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Welcome 2010 and 1970 Revisited
Sexy Japanese New Year's
2010 Resolutions
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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum
Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 510  (Vol. 11, No. 1). This edition is for the week of December 28, 2009--January 3, 2010.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
New Year, New Look
Readers' Comments


This is my first post of the new year.

So, last night was one of those few over the past twenty years I didn't get to go anywhere on New Year's Eve, and this time was due to illness. Damn the timing. What at first I thought was food poisoning looks by all accounts to be a stomach or intestinal virus, something I've had before that recurs unpredictably every few years.

Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
The Very First Issue! Nolan's Newsstand
The debut of Nolan's Newsstand which later became Nolan's Pop Culture Review, that started back in March 2000.
Lisa Scherer, January 1, 40 yrs.
Art Brown, Jan 2, 59 yrs.
Patty G. Henderson, Jan 6, 59 yrs.
Matt Drinnenberg, Jan 9, 49 yrs.
George Roth, Jan 9, 65 yrs.
Nicholas Castellano, Jan 13, 10 yrs.
Scott van Sickle, Jan 14, 47 yrs.
Tedd Webb, Jan. 29, 61 yrs.
The weather was inhospitable during the latter parts of New Year's Eve (lots of rain, approaching cold front), and traffic was much lighter where I am. I stayed in bed most of the time, trying to conserve strength, but couldn't resist the urge to check out New Year's Rockin' Eve with Dick Clark, something I do even if I'm over at a NYEve party. And I think I've included mini-reviews of New Year's Rockin' Eve ever since I started PCR.

Dick Clark...god bless 'im, I mean really. The poor man is 80 years old, has recovered (barely) from a stroke, so sounds like he's already had a few too many with badly slurred speech. But god bless 'im, he still made it out to offset and outclass the reality-show cheese appeal of Ryan Seacrest, a man whose celebrity I have yet to fathom. In fact, the only reason I tune in now is to see Clark, and to see the "big ball" drop in New York City. Yes, I know other stations carry the ball drop, but I tune into ABC so rarely now, I figure this one event is reserved. I used to tune in for the bands as well, but I don't even know who most of these groups are, a lot of them are rap-oriented, so that may account for some of that.

Just at the stroke of midnight -- and just after the big ball hit "2010" -- I hobbled outside for a few minutes to watch the fireworks in my neighborhood. Considering the gloomy conditions, it wasn't a bad show. More densely-packed in fewer areas than I remember, with the biggest and loudest all coming from the same three areas (I assume everyone else is broke or whatever). I quietly applauded their moxey for keeping the faith. Satisfied I'd properly observed the occasion, I limped back inside.

I switched the TV over to, I think, NBC, which carried an event from either Los Angeles or Las Vegas (I was only half paying attention) and caught a bit of a live Green Day performance -- relieved that at least I recognized somebody before turning back in for the night.

That's about it. I have to go lie down now, I'm still weak from the virus. I do have some Christmas pics I intend to post when I get back online, though, check back for that.


Ye Olde Editor has just come off some kind of severe gastro-intestinal problem and is still a little under the weather. However, I didn't want to delay PCR's new homepage another day while I selfishly thought about my own recovery! That said, this page is still "under construction", and will be through tomorrow (Thursday). Yes, I know there are a few features still missing, and I'm doing the best I can to update under extreme circumstances.

The new pagetop banner, for those who may be confused, is meant to evoke my favorite image of Tampa and of Florida---a beautiful sunset, or sunrise (depending on your preference) and has nothing to do with pop culture. I dunno, it brings me comfort to see it, and I need all the comfort I can get right now.

In the everything-old-is-new-again department, the spacescape background you see behind these words was originally part of the main banner as well, but I eventually discarded that idea as overkill. Besides, at least three previous homepages also featured spacescapes, and though I'm a sucker for them, I try and avoid repeating myself. It seems to fit nicely here, though.

The hitcounter has been deep-sixed. Terence and I decided that although it was fine in our earlier years, it is now considered a bit amateur to feature a hitcounter. Besides, the thing was never intended as anything but window-dressing, its accuracy was, at best, only a general idea of our hits.

The writers' columns are going to look the same for a while until I can get their re-facing underway. That project started in November, but December has been one personal disaster after another and I'll need more time. However, they should all be perfectly functional in their present forms.

To all PCR writers: some template files have been changed to reflect the new year, and should not -- theoretically -- interfere with your postings. If you get any error messages that do interfere, contact me immediately.

Readers' Comments

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Simon Lynx [04-01-2010 09:57] 
MNW 2 begins.....
Michael [03-01-2010 14:58] 
Not in "Classics from the Vault" either. :-) T, I do agree that "Darkness" is another great album. We had tickets here to see him last month but unfortunately his cousin was found dead in his hotel room here in K.C. and they cancelled the show. I think, in following the schedule, that we were due for the "Born in the USA" album front and back.
Nolan [02-01-2010 18:29] 
Mike--There are still a few things missing from the homepage I haven't been able to tackle yet due to my recent setback. Don't worry tho, they'll show up eventually.
Terence [02-01-2010 17:24] 
Mike- i like the album series you started. Born To Run is is great indeed but is it just me or does Darkness On The Edge of Town blowit out of the water? thats not to say I dont love Born To Run. when i saw Springsteen last year he played alot of stuff off of Born To Run. I wish I was at the concerts last year where he played the entire album.
Terence [02-01-2010 17:19] 
classics from the vault
Michael [02-01-2010 16:05] 
T, I'm talking about the interview series.
Terence [02-01-2010 13:59] 
Mike what are you talking about? Presents? you mean Radioactive TV? its up top under Multimedia.
Michael [02-01-2010 12:12] 
HEY! Where is the link for the Crazed Fanboy Presents series????
Michael [02-01-2010 12:11] 
"Mostly China, but they all have similar IP addresses"

So are you saying that all Chinese IP addresses look alike? :-)

Happy New Year again, everyone.
Paul Guzzo [02-01-2010 09:15] 
Hope everyone has a very professional 2010!
Nolan [02-01-2010 06:39] 
Jason, sorry about that, but the Crazed Fanboy website is not Unicode compliant and I have a poor attitude about making it so because of spam. 95% of the worst of it was from the Orient before I had to block the whole sector from the Message Board. Mostly China, but they all have similar IP addresses. Russia is a close number 2...
Jason Fetters [02-01-2010 04:08]  
For some reason the Japanese characters didn't post. "otanjoubi ha omedetou gozaimasu."
Jason Fetters [02-01-2010 04:06]  
Happy Birthday Lisa. As they say in Japan "お誕生日はおめでとうございます."
Simon Lynx [01-01-2010 19:37] 
Happy B-day Lisa, didn't know you were a New Years baby?
J.MILLER [01-01-2010 19:09] 
Happy Bday Lisa!
J.MILLER [01-01-2010 19:02] 
No column from me this week...Next weeks should be sort of interesting
Simon Lynx [01-01-2010 10:40] 
Chris Woods [01-01-2010 08:17] 
I noticed the time difference too, because I posted about 2am and it said 11pm. I figured it was in Pacific Time.
Nolan [01-01-2010 05:54] 
Michael: Yes, the time stamps are Pacific time 'cuz that's where our servers are. You were indeed the first for 2010!
Fargo [01-01-2010 05:34] 
It won't last. Many of us are having aparty the day that this site shuts down.
Michael [31-12-2009 23:00] 
Is the comment board on Pacific Time? I posted the previous comments at 12:59 am here in Kansas City and it's reading it was almost 10:59 pm. I promise....I was here first in the new decade!
Chris Woods [31-12-2009 23:00] 
Happy 2010!
Michael [31-12-2009 22:58] 
First in 2010! Like the look.....10 years....sheesh, and they said it would never last. Hope you're feeling better, boss!
Jimmie Vestal [31-12-2009 09:09]  

What's Cookin' with you? It's been a while since we met at Cool Moe's Place (on Gandy Boulevard). Today they're out of business (I wrote the song, "Singing Karaoke At Cool Moe's"). The company after them, "Spanky's, is also probably out of business by now.

Today my songs can be heard all over Tampa, Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, the entire Florida state, the U.S. and even in Canada on TouchTunes, Rowe-AMI, and Rock-Ola digital jukeboxes. I'm loooking for radio DJ's to promote them. They can be heard at Applebee's, but not until 10:00 P.M. On Facebook I have a video tribute for Dr. Paul Bearer.

Rigor Mortis
Chris Woods [31-12-2009 08:52] 
The first memorable moment has been posted up top. We're looking back at key moments in Crazed Fanboy ten year history all year long.
Chris Woods [31-12-2009 08:40] 
ED - Yeah, that's the only thing I don't like about those movie packs that the transfers are bad. I'll have to check out that DVD of Messiah of Evil. I have that one in other movie packed I got, and enjoyed the film.
ED [31-12-2009 03:58] 
Chris - your points in the review about the quality of the transfers on those budget multi-movie packs are exactly why I don't bother with them. You are correct about them being sourced off of VHS tapes which probably weren't the best transfers to begin with given the technology at the time. Then they cram them on a single DVD with several other films at the smallest bit rate possible to save money. Check out Code Red's recent release of Messiah of Evil, another victim of the psuedo public domain shuffle. The transfer is excellent and the colors are so vibrant it almost looks like a different film from the one in those old murky transfers.
Chris Woods [30-12-2009 20:24] 
New Schlock Review posted: SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT.

I'll have to get use to the new look as well, but I really like the top banner.

It's shame to hear that Steve Williams passed away.
Simon Lynx [30-12-2009 17:43] 
R.I.P. Dr. Death Steve Williams
Gundam [30-12-2009 16:13] 
Nolan is sick with a stomach virus? You have to stop eating out of Terences plate! Get your own food!
William Moriaty [30-12-2009 15:53] 
ED: Excellent summary of 1970! Pretty sobering to face the fact that it is now 40 years ago!
Petrey [30-12-2009 15:50] 
LSD :)
William Moriaty [30-12-2009 15:46] 
The new page top banner meets with the highest of approval from La Floridiana and I wish our staff, readers and everyone a most happy and joyous New Year!
ED [30-12-2009 14:42] 
Lisa - I was saving that for an entire column next week. Thanks for spoiling my suprise! Just for that I think I will skip it. :)
thirtysomething (for now) Lisa [30-12-2009 14:30] 
ED -- You forgot to mention the most awesomely awesome pop culture event in 1970...I was born! :) :) ha ha...

Nolan -- Hope you're feeling better. And ditto on what Steve-o said about the new look.
Steve [30-12-2009 14:03] 
I'm diggin' the new background, layout and the cool "Ten Years on the Web" banner"!
It's also easy on the eyes.
This has got to be the best PCR layout since, well...EVER!
ED [30-12-2009 10:50] 
.....to boldly go where no Fanboy has gone before!
Terence [30-12-2009 09:38] 
First! new look is going to take some getting used to but i definitely like that the star field is a darker background.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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