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PCR #492 (Vol. 10, No. 35). This edition is for the week of August 24--30, 2009.

"The Time Traveler's Wife"  by Mike Smith
Forgotten Horrors: A * P * E  by ED Tucker
Music In Your Lifetime  by Bobby Tyler
Last Life in the Universe  by Jason Fetters
Medicare Cuts For 2.5 Trillion Obamacare? .... Maher: We're Still Stupid .... Townhall Jokes .... Get A New Ev .... The Charming Liar .... .... Girl Flees Honor Killing .... Ted by Brandon Jones
Bucs Record .... Burress .... Massive Video Board .... Vick .... .... .... .... by Chris Munger
2 Dog Night .... And Now A Brief Commerical Message .... Movie Notes .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Bucs Record
10-6, 11-5, how about 9-7? Forget for one minute, the fact that the Bucs have traded any nationally televised games for one game in London, England, and keep in mind the fact that the Bucs have one of the hardest schedules in the league. They also play in a very tough NFC South Division. If you ask Bucs Head Coach Raheem Morris about the upcoming season, he tell you he’s “Excited.” . I for one am very excited about the upcoming season, they look young and strong. They have QB issues but those will work out, somehow. I think the Bucs will hit the 10 win mark and go 10-6. On the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN, they’re thinking somewhere between 4-11 and 6-10 along with all of the other ’pre-season pundits’ and coaches who lost their jobs. But that’s a good thing, the Bucs want to be counted out and forgotten, that’s when they’ll hit ’em. Plus, I don’t think that the Glazers would’ve fired Gruden if they thought they were going to get a worse record with the next coach that they hired, but now, I think most Bucs fans will be satisfied with an 8-8 season, at least it’s respectable! But let’s be honest here, the Bucs ARE in a rebuilding year, you don’t get rid of 6 veteran players and say you’re not rebuilding. It’ll most likely be a year or two until we see Raheem Morris’s full effect as a coach. But, this year, I promise you, the Buccaneers are going to be one of the most feared teams in the NFL, no matter what their record is. They have heart. Something that’s been missing around here for a while.

In an interview on E:60 on ESPN, embattled former Giants Receiver Plaxico Buress--who was just sentenced to two years for shooting himself in the leg, after deciding to carry a pistol in his sweatpants--told the reporter that the gunshot was 2mm from an artery in his leg, and he thought that he was going to die after he shot himself. I know that if I shot myself in the leg, and I thought I was dying, hiding the weapon and giving the hospital a fake name is the first thing that I would think of! But anyways, he cried when he was asked how he felt about missing his daughter’s birth, as his baby momma is due on Thanksgiving, and he starts serving time on September 22nd. But once again, here we go with the punishment topic I keep bringing up. Browns WR Donte Stallworth had five shots of tequila and ran over a guy on his bike, and served 24 DAYS in county jail. Michael Vick served 2 years in prison. And now Plaxico Burress will serve 2 years in prison for shooting himself. And who’s the only one still employed by the team that he was with when the crime happened? Ding! Ding! Ding! You got it! Donte Stallworth.

Massive Video Board
During the pre-game warm-ups before the Titans-Cowboys pre-season game this week, the Titans’ punter kept hitting the massive video board in the brand new billion dollar Cowboys Stadium. The Titans’ punter (I’m lost on his name, sorry!) told the media that he would hit the video board hanging from the ceiling on half of his punts. The NFL held a conference call with unnamed attendees, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was apparently not apart of the conference call, but is said that he’s adamant about keeping the scoreboard. And he should, it is apart of home field advantage as rain, snow, or the reflection of the sun coming off of the scoreboard, both teams have to deal with it, and the scoreboard is well within NFL Rules. But the truth is, NFL Commish Roger Goodell doesn’t like games interfered with, and that’s probably a good thing.

He hasn’t played in an NFL Sponsored Event since December 2006. On Thursday night, he made his Philadelphia Eagles debut, after three years of fighting his dog fighting charges in court and serving prison time. This one should’ve sold some tickets. There were protestors outside of the stadium, however, but that will probably fizzle out soon. On Thursday the NFL Network chronicled his whole day from his bankruptcy being discharged successfully to his first pre-season game that night. He flew from the bankruptcy hearing to play in the game against the Jaguars. Michael Vick was 4-4 with 19 yards, but he and Donovan McNabb were happy about how their new funky offense has worked out so far. Michael Vick received a standing ovation from the crowd in Philly, which leads us to believe all is well and good in the City of Brotherly Love. Until they start losing in a very tough NFC East Division.

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