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PCR #463 (Vol. 10, No. 6) This edition is for the week of February 2--8, 2009.

"He's Just Not That Into You"  by Mike Smith
2008 Was A Year to Forget, But--December was a Month to Remember! Part 2  by William Moriaty
A Look Back in Wax  by ED Tucker
 by Lisa Scherer Ciurro
Byron Leftwich Has A Ring, How ‘bout You? .... The New Greatest Game Ever Played? .... Super Commercials? .... Can’t We All Just Get A Bong? .... Texans Violate Agreement .... Other Notes .... .... by Chris Munger
Bonggate .... Sponsor Loss .... Suspended .... Hang In There Dude  by Matt Drinnenberg
Good Job Honey! .... What's In A Name .... Roy .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Byron Leftwich Has A Ring, How ‘Bout You?
This happens every year. A team wins a Super Bowl and the great players on that team get rings. So do the do-nothing career benchwarmers. Players like Jeff Garcia, Dan Marino (most notable player without a ring), Jim Kelly, Donovan McNabb, Chad Pennington, Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson, Matt Hasselbeck, Terrell Owens, LaDanian Tomlinson, Tony Gonzalez, never have or never will get a Super Bowl ring, and all of them deserve it more than half of the players on the 08 Steelers team. So after a long career of losing and then getting to ride the bench behind a 26 year old quarterback, Charlie Batch will get another ring, and Byron Leftwich, who was thrown out of Jacksonville, then picked up by the Falcons for a few weeks to fill the Michael Vick void will get one too. But, “That’s Why They Play The Game”.

The New Greatest Game Ever Played?
It had all the fixins’ for a great game. A dominant team, an underdog, a record breaking interception return by a linebacker, a blowout by the Steelers, a comeback by the Cardinals, an electrifying touchdown catch by Larry Fitzgerald, a quarterback who almost blew the last Super Bowl and was about to blow this one too, the same quarterback threw a last second touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes. Overall this was one hell of a football game, and is probably the greatest of our generation anyway. The 18-0 Patriots vs. the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII was great but this one was more of a nail biter, because of the comeback by the Cardinals after a 20-7 deficit. The Tampa Tribune rated the Bay Area’s hosting of the Super Bowl and gave Tampa a B+. Every other media outlet said Tampa was great, the NFL said Tampa’s hosting was “Outstanding”, but the Tampa Trib gave it a B+. Yeah, ok.

Super Commercials?
This year brought some good commercials, but they weren’t up to normal Super Bowl Ad standards. I liked the Doritos commercial where the two guys threw the crystal ball into the vending machine, but that was about it. Usually Bud Light brings the best ones, but this year the horses didn’t do it for me and either did the other ones. I must say, overall I was disappointed and so where most of the people on the internet.

Can’t We All Just Get A Bong?
Just to touch on the Michael Phelps story, this whole thing has been blown out to be a big story, and really wasn’t, I mean, how many 25 year olds (or younger) do you know that you think may be a midnight toker? The guy just won six Olympic Gold medals! If he wants to smoke a doobie, then let the man smoke a doobie! Better that then him going out and getting a DUI (again), which most young superstars are doing these days anyway. I understand that he has a lot of kids looking up to him, and he needs to keep his endorsements, but there were bigger influences in teen’s lives last year than Michael Phelps, and those people were train wrecks. He’s lost Kellogg’s’ endorsement and will face a 3 month suspension from the USA Swim Team and some more consequences from this, but he shouldn’t be trashed in the news like he is now. He’s apologized for it when you can’t really identify him in the photo and could easily deny it. I’m just amazed at this guy’s lug capacity! He swims like a fish, and did you see the size of that bong he was hitting? Guess his next endorsement is “Weedies!”

Texans Violate Agreement
The whole story can be seen on Outside the Lines on Sunday morning, but from what I’m hearing, Head Coach Gary Kubiak of the Texans made some of his players participate in physical contact drills without pads and as a result, three players had season ending injuries that year. These drills violate the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and NFL Player’s Association, and could result in some lawsuits for lost pay and whatever else. Coach Kubiak was an assistant coach for the Broncos for a long time before taking the Texans’ job and should’ve known about the rule, but for some reason thought they needed a kick in the ass I guess.

Other Notes
Matt Cassel got a franchise tag from the Patriots, but other teams can still make an offer to him. If Cassel does leave New England he could end up in Tampa, Kansas City, or Detroit.

The Chiefs made Cardinals assistant coach Todd Haley their head coach setting off what I think will be a domino effect with Anquan Boldin wanting out of Phoenix, and Kurt Warner most likely retiring. Even if they both stay, they’ll most likely be in a new system.

Congrats to Pat Summit, who is the coach of the Tennessee Volunteer Woman’s Basketball Team, won her 1000th game. Her record is 1000 Wins and187 Losses, an outstanding record as a coach. She also has 7 Coach of the year awards, and 8 NCAA National Championships.

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