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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 522  (Vol. 11, No. 13). This edition is for the week of March 22--28, 2010.

On Robert Culp
Historic Health Care Bill Passes
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2008, Lisa Scherer's tribute to iconic horror hostess, Vampira.
Most TV fans know by now of the recent sad passing of actor Robert Culp at age 79. While most online obits devote much "ink" to his co-starring alongside Bill Cosby in the mid-'60s comic spy drama I Spy (not without justification, of couse), I was also deeply impressed with Culp's contributions to other '60s TV fare, most notably The Outer Limits. These haven't been mentioned anywhere.

The three episodes in question, The Architects of Fear, Corpus Earthling (both 1963), and (insert fanfare here) the Harlan Ellison-penned Demon With a Glass Hand (1964) represent some of the finest science-fiction that decade had to offer.

In each of these episodes, Culp played an intelligent, yet ordinary man trapped in extraordinary circumstances. From a scientist surgically altered to become an alien (Architects), to the only man capable of hearing rock-like entities communicate (Corpus), to the highly-acclaimed episode about a post-apocalyptic man on the run with no memory of his past, but somehow is responsible for locating earth's survivors (Demon With a Glass Hand).

Of course, Culp's presence in movies and episodic television is well-documented, but his sensitivity and sincerity helped propel any part he played into one you wouldn't forget. Robert Culp was an inspiration and will be sorely missed.


One of the most divisive bills ever to be passed has made it to the President's desk on or about the time of this writing. "Obamacare" or the National Health Care Plan is now the law of the land.

Since politics isn't our focus on PCR anymore, I won't go into exhastive detail, except to say that, as I understand it, a few immediate things change health care as we know it: children up to the age of 26 can remain on their parent's plan, people with "pre-existing" conditions cannot be turned down (and are eligible for a government-federally funded "High Risk" insurance plan), insurance plans will no longer have lifetime caps, and insurance companies can no longer cancel policies if a patient gets sick. And that's just a few of the items. I'm not even going to go into what happens when the full thing kicks in in 2014. And I also won't go into the justifiable hysteria over what this is going to cost the country in taxes.

But it isn't done and over yet. No fewer than 30 states haved vowed a federal lawsuit to block their states' inclusion, or more specifically, to render unconstitutional the matter of mandates. This includes Florida, where Attorney General Bill McCollum has already moved to file suit.

That's about all I have to say at this time. It's incredible watching this thing play out.

A Message Board thread has already been started on this topic

Readers' Comments

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Steve [29-03-2010 18:11]  
...and it's only March!
Nolan [29-03-2010 13:41] 
Action Comics #1 (1938) back on top AGAIN!! Newest auction sold one for $1.5 million, besting two earlier records for Detective Comics #27 ($1.2 million) and another Action Comics #1 ($1 million, the first million-dollar comic in history). All three happened this year. Wowsers.
William Moriaty [29-03-2010 11:16] 
New Schlockarama: "Creature From The Haunted Sea"
Terence [29-03-2010 09:14] 
thanks Mike. the whole album is stellar. you can snag a copy at best buy for 9.99. and for a little more get a t-shirt with it!

Andy- not a big fan of Beach House. im sure they deserve the praise but im just sick to my stomach with chamber and pastoral pop taking over the entire Indie rock scene. at least it seems that way to me. i mean i have had all the Grizzly Bears and Fleet Foxes i can take
Andy [29-03-2010 04:29] 
Terence, listened to the new Beach House album yet?
randy [28-03-2010 22:03]  
does miss june hurley young of romperroom have fan website? blankcerticate copy from when onshow around 1970 I d buy one. thanks for any help. R
Michael [28-03-2010 19:36] 
T, great write up on the Hendrix release. I've heard the title track a few times over the past week and it is truly classic Hendrix. One can only wonder the journeys he would have taken us on had he lived, especially when guitar driven music (Van Halen, Boston) was big.
Terence [27-03-2010 20:21] 
this is just sad. Links are allowed on the messageboard. use it sometime. theres a Twilight Zone thread that you might have something to say about. assuming you are a Serling fan.

Michael [27-03-2010 17:39] 
Lisa, I found him to be incredibly gracious and pretty accepting of the fame he has because of who he was. As I wrote at the beginning of the interview, the fact that the man greeted EVERYONE that approached him like a friend amazed me. Not just people that were looking to buy a book or pay for an autograph but literally anyone that approached him.

Andy, I would have loved to have attended that screening. It took FOREVER to get that film made. When I was still in the Army, probably around 1982, there was a notice in the Army Times looking for soldiers that were interested in auditioning for the film. Matthew Modine wrote an excellent book recounting the casting and filming that is a must have for Kubrick fans...a very interesting look into how the great man worked.
matthew [27-03-2010 15:32] 
the last day to vote in the Rondo Awards is April 3rd. better get those votes in!!!

ESPECIALLY if you're voting for Dick Bennick to make the Monster Kid Hall of Fame.

i'd give you the link, but that's not allowed. so you'll have to google rondoaward and you should find it. it's alot of fun!

*this post in no way impedes or detracts from the success and prosperity of Crazed Fanboy. this has been a public service announcement.*
Andy [27-03-2010 11:17] 
Got to see "Full Metal Jacket" last night, followed by a question and answer session with Vincent D'Onofrio and Jan Harland. Quite interesting.
one [26-03-2010 16:28] 
That message board..... what a joke. Why even bother posting anything on it? You people chased the cool people away years ago- even banned some of them.
The message board should be put out of its misery. It's over, and why few bother to post on it anymore.
Chachi-Lover Lisa [26-03-2010 09:51] 
Truth and Happy Young Guzzo -- I responded to your comments on the message board.

Chris W. -- It sucks that you had to miss your own film screening at the GIFF, but thank you for keeping your flu germs at home and not infecting us all. :) Hope you're feeling better.

Mike -- Enjoyed your interview. Henry Winkler has always seemed to me to be ok with being known primarily as The Fonz, unlike some other actors who resent being associated with just one role that they played years ago (and that fans love). Do you get that same impression?

As cool as The Fonz was, however, my heart belonged to Chachi. *swoon*
Absentminded Professor Lisa [26-03-2010 09:16] 
Just updated my FANGRRL column with comments about the short film THE PERPETUAL LIFE:KYLE COOPER, which I also saw at the GIFF but accidentally omitted from my original column. Mea culpa, Guzzo.
Bob [26-03-2010 08:12] 
Like the review of the Hendrix album...thought it was spot on.
Simon Lynx [26-03-2010 04:29] 
Mike - Great Winkler interview. I was definately a Fonzie fan as a kid, I think I even dressed up like him a time or two for halloween.
Yelsaeb Evets [26-03-2010 00:44] 
Man, the 60s stars are dropping like flies!
Michael [25-03-2010 21:40] 
ED, great story on the Arkoff doc. I am very proud to have been a part of the FANEX crew from the beginning until 1995, and I still consider Gary and Sue Svehla good friends. When we were talking about cons via email, THIS is what I meant by a great one. Harryhausen. Christopher Lee. You name a classic horror personality and if they probably appeared at FANEX. I will definitely give this DVD a look.
Michael [25-03-2010 18:22] 
Thanks, Potsie. I actually have a lot more questions for him and, time permitting, perhaps we can talk again.

One, I don't suppose you have any "thoughts" about Howie Mandel do you?
Potsie Weber [25-03-2010 17:57] 
Mike, that interview with Henry Winkler was awesome. I loved him as Barry Zuckerkorn on "Arrested Development."
one [25-03-2010 17:20] 
I have seen Spaventare, though, before Gasparilla . Chris Woods made a great film!
one [25-03-2010 17:08] 
I agree with thetruth that guzzo is a good filmmaker. paul is an exceptional writer. I didn't see caged dreams, but what I have seen looks good.
Sidenote: I feel really bad about jinxing Corey Haim. I wrote that he died, and then he did. It's freaking me out.
ED [25-03-2010 15:56] 
Chris - the one good thing about having the flu is plenty of time to watch movies!
Chris Woods [25-03-2010 15:05] 
ED - Glad you enjoyed my review of Deathdream. It's a great horror film and I'm glad I finally got to see it.

I liked your DVD review on Samuel Arkoff doc. Sounds like it's a good DVD.

Lisa - Enjoyed your write up on GIFF. Wish I would of gone but I was sick with the flu. Glad to see Spaventare made you jump again.
matthew [25-03-2010 06:15] 
Sad to hear about robert culp.

ED [25-03-2010 04:01] 
Great review of Deathdream Chris. A lot of the atmosphere in that film comes from Jack McGowan's lighting techniques. He was an excellent cinematographer. I first saw Deathdream at the Ocala Drive-In as the bottom half of a double bill with one of the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels back in the 80's. It was the perfect place to see it since much of the climax takes place at a drive-in.
Chris Woods [24-03-2010 20:26] 
New Schlock Review posted: DEATHDREAM
Michael [24-03-2010 16:12] 
RIP the great Robert Culp!
Happy Young Man [24-03-2010 07:07] 
BTW, so glad you and Lisa came out ... good crowd and a good block of shorts. Bout that Bout was disturbing yet uplifting. I didn't care for King Jeff. Thought the story was good, but thought it was poorly shot.
Happy Young Man [24-03-2010 06:05] 
Ambiguous ... but remember the beginning quote on the screen and think about what could be going through Mac's head.
the_truth [23-03-2010 20:36] 
Ms. FilmFan,

Thank you for the wonderful write up on GIFF. I, too, was left confused over the ending of Caged Dreams, however I am still puzzled by two particular things in the film. I don't want to spoil anything, plus I might have missed something in the story; but, does the film have a closed ending or did you interpret the ending to be ambiguous? I hope you understand what I mean. Other than that I am thoroughly impressed with the production value and execution. The Guzzo Bros. & Co. have continued to mature as filmmakers. Also, I respectfully disagree with you regarding King Jeff. Spot on with Immortal Island though, I completely agree.
Terence [23-03-2010 17:02] 
sound like it. if something really bad is the same.
Lisa Lisa [23-03-2010 16:24] 
No fair reading my unpublished column while I'm loading my pictures, Terence! That freaks me out every time. LOL

No, the short movie called Off Season is about a drunk guy and his cute dog who live alone in a snowed-out cabin. He breaks into an empty cabin looking for booze or food or whatever, but discovers something really, really bad instead. I've only heard about Ketchum's book and haven't read it myself, but that's not the same plot, is it?
First (Sorta) Lisa [23-03-2010 16:18] 
First column up! BOO-YA!!
Terence [23-03-2010 16:17] 
Lisa is Off Season based on the Jack Ketchum novel?
Terence [23-03-2010 08:51] 
First! thats right.
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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