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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2009!
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Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our tenth calendar year!
Number 506  (Vol. 10, No. 49). This edition is for the week of November 30--December 6, 2009.

"The Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Eulogy for A Wizard
Time Warp Toy Box 09 Part 1
A 10-Year Look Back at the Godzilla 2000 Premiere
Sneaker Head Sunday @ Club Skye
Questions About The Ufl .... Bucs Coach Fires Another Coach .... Tiger Woods Shocker! .... .... Charlie Weis Fired! .... Bobby Bowden Forced Out .... Allen Iverson Signs With The 76ers .... Nolan And Ladders u
Hypocrite .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2 y
Slow Going
Ye Olde Editor Update
Ye Olde Editor Incurs Injury---PCR Delayed
Column Misspelling Corrected
Top Ten Movies This Week
Readers Comments


John Petrey, Dec. 6, 46 yrs.
Jake Tipton, Dec. 14, 19 yrs.
Jesus Christ, Dec. 25, 2009 yrs
Drew Reiber, Dec. 29, 31 yrs.
After staying virtually bedridden for about 24 hours, I am pleased to report an incremental improvement in my condition. I am walking...slowly. With my trusty cane in hand, I am barely managing a zombie-like gait, but it is encouraging. It is still maddeningly painful, but I'm now convinced it was a very bad sprain and not a fracture.

I wish to thank all my friends, fans, colleagues, and well-wishers for the support you've shown in response to my incident. It means a lot.


I guess it goes to show the days where Ye Olde Editor-in-Webmonkey's days of climbing rooftop to trim trees are over.

While doing said task this morning, the rickety ladder I was precariously perched upon at the highest rung (never recommended) and leaning against the roof for support, gave way while I was operating a pole saw. Sparing gorey details of what all I hit on the way down (some other time perhaps), suffice it to say I fell approximately eight feet to the ground, and in the process, somehow screwed up my right ankle something fierce. Miraculously, and despite a nasty bump on the head against a concrete wall, I suffered no other serious injuries. However, the pain is intense, I cannot walk right now and need to stay off my feet.

This means that, unfortunately, PCR will be running a little behind this week. I will do the best I can to hand-format and upload the columns still requiring it (La Floridiana, The Asian Aperture, and Lampin' @ The 6th Borough), but it may be tomorrow before any of these go up. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


Eagle-eyed reader Steve Beasley caught that John Miller's new column Lampin' @ the 6th Borough was initially misspelled as Lampin' @ the 6th Burrough. Since John's column is filled with urban slang, I assumed the spelling was part of the lingo, but a Google search by yours truly and a quick chat with John indicated John actually did mean "Borough". Thanks, Steve. The mistake has since been corrected.


Of the Top 10 Hollywood Box Office receipts noted in the PCR sidebar, has anyone noticed the top three or four films are exactly where they were last week? Thought it was interesting.

OK, gang, I need to recover. I'll be back as soon as I can. Mr. Nuzum will be at the helm in the meantime.

Readers' Comments

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ED [08-12-2009 05:44] 
Glad you guys liked the toys from last week. This week's tribute to toy guns will be up later today. Also, don't forget to send in your requests for toys to be featured AND your Christmas photos for A Very Fanboy Christmas. Thanks!
Jason Fetters [08-12-2009 03:57]  
Ed - Loved your article on retro toys and I agree that the original G.I. Joes were the best. I had the old ones and the newer ones but I preferred the old ones with hair.
Chris Woods [07-12-2009 18:11] 
Will - I enjoyed your article on Harry Wise very much. It was very moving and I'm glad you included links to other articles on Harry that you wrote. It was nice to go back and check out those.

ED - Good piece on the Time Warp Toy Box. Cool G.I. Joe stuff. Look forward to Part II.

John - Nice work on the Sneaker Head Sunday article. Very entertaining.
Steve Beasley [07-12-2009 13:27] 

Elzie, Bob Clampett, Walter Lantz, Friz Freleng, Bob Keeshan and others, saved my childhood from being a near-tragedy.
Heights Phobic Lisa [07-12-2009 06:37] 
Geez Louise, Nolan!! Sounds like something out of one of the Final Destination movies. So glad to hear you're ok. Hope you feel better soon.

Steve -- My estrogen and I were recently assigned a big project at work, which has left little time to do anything else. We hope to be part of the PCR this week. Thanks. :)
Simon Lynx [07-12-2009 04:17] 
Also thanks Jaime for coming from so far, it was fun working with you.
Simon Lynx [07-12-2009 04:16] 
It was great seeing Ter, Lisa, Joel and Robert. Maybe next time Nolan. Hope your feeling better. Thanks for the help everyone, will keep you posted on the progress.
Anne [05-12-2009 08:46] 
I agree with Mike Smith's review of "The Fantastic Mr. Fox". I'm not sure today's animation style would have worked - I appreciated the old fashioned approach. And the actors chosen for the voices made a difference as well as the unique recording style. I enjoyed the movie. In full disclosure, my son works at the theater and I think free admission sometimes clouds my judgement. Most movies are worth the time spent unless I really had something better to do. This one was worthwhile.
Major Major [05-12-2009 07:31] 
Finally saw District 9. It was decent, but I think the movie I saw the next day took the cake...Batman with Adam West.
Steve Beasley [05-12-2009 02:10] 
Cool! I learned something today! Arigatou, Jason!
Jason Fetters [05-12-2009 00:45]  
Steve Beasley - Sorry I'm bad. Kansai Walker is a travel magazine that shows you movie times, tv times, what's new in fashion, music, pop culture, new foods, cars, electronics, tourist sites, and everything related to a specific region. Kansai is West Japan so it covers that whole area. If you travel to Tokyo, you would find Kanto Walker. Kansai Walker is sort of like Tampa Bay Magazine, but it goes into much greater depth on restuarant reviews, movie reviews, actual maps to all the locations mentioned in every article and pricing.
Steve Beasley [04-12-2009 22:50] 
The PCR is experiencing an estrogen deficiency this week.
Joel D. Wynkoop [04-12-2009 19:44]  

You are not Spiderman. Be careful buddy. Your a yough guy, get well soon man.
Paul "Never Been Hurt EVER" Guzzo [04-12-2009 13:19] 
A little accident prone, huh Nolan? I wouldn't know what that's like ... I never get hurt.
Steve Beasley [04-12-2009 11:37] 
Jason - I read this week's edition of, "The Asian Aperture". A great story as usual, and since you've been affiliated with PCR, I've rekindled an ancient interest in Japanese culture, thanks for that, but...at the risk of appearing moronic, what the hell is a Kansai Walker? I googled it and it didn't help. I can only assume it's some sort of portable video player or something akin to an Amazon Kindle .
jeronimo [04-12-2009 10:18] 
Thank G.D the saw missed you on the way down.
Dc Brown [04-12-2009 10:16] 
If it were a fracture, you'd know it. Be more careful next time, and get well soon. I'm always bashing my toes and knees, and so far, I've been lucky. My little toes have been purple so many times that I lost count, and there were a few times where I couldn't even wear shoes. The body is good about healing on its own, though.
Simon Lynx [04-12-2009 10:04] 
Get well soon Nolan.
ED [04-12-2009 08:22] 
Jason - the Japanese premiere had to be better than the American one since the theaters over here did nothing. I was just sorry that the recent round of Godzilla flicks have been so weak after the series was doing so well in the late 80's and early 90's.
Jason Fetters [04-12-2009 07:52]  
Ed- I guess you had to be there. When I was in Japan with my buddies we decided on seeing a Godzilla and a Ninja movie and we saw both. The Ninja movie was pretty funny. In English its called "Owl's Castle." Strange movie about a ninja who spies out a village and infiltrates a castle.
Steve Beasley [04-12-2009 02:28] 
Will - No one could have written a better eulogy for Harry Wise than yourself. You included all the poignant events and even tossed in some personal insight and humor as to the character of Mr. Wise.

Thank you for sharing that with us.
Stephen OOPS Beasley [04-12-2009 00:42] 
OOPS!! Not Six Gun Territory, but Frontier Town in upstate New York.
Steve [04-12-2009 00:38] 
Just kidding about the coonskin cap. I wanted it because it was so cool...but in those days I was a sweet little kid, kinda like Opie. I did have a nice pair of six guns, holsters and cowboy hat that we got at Six Gun Territory theme park, but I threw them out the train window when the bandits stormed the train car BEHIND me. Sneaky little bastards got the drop on me! I was around six or seven and felt totally worthless as a cowboy and Mom freaked out because I threw away my new guns. it's funny today, but to my young mind it was fairly traumatic. I realize y'all didn't need to hear all that, but it feels good to fess up.
Steve [03-12-2009 23:00] 
I had a coonskin cap in elementary school that I stole from another kid!
Steve soon 2b skinny Beasley [03-12-2009 22:58] 
Nolan - Are you using the 8 ball walking stick I gave you? If not, you should be. Just think how fashionable you could be with that!

Mike - I do read your articles. Actually, I read the entire PCR front to back, so to speak. That includes every issue. My days are never quite right without it. It's my crack, or shall I say...my drug of choice. I'd be lying to suggest that it had nothing to do with missing home. It's my oonly tangible link to Tampa, save for the occasional phone call to family. I'd call Nolan, but it's difficult to catch him wide awake unless I call him at 7 Eleven, and that just won't do. I'd call the rest of you if I had phone numbers, especially in the middle of the night. ;) Anyway, as with you, I've also never missed an issue...of course all I'm doing is reading...and sometimes responding.
Michael [03-12-2009 22:01] 
Steve, you are my best (and possibly only) reader! In checking out "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" I was surprised to learn that 3 versions of the song hit the top 10 in 1955 (Bill Hayes, #1 Fess Parker, #7 and Tennessee Ernie Ford #6) and all three versions made the top 40 for the year.
Lou Columbus [03-12-2009 20:04]  
Get well soon Nolan and stop trying to be a lumberjack.
matthew [03-12-2009 17:12] 
i'm always last to learn these things....

sorry to hear about your accident. being affraid of heights like i am i have no love for ladders anyway. my advice concurs with crhis' - stay away from them. they're nothing but trouble.

since you have your trusty cane in hand i would recommend listening to some leon redbone...more specifically 'walking stick', as you recover.

hope you're feeling better soon.
Gundam [03-12-2009 16:25] 
LOL...... Maybe the article about 2,000 leagues under the sea was interesting..... the best that I've seen. Everything else is kind of blah.
Essay Papers [03-12-2009 12:40]  
Nice articles inside this site. Interesting.
ED [03-12-2009 07:55] 
Jason - I saw Godzilla 2000 when it premiered theatrically in America (the last Godzilla film to play American theaters to date). This was the first of the "new" Godzilla films featuring the younger monster since Godzilla classic died at the end of the previous film. I'm not sure why Toho felt they needed to overhaul the series but it was not an improvement in my opinion and I have never really enjoyed any of the sequels since then. You should have tracked down Toho while you were in Japan and demanded an explanation!
Nolan [03-12-2009 07:30] 
And to Steve: YES, it's the "same damn ladder" you remember, haha.
Nolan [03-12-2009 07:29] 
Lots of good columns this week, great work everyone! I certainly agree with ED about Will's Harry Wise eulogy.

The final subject in Chris Munger's Sports Talk (a stand-out edition, Chris!) refers to trouble with ladders I've had in the past. When he suggested "No more ladders for Nolan!" I laughed out loud for quite a while. Maybe I should heed his advice, haha.
ED [03-12-2009 05:58] 
Will, that was a touching tribute to Harry Wise. I am sure Wise the Wizard is staring down from Heavan and smiling on us all. Harry was one of a kind and even though I have read his book at least four or five times, I think I will go and read it again.
Steve Beasley [03-12-2009 01:38] 
The Ballad of Davy Crockett in a current film? WOW! I've gotta see it now, if for no other reason. I loved the song and the TV show! That song was #1 in 1955 until it was bumped off by Unchained Melody.

Born on a mountain top in Tennessee,
Greenest state in the land of the free.
Raised in the woods so's he knew every tree,
Killed him a bear when he was only three.

Davy, Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier...

See, we do read your column, Mr. Smith! ;)
Michael [02-12-2009 22:06] 
Nolan, hope you are feeling better. You are very lucky, my friend. Men of our...um...size...rarely escape a fall with just a sprained ankle. Unlike Tiggers, we no longer bounce like we used to. Get some rest and let T earn the big bucks this week. FYI: Matt's nephew Daniel does landscaping....you know the number, it's been the same for 30 plus years.
Anne [02-12-2009 16:43] 
Nolan - Hope you have a speedy recovery! Ed - Thoroughly enjoyed your column. I always wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll. (Poor Steve's little sister! It brought back memories of when my brother beheaded my Barbie.) And that Mickey is like the late Elvis version. Good stuff.
ED [02-12-2009 16:35] 
Steve - thanks to your last post, I have just spent ten minutes laughing myself sick! Thanks for sharing!
Steve [02-12-2009 16:03] 
ED - Great one again! My little sister had the Mrs. Beasley doll. One (or both?) of my little brothers tossed it onto the bonfire we had that year, the little bastards. It was funny, but Lisa (5 or 6 years old) was hysterical, screaming and crying! Damn redneck family roots!
Steve [02-12-2009 15:59] 
When I get back home, I'll come over and steady the ladder for you, like I did in the olden days. Your ladder was ancient when I lived in Tampa! Don't tell me it's the SAME damn ladder! Did you ever clean out the utility room? I believe the last time you did that, "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas had just been released!
Steve Beasley [02-12-2009 15:52] 
1. Sorry to hear about your fall, old man. When can we see the X-Rays of the destruction?
2. About the correction, I don't mean to be picky. I'm actually not. I've seen mistakes in every issue, but that one mostly had me curious. In the first place, I had no idea what, "Lampin' meant. John and Nolan explained it to me. I knew that New York as boroughs, not Tampa, so I figured it could be a reference to the 'beat poet' author of, "Naked Lunch". I asked to be sure and after reading the entire first installment of 'Lampin', I believe it was merely an oversight on John's part. He luks two bee a vury gud spelar.

I'm eagerly awaiting everyone's column this weekend. Of course, I go through this waiting thing every week. I do the same thing every year with Serge A. Storms' trials and tribulations.
Spinwheel [02-12-2009 15:31] 
Sorry to hear of your fall, Nole. Hope you get well soon.
Chris Woods [02-12-2009 15:13] 
Nolan - Sorry to hear about your injury. Get better soon.
ED [02-12-2009 13:09] 
R,.I.P. - Paul Naschy. Waldemar the Werewolf will be missed!
ED [02-12-2009 13:07] 
Get better soon boss and hire out the tree work next time! First!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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