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PCR #498 (Vol. 10, No. 41). This edition is for the week of October 5--11, 2009.

"Couples Retreat"  by Mike Smith
Retroween: A Collection of Characters  by ED Tucker
Memoirs of an Otaku Part 2: Life in Japan  by Jason Fetters
Kill The Dollar .... Taxing The Benefits .... Running To Stand Still .... Harry Makes Me Uncomforable Too .... Ftc: Fine The Bloggers .... Internet Filtering? .... .... by Brandon Jones
Braylon Edwards A Jet .... Rush Limbaugh Wants To Buy The Rams .... 0-4. Walk The Plank .... D-nabb Good To Go .... Kickoff! .... .... .... by Chris Munger
My Trip Up North .... Don't Say I Didn't Warn You .... Told You It Wasn't About Drugs .... Big Apple Bound .... Catching Up .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2...  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Braylon Edwards A Jet
Well they wanted Brandon Marshall first, but after Marshall’s game-winning touchdown reception against the Cowboys last Sunday, it was obvious Marshall wasn’t going anywhere. Moving down the list of disgruntled receivers, the New York Jets hit the jackpot with the Browns. The Browns received some minor players and draft picks from the Jets for Edwards, depleting any receiving corps the Browns may have had. How is Brady Quinn supposed to develop with no one to throw it to? The only people who benefit from the trade is Jets QB Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards, who has suddenly gone from a bad team to a contender overnight.

Rush Limbaugh Wants To Buy The Rams
As a part-owner with the St. Louis Blues owner, Rush Limbaugh is attempting to aquire the St. Louis Rams. Never mind the thought of no matter if your left or right, the guy is full of hot air most of the time. But in any case, anyone who has the means to purchase a football team should be allowed to do so, no matter what side of the aisle they are on. How many NFL Franchise owners do you think are Republicans anyway? Take a wild guess. Fact is, the Rams are in dire straits, and someone has to come along and do something about it. Limbaugh wants to do something about it. And if liberals have a problem with Limbaugh owning the Rams, then Jeanine Garafalo should but in a bid! It would be pretty freaky to see Rush Limbaugh hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in front of the world wouldn’t it?

0-4. Walk The Plank
0-4. Seriously? 0-4? Crap man! I don’t mean to go all Dennis Miller on them, but the Bucs look like a pee-wee team out there sometimes! They’ve played 4 games already and the only good thing to come out of them is Aqib Talib’s 3 interceptions in one game (and he dropped one). At least he’s growing up. The rest of the team……I just want to throw my wings at the television! At the beginning of the season they were threatening to black-out unsold-out home games to TV viewers. I was opposed to that. But when Micheal Clayton drops a ball I think to myself, “They should’ve blacked these games out! Who wants to see this?”. Most people had low expectations for the Bucs this year, but I thought they would be pretty good and had no reason to believe otherwise. Now I'm thinking they are just making a run for the #1 Draft Pick next year, Tim Tebow.

D-Nabb Good To Go
Eagles QB Donovan McNabb is set to start against the Buccaneers this Sunday after missing a few weeks due to a rib injury. Michael Vick played QB for a while but was pretty much useless, leaving Kevin Kolb to step in and he didn’t do a bad job for the Eagles. In any case, D-Nabb’s back and will most likely put a hurtin’ on the Buccaneers’ secondary this week, pretty much knocking the Bucs out of the playoff race already. “Playoffs!?”

The United Football League will kickoff Thursday night as the California Redwoods take on the Las Vegas Locomotives from Sam Boyd Stadium at 9pm. All UFL games are on the Versus Channel if you want to catch them. The Florida Tuskers host the New York Sentinels from the Citrus Bowl on Saturday at 7pm.

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