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PCR #476 (Vol. 10, No. 19). This edition is for the week of May 4--10, 2009.

"Star Trek"  by Mike Smith
Summer Movie Preview by Mike Smith
Glen and Randa  by ED Tucker
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Nfl Network’s Top 10 Home Field Advantages .... Cowboy Tragedy .... Two Faces .... Coyotes Moving .... The Richest F**k Up! .... .... .... by Chris Munger
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Sports Talk

NFL Network’s Top 10 Home Field Advantages
This was the NFL Networks list, and I wanted to put it on here and share with everybody. I was surprised that RJ Stadium wasn’t on there considering they showed RJ Stadium during a commercial tease.

10. The Minnesota Vikings‘ “The Met” stadium. The Vikings played here in their early days, and won championships there, but haven’t won s**t since moving to a dome, taking away their home-field advantage, the snow.

9. The Seattle Seahawks‘ “Qwest Field”. Home of the 12th Man, the Seahawks stadium is designed to give opponents problems during a game. It has the fans closest to the field more than any other stadium.

8. Miami Dolphins’ Orange Bowl. The Orange Bowl is the home of current college football games, and NCAA Bowl games but since the Dolphins left, their really hasn’t been anything going there. As a side note, the Miami Dolphins were the first NFL team to wear their away-white uniforms at home, because of the scolding heat in the south. After this, the Cowboys, Bucs, Jaguars, Panthers, Texans, and Saints wear their away-whites at home from time to time because of the heat.

7. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Three Rivers Stadium. When this stadium was built, it was the most hi-tech stadium in the league. Since then, the stadium has been replaced by Heinz Field, the stadium with a giant ketchup bottle in it.

6. The Philadelphia Eagles’ Veterans Stadium. The Vet has housed some memorable moments, but one moment the NFL Network failed to mention during this show, was the moment when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reamed revenge on the Eagles in the final season for the Vet, as Keyshawn said after that game, "We Shut Down The Vet!", the Bucs soundly defeated the Eagles and went on to win the Super Bowl after shutting down the Vet, and were the last NFL team to win a football game in that stadium. Sorry ‘bout your luck Philly! ( Im Sorry, but I hate Philly sports teams, and when the Bucs finally stuck it to the Eagles that year, it was the greatest feeling ever!) Remember Ronde running an interception all the way the end zone in that game to seal the deal? That game was a better game than Super Bowl 37!

5. Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium. Every time you enter a Chiefs home game, you will experience a college football atmosphere. The Band, the food, the tailgating….If you’re a KC fan, you’ll love to attend the games, you’d be crazy not to. It’s just the ending of most games that make you sick.

4. Oakland Alameda County Coliseum. The home of John Madden. The Raiders enjoyed a dominant decade during their tenure at the Coliseum, winning their Super Bowls while playing here, but since the Raiders have moved to L.A. from Oakland, then back to Oakland, Al Davis has seemed to go nuts and can’t get it together.

3. The House That Johnny U Built, The Baltimore Colts’ Memorial Stadium. This place housed all the Baltimore Colts’ best years, but laid dormant when the Colts moved to Indianapolis until the Ravens franchise was awarded to Baltimore and the Ravens played 2 seasons in Memorial Stadium, then moved into a new one.

2. The Denver Broncos’ Mile High Stadium. This stadium sat on the highest sea-level of all the other NFL teams, making it difficult to breath there if your not used to it. John Elway and the Broncos lost a few Super Bowls there, until finally winning two championships during the ‘97 and ‘98 seasons.

1. The Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field. Also known as “The Frozen Tundra”, this stadium housed all the greatest moments in Packers history, including the rising of Brett Favre, and the house of Paul Hornung, and Bart Starr, and still to this day is still being used by the franchise. They renovate the stadium from time to time to keep it going, and is also houses 2/3rds of the population in Green Bay.

Cowboy Tragedy
This week, the Dallas Cowboys held their rookie workouts. During the work out, the massive tent was blown over by very heavy winds that day, injuring a few Cowboys’ personnel. The tent was inspected in ‘03 and had a good review, (allegedly) but the Cowboys looked into replacing it last season for some reason. Two people were seriously injured in the accident. Major lawsuits coming out of this one!

Two Faces
In this years edition of John Madden’s NFL game, Madden 10, they will, for the first time, display two players on their cover, not cursing one player for that year, but two. Every player displayed on the cover of the Madden game has been injured in that season, hence Brett Favre last year. The two players, Larry Fitzgerald (WR/Cardinals), and Troy Polamalu (S/Steelers) played against each other in the last Super Bowl, that was held in Tampa, and if the legend is correct, they'll be hurtin' this year.

Coyotes Moving
The Phoenix Coyotes have filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and will try to move the team to Ontario, Canada, in another sign of financial hardships among NHL Franchises. The league that actually pays ESPN to show their games, has really been hit with the recession, and really should take another look at their business model, I mean, who would’ve thought that Phoenix, AZ, is a great place for a hockey team in the first place??

The Richest F**K UP!
Manny Ramirez is on the list. You know, the list of tainted legends forgotten because of steroid use, and the rest of the league should take notice: ‘You Will Not Get Away With This, If You Use Steroids, Your Name Will Come Out.’ It has just came out on Thursday that Manny tested positve for hGC, a drug that is generally used by women, but when used by a man, it keeps your nuts big while taking steroids. Jose Conseco has been screaming that Manny was a user, but nobody wanted to listen. Conseco has called it on several occasions. Anybody want to listen to the guy now? He obviously knows. Manny Ramirez rejected offer after offer from the Dodgers this past off-season because he thought he wasn’t getting paid enough, then finally settled for a measly 2/yr-$45 Million deal. He tested positive after the signing. You’d have to be damned stupid if your going to test positive for anything nowadays but Manny is Manny right? Not anymore. Ramirez will serve a 50 game suspension this year, but his legacy will suffer the same fate as the other players on “The List”.

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