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PCR #472 (Vol. 10, No. 15). This edition is for the week of April 6--12, 2009.

"Observe and Report"  by Mike Smith
Fishy Tales: Weeki Wachee  by ED Tucker
Toys in the Attic Part 2  by Chris Woods
Im Back! .... Retire Adenhart's # 34 .... A Leftwich Sandwich .... Go Rays! .... .... .... .... by Chris Munger
Ray Ferry And Phil Kim Settle!!! Fm Lives! .... .... ....  by Matt Drinnenberg
The Shark Is Finally Working! .... What? I'm 500 .... Passing On .... For Sale .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Im Back!
Ok, so I missed a few weeks, sorry to all the people that actually read Sports Talk, if you caught the Sports Talk last week, the one where I talk about Cutler wanting to be traded out of Denver two weeks after he was traded, I apologize. That week when I wrote that edition, I turned it in late, and my link was already down, and it was apparently lost and the chief didn’t post it until a week and half later. That’s why I was talking about Cutler wanting to be traded when he was already traded. But thank you to everyone who let me know I was behind!

Retire Adenhart's # 34
My thoughts and prayers goto the family of Angels’ Pitcher Nick Adenhart, who was killed Thursday morning in a car crash after pitching a great game in a losing effort Wednesday night. His father flew from Baltimore, MD to Cali to watch him pitch. His father thanked the Angels for “raising his son”, since he was with the team since he was 18. The Angels postponed their next game against the A‘s, and held a press conference where no one could keep it together. “Now You Play For Another Angels’ Team.” was written at a makeshift memorial for Adenhart. The driver of the other vehicle was driving on a suspended, drunk, and now faces up to 55 years in prison.

A Leftwich Sandwich
So far, I’ve loved the moves the Bucs have made this off-season. They could’ve done more, but I guess they’re saving the rest of the holes for the draft. One move that keeps swirling around the rumor mill is that the Bucs are interested in Byron Leftwich. I watched Leftwich play in college at Marshall and was very high on him during his draft out of Marshall (The Herd), especially after watching him play with a broken leg in one game, and after every completed pass, the offensive linemen picked him up and ran with him to the next marker. He’s a tough football player, that’s why he was just offered a two-year contract by the his current team, the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. So I really don’t think he’ll be coming to town unless the Bucs make a better offer, but after his release from Jacksonville, and his horrible first start against (guess who) the Buccaneers as a Falcon, he really doesn’t show signs of being able to fulfill a long-term contract. I mean, he has the slowest release in the NFL. But hey, he got a ring last year! So, unless the Bucs draft a QB -now im wondering what the hell happened to Josh Johnson- they should pick him up.

Go Rays!
Finally, they have returned! The baseball season started the week and the Rays started out with winning their first series, 2-1 against their arch rival Boston Red Sox, in their house too! Evan rocked the house and the rest of the team showed Boston that last year was no fluke, and they are going to have a heated division race this year.

Thank you for reading this week's sports talk! Check back next week for more!

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