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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 519  (Vol. 11, No. 10). This edition is for the week of March 1--7, 2010.

7-Eleven Robber Sentenced
Jay Leno Returns to The Tonight Show
Detective Comics #27 Sells For $1.2 Million
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2001, Will Moriaty's article on local TV fright shows featuring Creature Feature. Plus in this issue, The Top Ten Best Movie Sequels PCR Challenge and much more.
Marcus Koch, March 18, 33 yrs.
Long-time readers may remember when Ye Olde Editor experienced the harrowing ordeal of a hold-up-at-gunpoint July of last year. The same man who robbed 7-Eleven, James Morris, 51, also robbed two other convenience stores the same week. My work partner, Chris Munger, and I have gone downtown on several occasions to talk to attorneys regarding the case. The most recent telephone call I received from the D.A. announced a "status hearing" (about two weeks ago), followed by another "disposition" hearing toward the end of the month. That hearing is no longer necessary.

Yesterday morning (as I write this), the D.A.'s "Victim Assistance" unit called my store manager to announce that the affair was settled and there would be no trial. Although I have no details on the final plea arrangement at this time, I have been informed that James Morris was sentenced to 20 years in the State Prison.

UPDATE, MARCH 5: Thanks to legal-eyed Lisa Scherer for finding online the relevant information that Morris pled guilty to one count of robbery of less than $30 (and even that is $10 less than he got from 7-Eleven) with the possession of a firearm. And that because of the firearm possession added to his status as a habitual felony offender, Morris was sentenced to 20 years, minus 217 days for time already served, plus assessed court costs. ADD'L NOTE: The D.A. told my manager that the plea arrangement started with a determination of 20 years per count. At first we thought all three robberies' sentence might be running "concurrently" as they say, but with only one "guilty" plea (mixed with the aforementioned qualifications), 20 years is for the one charge. Good enough for me!

For those interested in his updated photo courtesy of the Florida State Prison, click here.


As regular readers will no doubt recall, for weeks now, Ye Olde Editor has been tracking the laborious and weirdly historic transition of The Tonight Show from Jay Leno-hosted to Conan O'Brien-hosted and back to Jay Leno-hosted again. Jay Leno returned Monday night, March 1 (last night as I write this) after taking several months to develop his prime-time talk show while Conan O'Brien sat in the host chair for Tonight. As has been well-documented in the press, both shows tanked in the ratings, prompting NBC's panic to fire O'Brien (but with a sweet deal) and get Leno back in the host's chair for Tonight at the regular time.

I didn't catch the episode (figured I'd see it on YouTube or whatever), but the small clips shown on various TV news shows made it look like if you had snoozed through the past nine months or so, nothing ever happened.

David Letterman took an anticiapted, but good-natured swipe by introducing his show, "the same time, same host" or words to that effect. Jay simply said something like, "I'm your host...at least for a little while...," and "I'm kinda nervous 'cuz I know Dave and Oprah are watching."

Now it remains to be seen if Leno can retain the audience he had, and convert the fans made on O'Brien's watch. The latter is less likely, though not impossible. O'Brien became a hero-underdog near the end and Leno's take-over left quite a bad aftertaste. Still, when the dust settles....say sometime in the Fall when O'Brien returns to TV with an eagerly-anticipated show of his own....we'll see who the late-night king really turns out to be.


Yes, I'm a little behind in posting this primarily because my main headline last week, "Action #1 Sells for $1 Million", was usurped only days later by the sale of Detective Comics #27 -- the first appearance of Batman -- for nearly $1.2 million. By that point I was off the computer for the duration (these things happen). In any event, that's two million-dollar comic sales in a single week, both by private sellers to private buyers, no names, please. Please see last week's issue for my initial feelings on million-dollar comics.

So...what's the next million-dollar baby? The first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15? The first appearance of The Hulk? Iron Man? The one thing all these characters have in common is the explosion of ancillary media value they enjoy from their television and movie adaptations. I guess we can look for increased value in Thor, Captain America and other Avengers once The Avengers Movie comes out, eh?

Sigh...not all movie adaptations result in the runaway revitalization of a classic character or characters. Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, we knew ye well....

Readers' Comments

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Chris Woods [09-03-2010 06:16] 
"Hey Chris - did the Marvel heros have to eat those crappy fruit pies too?"

ED - Yes, Marvel had the same ads in their comics. I remember ones with Spider-man and The Hulk.
ED [09-03-2010 04:01] 
Will - glad you liked the article and it brought bac some fun memories for you.

Steve - there was a hysterical episode of the TV show Get A Life where star Chris Elliot gets one of these comic book subs. He misread the ad which said "please allow 600 to 800 weeks for delivery" so even though he ordered it as a child it arrives when he is in his 30's!
Steve Beasley [08-03-2010 22:14]  
ED, I always wanted one of those 2 man subs, too! I would always envision myself cruising around in the water around Ballast Point Pier and the TYCC.

Andy [08-03-2010 19:59] 
Greetings from West Virginia!
Phatness in South Tampa [08-03-2010 18:37] 
I think my first collecting of comics was at the 7-11 on Manhattan, ie Parks food mart. that led me to the Book Nook. and the rest is history.
William Moriaty [08-03-2010 18:15] 

Boy, you captured so much of the essence of comicdom that I remember, although I started collecting and reading about seven years prior to you.

In 1965 I had a subscription to World's Finest and managed to beat the local comic stands by two to three weeks. When I was a kid new comics were sold at the following:

1. Independent drug stores.
2. Most Rexall chain drug stores.
3. Bus terminals.
4. Train depots.
5. Major airport terminals..
6. Newsstands.

Comic stores were unheard of until the 1970's or 1980's, and 7-11's and Lil' General's started to carry them by about the late 60's.

Again, a great column ED!
Brandon [08-03-2010 08:32] 
To Ed, Splash page is long gone, but I will delve into some Pop Culture topics on DOB from time to time.
Brandon [08-03-2010 08:32] 
Wow, my silly little jab was hardly worth the “disruption” to the site or hurt feelings.

Thanks Miller for clarifying that you were striving for a Tarantino homage with the whale story. My issue was simply Katt’s joke was a broad generalization and not at the expense of woman who had recently been murdered. You certainly seem motivated to write expecting inflamed responses and you got one. I never “criticize the productivity and importance of another mans existence...” just the content.

Ter, I do read the site, not often, but the CFB gossip circle had asked me if I seen the Miller piece and I commented after reading it. I encourage your comments and feedback which we NEVER edited or deleted from DeskofBrian or on State of the Nation. I appreciate, NOT discourage, your loyal readership of our/my work.

Moreover, to your comments, I don’t mind the opposing argument, and I never attacked Miller personally. Sorry if I struck a nerve or violated the Droogie code of fandom with my c
Michael [08-03-2010 06:32] 
Oscars were ok...."Hurt Locker" was NOT the Best Picture but it will do. Yes, Bullock was good, but Streep inhabited Julia Childs. I think that sometimes the voters forget how great an actress she really is. I mean she has LOST more times (14) then Jack Nicholson has been nominated (13).

Look for my thoughts in next week's Rant. You can also get an update at MovieMikes.com I hear it's a pretty cool site.
petrey [08-03-2010 04:03] 
Well, well well. After all these years I thought that Leatherface was the first to put someone on a meathook and it looks like TROG did it about 4 years earlier.
Phatness in South Tampa [07-03-2010 19:06] 
p.s. was Ryan Seacrest hitting up Miley Cyrus?
Phatness in South Tampa [07-03-2010 19:04] 
Oscars Red Carpet; Why did Sandra Bullock have 20 dollar whore makeup on? J-Lo was looking fine and blew away all the Hollywood princesses. And of course Quentin looked like he just woke up in his suit.
Michael - again [07-03-2010 15:16] 
ED, I believe they played some of that great Ono music as well, especially since the event lasted three hours. To me the main point of the piece was that Sean Lennon had tackled one of his dad's songs in public.

Hey Mark...get a life, buddy. For someone who has so much contempt for this site you sure manage to find a way to hang around it.
Michael [07-03-2010 15:13] 
Et tu, ED? You know, my mom used to tell me if you can't say anyting nice about someone make sure they're out of the God damn room! :-) I'm really not sure if it's WORSE or WORST. Either way, they stink. Though since I am a voter for the Razzies I should know better.

Matt, Indy isn't too far a drive from here. See you in July?

I never really got into "Funny Books" (my dads term for them) though I would read the occasional "Batman" annual. Whatever gems I had as a child (I had a boat load of the "Classics Illustrated) were sold to Bebe Williams to support my movie poster habit.

Ironically the Record Shelf also visits Ms Ono. To quote Hannibal Smith: "I love it when a plan comes together!"

I will go to my grave maintaining that Stephen King and family took in "Batman" in my theatre in Baltimore. If it wasn't him it was his twin brother. I know the staff started talking about it and the man in question ducked out the back door. If you see him again,
Terence [07-03-2010 09:08] 
"Its no wonder this crew is continously getting smaller and smaller..."

and you know what we dont need writers that are going to insult the venue they are allowed to write for.
Terence [07-03-2010 09:07] 
John please no one implied you have no life. i simply meant that you write a good column and should be proud of it. and im sorry you cant insult people and then whine when you are insulted back.i mean what did you think your comments were going to inspire? geez.
J.MILLER [07-03-2010 08:36] 
Nole - Just happy that you are in agreement that my life is utterly pointless and unproductive outside of writing for the PCR...Its no wonder this crew is continously getting smaller and smaller...
ED [07-03-2010 08:15] 
Mike - if this was supposed to be a tribute to Yoko, why did they perform a John Lennon song she had next to nothing to do with? Shouldn't the reformed Plastic Ono Band have appeared on stage trussed up in potato sacks and screaming for 30 straight minutes to give Yoko her proper due? Also, I think it's "worst", not "worse".
Nolan [07-03-2010 06:43] 
WOW, I'm away from the computer for a day and a half and I miss all the excitement.

To ED and Brandon: Great cross-talk regarding comics and collecting. That's what we need more of around here.

To Steve: Your link to Morris's mug shot was removed as it duplicates what I already had in the headline section.

To John Miller: Your original post regarding writing for us was worded in fairly insulting terms. On a re-read of it and its clarifications, I think I now know what you meant. If I didn't, there's no obligation for you to stay if it's cutting into your MySpace and Kramer time. Outside of that, anything I say at this point would basically repeat what Terence has already said, including his admonishment to BranJo, who started all this.

To Matthew: In my younger and more affluent days, a trip to Indiana for an FM Convention was a no-brainer. These days, not the case. You going?

To oh damn: Hello, Mark. And...back atcha.
oh damn [06-03-2010 23:03] 
I was hoping to read that Nolan got shot.
matthew [06-03-2010 15:13] 
The Famous Monsters Convention is the official convention of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine, to be held July 9-11, 2010 in Indianapolis, IN
Terence [05-03-2010 23:11] 
John-haha im really hoping that that shelterd comment is for Branjo. i mean i suppose if its aimed at me and you really want to go at it here we could. but i wont say you didnt ask for it if so. not going to do that though because Brandon would have too much satisfaction that he disrupted the site. and it would please you too since you think that kinda thing makes the site interesting.
J.MILLER [05-03-2010 22:44] 
Branjos granny panties are in a knot because of my response to Lisa...

You know how he gets a hard on if you dont site sources...

I appologize to Branjo, the members of his church (thanks for the prayers guys!) and others who weren't knowingly aware that my silly comment to Lisa was wripped directly from the Youtube video I posted in my column...

BTW Its a lil insulting to hear a group of guys that lead fairly sheltered lives to criticize the productivity and importance of another mans existence...
J.MILLER2 [05-03-2010 22:21] 
Tez - I beg to differ...This evening for instance I walked all the way to Applebees with Kramer...Got typsy off of orange juice and vodka...Walked home...Discovered a place called Hiro's (literally a few blocks away) that is loaded with hot girls and drooled all over myself...Plus I spend 22 hours a day on Myspace trying to figure out new and inventive ways to either piss off or make my (ex) girlfriend jealous...Important things are getting done around here pal...

You're taking my comment all wrong...I'm just saying I got better things to do then wrip off anybody elses work...Not trying to win any popularity contest, awards or attempting to change the world...Just write the type of stuff Id like to read and if the people who read this site like it fine...But mainly the subjects I cover are for individuals browsing search engines and such...I know Im speaking a foreign language half the time around here...
Terence [05-03-2010 20:34] 
the irony here is I posted on Brandon Jones' site. it wasnt offensive it wasnt insulting any of his contributors. yet here he is on here insulting Johns column. very telling that the Christian family man who is "more mature" than the radical "frat boys" john and terence is on here bashing a column. of course his comment is allowed to stay up. we dont censor or screen ours. warts and all. thats all im gonna say.
Terence [05-03-2010 20:13] 
"Im sorry but writing for this site is not important enough for me to be wripping off anybodies material"

wow. hopefully Nolan and Will and the others wont be insulted by that.actually writing for this site is prolly the most productive and important thing you do.

Brandon- what was the purpose of that comment? to start trouble. dont you have you own website now? maybe i should talk a stroll down Desk Of Branjo and make some comments of my own. especially all the gramatical errors. id rather read a whale story by john miller any day before non stop obama bashing. it gets really old and one sided. and since when did you start actually reading the site again? you dont write for it anymore so what reason can a self absorbed Glenn Beck in training have to look at it at all. didnt you say pop culture doesnt interest you? you continue to be what I have always said you were a hyp.....nah i dont even need to spell it out. you know.
Chris Woods [05-03-2010 15:32] 
Lisa - Great article on Ingrid Pitt. She has always been one of my favorites and The Vampire Lovers has been one of my favorite Hammer films.
J.MILLER [05-03-2010 14:39] 
Branjo - Im sorry but writing for this site is not important enough for me to be wripping off anybodies material...I posted the Katt Williams sketch because I found it humerous and it matched what I was writing about...

Its tax time...Enjoy spending the money you technically didnt earn this year at the expense of those of us who dont have kids...And get off my nuts
ED [05-03-2010 14:35] 
Brandon - I agree that the two recent $1M+ comic books would have never sold for that much without the grade. It just seems to me that you destroy the very reason to collect a comic book by sealing it up so it can never be touched. The line between collectible and investment is certainly being drawn here. Have I told you lately how much I miss the Splash Page?
Brandon [05-03-2010 13:22] 
Ed, I enjoyed your reflections on comics. I had written in the past of my collecting memories, especially Avengers 181 for example.

I disagree about CGC to this extent: it does motivate collecting for investment HOWEVER, it does protect investors. With the onset and explosion of internet transactions, CGC Grades allow the buyer and seller to have an equal playing field with regard to condition.

Expensive comics, especially those mentioned this week, are not trading hands often and not a purchase for the meek or ill informed.

I personally don't care for CGC comics, but, like you, I prefer the ability to read it, touch it and enjoy it NOT treat it like a stock option.
Brandon [05-03-2010 13:18] 
What no Pop Culture gem from Miller this week? I figured there'd be one maiming or mutilation that entertain him to the point of sharing with the rest of the world. After plagiarizing the joke from Katt Williams we surely could expect more hilarity at the expense of someone...oh well, maybe next week.
Simon Lynx [04-03-2010 19:51] 
Ya he died this morning, he was 84
Steve [04-03-2010 17:33] 
Simon, is that Angelo as in Randy Savage's dad?
Simon Lynx [04-03-2010 15:44] 
R.I.P. Angelo Poffo
Jason Fetters [04-03-2010 08:53]  
For funny Superheroes related Hostess ad satire, check out Seanbaby. He has a section devoted to those ads.
matthew [04-03-2010 07:34] 
Stephen King showed up one day in my shoe department shopping with his wife. it was very surreal. he was obviously keeping a low profile, which in maine is easy to do as we leave each other alone all the time.

i asked him if he'd ever read anything by 'stephen king'. he looked at me and laughed and nodded. we had a little chit chat and i told him he should read Night Shift, and that it scared the hell out of me when i was kid. he laughed again, knowing full well i knew it was him.

very nice guy.
ED [04-03-2010 07:29] 
Hey Chris - did the Marvel heros have to eat those crappy fruit pies too?
ED [04-03-2010 04:01] 
Jason - Night Shift was one of the first King books I ever read (I just finished Under the Dome) and I certainly remember that story. I never saw the movie version of it but an old anthology TV show called Dark Room did a similar episode about a boy's toy soldiers coming to life.
Jason Fetters [04-03-2010 00:24]  
Ed sorry meant to say Did you
Jason Fetters [04-03-2010 00:24]  
Ed - liked the article on comics. My favorites are DC for the most part because of Batman. I liked the toy soldier ad. Do you ever read the Stephen King short story called Battleground from Night Shift? I liked the short story but not the Nightmares & Dreamscapes episode.
Randy [03-03-2010 20:19] 
Ed. That was definitely a great article about the comics. One of the highlights of my childhood was also blowing my allowance on comics and candy at the Majik Market . They used to have a lot of Charlton reprints that were pretty cool. I liked the military titles like War, Fighting Army, Fighting Marines, etc..
Chris Woods [03-03-2010 19:10] 
New Schlock Review posted: SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM
Chris Woods [03-03-2010 19:10] 
ED - Liked your article on comics. Your memories of comics almost mirrors mine, although I was more a Marvel fan than DC. I agree with you that the 70's were a great time for comics. That's when I started collecting as well. Even though I wasn't born in the 60's, that was an awesome time for comics as well. I all ready had my uncle's collection of Marvel from the 60's when I was a kid and enjoyed them very much. I remember a lot of those ads, like the Toy Solider one, that seem to be in every single comic and I also remember the Hostess ads, they were really lame, but it brings back memories.
matthew [03-03-2010 15:49] 
given his age, a possible life sentence.

altho i'd be happier with 'life'. at least he's off the streets and can't terrorize anyone. with the 'habitual' nature of morris, it's doubtful he'd parole.
Lawyer Wannabe Lisa [03-03-2010 14:42] 
James Morris pled guilty to one count of robbery (of less than $30)with the possession of a firearm. Because of the firearm possession and because he's considered a habitual felony offender, Morris was sentenced to 20 years, minus 217 days for time already served, plus assessed the court costs.

(Most court records are available online. Gotta love the internet!)
Steve [03-03-2010 13:24]  
James Morris was sentenced to 20 years in the State Prison.

As much as I hate to see a life waste away in prison, it's fairly obvious that Mr. Morris was never going to follow the "Golden Rule". It's the only thing we demand of others in this society.

At least he won't be able to negatively impact any other innocent citizens for the next 20 years.

Hopefully, when he gets out, he'll have learned how to behave in our society.
Brandon [03-03-2010 10:53] 

That's an apples and oranges comparison. Det 27 1st Batman is by far more rare and higher priced than Det #1 which is insignificant in comparison. However a high grade of Det #1 could easily be worth more than silver age first appearance issues, just based on grade and date.

However a 1939 Marvel #1 can easily be worth more than Amaz Fant #1 or modern era Marvel #1 issues. The age, rarity and grade of Marvel #1 carry a lot more weight.

Ed's Flash debate is a good one because Showcase has surged over the last decade or so. I'm surprised that it has risen so far so quickly.
Terence [03-03-2010 08:45] 
Brandon- so then you really honestly believe that Detective Comics #1 can beat out issue 27. im sorry i think your wrong.
Brandon [03-03-2010 07:09] 
The rarity is the point. Marvel Comics #1 is from 1939! This pre WWII issue in a high grade 8.0 or higher is worth far more than Amazing Fantasy. Now an extremely high graded AF 15, say 9.2 or higher would/could bridge that gap
Petrey [03-03-2010 02:48] 
Believe it or not Steve but I've never watched any late night talk shows. Everything's been movies, movies, movies!
Comic books were always my cousin's thing. He had many collected from '68 to '82. When he went to get them back from his grandmother's house in 86 or 87, they had been donated to Charity.

He had that Superman comic that was on the front page here last week stored away for years but I'm sure it was a re-issue. Tons of stuff for collectors to drool over.

Terence [02-03-2010 16:38] 
Marvel Comics #1 seriously guys? there is no selling point to it. no ultra popular character. its why Detective #27 sold for a million and Detective #1 didnt. you guys are completely off the mark with that one. Amazing Spiderman or Amazing Fantasy any day before Marvel #1. and Nolan it doesnt matter how rare it is only. no one cares about Sub Mariner or Human Torch.
ED [02-03-2010 14:18] 
That is very interesting Brandon. I realize the Silver Age Flash is the more prolific of the two characters but I would have thought the Golden Age first appearance would still bring more. Obviously comic collecting is shifting in some different directions.
Brandon [02-03-2010 14:15] 
within the titles we've mentioned
Brandon [02-03-2010 14:15] 
All American #16 graded around 8.0 will bring $35K so a higher grade putting it in the next tier with Detective #38 (First Robin).

Ed, you're right about Flash, but it's Showcase #4 in a high grade that could sneak into the list. While it's a later issue, there's been a lot of movement the last few years.

The Marvel #1 I saw graded at 7 ( I think that's right) was around $45, so again a high grade will easily get into three figures if not $250-500K

Remember a high grade will over elevate the price over the character or title.
Steve [02-03-2010 14:14] 
There are no more kings of late night TV. Johnny was the King and no one else comes close. To me, Jay would be as close as I've seen, but he's merely a prince.

I'm predicting here and now that the next million dollar comic book will be the original Flash.

preferably not this one: http://www.theminx.com/nealblog/goldenflash.jpg LOL!
Nolan [02-03-2010 14:06] 
ED, yes, I was only pointing out the rarity. Submariner and the original Human Torch were on the cover, but it's the first Marvel that's the thing.
ED [02-03-2010 13:56] 
Nolan - Doesn't Marvel #1 feature The Human Torch? If so, I don't think he has the name appeal to put him in the top tier even though you are right about the rarity. Correct me if I am wrong, but Marvel's only real multi-media solo heavy hitter from the Golden Age was Captain America wasn't it? I know Sub-Mariner and Torch were from that era too but they never had the same level of popularity as Cap. Spidey, Iron Man, and Hulk were all Silver Age and their early comics should be easier to get.
Nolan [02-03-2010 12:56] 
Brandon: Point well-taken about Marvel Comics #1. In fact, I'm surprised that hasn't closed in on the others faster, considering its rarity.

ED: I almost mentioned The Flash regarding TV series and merchandising. That character continues to be undervalued despite the popularity of the short-lived TV show. (Of course, Iron Man seemed always a lower-tiered super-hero before the Downey movies.)
ED [02-03-2010 12:37] 
Brandon, you don't think Flash #1 is going to factor in there somewhere? That was the first apperance of The Flash and of Hawkman. The only thing that I think might give All American #16 the edge right now is the Blackest Night maxiseries that showcases the Green Lanterns.
Brandon [02-03-2010 11:40] 
Sorry but ole Spidey will finish way down the list of other million dollar comics. Expect the following to be the next group:

Marvel Comics #1
Superman #1
All American #16 - 1st Green Lantern
Batman #1

then Amazing Fantasy #15 is mixed in with this group

More Fun #52 - 1st Spectre
Captain America #1
Whiz #2 - Captain Marvel

The quality, CGC grade and the timing will dictate the next million dollar winner -- probably Batman #1 or Superman #1 with Marvel Comics #1 being the first non-DC comic to reach the plateau

First in Line Lisa [02-03-2010 09:05] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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