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"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"  by Mike Smith
"End of an Era -- The Douglas DC-8"  by William Moriaty
Ted Bohus: The Deadly Interview - Part 2  by ED Tucker
Book Review: Cell by Stephen King  by Lisa Scherer Ciurro
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Cap And Transparency .... Mr. President, They Hate You .... Meanwhile In North Korea .... 850 Pages?!?! .... Tsars To The Left, Right...everywhere .... 95% .... Must Be Nice .... Missing Gov Shows Up  by Brandon Jones
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State of the Nation

CAP and Transparency
The administration's brilliant campaign to rush America into socialism is on display this week as the media distracts everyone with the Healthcare debate and the protests in Iran.

CAP and Trade is being kept in the shadows as it's another component to bringing America down to the level of other countries. Expect further corruption, similar to those in the European Union, where backdoor deals will drive the flow of money derail any effectiveness of a Cap and Trade system. The end result has proven to be higher energy costs for Europeans -- just what our struggling economy needs.

Some successes out of Germany for example were actually from less production. The failing economy caused businesses reduce production yet will claim to be a Cap and Trade success story then lobby for more government funds -- sound like banking and automotive bailouts?

America is such a massive disadvantage as other countries have refused to join these reindeer games. China, Russia, and Japan have not agreed to make any changes.

America's companies would be at a huge disadvantage compared to these companies, so where will jobs go? What would Cap and Trade mean and what are the potential problems to our economy and struggling American businesses?

The administration campaigned on transparency or at least that was a great focus group buzzword, but we didn’t expect them to tell us the truth. Did we?

Instead of talking and debating this, the President has allowed this to go unnoticed, promoting his nationalizing healthcare, leaving this huge tax bill in the shadows.

Mr. President, they hate you
President Obama has proved he's weak on the war against terror, terrorist regimes and the madman President of Iran. Obama spoke of respecting Iran’s sovereignty and not to meddle in their affairs.

Why do you respect it sir? They are murdering the protesters and voices of freedom that America has been fighting for. Our President hemmed and hawed his way along (kinda like the previous President) while softening any possible criticisms of this dictator. Obama is a fantastic orator, especially with a teleprompter, but when it counted, he couldn’t call Iranian President who he is -- our enemy.

Iran is an enemy. They don't dislike America or our ally Israel; they don't have a problem with us. No – they hate us and want to wipe Israel off the map. You can't treat your enemy like your friend. You condemn actions by your enemy and empower those trying to uproot this evil leadership.

Which brings me to another beef with the President and many of his supporters: can't we call them what they are -- evil.

Ronald Reagan's speech and reference to the Soviet Union as an "evil empire" became a rallying cry to motivate the freedom fighters. We took a stance to say we will be there to support you.

Americans stand for freedom. Freedom can replace hatred and anger towards the west and Israel.

President Obama proved he's as weak as his critics have said he’d be when he talked about sitting down with Iranian leadership. Obama was late to speak out when Russia invaded Georgia and laughs off critical questions in press conferences. In the end, the enemy, who hates you Mr. President, has seen your true colors.

The world watched as Obama plays footsie with the Iranian leadership as Iranian police murder, beat and humiliate protesters.

His feeble and delayed comments have warranted a reply from Ahmadinejad comparing Obama to President Bush. That's Hope and Change.

This is a difficult stance to articulate as I don't desire any military action, but rather the superb diplomacy that President Obama had as a campaign pledge. America should speak out for Iran to support peaceful gatherings, and condemn murdering and beating those protesters.

Meanwhile in North Korea
North Korea threatens to wipe the United States off of the map and the world awaits missiles to be launched. A U.S. attack will meet retailiation in a nuclear "fire shower."

Rhetoric from a nutbag? Yes and no.

Of course, no one believes they have the capacity to "wipe out" America (maybe reach Hawaii), but they know there are no consequences from this administration. Tensions are high as we monitor shipping to and from North Korea as US Defense asserts the North Koreans are poised to move weaponry.

So launch a missile and you might -- might, get harsh words from the US President. By the way, are there any negotiations to retrieve our two hostages?

850 pages?!?!
The healthcare reform arrived from the House of Representatives in a 850 page Bill.

I've only begun an overview of the document as they plan to establish a Bureau of Health Information within the department of Health and Human Services, led by a new assistant secretary for health information -- antoher Czar I'm sure.

Why has no one asked why politicians are drafting a novel on healthcare without involving experts in the medical field?

I guess that's why we have Czars?

Tsars to the left, right...everywhere
Reagan started with the Drug Tsar, and Bush had four. Wanna guess how many tsars we have under Obama -- 16.

Yep, quadrupled the number of senior empowered non-elected figures making decisions that effect all of us.

While referring to computer viruses as "weapons of mass disruption", Obama has now added the Cyber Tsar.

I always thought that we had a cabinet members over major departments so that Congressional reviewed and approved appointees. Adding Tsars seems to circumvent that whole process.

Can I lastly ask , can't we call them something else? Doesn't images of Ivan the Terrible or Peter the Great and the Tsardom of Russia?

And so many still deny the socialist movement, when the country is being run by Tsars.

Our President speaks of our sacrafices and asks us to do more and more. Healthcare is the topic of the moment and he confesses to being 95% cured from his chain smoking.


Is that like being 95% cured from a cocaine addiction or an alcoholic saying he only drinks 5% of the time?

Must be nice
This is one of those stories that was passed along from a co-worker and it simply sounds fictional. Hundreds of teachers banned from teaching are paid to sit around waiting for their day in court.

The AP reports 700 plus teachers are consuming over $65 million in New York tax dollars awaiting their respective disciplinary hearings.

This is so ridiculous. It reveals the abuse by the unions to protect the ineffective employees who should be fired and the waste in the system.

How much is this nationwide? A billion?

Missing Gov shows up
South Carolina governor Mark Sanford re-emerged from a mysterious hiking trip over Father's Day weekend. Neither his family nor the Lt. Governor knew where Sanford disappeared to.

Just to show how dilusional Republicans are: this is one of those names on the 2012 Presidential short list of potential nominees.

Turns out he's just another scumbag cheating on his wife and betraying his family. Resign and go away.

Wake up America. The Democrats have gone socialist, the Republicans are corrupted as well or are Democrat-lite. Find a candidate, not a recycled "D" or "R", to stand up for less government and just plain public service not power, greed and corruption.

Quote of the Week
I have the consolation of having added nothing to my private fortune during my public service, and of retiring with hands clean as they are empty. -- Thomas Jefferson

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