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PCR #464 (Vol. 10, No. 7) This edition is for the week of February 9--15, 2009.

"Friday the 13th" †by Mike Smith
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The Yellow Submarine Chronicles Part Seven: Many Years from Now †by ED Tucker
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Sports Talk

A-Rod is a cheater just like all of the other supposed to be Hall of Famers that have been caught using ďPerformance Enhancing DrugsĒ or in others words ďsteroidsĒ and he immediately came out with an apology, which no other player thatís been tangled in this web has done yet. A-Rod said he didnít know what exactly he took, or who gave it to him be he confessed to using it. Of course when you sign a $252 Million contract you shoot up all kinds of steroids and performance enhancers into your body that you donít know the name of too right? I doubt it. He knew exactly what it was and who gave it to him, but he doesnít want to throw anyone under the bus, and now congress will not take testimony from him, so we might never know the whole truth about A-Rodís case and the steroid supply tree heís apart of unless someone thatís somewhat credible who supplied it to him comes out.

This Time Itís 4 Real
Brett Favre announced his retirement this week, and you can probably bet heís not going change his mind this time. I think heís done, and so does everybody in the sports world after watching him end the Ď08 season in a meltdown much like the Buccaneers defense. Seeing the last few games, you could tell he was tired, and could not sustain a whole season anymore. He started out on fire, even threw 6 touchdown passes in one game! After an 18th season heíll carry on to bigger and better things like a NutriSystem endorsement, or continued Sensodyne commercials, heck, why not an analyst spot on NFL Network or ESPN? Heíll be around. So now where does he stack up in history? Is he the greatest? Time will tell but with QBís like Brady, Peyton, Eli, Big Ben and Philip Rivers stockpiling Lombardi Trophies, MVP Nominations, rings and records, Favre could easily be overshadowed. Is he a legend? Of course. Looking back, you will never find another quarterback that played the game like he has. Most of his career you always sat on the edge of your seat to see the ending of a game. The way he throws the ball, itíll break your fingers when you catch it. In case you havenít noticed, I am a hardcore Buccaneers fan and there was nothing better the NFC Central days when it was Sapp vs. Favre twice a year. So unless you were a Lions, Bears or Vikings fan, you really have to give him the credit he deserves. Neither the Jets nor the Packers made the playoffs this year. In the Jetsí eyes, thatís ok, they didnít make it the year before either. For the Packers, they went from 13-3 with Favre to 6-10 without him. Favre got $12 Million for one year of play. Who got the best deal?

Jagodzinski Likes McCown
Bucs newly named Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski is from Boston College where he coached Falconsí QB Matt Ryan in his college years. With him coming to Tampa, we should see a productive passing game, but where missing something like, I dunno, a quarterback. So letís re-sign Luke McCown. Why? McCown reminds me of Matt Ryan, similarities in throwing the ball, his release and arm strength, and should be a good fit in JagĎs offense. Jeff Garcia didnt like that very much and told the Tampa Tribune that his days in Tampa are obviously over. Obviously. Matt Cassel is on the trading block, and there are also a few other qbís in the free agent market, plus Garciaís time here has been less then stellar.

Thanks For Reading Sports Talk, And Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all you men got your woman something otherwise, I feel sorry for you!

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