a little havoc on the boards too. All of the Fanboy/Fangirl community contributions make me feel as if I never left Tampa Bay. Thanks everyone.
    ......Go Yankees.......
    Steve Beasley [22-10-2009 01:40] 
    HAPPY 500, NCPCR!
    Jason Fetters [22-10-2009 00:24]  
    Thank Chris, I always liked your article on Encyclopedia of Horror.
    Michael [21-10-2009 21:44] 
    Oh, and R.I.P. to Dr. No himself, Joseph Wiseman.
    Michael [21-10-2009 21:20] 
    Happy 500 everyone! And, yes, I've been in every one of them. Who'd have thought my picking on M. Night Sham-a-lam-a-ding-dong would take me this far! ED, great piece, as usual. One of my first jobs as a young theatre manager was working the all night horror shows in downtown Baltimore. You haven't had fun until you've tried to manage a sold out theatre that seated 1200! Also, if I may say so, you're looking trim in your photo with the "Zombie" poster.

    A lot of the schlock horror film rights, as well as the rights to all of Ed Woods' films, are owned by a friend of mine here in Kansas City, Wade Williams. Anything that comes from a reputable film company probably runs $75-150 in rental, depending on title.
    Terence [21-10-2009 18:44] 
    wow 500 issues. i must agree with Ed it's impressive.harder to believe its been around for ten years! battered and bruised and still standing like the defiant anti-establishment local pop culture icon it has become.
    Chris Woods [21-10-2009 17:21] 
    ED - Great article about the Grindhouse theater. That's cool they have one up there. It would be cool if the Beach Theater would do that here more often then just around Halloween time. I'm wondering about the rights too. Don't know if they have to give some of the ticket sales to who ever owns the movie or just pay some fee to them.

    Terence and John - Great Schlock reviews. Always wanted to see Raiders of the Atlantis and The Prey. Criminally Insane sounds good too.

    Jason - Good write up on J-Horror. I never really got into the Japanese Horror, seen a few films but just didn't care for them. I always wanted to check out Audition though and heard good things about it. That's cool you mentioned Fulci and Argento, Italian horror is more my style.

    Nolan - I enjoyed the write up about the 500th issue and how Crazedfanboy came to be. Very cool.
    Emo [21-10-2009 16:52] 
    Who originally wrote Schlockarama?
    Gameboy [21-10-2009 16:48] 
    Video games 10 years ago at the arcade, if you could find them, cost 50 cents on average (Arcades had their last big generation in 1991 with Street Fighter 2, and declined after 1995).
    Today you can play most of those arcade games for free on an entry-level PC for free. Emulators are the way. Start with MAME. Just make sure that you legally own the rights to the ROMS.
    me too [21-10-2009 16:43] 
    hey, whats wrong with referring to yourself in the third person? its cool!
    Steve Beasley [21-10-2009 14:19] 
    Obama has some big balls to do what damn near all politicians would be (and have been) afraid to do. Abate marijuana laws. This should have been done decades ago! State's rights are important. That's what the "War of Northern Aggression" was all about. Each state should be able to decide, via referendum...to do whatever it wishes, period. Siblings belong to the same family unit, but they don't have to act 100% identical, for chrissakes!

    Three Cheers for Barack Obama!

    (Now, to work with NORML to achieve de-criminalization across the board on marijuana reform.)

    On another note: Why is it that America has a War Department, but not a Peace Department?
    Steve Beaz-ley [21-10-2009 14:05] 
    I just realized.

    I'll be there for the 10th Anniversary of Nolan's Pop Culture Review!

    That folks, is about as cool as it gets!
    ED [21-10-2009 14:05] 
    Congratulations boss, 500 issues is pretty darn impressive if you ask me.
    Beaz [21-10-2009 13:59] 
    Hey, thanks for the plug, Nole! I'm honored to be listed amongst the luminaries normally found on these pages!
    ED [21-10-2009 05:30] 
    Thanks John and Steve - I wondered about the rights issue myself. As far as where the prints come from, he buys some from collectors groups, trades some with other collectors, and I know at least one film they showed was rented from a film company. From what I can tell, you can buy 35MM prints of films for $150-$200. They actually seem cheaper than 16MM but it probably has to do with less people having access to show them.
    Chris Woods [20-10-2009 21:35] 
    Happy 500th issue! Wow! I see a ton of reviews on Schlock today. Must be a record for must reviews posted in 24hrs. I just posted mine for the week.
    Terence [20-10-2009 20:54] 
    John- maybe he is renting them or loaned out from collectors cus 35mm prints are like at least $100. if he's buying them he must be homeless when he isnt running films. or some rich kid.
    J.MILLER [20-10-2009 15:51] 
    ED - Great article...I guess a few things I am wondering is...How does this kid track down film reels?..Im assuming a uncut print of Zombie doesnt come cheap...Second...Does he need to have permission to show these films to the public?..We had a cult film night in St. Pete but they rarely showed anything edgy...mainly Big Lebowski or something...I always wondered the steps one needs to take in order to show any film they desire or is it as simple as just showing it?
    ebola_childred [20-10-2009 14:52] 
    SECOND! happy 500!
    Steve [20-10-2009 14:41] 
    ED! Great piece on the old Grindhouse flicks! I miss those days and when I get back home (and get 'situated', I want to open something similar. It's something I've thought about of for a loooong time and I believe it's time has come (again)!

    Thanks for the mammaries! ;)

    A 'dollar' cinema! Midnight showings of Russ Meyer classics, etc!

    [31-12-1969 16:00] 
    End of Comments    

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