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PCR #491 (Vol. 10, No. 34). This edition is for the week of August 17--23, 2009.

"Inglourious Basterds"  by Mike Smith
Airliners International 2009  by Will Moriaty
Movies That Scared Us for Life  by ED Tucker
Initializing...  by Bobby Tyler
DVD Review: Criterion's "An Autumn Afternoon": Ozu Final Masterpiece  by Jason Fetters
Heeee’s Baaack! .... Is His Name Clear? .... Tanard Jackson .... Monday Night’s Birthday .... Are You A Dolphin? .... Officer Mike Roberts .... .... by Chris Munger
Brody .... Justice Is Blind...and Pretty Damn Arrogant .... It's Also A Damn Joke .... Movie Notes .... Everything's Archie .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Heeee’s Baaack!
Three weeks after saying he won’t be back, he’s, well, back. Favre said he made the decision when Vikings’ head coach Brad Childress called him and asked him to come back one more time. But if there are two things we know about Brett Favre, they are 1. Never count him out and 2. Don’t believe a word he says. I said in an earlier edition of Sports Talk that I guarantee Favre will be playing for the Vikes this season. The possibility of going into Green Bay and spanking the Packers is too enticing. We all poke fun at him, say he’s a liar (like I just did), a clown, a cartoon character, but at the end of the day, he’s a legendary quarterback, no matter how many teams he plays for in his career. This generation and the next generation of football fans will recognize his name, maybe more. If I were him I would do the same thing, if he thinks he can play, then let him play. How many quarterbacks in NFL history have stuck it to their former team? Nobody. Plus he doesn’t have to start, he could really help Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson (the other two QB’s on the Vikings’ roster) from the sideline and in practice. Brett Favre is set to start and play his first pre-season game as a Viking this Friday night. Favre’s #4 Vikings jerseys have just left the Reebok warehouse and should get to the game if they haven’t made it there already.

Is His Name Clear?
She should “Abandon her lawsuit immediately, and admit that Ben Roethlisberger did not rape her.”, says Ben’s attorney who represents him in the rape civil suit. His attorney also submitted emails from the accuser, saying how much she looked forward to having dinner with Ben two days after the alleged rape occurred. This is evidence that there was a relationship between the two, making her first story of him just calling down to the office and specifically asking for her to come to his room in the hotel not true. How much else of this lawsuit isn’t true?

Tanard Jackson
Suspended 4 regular season games this year for violating the NFL’s League Substance Abuse Policy, one of the hardest hitters in the NFL will get the standard punishment for first time offenders. It wasn’t clear what “substance” the Buccaneer defensive back used, but the policy includes anything from alcohol to steroids. And with an already thin secondary, this could hurt the Bucs early in the season when they need to get a jump on the Falcons and the Panthers.

Monday Night’s Birthday
This year, Monday Night Football will turn 40 years old. After many years of having the best broadcasters in their booth calling the games, this year a familiar face will be in that booth. Former Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden. In a strange twist of fate, this was most likely the only way football fans would get the chance to see Gruden on Monday Night, considering only the best teams from the previous season make the Monday Night schedule. Now instead of being criticized, and made fun of, Gruden gets to return the favor by poking and prodding the other coaches, all of this while he’s still getting a healthy contract salary to sit on his ass from the Buccaneers franchise because he was fired early. It would add a little edge in the commentary with Gruden stating what he would do in certain situations, as we saw how that thinking worked for him, but I like the idea that we’ll hear his raspy voice, plus his commentary is just like John Madden’s, obvious.

Are You A Dolphin?
In a sudden fire sale, the Miami Dolphins are selling off ownership stakes in the team to the highest bidders. Last week the failed musician and actor couple Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez bought into the franchise, and this week, pro-tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams bought into the team also. So if your rich, and want to claim that you “own” a football team, call the Dolphins. Or they could just sell season tickets right? They wouldn’t need a fire sale if they had winner on the field. Also I’m sure Bill Parcells (Phins’ GM) salary isn’t too cheap, either. So, if you’re a fan of your hometown’s football team, would you rather your team’s owner also own the greatest soccer team in the world, or sell off to any celebrity that could afford it?

Officer Mike Roberts
Wednesday night in Tampa, on Nebraska Avenue, a Tampa Police Officer was shot in the chest and died after stopping a suspicious person pushing a shopping cart. Officer Roberts was struck in the head twice by the suspect then shot while chasing the him on foot. Officer Roberts was wearing a bulletproof vest, but the gunshot went through his arm and into his chest, killing him. Mike Roberts was regular in me and Nolan’s store, known for cracking jokes, and giving his best patrol stories, always making us laugh. Roberts was the 27th TPD officer killed in the line of duty. The suspect was finally captured hiding in someone’s backyard by a K-9 dog. This night was supposedly the cop’s last night on the street as he just took a desk job as a detective in the Hit & Run squad. A 3-year-old boy will wake up without his father, and a wife will become a widow, all because some homeless piece of trash asshole wanted to continue pushing his cart instead of receiving 3 hots and a cot. I think this guy should be fried as soon as possible. I for one am shocked they actually caught this guy alive, they should’ve shot him there and said he turned a weapon on them.

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