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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 521  (Vol. 11, No. 12). This edition is for the week of March 15--21, 2010.

Ten Years Later
The Tenth Anniversary of PCR
R.I.P. Peter Graves, Alex Chilton, and Fess Parker
Readers' Comments


I've told the story so many times. But here, during the week this online publication actually turns ten years old, I guess it bears repeating.

I secured the domain name of "CrazedFanboy.com" in mid-December 1999, before I even owned a computer. I knew nothing about building websites and very little about the internet itself. Heck, even email was a bit of a mystery.

Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2001, Crazed Fanboy and PCR's one year anniversary issue. Also featuring Deadguy's Dementia by Mike Scott where he talks about horror and sci-fi movie news and Terence's Tirade from Terence Nuzum where he talks about his battles at Public Access.
Other than seeing a bit of WebTV with some close friends, my only "tutoring" up to that point had been by way of Steve Beasley and his brother Adam. They let me mess with their computers and surf the internet just long enough to get a feel for what all the fuss regarding computers and viewing websites was all about. For about two weeks, I surfed quite a bit, entering into the browser every URL I'd ever memorized from radio, TV shows, and magazines. I liked it a lot.

Then one magic day, Steve whipped up what in retrospect was likely an MS Word document, made up to look like a website homepage...with "Crazed Fanboy" at the top. NOW I got it! My vision started to coalesce. I used Adam's computer to purchase the domain Crazed Fanboy (the name came out of nowhere, really, I might've seen the term in a comics fanzine caption or something). All this was in November-December '99.

By February of 2000, I was on AOL with my own computer. The first "The World of Nolan, Friends and Family Homepage" debuted on or about February 15th, using the AOL web-building tool called Easy Designer. It was hosted on AOL Hometown that, sadly, is no longer in existence.

By March I started fooling around with the idea of an online magazine. I always loved fan magazines and thought it would be a natural progression to do a magazine-like website, but I never thought it would go any further than some crude experiments for a few weeks while I got the hang of it. Nolan's Newsstand was born right about March 19th (the date reverse-engineered from server timestamps of the day) with Mike Smith (The Rant) and Matt Drinnenberg (The Rail) already onboard. By issue number 16 we had become Nolan's Pop Culture Review. PCR (as it's known for short) became permanently hosted on Crazed Fanboy by 2003. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, I didn't go the next ten years alone. The contributions of the wonderfully talented people who helped me build this website are housed in the Archives forever. To those who were there at the beginning (Mr. Smith), or near the beginning (Mssrs. Moriaty and Nuzum), and are still here today, I am especially indebted. ED Tucker, Lisa Scherer, Chris Woods, and Jason Fetters, the latter-day saints of Crazed Fanboy, have helped forge an even stronger homebase for you, the loyal reader, to continue your explorations of fandom and popular culture.

Chris Woods' weekly PCR Memorable Moments at top left of this section should help illustrate to new readers some of our best issues. For long-time readers, it'll be a re-visit to favorite stories. There's a lot of good stuff in there.

Thanks, everyone. Here's to the next ten years!


Trying to leave the PCR 10-year anniversary at pagetop is why I'm putting these latter, end-of-the-week additional thoughts underneath. I mean no disrespect temporarily reversing my usual latest-on-top protocol.

Peter Graves left us almost a week ago at age 83. A legend in fan circles for justifiably obvious reasons, like TV's Mission: Impossible and Hollywood's Airplane movie. I've always felt an actor with the tremendous amount of credibiity like he had, deserved, as was frequently given, narrating assignments, which, to me, ratcheted up a serious notch the credibility of the program material he was narrating. Anything from A&E's Biography to lighter-hearted paranormal fare like The Mysterious Monsters (1976, the latter-type spoofed on SNL by Phil Hartman), always benefitted from the ultra-serious basso profundo voice of Peter Graves. To my memory, only Rod Serling, Walter Cronkite, and later, Robert Stack could boast equal credentials at making the blending of fact and speculation so fun and interesting. Peter Graves will be sorely missed.

The Letter by The Box Tops was one of the first songs I learned to play on guitar and sing along to. I confess that, outside of that, at the time of his greatest popularity, I was only at best a casual fan of Alex Chilton and his bands The Box Tops and Big Star. My memory is one of an edgy pop-folk singer (not my thing), but I appreciated his John Lennon-like vocal qualities in his years with Big Star. And his anthemic "In The Street" that wound up being the theme for That 70's Show became a latter-day favorite of mine (and Cheap Trick covered it nicely). He had a lot of fans among the alternative set and his influences will echo for a long time. He was 59.

Which brings me to Fess Parker, ol' Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone himself (himselves?) who just passed on to the great frontier in the sky at the age of 85. Though Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone were basically the same character (basically Parker himself wearing a coonskin cap) they played out in two different eras in history and two different decades on TV, although not by all that much in either case (TV's Crockett mid-50s, Boone mid-'60s). While an adult baby-boomer (like Ye Olde Editor) may confuse the two shows occasionally due to their similarities, no boomer worth his salt could forget the themes to both shows. Daveeeeeeey....Daaaaavey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier..., or Daniel Boone was a man....he was a biiiiiiiiig man. Wow, even the sustained vowels are similar! (Though at 6' 6", Parker was a big man!) In any event, for those who want to know...I never owned a coonskin cap. Or if I did, I don't remember it. I recently re-discovered Daniel Boone through RetroTV. It has Disney-like qualities, but unlike Davey Crockett was not produced by Disney but by Parker himself under the name "FessPar Productions" in both black & white and color episodes. Ed Ames played his Indian buddy with an English accent, haha, but Michael Rennie would occasionally show up as Redcoat Major Peter Wellington. Cool stuff. Parker left show business after 1974's The Fess Parker Show to pursue other interests like wine-making and resort development. He was a part of TV's Golden Age and will be sorely missed.

Readers' Comments

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Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
Terence [22-03-2010 20:40] 
I can tell you one thing I am thoroughly enjoying Mikes Record Shelf dont want to see it go.
Terence [22-03-2010 20:38] 
.....in the Rant. It was ok by me. for first couple of times. prolbem is we let one do it then they all want to do it. and Nolan doesnt want that. and as many others here have discovered Nolan when it comes to the rules wont play favorites. unfortunatly that makes alot of long time friends mad. but thats his decision i guess.
Terence [22-03-2010 20:36] 
rules is rules. sorry if it seems this is all aimed at you Mike but my last comment was mainly aimed at Guzzo who posted something like 3 links today alone! of course we are all happy for you Mike and you did have many times where you posted about Moviemikes and remianed unhindered. i didnt take them down then now did I? something you all have to understand is Nolan put me in charge of the comment section. he told me what was allowed and what wasnt and what to remove etc. one of those things was links. he didnt say "well take down all of Guzzos and leave Mikes cus Mike is Mike" no he said that goes for everyone. these are his rules. not mine. this isnt about putting Mike in the dunce hat in the time out corner to ostricize him. its just the rules. maybe Nolan needed to be more clear about them I guess. Im jsut doing what he told me and protesting about I understand the rules of the site to be. if you must know it was me who said go ahead and let me Mike mention Movie Mikes .....
Michael [22-03-2010 19:08] 
I've already apologized to Nolan and I will do so here publicly if I offended anyone (and anonymous, though I'm pretty sure I know who you are, feel free to grow some balls). My new website and the PCR are worlds apart. I've offered some of the content to Nolan to run here but he doesn't think it's what he wants for his website, a decision I certainly respect. And I apologize if I was proud to share the news that my little website had been recognized by the frickin' Washington Post! I told Nolan that the PCR was still my first priority and that I intended to stay with the PCR but I may have to rethink that decision. After 10 years you'd think the people here would be happy for me. And anyone that would suggest that I would purposely try to devert attention from crazedfanboy doesn't realize the history that Nolan and I have shared for MORE THEN 30 YEARS! That's right, more years then some of you have been alive.
Peter Graves [22-03-2010 15:29] 
Have any of you Fanboys ever been in a Turkish prison?
Terence [22-03-2010 13:55] 
ok seriously guys stop posting links on the frontpage. thats what the message board is for. that goes for everyone. even writers....former or current.
Q [22-03-2010 11:49] 
GIFF sucked. Stop trying to spin it. The festival was scaled back this year, and is indicative of its future. Is happy now sad?
Happy Young Man [22-03-2010 11:31] 
Very successful fest with tons of local films spotlighted in primetime slots ... but of course, people on this board only make negative comments, so I figured a positive spin like this would be ignored.
Chris Woods [22-03-2010 09:44] 
Will - Welcome back to Schlock! Looking forward to the next review.
Nolan [22-03-2010 08:36] 
Matthew, having a banner underneath the nav-bar on your column is one thing; constantly plugging another website within your column is another (except for the first time, maybe). But like Terence said, it will be handled internally.

Will, well done on Schlockarama! We gotta work on poster placement next, haha.
Petrey [22-03-2010 00:40] 
anon [21-03-2010 21:52] 
that christian idiot was pimping his stupid book on here! what does that say about touchy promotion subject for a book not worth the paper that it is printed on!
Terence [21-03-2010 21:04] 
"I believe that friends encourage one another to succeed. But that's just me."

of course they do Matt. isnt that what the whole point of Nolan givinmg us a venue here on CFB is? im not disagreeing with you i think i am just poorly translating what I meant.
matthew [21-03-2010 20:33] 
i guess i'm speaking from personal experience then.

Nolan was more than happy to promote my masters of horror site with a banner on my rail. He emailed me and offered me the chance to do so.

Perhaps you are right and i am wrong on this matter. I see no problem with it. I believe that friends encourage one another to succeed. But that's just me.
Terence [21-03-2010 20:11] 
"encourages his writers for banners to be placed on their particular pages. "

well not exactly matt. self promotion is a touchy issue. personally id prefer to have Mike have a banner instead of taking up Rant space talking about another site but its not up to me.

Anonymous- if nolan has an issue with it he will take care of it internally. i can understand the concern. but as long as Mike doesnt continually promote it on the comment section with a link (and that is a no no) then i wont take his comments down. as for the Rant while it would be nice if further rants dont have links directing people away from this site as we dont want a Lalino ala Brainjack incident that too is something that is up to Nolan. Furthermore somone who has to go by Anonymouse on the comment section has very little clout in either of these matters. Try using your real name next time.
matthew [21-03-2010 19:52] 
Nolan has always been a strong advocate for contributors success elsewhere, and encourages his writers for banners to be placed on their particular pages.

I'm certain he has absolutely no problem whatsover with Mike.

Also, it is clear you don't know Mike. I do, and he wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone someone he loves. Intentionally or otherwise.

Moviemikes is a terrific site, and takes absolutely nothing away from Crazedfanboy.

Again Nolan, happy 10th!
Anonymous [21-03-2010 19:24] 
It's disrespectful to Nolan and this site for Mike Smith to promote his own competing movie site and try to poach PCR readers. Especially on Nolan's 10th anniversary.
Michael [21-03-2010 18:18] 
Steve, I would love to do that. I was also toying with posting YouTube clips, when available. I know Travolta doing "Let Her In" on the Midnight Special is available.

This is one for the boss...he gives me the tools.
Simon Lynx [21-03-2010 17:46] 
Congrats Nolan
Steve [21-03-2010 15:17] 
Thanks Will!

"Mr. Angel" (1966) has all the elements of a fine movie. Florida scenery, amphibious aircraft, sex and intrigue. What more could a guy ask for?
Terence [21-03-2010 13:29] 
Will Moriaty just posted a new schlock review. welcome back to the land of schlock Will!
Steve [21-03-2010 12:30] 
Hey Mike!

Crongrats on the Washington Post nod! That's the big time!
Steve [21-03-2010 12:18] 
You could have the sound file load as soon as "Mike's Rants" loads.
Steve Beasley [21-03-2010 12:16] 
Hey Mike I have an idea...how 'bout a little sound file of whatever artist you're covering any given week on, "Mike's Record Shelf".

Is there a simple way to embed a wave file, MP3, etc?

Just a thought....
Not Banned, Just Busy Lisa [20-03-2010 22:42] 
Congratulations, Nolan! Ten years is an impressive milestone for which you should be very proud.
Michael [20-03-2010 19:48] 
ED, does he still have that t-shirt. I know a few "fin-attics" that enjoy "Jaws 3" and would offer up some decent swag for it.
Michael [20-03-2010 19:46] 
Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am proud to own the John Travolta/Welcome Back Kotter figure shown in one of EDs Megacon photos. And guess who's getting featured on Mikes Record Shelf this week? No, it's NOT Gabe Kaplan!
Petrey [20-03-2010 15:42] 
For the ones here that brought up THE NORSEMAN, I've uploaded a teaser trailer to my website. Link included, 7MB download so it's very small. It's funny how I can't find this on the web but maybe my eyes are just tired. Enjoy.
Petrey [20-03-2010 11:42] 
“All black people, leave the message board now.” WHOOPS! Sorry I was having a Walmart moment. Just Kidding, resume as normal and I hope by posting this I will not be arrested for crimes of bias, intimidation and harassment. So I hope all the black members who post KNOW that I am only kid...oh Jesus Christ this oxycodone withdrawal is a bitch!
Michael [19-03-2010 21:38] 
ED, end of February? Sounds like a plan!
the_truth [19-03-2010 19:11] 
Congrats on this ten year milestone! Here's to a very happy and healthy (at least) ten more!!!! Good show old friends!!
Terence [19-03-2010 16:45] 
Nolan took it down since you didnt turn anything in last week or this week and no mention of wether you were to anyone.
J.MILLER [19-03-2010 16:42] 
Then where was my banner been this week?
Terence [19-03-2010 14:49] 
"Highbrow - Lampin is "Banned From The PCR""

haha whatever. more like the writer hasnt turned anything in for weeks. but whatever spin you wanna make it.
J.MILLER [19-03-2010 13:35] 
Highbrow - Lampin is "Banned From The PCR"
Highbrow Reader [19-03-2010 11:09] 
When, pray tell, will the esteemed column "Lampin' in the Sixth Borough" return to this fair online periodical?
ED [19-03-2010 05:36] 
Mike - if you check the Megacon website, they already have next year's dates posted. Just get on down here and we'll do it. My friend John Thrailkill was one of the extras in the water ski show scene in Jaws 3D. They bused his whole high school class in to sit in the stands. He said all he got was a t-shirt!
Steve [19-03-2010 01:19] 
WordArt! That's the one! You're absolutely right! When I saw the word, "WordArt" I clicked! You've got a hell of a memory, Nole!
Nolan [18-03-2010 23:44] 
Then again, I always confuse the fact that Fess Parker played a similar American Hero, Davey Crockett, in the '50s, and with another catchy theme song.
Nolan [18-03-2010 20:59] 
Steve, you my have done a PowerPoint presentation afterwards, but the simple mock-up I remember was an MS Word Doc that I was able to replicate later using their Word Art tool.

I thought Fess Parker would be about 100 by now! Apparently he was an older-looking 35 in 1959, and well into his 40s by Daniel Boone's run which was later in the '60s than I thought.

Alex Chilton, yes, "The Letter". Brings me back. RIP indeed.
Andy [18-03-2010 19:33] 
Haha, I loved Jaws 3D. Pure genius,
Lonnie Dohlen [18-03-2010 14:39]  
RIP Fess Parker (Daniel Boone 1964-70)
Michael [18-03-2010 14:28] 
ED, excellent write up, as usual, on Megacon. You need to give me some advance warning next year...I would love to cruise a dealer's room with you! And a nice job of photography by the missus! Of the celebs you mentioned I wouldn't have minded getting something from Billy Dee and Lea Thompson...I've got lots of old "Howard the Duck" stuff. And, though I do not count "Jaws 3D" or "Jaws the Revenge" as REAL "Jaws" films, I might have had her sign a poster. And I'm down to eat at any place called the CRAZY Buffet! There's a show here next weekend but the big name there is Helen Slater. And Ferigno, who has always been an ass as far as I'm concerned. Not that I'd tell him to his face! :-)
Terence [18-03-2010 04:44] 
R.I.P. Alex Chilton (Box Tops, Big Star)
Steve [17-03-2010 21:57] 
SCUM OF THE EARTH? Is that the George W. Bush biopic?
Chris Woods [17-03-2010 17:53] 
New Schlock Review posted: SCUM OF THE EARTH
Chris Woods [17-03-2010 17:22] 
Jason and ED - Glad you guys liked the article. USA had some great shows and movies back in the day. It was a good time.

Nolan - Thanks for the mention in the 10th anniversary write up and the mention of memorable moments.
Steve [17-03-2010 17:18] 
By the way, that fake website I whipped up was a PowerPoint presentation.

I had no idea you were taking it so seriously back then! Amazing!
Andy [17-03-2010 15:20] 
Congratulations, Nolan. I check back on this site multiple times each week and I'm never disappointed.
matthew [17-03-2010 07:18] 
Nolan: Congrats in the grandest scale regarding CrazedFanboy. I'm not really suprised we reached this point as it was just a matter of time. The gifts you've shown in life are transparent in this publication, which continues to keep it fresh, fun and informative. Quite simply: You rule.

ED [17-03-2010 05:38] 
Chris - great write up on the often overlooked early years of the USA cable network. Most people today do not realize that their actually was a time when that channel did not suck. I loved Commander USA and often watched Saturday Nightmares and Night Flight. Night Flight seemed to specialize in public domain films while the Groovy Movies owned the Independant International catalog and all theMexican vampire and wrestling films I had never seen before. It was a good time to be a Fanboy.

Jason - you will have to introduce me to the Tampa Crazy Buffet some time. I am still bummed about the one in Orlando.
Steve Beasley [17-03-2010 04:40] 

Steve Beasley [17-03-2010 04:38]  
Just call me Dr. Frankenstein!
Jason Fetters [17-03-2010 02:36]  
Chris-Great article!! I fondly remember Commander USA. I do have Ray Bradbury's Theater on DVD.
Ed-That is a shame about Crazy Buffet. There is one in Tampa that I believe is still open.
Michael [16-03-2010 21:21] 
Wholly decade lost, Batman! 10 Years??? A very happy anniversary to Nolan, T, Wil, ED, Matt, Lisa, Chris, Jason and anybody else who EVER had ANYTHING to do with this fine publication. Am I still on probation or can I start getting paid now? :-)
Chris Woods [16-03-2010 19:48] 
Happy 10th Anniversary Crazed Fanboy!
pdizzy [16-03-2010 18:17] 
Nolan good on ya and the PCR crew on 10 years. I always check PCR and ALWAYS find something fun and interesting to read. Here's indeed to another decade of greatness!!!
William Moriaty [16-03-2010 15:30] 
Happy First Decade PCR!

Nolan: What a major life achievement and incredible labor of love.!

Not once over the span of this publication's first ten years went by without its being refreshed week after week, month after month, and year after year. I think fondly of all of the great columns and its writers, and all of the world, national and local events captured and now a permanent time capsule of the lives of its contributors and readers.

Through all the challenges it has faced - - illness and injury to its editor and contributors; proposed and failed insurrections; visceral and malicious attacks on the Message Board and Letter Column; a lousy economy; PCR has weathered it all and still manages to produce a quality weekly review of the world of popular culture.

I am proud to have been a part of the PCR story and look forward to many more such years ahead!
ED [16-03-2010 13:59] 
Oh, and first to wish the PCR a happy 10th anniversary!
ED [16-03-2010 13:11] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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