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PCR #462 (Vol. 10, No. 5) This edition is for the week of January 26--February 1, 2009.

"New In Town"  by Mike Smith
DVD Review: "All Monsters Attack"  by ED Tucker
FANGRRL Looks At 2009  by Lisa Scherer Ciurro
They Really Are Who We Thought They Were! .... Steelers No Slouch Either! .... Mike And Stupid In The Morning .... Super Bowl Media Day .... Personal Foul! .... Bonds Will Need A Bond .... .... by Chris Munger
Super Bowl Prediction .... Top Ten Albums .... ....  by Matt Drinnenberg
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Sports Talk

They Really Are Who We Thought They Were!
They’re not supposed to be here. When the Arizona Cardinals showed up at the airport, they saw very little Cardinals fans and no fans at their hotel. Nobody gave these Cardinals a chance when the playoffs started. Starting the playoffs with a 9-7 record for the regular season, the Cards were supposed to get ran over by the Falcons, that didn’t happen. They were supposed to get blew out of Charlotte when they played Carolina. That didn’t happen either. Then, this was supposed to be the Eagles’ year. Donovan McNabb was supposed to finally get the Eagles back in the big game and all of their problems would go away. The Cardinals put quick end to that crap, pass interference or not, the Cards won that game. Due to excellent draft choices (minus Leinart) and key free-agent pickups like quarterback Kurt Warner whose career was supposed to be over in New York, the Cards have been stock piling and stock piling, and now it’s finally come together. The whole state of Arizona is on a high right now, and they really do love their football team. On the other side, so does Pittsburgh, and most football fans in Tampa are Steelers fans too. You look around the city and constantly see Steelers’ flags, license plates, stickers, Bucs-Steelers games showing at sports bars, etc… So in this city, it’s no wonder that the Cards can’t get no love!

Steelers No Slouch Either!
The Cardinals may want it more, and may continue their Cinderella season and win it all, but the Steelers play old school football and are designed to win these types of games. Hines Ward will play despite his injury. The last time he played in the Super Bowl against Seattle, he was the Game MVP. He probably will not get the MVP award this time around, but Hines Ward or no Hines Ward, the Steelers have what takes to win. Leading the league all year with their defense, and Big Ben stepping into the veteran role, and a good running game and good receivers, the Steelers started the season with the hardest schedule in the league with the 18-1 Patriots receiving the easiest one for 2008. The Steelers still made it here, with a lot of new playoffs teams this year, and fended off teams that could be in the Super Bowl too. Both quarterbacks have played in the big one and won it. Kurt lost his last to the Patriots, so either way, this is set to be an incredible football game.

Mike And Stupid In The Morning
On Wednesday’s edition of “Mike And Mike In The Morning”, broadcasting from Tampa this week, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic were interviewing former Bucs-Colts head coach Tony Dungy and were asking him some life questions. Dungy then brought up what he would do if he 6 hours alone with his son in a car, presumably talking about his son who committed suicide. At this point, after Dungy said that, Mike Golic thought that part washysterical, and burst into laughter about it, forgetting about what happened with Dungy’s son. I expected Dungy to say something to correct Golic, but he just continued on talking and went into football topics. My problem is, here you have two highly paid, well marketed, well pushed, sportscasters who have their radio show on television. If anyone should know about Dungy’s son it’s these guys. The whole thing completely missed Golic as he either was not paying attention to what Dungy was saying or really is dumb as a bag of rocks. Greenberg looked like he got what was happening, but you would think that he would pass a note along or something.

Super Bowl Media Day
A day where the players videotape the media, and the media asks the media questions, this thing really has become a circus. Some of the best questions ever asked of a football player originate from here, like “If you were a tree, what tree would you be?” or “Will You Marry Me?” to Tom Brady or “How’s the knee?”. The NFL lets any jerk-off like the cross-dresser this week, with media credentials into media day just get the NFL name out there, and really takes away from the seriousness and prestige of the NFL.

Personal Foul!
Speaking of taking away from the seriousness of the NFL, unfortunately, men, there will be no Lingerie Bowl this year because they couldn’t keep the nudies to stay out of the camera range. You really can’t expect to hold an event like this in a nudist colony and ask the residents to stay away. This was the last shot for the Lingerie Bowl because they couldn’t find anywhere else to hold it. If I was in charge of the organization I would’ve tried to hold it at a high-school football stadium or at the St Pete Times Forum on a 50-yard field. There is plenty of space in the Bay Area to hold something like this. Isn't there?

Bonds Will Need A Bond
Home-Run leader Barry Bonds has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, other than the ones he said he took (“cream and clear”). Bonds will have his trial begin in March, and it doesn’t look good for Bonds. Maybe now all of the questions about the asterisk next to Bonds’ name will come to a halt. Another presumed Hall of Famer goes down in flames.

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