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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 501  (Vol. 10, No. 44). This edition is for the week of October 26--November 1, 2009.

"Michael Jackson's This Is It"
The Cramps: 30 Years Of Rockin' Terror 1979-2009
Halloween Horror Nights 2009
Japan: Land of the Rising Spirits
Trick-or-Treating in 2009
After 2 Series, Freeman Starts .... Favre Returns To Lambeau .... Gay Culverhouse Talks To Congress .... Florida Tuskers Can Take ’em .... .... .... .... f
A Capitol Trip .... Get Well Soon .... Movie Notes .... Halloween Movie Notes .... Jolson's Coming? .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2
Happy Halloween!
Dr. Paul Bearer Tribute in Tampa Paper Mentions Crazed Fanboy
This Issue's La Floridiana
Vic Mizzy
Happy Halloween!
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
State of the Nation Discontinued
Zombie Greaser Invades 7-Eleven
Readers Comments


Mason Troupe, Nov. 4, 19 yrs
Joe Davison, Nov. 14, 34 yrs.
Harry Wise, Nov. 18, 75 yrs.
ED Tucker, Nov. 20, 43 yrs.
John Lewis, Nov. 21, 55 yrs.
David "The Rock" Nelson, Nov. 27, 53 yrs.
I'm always glad to see one of our horror idols spotlighted in the news media, especially our own Dr. Paul Bearer, who was the host of WTOG 44's Creature Feature for over 20 years.

In today's Tampa Tribune (Friday, October 30, 2009), Walt Belcher's column entitled The Memory of Dr. Paul Bearer is Still Alive is an excellent tribute to the late great horror host and contains the following reference: "The crazedfanboy.com site also has a tribute to Dr. Paul as well as a good interview with Bennick." I am VERY honored! Thank you, Walt!

Also mentioned are Horrorhostgraveyard.com and YouTube.com as resources for finding all things Dr. Paul Bearer.

Kudos to Walt Belcher for remembering the good Doctor. And, of course, for the honor of mentioning our humble efforts here at CrazedFanboy.com.

As of this writing, the Tampa Tribune's homepage features a link to our Creature Feature Database on the rotating headline banner with Bearer's picture on it. I expect that will only be visible today only.


If regular readers are wondering where this issue's La Floridiana column by William Moriaty went....well, it was removed by request citing privacy concerns.

You may recall Will had done an excellent job documenting a tour he took last May in a new La Floridiana column entitled "The Nils M. Schweizer Fellows-Modern Sarasota Tour: Part One" as part of his continuing series "The Fabulous Architecture of the Tampa Bay Region" of which this installment would've been Part 11. It contained detailed descriptions and lots of photos, which is normal for Will's always top-drawer approach to journalism.

The tour director immediately contacted Will and asked that his column be removed citing what was most likely a communication breakdown about what could and could not be published regarding the tour's information on private residences and their locations. Will felt awful and contacted me this morning. The column and all related data files have been deleted.

This is an extremely rare occurence and, of course, I apologize for any inconvenience this caused.


It was a glaring oversight on my part that I did not mark the passing of noted composer Vic Mizzy in last week's PCR. Thankfully, Mike Smith mentioned it in The Rant. I regret the error, especially considering Mr. Mizzy died at this time of year.

Vic Mizzy was the composer and vocalist for one of the most famous and infectious TV theme songs of all time, The Addams Family. Yes, he also sang it. As Mike noted, "The studio did not want to pay for studio singers to record it so he overdubbed himself three times to make it sound like a group was singing."

Mizzy died two Saturdays ago, October 18th at the age of 93 (Mike originally posted his age at 83, but that's since been corrected) of heart failure. He wrote other catchy theme songs (most notably Green Acres), but Mizzy is forever linked with the finger-snapping opening of The Addams Family. Said Mizzy, "That's why I live in Bel-Air! Two finger snaps."

He will be sorely missed.


Well, it's here. The day nearly all here at the Crazed Fanboy compound seem to live for...or die for...or become undead for...is upon us.

Ye Olde Editor-in-Webmonkey has enjoyed many Halloween junkets in the past. As a child, my earliest memory was being dressed as Zorro for neighborhood trick-or-treating. No idea why now, probably the coolest costume mom could find in my size. As an adult, and more fully-versed in make-up magic, I found myself as a zombie or a werewolf victim (mostly late '80s/early '90s), to a nondescript alien of some sort (Qualex Photo masquerade party, around 1994), to a "massive-headwound Harry" model (for Tampa's Guavaween, also about the mid-90s) to more recently, a vampire host (World of Nolan video, around 2004). There are pictures of all this somewhere that someday I'll locate again!

Being older now and, well, lazier, I no longer go to the unwieldly trouble of major make-up projects, contenting myself to observe and perhaps record how others celebrate this darkest of days. This year, I'll be working the graveyard shift dressed as a 7-Eleven clerk (horrors!), the same night as Guavaween (gulp!), which is the same night as the time-change to EST (YIKES!). Whoopee. But I will be bringing my camera!

When I read last week's Mike's Rant, I noted Mike Smith's mentioning an upcoming trip to Washington having to do with something about legislation. Curious, I wrote a personal email hoping to inspire an elaboration. Turns out Mike, at the behest of his co-workers, ran for president of his local union -- kind of on a lark -- and won!

So...as I write these words, our own Mr. Smith is at the nation's capital, personally involved in the legislative process. While he is expecting to meet a few high-level dignitaries, President Obama probably won't be one of them -- at least he doesn't think so at this time. But, of course, anything could happen, and I am very proud of Mike for his pro-active attitude. His more conservative opinions in past Rants will, I'm sure, be (coff, coff, ahem) overlooked by The Prez if he should happen to wander by!

Rather ironic that politics should leap forward for Michael the same week I have to make the following announcement...

This is a difficult subject for me, but I owe it to my readers to discuss it. Brandon Jones' State of the Nation column, which has been covering conservative politics since issue #475 (Spring of this year), is being officially discontinued effective this issue. If you're having a feeling of deja vu over this, please read on...

In early September of this year, a particularly nasty episode involving the Message Board resulted in Brandon quitting the column in issue #495 (where I go into a more elaborate explanation of PCR and politics if you're interested), only to return to PCR after I'd already made the announcement and after he'd started a new blog at Blogspot where he could continue unfettered. This was highly irregular and not just a little embarrassing, but I wasn't sure what else I could do except continue the column. Brandon's feelings about this episode were spelled out in SOTN, PCR #495, "Renewed Strength".

To say Brandon's column was controversial would be an understatement in the least. But I felt he brought up issues that needed to be addressed and discussed, much like his like-themed subjects were on the Message Board. But it didn't turn out that way and I received unceasing negative feedback from nearly everybody about its inclusion in these pages. Nevertheless, I encouraged Brandon to press on as I felt politics was an integral part of pop culture.

Political topics are no stranger to PCR as Matt Drinnenberg, Mike Smith, and yours truly have all contributed our opinions on the state of the nation at one time or another. But Brandon's column was the first attempt of mine in many years to include a column that was entirely political. Co-editor Terence Nuzum vehemently disagreed that politics had any place in PCR and this remained our most bitter ongoing dispute. In fact, I received little-to-no support from anybody about it, but went ahead anyway.

However, two more months of combative publishing wore Ye Olde Editor down and I had to do some serious soul-searching. After giving it considerable thought, I decided perhaps I was wrong after all, and a political column is just not what our readers are coming here for. I spoke to Brandon Monday morning and gave him the news. We parted very amicably, we're still friends, and I left the door permanently open for Splash Page (his vetted pop culture column that returned in issue #481). As of this writing, however, he has no immediate plans for anything PCR-related.

For those who would like to continue to follow Brandon Jones' political musings, you're welcome to visit his blog at Brandon7221.blogspot.com.

So there I was, innocently ringing up sales at work last Saturday night, when I noticed a commotion outside. Handing the reigns of command over to my partner, Danny, I went outside to investigate.

At first I couldn't make out anything except the foul stench of rotting flesh which was over-powering and seemed to be emanating from some shadows. A low moan and the shuffling sounds of a zombie were heard as this thing stumbled out from the darkness.

I was being attacked by an undead '50s punk-greaser zombie!

Being educated on zombie defense from watching countless schlock films, I was ready to decaptitate the villain should he get too close. As it happened, the flash from my camera was all it took to disorient the fiend and send his photo-shy, tattered self scrambling back to the shadows from whence he came.

By now, most of you will recognize the villain in the pictures as our own Terence Nuzum, who had stopped by on the way back from the Halloween party at The Castle in Ybor City. I'm sure a quick shower took care of the over-powering stench! (Click on images to enlarge. A new browser window will open.)

Readers' Comments

The Readers Comments section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
Nolan [03-11-2009 08:15] 
ED: You are correct. I had to double-check because I'd forgotten that Cronkite died in July at 92. I have removed his name from the birthday roster. That makes two I had to remove from November's list, the other being the late, great Forrest J Ackerman.
ED [03-11-2009 06:54] 
Didn't Walter Cronkite die earlier this year? I don't think he will be celebrating his birthday this month!
unblinking eyes [03-11-2009 00:57] 
as the curtain drops, the people find themselves in the dark. In that darkness, that void in which one cannot see, they struggle to catch a glimpse of the light. they remain in ignorance, in the shadows of what is coming, as they cannot see.
iron [02-11-2009 17:55] 
ah ha!
Brandon [02-11-2009 15:47] 
Hey Beaz, thanks. YES! Replied via FB.
Sleepy Smurf [01-11-2009 20:12] 
(Yawn) Time to wake up!
Beasley [01-11-2009 17:22] 
Georges Melies, magician cum horror film director?

As it turns out, the first horror film director!

I knew about his film, "Voyage to the Moon", but I had no idea he was so prolific a film-maker and apparently had a fetish for satanic-ish films, ala 'Mephistopheles'.
Beaz [01-11-2009 16:19]  
...or you can get it from Nolan B...
Beasley [01-11-2009 16:16] 
Listed here because I don't have Brandon's email address.

Brandon, do you still want access to Google Wave?

If so, let me know and I'll get you in. It takes a couple of weeks once I request it for you...but you're welcomed to it.
Terence [01-11-2009 09:25] 
the only version worthing owning is the dvd that ELITE put out in 2002 called Night of the Living Dead Millenium Edition. that is the best print and restoration to date.
Chris Woods [01-11-2009 08:49] 
I was watching NOTLD last night, even though I seen it millions of times and own 3 copies of the movie on DVD I still never get tired of it and it's my favorite horror film and also a Halloween tradition for me.

Dimension Extreme put out the recent DVD of the film, I think they were just playing it from that. They don't own it or anything like that, because it's public domain. Anyone can re-release the film I believe.
J.MILLER [01-11-2009 05:21] 
Petrey -- I caught the first showing...Didnt know it was released by Dimension Extreme...Who buys a re-release of a public domain film?
Petrey [31-10-2009 23:54] 
I agree that NOTLD was a great film but does AMC have to run multiple showings all night?
Petrey [31-10-2009 19:26] 
That makes sense Chris.
Puff Chrissy [31-10-2009 15:08] 
Thanks for mentioning the book, Lisa. I'm thrilled you're enjoying it so far. Happy Halloween!
Chris Woods [31-10-2009 14:30] 
It seems a lot of best of list from today and especially ones made by major magazines, web sites, or TV programs have to always lump in more up-to-date films that don't deserve to be on there, but put them because they want to be hip or something and connect with the young crowd of today. I only like best of lists from true fans.
Petrey [31-10-2009 13:45] 
I don't understand people using bogus names to state an opinion. If you're not man/woman enough to post your real name then stay away. I also think bogus IDs/names postings should be removed as they are not valid.
Michael [31-10-2009 13:34] 
Glad everyone enjoyed debating the best/worst lists. That is one reason I like to run them, everyone has their opinion. I didn't list the year for "2000 Maniacs" since it was the only one. I neglected to run films #16-25 on the worse list, but am correcting that now so they should be on the Rant in a few minutes. I had them listed but on a seperate sheet of paper.

Chris, I feel positive for the Bucs. Josh Freeman is a local boy from the KC area and actually turned down Nebraska on signing day to play for K-State. And as for the QBs you noted, Steve Young is in the Hall of Fame, Testeverde is borderline (though I never liked the guy after his first year of 600 interceptions and then using the excuse he was color blind), Doug Williams led us to the NFC Championship Game and won a Super Bowl with the Redskins and Dilfer also won a Super Bowl, albeit with the Ravens. Not their fault the Bucs couldn't put a team around them. They certainly had the talent.
Petrey [31-10-2009 13:28] 
Best/Worst lists are worthless especially today. In the 70's I would go to the theatre and watch the new movies and come home and watch Bogart, Crawford, Cushing and all the others on the late show. I don't remember people trashing older movies as much. Seems like there is a huge lack of class in today's society.
Chris Woods [31-10-2009 13:14] 
Just went to Moviefone's web site and it is the original 2000 Maniacs, because it list the year, 1964. I'm surprised it's on there. Moviefone didn't even get the info right. They say it takes place in a Georgia town, where the movie was filmed in St. Cloud, FL. I think 2001 Maniacs took place in Georgia.

The site also shows the rest of the list (25 movie in all). Most of the movies on the list are the worst horror films ever made. (I'm glad they put Rob Zombie's Halloween as #1, because that sucked.) There’s just three, along with 2000 Maniacs I would of taken off which were The Devil's Rain and I Spit on Your Grave, which appear later in the countdown.
J.MILLER [31-10-2009 12:53] 
Chris --- I was wondering the same thing about 2000 Maniacs...It isnt my favorite horror film but it damn sure isnt deserving of the worst...Im guessing it is a typ0 and they are reffering to the remake 2001 Maniacs which was one of the stupidest movies Ive ever seen...
Petrey [31-10-2009 10:48] 
I've been watching a SOAP (1977-1981) marathon since Thursday. ABC TV's classic comedy gold!
Chris Woods [31-10-2009 10:01] 
Mike - Just read The Rant. Some interesting choices for the list from Moviefone and others. I agree with John about 28 Days Later being higher than NOTLD. Night should be way higher on the list and 28 Days shouldn't be on there. I like the film, but I wouldn't put it in the Top 30. It's funny how these lists always have to include newer films to try to break it up I guess. For me if new movies are not as scary or good as the older ones, keep them off the list.

It is good to see films like NOTLD, Dawn of the Dead, Psycho, Texas Chiansaw Massacre and Halloween on some of the lists. They're some of my favorites.

Also Mike, just wondering if you have a type-o on the worst movie list. I saw 2000 Maniacs on there. Did you mean to type 2001 Maniacs? For me H.G. Lewis' 2000 Maniacs is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Two years ago when we all did our top 10 horror movies for Halloween, it was in my Top 10. Just wondering.
Chris Woods [31-10-2009 08:13] 
Nolan - Congrats on getting mentioned in the paper for Dr. Paul Bearer. Very cool.
J.MILLER [31-10-2009 08:09] 
Just read Mikes rant...Did anybody else notice that moviefone placed 28 Days Later in their top 10 horror films of all time? Ahead of Night Of The Living Dead?..Huh...Still a good list though
Mr. Happy [31-10-2009 06:34] 
Yay! Passinault took down that Tampa bay film site! The links to it on the message board don't work! It's closed!
Petrey [31-10-2009 02:18] 
Not a problem. Does anyone remember what Columbia Home Video used to have on their video posters in the 80's? "Watch what you want when you want." Encouraging you to time shift. Of course that all ended when Sony, Tr-Star and Columbia became one.
Chris Woods [30-10-2009 15:52] 
Nolan and ED - Thanks for the info on Paul Paul Bearer's hearse.

Lisa - Enjoyed your article. I liked the opening on how watching movies or reading books is like trick-or-treating. You never know what you're going to get.

Terence - Liked your article on The Cramps. They got some cool album covers. Never really lstened to much of them, but I might check some of their stuff out. That's cool they preformed at a mental hospital.
Dawn [30-10-2009 15:23]  
I grew up in Brandon and every Saturday I was planted in the chair getting the heck scared out of me... Loved loved Dr. Paul...
J.MILLER [30-10-2009 15:10] 
Ter - Silver Screams was just ok (imo)...The two best haunted houses this year was the Chucky one because of the awesome entrance and the feel of a demented toy factory...The second (imo) was the werewolf one...The howling wolfs were kind of scary
ED [30-10-2009 14:09] 
Sorry for the late notice but if anyone wants to see ZAAT, the 1971 monster movie filmed right here in Jacksonville, FL, it is making it's first legal television appearance tonight on Turner Classic Movies. It will be on at 2AM as part of TCM Underground. They also have some info on their website.
ED [30-10-2009 14:07] 
Ter - aside from a convincing looking slaughter house and butcher shop there really wasn't much to Cleaver. It wasn't that bloody either. The build up made you think they were really going to deliver something creepy and gory but they never did.
Terence [30-10-2009 13:53] 
Ed- i was never much into Halloween Horror Night since it always sounded like this huge overbudget thing. Im more for hommade haunted houses like the ones at Howl O Scream. I only went to HOS once years ago but i remember being totally impressed with their redneck cannibal Chainsaw Massacre Homage and really cool Masuleum/ funeral home haunted house. You might be surprised by this bu from your article the only houses that even sound interesting to me were the Silver Screams (obviously) and oddly enough Leave It To Cleaver. yeah it doesnt sound scary but i think its more of a just "that was cool thing" for fans of educational films, the idea of a plastic fake nuclear family 1950s, and creepy blank faced dolls haha. i would totally go to that one. though it sounds like its more for Bloodfeast and gore hounds than to actually scare you. you said Fangoria dropped the ball on that one but to me it sounds downright fascinating.
Beasley [30-10-2009 12:57] 
Petrey, thanks! (for burning Lenin)
Petrey [30-10-2009 10:51] 
Terence, you look like Frank Zappa's zombie celebrating Halloween, ha ha! Well done.
Petrey [30-10-2009 10:48] 
Gas prices on the rise in Tampa. See message board for link to website that may be able to help you find the cheapest price nearest you.
Petrey [30-10-2009 08:52] 
Ed - Thanks for the informative Halloween Horror Nights piece since it's the closest I will ever be to seeing the actual thing. I've only been to the Magic Kingdom on the east coast. I went to Howl-O-Scream in 2006 and it was pretty cool.

Beasley - I received GOODBYE LENIN today and will burn and return. The copy will be here for ya.
ED [30-10-2009 03:51] 
Chris - Busch Gardens bought Dr, Paul Bearer's hearse and did a beautiful restoration job on it (it was in really bad shape when they got it). They put it on display for one year and then it disappeared. I finally got in touch with someonentheir who told me they had painted over it to make it a generic hearse and were now using it as a prop in their haunted houses! Do a search on this website and you should be able to piece together what happened from the letter's column.
Nolan [30-10-2009 01:54] 
Chris: The story of Dr. Paul Bearer's hearse is complicated and I'm sure ED will fill in the gaps here, but best as I can recall, after Busch Gardens acquired it in the '90s, it stayed hidden for years, trotted out briefly in a semi-restored condition around 2001 (but still recognizable), re-painted afterwards to look like a normal hearse for display, then (I think) buried again.

Mike: Yes, Terence is writing a new Audio Philes for Halloween! There was some hopeful talk of an Enlightenment as well, but no guarantees there.

Congrats on a successful jaunt to Washington DC. Your Rant story should be most compelling!
Petrey [30-10-2009 00:13] 
Ed - That's cool that you own the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD film on two different formats. Say what you will about DVDs but there is nothing like the film experience. The grinding away of the projectors, the splices going through the gates. Ah, sweet music to my ears!
Michael [29-10-2009 23:13] 
Home! No, didn't get to meet the Big O but did get to rub shoulders with a few congressmen and senators, including Tom Harkin. I had no idea how the political game really works until this week. A very interesting process.

Love you too, buddy!

Sorry for the mix up in Vic Mizzy's age - math was never one of my strong suits! 2009-1916 = 93. Duh! Another great early issue, everyone. And do my eyes decieve me or will there by an Audio Philes column this week?
Chris Woods [29-10-2009 23:03] 
ED - What did Busch Gardens do to the hearse? When did that happened?
ED [29-10-2009 18:54] 
Thanks Chris. I would seriously consider Howel-O-Scream as an alternative but Busch Gardens is still on my list for desecrating Dr. Paul Bearer's hearse. They won't be getting any money from me in the near future.
Chris Woods [29-10-2009 18:23] 
ED - Good article on Halloween Horror Nights. A great play by play of all the attractions there. I haven't been to one of those in many years and I enjoyed it then, but heard they're not as good as they use to be, like you said in your review. For the most part Howl-O-Screams still makes some cool scary haunted houses. Even the scare zones there have people jumping out from everywhere.
matthew [29-10-2009 16:58] 
and Ed, your piece on Halloween is stellar.
matthew [29-10-2009 16:56] 
you're right nolan. obama will probably never meet mike.
he'll never meet the nicest guy on this entire earth and never know his incredible lost opportunity.

hope you're knockin' em dead, buddy!

i love you man.
J.MILLER [29-10-2009 15:37] 
I am in 100% agreement with Ed's friend Brandon regarding HHN...My first visit was around 02 and thought it was incredible...The following year (I think) they opened up both Universal and Islands...Every year following has been a disappointment...Ive taken a few years off and was disgusted by how little effort Universal put into this event...The houses seemed to be lacking costumed actors...The lines were way to long (Saw was 120 Mins!)..There were hardly any rides open...And worst...Worst of all was the lack of monsters, fog machines and overall scares lingering around the park...In the past you couldnt walk five feet without a crazy with a chainsaw jumping out at you...This year there was just a few mutants walking slowly and little activity besides the scare zone designed to promote that new vampire movie...Universal should be ashamed...$14 for parking? Give me a break...
Beasley [29-10-2009 12:59] 
Terence, that makes sense.

Next time tell Nole to use a Kodak Brownie loaded with monochrome to take the shot. It may lend the pic a better 'ambience'.

Of course, that's one man's opinion.

Besides, I'm sure it looked better in the (dead) flesh!I've learned enough about you from these pages to believe you'd go out only halfway undead.
ED [29-10-2009 10:20] 
Thank you sir! It took a little extra time this week, especially to incorporate the thoughts of my co-reviewer. Glad you liked it.
Nolan [29-10-2009 10:14] 
ED: Terrific review of Universal Halloween Horror Nights! One of your best ever and very thorough. Great pics, too. Well done.
Curious [29-10-2009 09:32] 
I hope everyone remembers to post what candy they got get Halloween!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!
Terence [29-10-2009 09:31] 
Steve: unfortunatly Nolan's camera's flash always makes stuff look super weird lol. as for the jacket i was made to look beaten up and old but the dust and powder i put on it came off through the night. i had it on for hours before i showed up at 711. so most of that came off by then. I actually wrote Nolan and told him to put some earlier pics of the costume i took in addition but he got the email too late. maybe he'll post them later.
Michael [29-10-2009 09:11] 
Quincy Jones tells the story that MJ was inspired to write the song after he looked out to his deck one day and saw a strange woman by his pool. When he approached her she accused him of being the father of ONE of her twins.

It's a shame MJ will always have to live with the stigma of his peculiarities, whether real or imagined. In truth all of our heroes (maybe too strong a word here....how about "favorites?") probably have something to hide and I never try to dwell on them.
Michael [29-10-2009 09:08] 

I think it's awesome that Yoda gets the PCR all the way on Degobah.

Steve, I've always admired Michael Jackson for his talents. He did write a majority of his hits, though "Thriller" and a couple more on that album were written by Rod Temperton, who also wrote "Sweet Freedom," sung by Michael McDonald, for the film "Running Scared." I can't help but wonder where Jackson's career would have gone if he'd had the, so called, "normal life" he so longed for. I thought he was great in "The Wiz" and I think, had he pursued a film career, he could have built a following like Will Smith, though I'm not sure about the action stuff. If you ever get a chance to pick up the 25th Anniversary Edition of "Thriller" there are a couple of demos, including one for "Billie Jean," that really shows the evolution of how a song is created. More in the next post
Nolan [29-10-2009 06:05] 
To "Wise One": As usual I don't know what you're talking about. My "conflicted nature"? The PCR isn't going anywhere.

I couldn't take your calls last night because I was busy. Knock it off.

To Unbiased/Objective: Thanks. This is what "Wise One" does when he's bored. Now that he's finally gotten some attention maybe he'll quiet down.
Unbiased/Objective [29-10-2009 05:33] 
I will be unbiased & objective & state my opinion: Wise One is an idiot & his blog is an endless source for laughs. Keep telling us what you are going to do next & keep making excuses when you do not do it & we will keep laughing at you.
THE WISE ONE [29-10-2009 04:59] 
Nolan [29-10-2009 03:50] 
Lisa: I noticed on "Indie Film News" that both Safe Haven and Charlie Wall each won a Crystal Reel Award for Best Documentary. Was it a tie then? Or were each in separate categories or something?
Steve Beasley [29-10-2009 01:16] 
That's the first zombie I've ever seen in a new leather jacket! There was a time that zombies crawled up from their crypt with brain munchies. Where's the dirt and dried mud, Ter the Terror? Yer git'n slack, Beelzebub!
Steve Beasley [28-10-2009 22:35] 
First, I'm sorry to see, "State of the Nation" discontinued. I like Brandon and we've had some differences of opinion, being as I'm a Liberal of the highest order. We've always muddled through and I respect Brandon's opinions highly. He's a good man. We need more of those. Anyway, I'm hoping we'll see Brandon on his "Splash Page" in the near future. Perhaps that'll be safer territory, although the idea of NCPCR being 'safe' irks me a bit.

Mike: That's about the best write-up on MJ I've ever seen! I had no idea you were such a fan. I've always maintained that Michael was incredibly gifted, but my musical tastes have always run towards blues-based rock and roll, rather than popular music. I enjoyed, "Thriller" very much, especially the video. I don;t know whether MJ wrote any of his own material, but if he did...it was first rate.
Nolan [28-10-2009 22:29] 
To Puff, re: Terence. Haha! I can see where there might be some confusion, but those are indeed the zombie pics.
Nolan [28-10-2009 22:25] 
To Puff: The numbers for State were average, although Brandon did encourage his friends and family to view it. The lack of positive feedback from anyone outside that group was discouraging and the fact I had no left-winger to write a similar but politically opposite column may have promoted the wrong idea of what we're about . Brandon has found a great home on Blogspot where his fans can find him anytime and comment on his viewpoints.

It is also worth noting he was going to the extra trouble of re-writing his blog content for PCR's exclusive use, which took more of his time (I disallow being used merely for blog networking). This reached a point of diminishing returns and was, therefore, mutually disadvantageous to continue.
Osakinokiwamajimmi [28-10-2009 15:24] 
FIFTH! For Halloween, I'm going to watch Spaventare. That's all that I need to have a satisfying Halloween. That, and chocolate covered cherries. Yes, I shall eat a box of chocolate covered cherries while I watch Spaventare! YES!
State of Puff Chrissy II [28-10-2009 15:10] 
By the way, where are the pictures of Terence dressed as a zombie? All I see are pictures of Terence dressed in his usual Castle-gear. Please post the zombie pictures when you can.
State of Puff Chrissy [28-10-2009 15:08] 
Too bad about Brandon's column. I mostly disagreed with his views, but I liked knowing that this site was motley enough to take on such a column.

Frankly, I'd leave it in the hands of the reader, and more importantly, the numbers. If I saw that his column was generating a good amount of traffic, that would be the end of the argument on whether the column had a place here or not.
Michael [28-10-2009 14:33] 
WOW! As I typed the piece below the review appeared. This here internet thingy is magical!
Michael [28-10-2009 14:30] 
FIRST! AND I'M IN WASHINGTON! Thanks for the write up boss, though I'm actually on the Executive Board of the Union, not the President. However, dreams of Johnny Kovacs (a F.I.S.T. reference) do dance in my head.

Since I'm not at home I had to submit my "This Is It" review to the chief, who I'm sure will have it up shortly.

Oh, I knew it was Terence in the photos above, though the hairstyle did throw me for a moment!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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