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PCR #473 (Vol. 10, No. 16). This edition is for the week of April 13--19, 2009.

"State of Play"  by Mike Smith
Cheech & Chong: Still Smoking After All These Years  by ED Tucker
Harry Kalas, 73, R.i.p. .... Here Comes The King! .... I Have A Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Cowbell! .... Bruce Allen Has A New Job .... The Heat Is On .... .... .... by Chris Munger
Guess Who? .... Cinderella Story .... Then He Kissed Me .... Still No Ringo .... Give 'til It Hurts .... Back To Work .... Outta Here! .... Last Week .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Harry Kalas, 73, R.I.P.
Radio announcer and all around superstar voice, Harry Kalas collapsed in a broadcast booth before a game against the Washington Nationals. He was the radio announcer of the Phillies, and the voice of NFL films. I grew up watching NFL Films shows and his one of a kind voice was on every show. The Phillies will sure miss him, and everyone that heard his unique voice will sure miss him. It’s fitting that he saw his Phillies win the World Series last year against the Rays. His son is a TV announcer for the Rays.

Here Comes The King!
King James and the Cavaliers, coming off their beat down on the Boston Celtics, won home-court advantage throughout the NBA playoffs with their win earlier this week. This could finally be the year for LeBron James, who has been deemed the greatest but hasn’t won a championship yet. Right now, the Cavaliers hold the best record in the NBA.

I Have A Fever, And The Only Prescription is More Cowbell!
The Rays spanked the Yankees. That’s the only way you can describe the Rays-Yankees match-up Monday night. The Rays beat New York 15-5 and completely embarrassed the Yankees’ pitchers in the Rays’ home opener at Tropicana Field. Monday night the team raised their 2008 American League Championship Banner, and on Tuesday night they passed out replica championship rings to everyone who attended the game.

Bruce Allen Has A New Job
Bruce Allen, former General Manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who was fired this year, was giving his perspective to the NFL Network about what is necessary to prepare for the NFL Draft. The network pays big money to these guys to give their thoughts and they are going to get general manager pointers from this guy? Great. Good thing the producer of NFL Network doesn’t run an NFL team!

The Heat Is On
The Cowboys released Terrell Owens this off-season. While I was watching NFL Replay the other day on the NFL Network, they showed the Cowboys @ Cardinals game from last year where the Cowboys started drowning in their own cesspool, and the Cardinals were on the rise. During the game, Terrell Owens made 3 catches that made me think, then I my says to myself, “Would anybody else have made that catch besides T.O. for the Cowboys?” The answer is no. The Cowboys have done themselves no favors by cutting T.O.. You and I could think “Yeah, it was best for the Cowboys to get him out.”, but this year, the Buffalo Bills will go to the playoffs, guaranteed, because of T.O. And the Cowboys? Well, who has to still prove themselves in their position? Only the Quarterback, (Tony Romo, who hasn’t done anything with TO, and cant do anything without him.) and the receivers, (without TO), so good luck Jerrah Jones, this year you are opening the hugest stadium in NFL history, and your team is worth a can of Spam. At this point, the Cowboys have become an over-glorified, over-publicized football team over the years, and have nothing on Pittsburgh, New England, Miami, and Green Bay, historically. They could still make the playoffs, but I'm just pointing out they are going to have problem this year.

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