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PCR #484 (Vol. 10, No. 27). This edition is for the week of June 29--July 5, 2009.

"Public Enemies"  by Mike Smith
The British Invasion and Garage Bands a Go-Go  by Will Moriaty
The Monster Squad: The Complete Collection  by ED Tucker
FANGRRL Goes To The New Tampa Film Network Meeting  by Lisa Scherer Ciurro
Dr. Paul Bearer - Where It All Started .... .... Wghp-tv .... The Gags .... .... The Hearse .... What's It Worth? ....  by Brandon Jones
The Music .... Have You Heard This One? .... America Wouldn't Know Talent If It Bit It In The Ass .... Please Have Kleenex Ready .... Passing On .... Happy Birthday U.s.a. .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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Splash Page by Brandon Jones

Dr. Paul Bearer - where it all started
Dr. Paul Bearer's trading card set

Like many others, I came to the PCR because of one thing -- Dr. Paul Bearer. While reading and searching information on DPB, I discovered Nolan's site and the great tribute to Dick Bennick and Creature Feature.

I'm no rabid fan, but I cling to the CF memories and the weekends with Black Belt Theater, western marathons, Charlie Chan and so many other great staples. Now we search hundreds of channels, left with an empty feeling and finally, to complain "There’s nothing on."

Card #16: on the set of Creature Feature

Amongst my affinity for Creature Feature and Dr. Paul Bearer is my love of comic and card collecting, and yes, there is a set of cards honoring this icon from our childhood.

This 36 card set was from 1994, distributed by Dennis Druktenis (Scary Monsters Magazine), but with limited dispersal.


From his start in North Carolina’s WGHP-TV in early 1965, the card set follows the Dr. Paul Bearer horror host through to Creature Feature on WTOG, Channel 44, St. Creaturesburg, Florida.

The gags

There are trading cards paying homage to many of the great gags and clichés of the show such as: reading classics King Fear, Romeo & Booliet or paging through his favorite maggotscream.

Scream Stars: Carroll O'Connor - A Prisoner of his own success

The Hearse

When I was a kid the Blues Brothers' Bluesmobile, the Batmobile from the 60's TV show and Dr. Paul Bearer's Hearse were the most coveted vehicle imaginable. I never owned a General Lee from "The Dukes of Hazzard" but I converted a couple of Trans Am model kits to make my version of DPB's hearse.

Card 18: Dr. Paul Bearer riding on his hearse in a local parade

What's it Worth?

eBay has been a wonderful thing!

It's changed collecting in positive and negative ways, but one thing - it's made finding cards like this possible. I've never tried to sell the cards, nor do I plan to, but I'm surprised that they haven't resurfaced more often.

I've never found these cards in a price guide and I couldn't even imagine where to find more of them. I've always wanted another set but never seen them listed again.

Dr. Paul Bearer and other horror hosts made such an incredible impression on many fans and Nolan's PCR carry the torch for Dick Bennick's legacy.

For now, in a binder, the 36 card set rests along side various movie stills and old Boris Karloff magazines. I reflect on them more and more as I retreat from the reality shows on every channel.

I do get to share the legacy with my kids who are astonished and describe it as "cool" -- well, that's a start.

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