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   Now in our eleventh calendar year
    PCR #516  (Vol. 11, No. 7)  This edition is for the week of February 8--14, 2010.

"The Wolfman"  by Mike Smith
Tales for Another Day: Night of the Badfinger  by ED Tucker
Comic Book Craze Part 2: From DC to Dark Horse  by Chris Woods
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover  by Lisa Scherer
Japanese Directors: Then and Now  by Jason Fetters
Valentine's Day Massacre!  by John Miller
Congrats! .... Movie Notes .... And One From Music .... Welcome To Kansas City .... .... .... .... .... Mike's Record Shelf by Mike Smith
Lampin at the 6th Borough by John Miller

Valentine's Day Massacre!

Top Ten Castrations

If you're anything like me (and I'm sure you are), your penis is primarily responsible for every bad decision you have ever made. Whether it was buying something you couldn't afford to impress a chick or thrusting yourself between the gutter thighs of some prehistoric she-beast, your man-stick was there to convince you it was a good idea even though your common sense scolded you otherwise.

In honor of the worst holiday our penises ever invented, I have taken the liberty of assembling a list of ten films that liberate a man from his crotch-demon by the most savage means possible. Enjoy.

Pulp Fiction - There is probably nothing scarier then being locked inside of a basement getting anally jammed by two rednecks. That is, unless you're the two rednecks and you're anally banging Ving Rhames who has just gotten loose and wielding a shotgun. Seeing a man have his crotch replaced by a giant empty hole is one thing, but not as scary as what we know is going to happen when the camera cuts away. What really makes this scene effective is the mental visual of two hard pipe hitting brothers getting medieval on that hole with a pair of pliers and blowtorch.

Dolemite - This scene isn't necessarily great because of its graphic nature, it's just great because it's great. Dolemite shoots at a man's feet to make him dance, calls him a honkey, then allows one of his hookers to finish the man off with a razor blade cutting off his pecker. The whole time Dolemite just laughs as if it is another day at the office. Classic.

Last House On The Left - Biting off your lover's manhood at the moment he is most vulnerable to you is the ultimate revenge for any female. Honestly, I am surprised this doesn't happen more often. I know I am not the only guy who has ever worried about this happening, or am I?

6ixtynin9 - This movie was actually the inspiration for this list. I can't seem to find the clip anywhere online nor can I find any information about this particular scene so I am going to have to go from memory. If I recall correctly, what happens is this girl's nosey neighbor believes that she is banging her boyfriend (who I think was a cop). When the neighbors' paranoia reaches capacity, she drifts off into a fantasy about castrating her boyfriend's ding-dong and then proceeds to chop it up and feed it to another woman in her salad. Gross!

Street Trash - Playing keep away with the severed dick of a hobo. It doesn't get any classier than this.

Hostel 2 - I really could have lived my whole life and been perfectly content with not seeing this guy have his jimmy chopped off and have it fed to dogs. But like a dummy, I threw down my money knowing I was gonna watch people get hacked, maimed and tortured. Guess I got what I paid for.

True Romance - I suppose there is some irony in watching a pimp get shot in the balls.

I Spit On Your Grave - The sound this guy makes after having it sliced off is priceless.

Cannibal Ferox - I'm pretty sure there is a castration scene in Cannibal Holocaust as well, but oh well, watch both of them. This movie is so beautifully repugnant that a penis castration isn't even the highlight of the film in terms of nastiness. Keep an eye out for the senseless real-life animal killings and the scene where a chick is hung by her nipples.

Teeth - This broad's snatch is made out of teeth, self-explanatory.

Poor Flyboy

Heralded as one of the greatest horror films of all time and a staple amongst fans' top ten lists, George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead is scary for any number of reasons. But as I watched this film for the 5000th time this past weekend, it occurred to me that there is another, more subconscious feeling of terror that this film lays upon me, as I am sure it does other men.

I'll cut to the chase. Flyboy (no need for explanation, fans already know characters, plot, etc), this skinny little twerp who has problems firing even the smallest gun correctly is trapped inside of a mall with his baby mama and a black guy. Not just some black guy either, this isn't Urkel. PETER! (played by Ken Foree) is a big pro-wrestler looking son of a bitch who has no trouble firing a huge gun and never missing his target. Following me? I mean the guy's name is Flyboy for crying out loud, obviously nobody respects him or his abilities, even his tramp of a girlfriend who appears sexually frustrated.

If this were me, somebody would be zombie chow. There's no way I could survive the apocalypse trapped between a broad who thinks I'm a lame and a gigantic black penis, it just couldn't work. This is one horror film where it should have been obvious that the black guy die first. If for nothing more than peace of mind. It's like, at that point Flyboy's high-maintenance girlfriend would have no choice but to put up with his unsatisfying swerve techniques. Next time she is lying in bed next to him with that cold-ass look making him feel insecure, he can just say, "Oh you can do better?" And since it is the end of the world and he is the only warm body left with a working man member, she really can't.

Not that any of this is Peter's fault, he basically spends the whole movie looking bored at the prospect of having to smash another snow bunny. By the end of the movie he is so disturbed over the idea, that he even contemplates blowing his brains out and having his body gnarled on by zombies before eventually coming to accept that in a society void of living females, having a white woman who is obviously in heat at his disposal isn't all that bad of a thing. We all know what happened inside of that helicopter after they flew off of that building.

I know horror fans and Dawn Of The Dead purists will cringe at everything I just wrote, but I am just saying. Romero is a smart guy and a socially conscious one at that. Maybe he was trying to pull on some internal strings that we would be too insecure to say out loud but knew awkwardly we'd be thinking about. The scariest thing inside of that mall wasn't the zombies.

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