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PCR #504 (Vol. 10, No. 47). This edition is for the week of November 16--22, 2009.

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Sports Talk

Lebron James Changes Number
NBA Superstar LeBron James announced this week that he will change his jersey number, the number 23, to number 6. This change was made to honor former NBA great Michael Jordan, who wore 23 for the Chicago Bulls if you donít remember. LeBron also said the NBA should retire the number 23 throughout the league. LeBron has worn 23 since he started playing basketball.

No More ĎCaptainí In it For The NFL?
This season, Captain Morganís Spiced Rum (and very good!!!) Liquor company offered a deal to any NFL player that posed like The Captain after a touchdown, they would have $10,000 donated to charity. In the NFLís minds though, thatís a big no no. The NFL sent letters notifying players that they will be fined for posing like The Captain. They want a cut if a product is being marketed on their platform. See, the NFL controls everything you see on television, from where the cameras are placed to how long you would see a logo on the field, to making television companies turn the camera away and not show the crazy drunk guy that looks like Jack Black, streaking down the 50 yard line. Thatís exactly why Chad Ochocinco was fined by the NFL last week for walking up to an official with a dollar bill while he was looking at a replay (imitating a bribe) during the game. Since Captain Morgan initiated the campaign, one NFL player from the Eagles has actually scored and posed like The Captain, and since the NFL banned the pose, Captain Morganís has asked players to continue the pose while they work something out with the NFL.

Guess There Still Is Some Left In The Tank!
Brett Favre lead the Vikings to an 8-1 record so far this year, and he is putting up better numbers than he did during his last MVP year. Ahh, It was 1996. If you picked your phone up while you where on the internet, you would lose everything. The Tampa Police Department where wearing sky blue shirts. And the Bucs were wearing their creamsicles for the final season. Brett Favre at this point in the season threw 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Now, At 40 years old in 2009, Favre has thrown 17 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, plus has a legitimate shot of winning the MVP crown again, for the third time in his illustrious career. All the while his team is 8-1 and he might win another ring.

Chris Simms
Former Buccaneersí Quarterback Chris Simms, who left his spleen on the field at Raymond James, is now the backup quarterback for the Denver Broncos. This past Sunday, the Broncos starting QB, Kyle Orton, got hurt and Simms got to play again. He went 3-3 for 13 yards and an interception in a loss to Redskins. Basically not doing diddly squat for the Broncos. And I bought his Texas NCAA Jersey. See ya in the Arena League, Chris!

Belichick The Bonehead?
This past Sunday, the Game of the Year was on Sunday Night Football. The New England Patriots vs. The Indianapolis Colts. Bill Belichick, the Head Coach of the Patriots (3 Super Bowls) found his offense on their own 28 yard line on a fourth down, with 2:00 minutes left in the game. Normally a coach would punt the ball away, thus making Peyton Manning drive down back down 70-80 yards to win the game. Belichick went for it though, and didnít make the first down, giving the Colts a separation of just 30 yards to win the game. And Peyton Manning did just that. Now that the game is over, and everyone is playing Monday Morning Quarterback, Belichick is taking heat from all of the sports pundits. Thing is, I donít know why everyone is so surprised, as the Patriots go for it on 4 down and short yardage situations all the time. And usually make them. I think the sports world should lay off the guy and stop saying that heís losing it.

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