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Now in our eleventh calendar year!

PCR #544 (Vol. 11, No. 35). This edition is for the week of August 23--29, 2010.
Mike's RantMike's Bust
Hello gang! Heading to St. Louis for some union business so I'll make it quick. Shall we begin?

"Piranha 3D"  by Mike Smith
Will's 2009 South Florida Adventure: Part Two  by William Moriaty
The Lost Drive-In: Demented Double Features  by ED Tucker
Zeiram 2  by Jason Fetters
Dad .... Passing On .... .... .... .... .... .... .... Mike's Record Shelf  by Mike Smith


It's been two years since my father passed. The first two weeks after were a whirlwind in my life and I learned a lot about him as well as myself. I'm not sure I ever got around to thanking all of the PCR staff and readers who sent me notes and cards expressing their sympathy, so let me say it here: THANK YOU!


Ahna Capri, Hungarian born actress best remembered as Tania, Mr. Han's assistant in "Enter the Dragon," passed away this week from injuries she sustained in a car crash earlier in the month. She was 65. Other notable films include "Payday," "The Brotherhood of Satan," "The Specialist" and the original "Piranha."

Very sad to learn that Nancy Dolman, wife of comedian Martin Short, has passed away. Dolman died this week at the couple's home of natural causes. She had been fighting cancer since 2007. Dolman had a recurring role in the ABC comedy "Soap" in the late 1970s.

Goats Head Soup - The Rolling Stones

Voices - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Original Songs by Jimmy Webb

This week I'm going to take a look at two very different kinds of albums. One is a classic, the other is a soundtrack from a little seen film that boasts songs by one of the greatest songwriters in history.

How do you follow up one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time? That question had to come up to the Rolling Stones when they began recording their follow-up to "Exile on Main Street." Whether or not they felt pressure, they hit another home run when "Goats Head Soup" was released in August 1973. The albums release was preceeded by the release of the song "Angie," which hit #1 on the Billboard charts in the US, while reaching as high as #5 in Great Britain. The album hit #1 in both countries. A second single, "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" later hit #15 in the states. Besides those two songs, the album contains such popular (at least to me) songs as "Dancing with Mr. D" (which was on the "B" side of the "Heartbreaker" 45 rpm single), "Silver Train" and one of my favorite Stone songs of all time, "Star Star." When I saw the band in the late 90s in Washington D.C. the group held an internet contest where you could vote for a song not on the set list to be played at the concert you were attending. I don't know how many times I voted for "Star Star" but I was pleased as punch when the opening chords hit my ears! This was guitarist Mick Taylor's second to last album with the band. He was replaced by Ronnie Wood shortly after the release of "It's Only Rock and Roll," whose title song was inspired in part by Wood. Rumor has it that Wood was jamming with the band (possibly in an audition to replace Taylor) and was playing with the fervor of a young man. When the band wanted to call it a night Wood insisted they keep on playing. Keith Richards remarked, "Jesus, Ronnie, it's only rock and roll." "I know," Wood replied, "but I like it!" Outtakes from the "Goats Head Soup" recording sessions include "Waiting on a Friend," which the Stones would later include on their 1981 album "Tatoo You."

Give a listen to "Star Star" (WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS)


As someone who attempts to write songs I have been inspired by the work of many people. Chief among them is Matthew John Drinnenberg (his professional name!), my best friend and, along with Nolan, the one I owe ANY musical proficiency to. Another influence has been the work of the great Jimmy Webb. Composer of such songs as "MacArthur Park," "One Less Bell To Answer," "Wichita Lineman," "Galveston," "The Worse That Could Happen" and "Highwayman." In 1979, he composed the songs for a movie about a singer/songwriter who falls in love with a deaf girl called "Voices." The film wasn't bad (another underrated performance by a very underrated actor, Michael Ontkean) but the songs were outstanding. My favorites include "I Will Always Wait for You" and "On a Stage." However, the entire album is classic Webb. I'm not sure if it's available anymore but if you can find it at a used record store, it's well worth the investment.

Here's a look at the trailer for the film, as well as the two songs I mentioned above. That's Burton Cummings supplying the vocals for Ontkean:


Well, that's all for now. Have a great week. I've got "Going the Distance" in the bag already but hopefully I can grab a screening of "Machete" while in St. Louis. If not, it's chick flick time again! See ya!

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