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PCR #490 (Vol. 10, No. 33). This edition is for the week of August 10--16, 2009.

"District 9" †by Mike Smith
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Summer Memories: Baseball Hall of Fame †by Chris Woods
FANGRRL Gets BRAINJACKED †by Lisa Scherer Ciurro
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Michael Vick Seen In Chicago, Ends Up In Philly .... Hmm, He Looked Like A Bowling Pin! .... Usa Vs. Mexico .... Itís Tusker Time! .... .... .... .... by Chris Munger
Lions And Tigers And....cheese? Oh My! .... The Stewardess Is Flying The Plane! .... Passing On .... Good Thing He Didn't Call It The "dead And Buried" Tour .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2... †by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Michael Vick Seen In Chicago, Ends Up In Philly
On Tuesday, TMZ.com reported that Michael Vick was spotted at the Chicago OíHaire Airport. On Thursday, he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, in a switch-a-roo. I guess when it was reported that Vick was in Chicago, Eagles front office staff rushed to sign Vick. This year (before Vickís signing) the Eagles signed Donovan McNabb to a two year deal. Vick also received a 2 year contract. It smells like Donovan McNabbís days are numbered in Philly. If you asked D-Nabb about it heíll tell you heís happy that Vick is an Eagle, but I know that underneath his classy surface, heís boiling. Fridayís Philadelphia newspapers ostracized the Eagles for signing Vick, one headline read: ďHide Your Dogs!Ē with a picture of Michael Vick next to it smiling. What I donít get about this situation is the fact that Vick bankrolled a dog fighting ring, and served 23 months -in prison-. Browns receiver Donte Stallworth was convicted of DUI Manslaughter and served 24 days -in county jail-. Everyone should get off of Vickís ass now, heís paid his dues already.

Hmm, He Looked Like A Bowling Pin!
The Red Sox canít catch a break. Heck, they canít even hit the ball because opposing pitchers keep pinging their batters. Ask Kevin Youkilis. The Red Sox slugger was fined and suspended after he was hit twice by Detroit Tigersí pitchers and decided to charge the mound to beat down the pitcher. The Tigersí pitcher actually caught Youkilis and threw him to the ground, but in any event both players were fined and suspended. All of this happened after last weekís incident between the Rays and the Red Sox, where pings were exchanged in that game too. The Red Sox uniforms do make the players look like giant bowling pins though!

USA vs. Mexico
0 Wins 23 losses and 1 tie. Thatís the United States Soccer teamsí record in Mexico. They just donít win there. How could a country full of superstar athletes have a soccer team that sucks so bad? Maybe itís the low scoring in the game, or the lack of hitting, but either way soccer has not caught on in the U.S. like it was supposed to, and probably never will unless Team USA can put a quality product on the futbol field. Seriously, can you name one, just one famous soccer player thatís a product the U.S.?

Itís Tusker Time!
Yeah I said Tusker. You probably havenít heard yet, but the new upstart football league has awarded the city of Orlando a football franchise, The Florida Tuskers. The Tampa Bay Rays ownership decided to dip their stick into the league, and became a minority owner of the Tuskers. Some say the reason for the Rays getting involved would be to keep their moving options open by rubbing shoulders with Orlando politicians, that may be, but I really think that if the Rays where to move from St. Pete, Orlando would be the last spot on their list.

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