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PCR #509 (Vol. 10, No. 52). This edition is for the week of December 21--27, 2009.

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Browns Hire Holmgren .... Goodbye 1 And 15, Hello 2 And 14 .... Bruce Allen Hired By Redskins .... Saints Go Down .... Urban Meyer Resigns .... Top Sports Talk Topics Of The Year .... New Segment On Sports Talk .... by Chris Munger
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Sports Talk

Browns Hire Holmgren
The Cleveland Browns won the services of former Seahawks Coach and GM, Mike Holmgren, who also led to the Packers to a Super Bowl Championship in 1996. He also led the Packers to the defend their title against the Broncos and lost to them, then led the Seahawks to a Super Bowl defeat also. But Holmgren does have a stellar NFL Resume, and if you are hiring a Director of Football Operations, you would want to hire this guy. This would be the best thing that the Cleveland Browns have done for their on the field product in a long time.

Goodbye 1 and 15, Hello 2 and 14
The Bucs beat the Seahawks this past week, get crazy with the Cheez-Wiz Tampa, we’re 2-12 baby! We know that there’s really nothing else to shoot for now but the #1 Draft Pick next year, but the Buccaneers are somehow managing to screw that up too now, by finally winning games at the end of the season!

Bruce Allen Hired By Redskins
The Buccaneers told him and his homeboy (Jon Gruden) to take a hike last year. Jon went to Monday Night Football announcing for $5 Million a year from the Buccaneers, plus his ESPN dough, and this week the Washington Redskins hired Bruce Allen as General Manager of the team. The same position he held here in Tampa. Allen was GM of the Oakland Raiders while Jon Gruden was coach there, then became GM of the Buccaneers when Gruden came to Tampa, which would lead you to believe that Gruden would become coach of the Redskins too, but Gruden has expressed no interest in the Redskins job. Why would he? He gets paid handsomely by the Bucs’ unfulfilled contract, and ESPN. If Gruden coaches for a team next year, he would lose that Buccaneers’ money immediately. So, with Gruden out of the picture, rumors are circulating around D.C. about Mike Shanahan coming to town.

Saints Go Down
Last week, I called out Cowboys Receiver Roy Williams for telling reporters that his team didn’t have a chance against the Saints. I guess Roy being a dumb-ass fired up the Cowboys, because they went down to New Orleans and defeated an undefeated team. I don’t know if the Saints got caught with their pants down or not, but I surely didn’t expect the Cowboys to be the team to finally beat them. This could be a good thing for the Saints though, last week Bob Greise told the undefeated teams to lose one, and the Saints did. Now we’ll see if they’re for real, we’ll see how they bounce back after their first loss of the season. If they win out they'll probably be hot in the playoffs too. If they decide to sit their starters, and throw the last two games, they’ll most likely be upset in the playoffs. You don’t want to let your players rust up now.

Urban Meyer Resigns
The Florida Gators Head Coach resigned on Saturday, right before the team’s Sugar Bowl game, citing health problems. If I got my ass handed to me like Alabama did to him last week then I would want to retire too. Next year the Gators will have a new coach, and a new quarterback. Good luck!

Top Sports Talk Topics Of The Year
Well, another year went by, as we kiss 2009 goodbye. Another fabulous year for Sports Talk if I do say so myself (and I do). Here is what I thought were the best topics for my corner of the Crazed Fanboy World.

10. No More “Captain In It” for the NFL - The NFL quickly put a halt to players posing like Captain Morgan after scoring a touchdown.

9. Suck On That..Cheeseheads! - This was where I bashed the Green Bay Packers after they lost to a winless Buccaneers team. That was the best game that the Buccaneers played this year.

8. The Return Of The Arena League - I have close ties to the Arena Football League and am happy to see them get their stuff in order. I can’t wait to see their first game back early in 2010.

7. Favre Returns To Lambeau - Long time Packers’ QB Brett Favre returned to the stadium he called home for 16 years as a player for the visiting team. This was THE top story of the year in the NFL. Oh yeah, he beat his former team in that stadium too.

6. Rush Limbaugh wants to buy the Rams - Rush wanted to dip his hand once again into the NFL, but to no avail. He did not get to purchase a stake in the St. Louis Rams mainly because of his alleged racist comments about Eagles QB Donovan McNabb a few years ago.

5. Donte Stallworth Meets With Roger Goodell - The Browns’ Wide Receiver met with the NFL Commissioner about his future in the NFL after he got drunk and hit and killed a pedestrian. Stallworth agreed to settlement with the victim’s family and served 30 days in county jail for the incident. His NFL career is still vague, but most likely, he’s toast.

4. McNair’s Death - Longtime Tennessee Titans QB and Baltimore Ravens’ QB Steve McNair was shot and killed in a murder-suicide at the hands of his mistress. Though sad, McNair was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3. NFL Draft Goes Primetime - Next year when the Buccaneers select the #1 Draft Pick in the NFL Draft, because they suck so bad, it’ll be on a primetime schedule for the first time. It used to be early Saturday morning it’ll start and end on Sunday evening. Now, look for it on Friday and Saturday nights.

2. Pittsburgh Wins Super Bowl - The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium. This year is a different story for the champs as they are struggling to get into the playoffs.

1. The Robbery - Not a sports topic, but the robbery was my top story of 09 I believe. The guy who shoved a pirate musket in Nolan’s face was caught at his home after holding up two more convenience stores. I’m grateful that Nolan was ok, and that the bastard was caught.

New Segment On Sports Talk
With Nolan's permission, next year I will have a segment at the end of each Sports Talk, called Common Sense Corner. Sticking my foot out of the Sports world a little bit, this segment is dedicated to my random bitching throughout the week, like my encounters with dumb-asses and bad-drivers, drunks and dip-shits. Trust me, you'll get a kick out of it.

This concludes the last Sports Talk of 2009. I hope everybody had a great year, a great Christmas and a great New Year. I wish to thank everybody who has read Sports Talk, if you read it every week of once a month, I thank you.

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