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PCR #506 (Vol. 10, No. 49). This edition is for the week of November 30--December 6, 2009.

"The Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Eulogy for A Wizard  by William Moriaty
Time Warp Toy Box ’09 – Part 1  by ED Tucker
A 10-Year Look Back at the Godzilla 2000 Premiere  by Jason Fetters
Sneaker Head Sunday @ Club Skye  by John Miller
Questions About The Ufl .... Bucs Coach Fires Another Coach .... Tiger Woods Shocker! .... .... Charlie Weis Fired! .... Bobby Bowden Forced Out .... Allen Iverson Signs With The 76ers .... Nolan And Ladders by Chris Munger
Hypocrite .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... .... .... My Favorite Films, Part 2  by Mike Smith
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Sports Talk

Questions About The UFL
As the last game, also known as their Championship Game of the United Football League took place this past weekend in Las Vegas, I have a few questions about the UFL. Was the “Premiere Season” of the UFL successful? Well, if you consider an average of 5,000 fans at one game successful then, yes. The sports network Versus seemed to be drawing good ratings on the games though. As The UFL looks like their pretty good with the financials, by having the teams wear one colored jersey in both home and away games saves on a whole other uniform for each player, doubling the equipment costs for one team. The UFL has shown that you don’t need colored home jerseys and away white jerseys for a fan to determine who’s who. Plus, the whole league wears the same uniform design (which gets under my skin a little because I’m big on uniform development), but each team has different colors. I Don’t get that but whatever. Also, when the UFL started, they claimed to put teams in markets “underserved by professional football”, but why do the California Redwoods play in the same city as the NFL‘s 49ers? And which name is it, the California Redwoods, San Francisco Redwoods, Sacramento Redwoods or L.A. Redwoods? And while we’re picking on the Redwoods, why are the Redwoods uniforms green? Shouldn’t they be, gee, I dunno, RED? And what the hell is a Tusker? The UFL talked about the league expanding into Hartford, Connecticut, but how about serving really “underserved” football markets like, for instance, Des Moines, Iowa. The Arena League’s Iowa Barnstormers had great success there. So much so, that when the Barnstormers packed up and left town for Oklahoma, there was much backlash that the Arena League put one of their minor league’s (AF2) teams there, properly named, you guessed it, the Iowa Barnstormers. Kansas doesn’t have a football team. Montana, the Dakotas, Alabama, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah, Kentucky, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma all do not have a pro-football team in their states. Yet, most of those States have college football teams that do really well, on the field and with tickets and merchandise. But anyways, for those who care, the (at the time) Undefeated Florida Tuskers took on the Las Vegas Locomotives and lost to Vegas on a game ending interception, leaving the undefeated Tuskers, well...defeated. In the last game of the year too. Ouch.

Bucs Coach Fires Another Coach
First, Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodsinski got his pink slip from Buccaneers Head Coach Raheem Morris. Now Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates got one this week, after the Saints offense ripped up the Buccaneers defense last Sunday. Bates wasn’t fully let go, but his defensive play calling was stripped from him as Raheem Morris will take those duties over for at least the rest of the season. Most people think that Morris is on the hot seat and with good reason. Here are few reasons why: 1.) So far this year, the Buccaneers are the worst team statistically in the NFL. 2.) They have 1 win and 10 losses this year. 3.) Both Coordinators and the quarterback that started the season aren’t coordinating anymore for the team. 4.) 3 different starting Kickers this season 5.) They can’t run, can’t pass, can’t catch, and now can’t kick. They sure gave the Falcons a run for their money though. But at the same time, the Glazers knew what they were getting themselves into this year by cutting it’s payroll in half. I guess you would have to do that when your paying Jon Gruden $12 Million to sit in the Monday Night Football Booth. At least they’ll get a #1 Draft Pick next year!

Tiger Woods Shocker!
On Thanksgiving night, Tiger’s wife found out her man is a turkey, and beat Tiger to a pulp with a golf club which led to him crashing his SUV into a neighbor’s tree. Ok ok, were not sure what actually happened, but that’s the consensus among most news reports. Also Tiger didn’t talk to the police after the crash, which is common with people trying to disguise their alcohol consumption. But we’ll never know about that. What we do know is that Tiger did cheat on his wife. Tiger crashed his vehicle that costs more that what me and Nolan make in a year into a tree. Tiger also had to cancel his appearance at a celebrity golf tournament that he himself was supposed to host due to his injuries. Since then, lots of woman are coming out and saying that they slept with Tiger too, keeping this story flaming, much to Tigers’ dis-taste for seeing his picture on the cover of the poop scoops a few more times.

Charlie Weis FIRED!
And it’s about damn time too. The last time that the Notre Dame football team had a successful season was under Ty Willingham, who was fired so the Fighting Irish could hire Weis. Why Weis hasn’t been fired up to this point is beyond me, considering that the squad has been stinking it up under Weis‘ tenure. I mean since when does Notre Dame lose to Navy??? That almost never happens! So now, once the college football season ends there will be another massive coaching carousel in the NCAA, and one school is about to lose their coach to Notre Dame. Again.

Bobby Bowden Forced Out
Well, it’s been a long time coming and it’s sad that it came to this, but the Florida State Seminoles told legendary coach Bobby Bowden to take a hike or stay around as an “ambassador”, whatever the that’s supposed to mean. But I think this was a good idea, since....you know, they announced who the head coach was going to be once Bowden decided to leave, in 2007!!!!! Jimbo Fisher will take over the Seminoles next season as Bowden wants one more Bowl Game, and he requested that the game is held in Florida somewhere, meaning the Noles would most likely play in the Orange, Outback, or Citrus Bowl or maybe, just maybe if he's lucky, the MajicJack Bowl. It's kinda sad that in Bowden’s last year with the Seminoles, he lost to the Gators, but I have a feeling that we're going to see Bowden on the sidelines again.

Allen Iverson Signs With The 76ers
Ahh, home. Where it all started for Allen Iverson, who launched a fabulous career in Philly, is where it’ll all end for the NBA Star that’s been around NBA teams more times than a New York hooker. Dubbed washed up by most NBA followers, Iverson will most likely get injured and have to sit on the bench just like he did for the latter part of his career. Slowly fading away into the dark abyss that athletes call retirement. Iverson did have great career when it started but I’m surprised he’s still playing, with all the injuries he’s had anyway.

Nolan And Ladders
Nolan, what is up with you and ladders???? You two don't mix well and it's never a good idea. One time at work you almost fell off the ladder because you didn't set it up correctly. We gotta start a new campaign. NO MORE LADDERS FOR NOLAN!!!

Did I cover everything? Jeez, Nolan...I need a raise!

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