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PCR #477 (Vol. 10, No. 20). This edition is for the week of May 11--17, 2009.

"Angels and Demons"  by Mike Smith
Forgotten Horrors: Blood Massacre  by ED Tucker
Summer Blockbusters of 1989  by Chris Woods
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This Wont End Well, Brett .... Nfl Wants 2 Games In London .... Tampa Gets A New Team .... Josh Freeman Will Sit This Year .... Excuse Me While I Choke, Again .... Nfl Live’s Hall-of-fame Coaches .... Clemens Speaks .... Phelps Is A Stud! by Chris Munger
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Sports Talk

This Wont End Well, Brett
The Favre Saga Continues……Last week, big ole’ number 4 said he’s done. After that, ESPN reported that Brett apparently sent his x-rays to the Vikings, after he said he wasn’t going to play for the Vikes. Cowinkidink? I think not! Fact is, we as fans have been through this before, the NFL realm has been through this before and unless your under a rock somewhere, expect Favre to wear purple and yellow next year. It’s a great story actually. Favre, the longtime Packer goes into Green Bay as a Viking, and defeats the Packers on Monday Night, but then what? He just signed up to play 2 games to stick it to the Packers? Let me take you back to when Brett started his last season with the Packers, he had a great season, led the Pack to 13-3, but in the Championship game, he threw a key interception, even though the game was decided by a field goal, he still put the Pack in a tough spot. Then, last year, he went to the Jets, led them to an 8-3 record to start the season, then faded out during the end of it, spiraling out of the playoffs. So when you sit back, and think about, the only redeeming social quality to him going to the Vikings is him sticking it to the Packers, that’s it. Im a Favre fan like the next guy, but stop playing games Brett, then again, maybe it’s not Brett, maybe it’s just the media trying to start something.

NFL Wants 2 Games In London
Just Give them a team! The NFL is looking into holding not only one NFL game in Wembley Stadium, but two in a season. Dragging four teams to London in year, that’s half of the franchises that they would send to London during a regular season if London had an NFL Franchise. Just Do It right? That’s what I said, London loves American football, and should have a team, and so should any city in the world that’s able to support an NFL Franchise, considering that the NFL took away the NFL Europa League from Europe. Every time I want to move a team on my Madden game, it wants me to move to Mexico City! So, NFL, it’s time to expand, and profusely, L.A./Las Vegas/Orlando/ OKC/Richmond, VA/Honolulu/Santa Fe/De Moines/Orlando/Mexico City/Toronto/London and Berlin could and would support a National Football League Franchise, and the NFL is losing money by not fielding teams in these cities. For instance, take Green Bay for example, the stadium houses 2/3rds of the population of the city, but sells out tickets every year, no matter what. It’s time for the NFL to take the sport to the next level, and become better than soccer’s (the most boring sport besides golf) popularity in the world.

Tampa Gets A New Team
You didn’t think I was going to miss this one did you? You stay classy, Tampa. That’s what Ron Burgundy would say about this. This year, the City of Tampa will be awarded a new football team in the Lingerie Football League, named the Tampa Breeze. I would’ve went for the Tampa Bay Babes, but the league names teams with only singular words, i.e. The New England Euphoria, Dallas Desire, Miami Caliente and so on. I like the concept of the LFL, some don’t, but I do. It gives hot women a chance to play football in a mainstream league. The Tampa Breeze will play at The St. Pete Times Forum, hinting to the fact that they will play on a 50-yard field.

Josh Freeman Will Sit This Year
This week the Buccaneers announced that they want Josh Freeman to sit and learn from the McCown and Leftwich quarterback battle this year, which I could understand, but lately in the NFL, teams have just thrown their 1st rounders into the wolves, and have had instant success. The Falcons threw Matt Ryan in last year, and they almost beat the Cardinals in the playoffs. The Ravens threw in Joe Flacco too, and they made it to the AFC Championship game. So does one year really matter, I mean the Bucs do have an ongoing QB battle, so why not throw Freeman into the mix?

Excuse Me While I Choke, Again
Tony Romo is famous for choking. This week, he failed to qualify for the U.S. Open Golf Tourney, another failure to chalk up for this over-paid, over glamorized quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, who has yet to win a championship under the new rule,(Jerrah Jones‘ new way of running things), but I think that Eminem’s new video sums it up for Romo, he’s all about the magazine, and will never win the big one. Maybe one day he’ll be on a team with a prolific WR and finally win it like Elway, oh sh*t, that flight already left for Buffalo.

NFL Live’s Hall-Of-Fame Coaches
On Tuesday’s NFL Live, Trey Wingo asked Trent Dilfer and Merril Hodge “Which Retired Coach Would You Hire, Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy, Mike Holmgren or Mike Shanahan?” I liked this segment because I know that at least two of the coaches on this list, if not all, will be coaching again sometime soon. The guys had their opinions, Merrill picked Dungy, I forgot who Dilfer picked, but I would think he would pick Dungy, unless he has hard feelings about Dungy cutting him. But I wanted to know what you guys thought, (the people that actually read this online sports rag), I picked Dungy, (of course), not only for his success, but the blueprint for which he builds a team is unique, and ignited a new culture of football strategy. Who would you pick?

Clemens Speaks
On Mike and Mike In The Morning, Roger Clemens was a bombshell guest for the show, and during the interview, Greenie, (Mike Greenburg) threw some of the most cupcake questions at Clemens, but somehow got some useful information out of him. Clemens went on to call McNamee a liar, and on to say that he couldn’t ever take steroids because his family had a history of heart problems, then said that McNamee is just trying to make a buck off of his name. He also believes that he should make it into the Hall of Fame, but will be resolute if he isn’t voted in. What I took away from this interview is that: A. Greenie could’ve asked better questions. B. Clemens is going to stick to his guns, and deny any and all allegations of steroid use, and C. Clemens cares where his legacy lies in history. So did A-Rod. And I’m not sure, but I think that Greenie was coming on to Jalen Rose on Wednesday morning, but I do have to admit, Rose’ sweater was “phenomenal!”.

Phelps Is A Stud!
I wouldn’t know about that, but Theresa White does. Theresa White is not your normal everyday stripper, she’s a stripper that allegedly had sex with Olympic Champ Michael Phelps, and decided to let News Of The World know about. If you remember, News Of The World was the first organization to publish Phelps’ marijuana mishap. Now they wish to publish Phelps’ sex life. White went on to tell NOTW the following: "He said he liked short girls and I thought that was funny because he's so tall. At the his place we started playing drinking games. Two hours later I was pretty drunk and I went up to Michael and said, 'If you were to have a threesome tonight, who would you like it to be with?' He told me he'd never had one before but said it would be with me and then pointed at another girl. "Everybody else stayed put while we went upstairs and jumped into bed.”

"The sex lasted for about three hours. Michael should get another Olympic gold for marathon love-making!"

Take this story lightly as it is just a claim at this point, and a trashy attempt to sell magazines by NOTW.

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