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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 526  (Vol. 11, No. 17). This edition is for the week of April 19-25, 2010.

This Week's Stuff
Hitler Parody Films Being Yanked Off YouTube
Newest 007 Film Delayed Indefinitely
Westboro Baptist Church Madness
This Week's Stuff
Icelandic Volcano
Leonard Nimoy Retiring
Star Wars to be Re-Released on Blu-ray
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2006, Greg Van Cott's article about comparing the book and movies to Ian Fleming's classic Casino Royale, which introduced the world to 007, James Bond.
This is mainly for the YouTube freaks out there like Ye Olde Editor. Remember the many, many Hitler parodies posted on there featuring the same clips from Constantin Films' 2004 film, "Der Untergang" ("Downfall")? The German language soundtrack was original but subtitles were placed on the clip by pranskters to reflect Hitler discussing anything from Hollywood breakups to Michael Jackson's death to the newest Batman film. (The original has Hitler in his office, surrounded by henchmen, discussing the possibility of losing the war.)

All very funny, but apparently Constantin Films is groaning at the exploitation. According to YouTube's "Content ID" policy, any copyight holder can yank any film if it contains their material. The software monitoring this isn't perfect, so there may be a Hitler parody or two still around, but eventually, the plan, as I understand it, is to remove all of them.


The newest James Bond film with the working title Bond 23 has been postponed indefinitely as MGM studios is evidently changing hands, and due to the messy financial and management restructuring that comes with that, no one knows when that dust will settle.


Earlier this week, I became terribly confused by a TV report about a group of protesters outside the St. Pete Times Forum in downtown Tampa. Catching only the last half of the report, I got only that they were viciously anti-gay, and were protesting outside a Bon Jovi concert. I thought to myself, "how did I miss that Bon Jovi was gay?" and vowed to find out more later. Well, I did. Turns out it had nothing to do with Bon Jovi. It DID have to do with the protesters going after any large crowds wherever they could find them.

Two more TV reports later, mostly regarding the protesters parked in front of two local high schools, and I got a different picture, one that's very distrubing. One short Google search later, and here's the skinny, as far as I can understand it.

This "movement" was started by the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas (in a previous edition of PCR, this church was named as "Wellsboro", and there is one by that name, but not connected to this movement. I regret the error. --Nolan) several years ago over feelings that God hates America because of our lenient attitude toward gays and lesbians. And...better sit down for this....that American soldiers coming back from foreign countries in body bags due to war conflicts somehow deserved to die because of this. One of the most common picket signs, next to "God Hates You", reads "Thank God for Dead Soldiers". These looney yahoos even hold protest rallys at funerals for dead soldiers (most notably the 2006 funeral in Indiana of Sergeant Randy McCaulley of Marion Center, who died in Iraq). These acts have resulted in a Supreme Court hearing regarding whether this is free speech or not.

I don't know how these wack-jobs flew under my radar all this time, but I am horrified to see funeral proceedings desecrated like this, to say nothing of putting foolish ideas in the minds of young people ("Your moral compass is broken" is their gentlest battle cry. What they say about homosexuality I won't repeat). I can't imagine the Baptists of America are truly aligned with these religious ghouls!

Well, this is a very old issue amongst America's religious zealotry. Remember when Reverends Fallwell and Robertson blamed 9/11 on God's revenge against homosexuals? Needless to say, I wouldn't want to get the Westboro folks started on Evolution. But then again, they'd probably display the same expertise they did on gays in the military.


I am running so woefully behind, I had to put up the semi-retired "Under Construction" sign on the homepage to get me through the lunch hour today (Tues, 20th). There are some topics I'm developing for this week, but they're going to have to wait one or two days before I can get to them. Meanwhile, I can't let my New Year's resolution to retire the "under construction" day slip into oblivion already, so here are a few thoughts to get me through Tuesday.

The volcano that recently erupted in Iceland (called Eyjafjallajokull for those who want try and pronounce it!) has blanketed Western Europe in ash so badly as to already have cost the grounded airline companies hundreds of millions of dollars. This week has seen some relief as planes are starting to fly again, but the volcano has continued rumbling and forecasters are nervous the volcano may be preparing for round two. As far as I know, this cataclysm is located in glacier territory, so there are no fatalites (for those camparing it to the Haitian earthquake, for example), but it is impacting the economy over there pretty severely.

Any hope of seeing Leonard Nimoy reprise his Spock character in the new Star Trek sequel may be disapponted to learn Nimoy is retiring from acting after his final appearance on the TV series Fringe this year. In addition to getting on in years, Nimoy recently said he didn't want to crowd out the "new" Spock, Zachary Quinto, of whom Nimoy is very much an admirer for carrying on the legacy.

And sometime in the future in 3-D, as well. Lucas still continues to mine every last drop from this as a gift to "must-have" fans. Whatever.

Readers' Comments

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J.MILLER [26-04-2010 19:39] 
Lisa - Welcome to Schlock...That was a great review of ZAAT
Petrey [26-04-2010 00:30] 
THAT, I never knew Michael. Thanks for the cool info. Yes, 'Roadhouse' is a favorite but I would have never have guessed that's who Ben's character was based on. Small world.
Michael [25-04-2010 19:18] 
Petrey, Ironically the "meanest man in America" is also from these parts...right down the road in Skidmore, Missouri. Yep, they finally up and killed him and nobody saw a thing. If you are a fan of the movie "Roadhouse" (and who isn't) the character Ben Gazarra played was based on the bully.
Terence [25-04-2010 16:17] 
the irony of it all is when so called "christians" are the hate filled and unaccepting. jesus wouldnt have bashed or looked down upon a homosexual. he hung out with criminials, thiefs, the downtrodden etc. i dont personally believe in Christianity but I was raised Lutheran and I know a fake Christian when I see one. sometimes they are decieiving and wont even admit it to themselves that they are fake but they are usually as transparent as a window.
Terence [25-04-2010 16:15] 
some people are so ignorant. yes it is freedom of speech and Phelps has the right to say what he is saying but not when they go in mobs to disrupt public events and funerals. that is causing a disturbance to normal activities and that is criminal. and I agree with Petrey to an extent. its ok to say you hate fags if thats what you want to say but not when it causes a movement that could or will incite violence. that isnt protected by free speech as far as I know.
Petrey [25-04-2010 16:00] 
Like it or not if one of Phelp's clan came across this website's front page and saw the attention he was getting from the comments written he would assume he has accomplished something.

Right or wrong the way I see it is this:

1) Someone needs to put a bounty or a hit out on the guy. They did this years ago in a small town in the mid-west when this guy (whose name escapes me) was labeled the meanest man in America. Yes, they killed him and if I remember right no one was jailed.

2) The kids holding signs that GOD HATES FAGS is the same as the videos I've seen of the middle eastern kids packed with automatic weapons yelling DEATH TO AMERICA! They strip the innocence of children away to further their hate speech, and agendas.
Witness [25-04-2010 15:52] 
Of course you can yell "Fire!" or various slurs. For the former, you'll be convicted of inciting a panic and possibly charged with deaths if anyone is trampled. For the slurs, you'll just get your ass kicked. I don't agree that the children should be holding signs about God hating fags, but is it really all that different from parents having their kids hold Republican/Democrat signs or pro-choice/right to life signs at various rallies?

Middle America is hurt by almost everything that deviates from the norm. Most of the country wouldn't know or care about these people if the media didn't focus on them. Just because WBC pisses off Middle America doesn't mean that they should be banned. I wouldn't really worry about the WBC children. No matter what happens, they'll probably be screwed up anyway.
Michael [25-04-2010 14:59] 
And the reason "middle America" can't ignore them is that their actions are hurtful. It resonates in the hearts and minds of good people when others are made to suffer by the hands of idiots. In a way I guess I'm being two faced because I'll certainly be taunting Fred Phelps and his family at his funeral....perhaps then the little kids who innocently picket other funerals will see how hurtful they have been when people tell them "Grandpa is in hell." Of course, I became convinced long ago that nobody in that "church" has a soul so I won't really be hurting anyone.
Michael [25-04-2010 14:55] 
Witness, I do agree with your point somewhat, but where do rights stop? You can't yell "fire!" in a crowded movie theatre, nor can you point at an African American on the street and yell the "N" word. If these idiots want to hide behind the First Amendment that's fine. Believe me I'll be doing the same when Fred Phelps makes his journey to hell. But to put a sign that reads "God Hates Fags" and worse in the hands of a four or five year old child isn't an expression of free speech. It's bordering on criminal.
William Moriaty [24-04-2010 14:12] 
Great Schlock Lisa!

I had the privilege of watching ZAAT back in '04 with Nolan in none other than ED Tucker's house while actual ZAAT props stood watching also nearby!
Witness Protection Program [24-04-2010 10:02] 
Look, in no way do I agree with WBC's messages, but at least they're getting out there and exercising their rights. They're geniuses, really. They have some of the most ignorant and laughable messages--clearly delusional and fringe--and yet it drives Middle America up a wall. I just don't understand how mainstream society cannot ignore them. What's worse, some people even go so far as to try and protest AGAINST them!

I hate to take their side, I really do, but I have to support them when they sue local and state governments after they pass protesting bans. As long as they're on public property, let them protest, no matter how crazy they seem.
Petrey [24-04-2010 01:08] 
Lisa, I can honestly say you have stumped this here bootlegger. I have NEVER heard of ZAAT!
Get Off My Lawn [23-04-2010 19:17] 
u kids nowadays with your new newfangled 3-D technology. i miss the glory days of Veronica Lake.
ED [23-04-2010 16:20] 
Lisa - apparently the sargassum weed hides fish that prey on other fish who think they are part of the plant. If you look at the fish in the movie, it looks like it is part of the plant until it eats a smaller fish. Maybe it helps that I have watched this film at least 40 times! Still a hillarious review though!
Chris Woods [23-04-2010 15:24] 
Lisa welcome to Schlockarama!
Nicholas Rex [23-04-2010 14:28]  
Nolan, you wan to know the funny part about Westboro Baptist Church, Falwell, and Robertson? To WBC and Fred Phelps, Falwell and Robertson aren't extreme enough. I think after Falwell died Phelps did a video where he said Falwell is burning in hell.

Personally, I think it's another example of why religion is poison. Not faith. Faith is different and can be beneficial, provided the faithful keep it to themselves. Can't wait for Phelps to die. I say we organize a combination protest/gay orgy to occur during the service, just to spite the son of a bitch.
ZAATastic Lisa [23-04-2010 13:52] 
ED -- Thanks for the background on the names. I thought the joke I was going for would work better with more titles, so that's why I included the bootleg, etc. titles.

As far as the weed of deceit/weed of the deep thing goes, I totally misunderstood the voice-over narration in the beginning, I guess. LOL! Thanks for the correction. I've changed it. I won't even ask how a weed can be deceitful... :P
ED [23-04-2010 13:17] 
Lisa, hillarous review of ZAAT! Incidently, Sargassum is called the weed of deceit not the deep. ZAAT was originally released under that title regionally in 1971. It was picked up for national distribution in 1972 and retitled Blood Waters of Dr. Z but the company, Capitol Films, went bankrupt before it was ever officially released under that title. Attack of the Swamp Creatures and Hydra are both bootleg VHS titles. Legend of the ZAAT monster was a proposed re-issue title to cash in on films like Legend of Boggy Creek but was never actually used. ZAAT has really only been known by two titles but IMDB seems to be a catch all of information. Keep those reviews coming!
Newbie Schlock Reviewer Lisa [23-04-2010 11:48] 
New schlock review just posted by a new schlock reviewer: ZAAT
matthew [23-04-2010 07:08] 
and hold up another sign that says "fred phelps. hellbent for homo's.. burn, burn, burn" just to piss them all off. think how great it would be to have his family bent out of shape and confrontational, just ready for a blast of pepper spray from some lucky sign holder.
Michael [22-04-2010 21:05] 
Also, this hate group is in no way affiliated with the Baptist church, as church leaders have gone out of their way to point out. This is just a group of 30-40 idiots from the same family (and perhaps being inbread explains their obvious mental deficiencies). In Kansas they passed a law that prevents protesting at funerals. Not sure if you read recently that a father in Maryland had attempted to sue the Phelps' for emotional distress because they picketed at his son's funeral (his son had died in Iraq). Though he won originally, a higher court ruled in favor of the Moron Clan and ruled that the father had to play Phelp's legal fees. $13,000. Justice at work. I have and still maintain that when Fred Phelps dies I will be picketing at his funeral. Look for the fat guy with the "GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW THAT HE SENT FRED PHELPS STRAIGHT TO HELL" sign!
Michael [22-04-2010 20:57] 
Many years ago I was dating a woman who lived in Topeka. As we walked to church on Sunday morning I encountered the idiots who comprise Fred Phelps "church." It was all I could do to keep from physically confronting them. The "church" is made up exclusively of members of Phelp's family. He makes his kids go to law school so he can live off of the money he gets when he sues people. He's a piece of sh*t. What upset me the most was the fact that he had his grandchildren, four and five years old, holding up signs reading "GOD hates Fags" and "Homo Priests," etc. You may recall several years ago when some mad man murdered several young girls at an Amish school. The Phelps were planning to protest at their funerals but thankfully a national radio host (Mike Gallagher) agreed to give Shirley Phelps-Roeper (Fred's bitch daughter) an hour of air time if they did not protest, which she accepted. Gallagher encouraged his listeners to change the station.
Andy [22-04-2010 19:28] 
Some of those Hitler parodies are great, like the Where's Waldo one or the VMA one. Of course, due to Constantin Films' recent move, there's now one with Hitler bitching about all of the parodies.
Nolan [22-04-2010 16:08] 
To Brandon: The new generic 7-Eleven beer was announced to us a while ago, but no samples have arrived at our store yet. We do , however, have the 7-Eleven wine.

To Phelps: Apparently you're right, and I regret the error. I went by memory from a friend's recollection and search engine results did point out a "Wellsboro" from Topeka that seemed to be the one in question. Mea Culpa. Carry on. Oh, BTW, God hates you.
Chris Woods [22-04-2010 16:03] 
Lisa - Great article on the Ybor Film Festival. A very in depth write up on the films that you saw. A number of them sound very interesting like Rocaterrania and I saw What Lurks In the Dark at Sunscreen, that film was very good.
Fred Phelps [22-04-2010 14:46] 
I would like to call to your attention that my group is called the WESTBORO Baptist Church.
Brandon [22-04-2010 14:41] 
Why didn't I hear about the new 7/11 beer from the guru of 7/11?

J.MILLER [22-04-2010 13:55] 
Nole - Since your a Youtube freak check out the video from Michael Moores old TV show where he took a pink bus full of flaming homosexuals to protest the Welsboro protestors...
Chris Woods [21-04-2010 18:56] 
New Schlock Review posted: EVIL EYE
the_watcher [21-04-2010 17:19] 
Avatar comes out tomorrow on DVD. I might get it later, though, as I'm too busy watching my bootleg of KICK ASS over and over again! IT rawks!
J.MILLER [21-04-2010 16:31] 
Chris - Thanks...I think you'd like the music of Gangstarr if you heard it...It's artistic and smooth...Nothing crazy...They are one of those few rap groups with cross-over appeal to rock fans...
J.MILLER [21-04-2010 16:24] 
The Reader - Part 2 is coming...My appologies to Mr. Petrey who has been great to work with these past few weeks...Trust me part 2 is worth the wait...

Its just the sudden death of an icon I felt was deserving of its own issue...I feel out of respect for the time invested by Mr. Petrey that his words do not deserve to be double booked with another headline...

Chris Woods [21-04-2010 16:20] 
ED - I enjoyed your write up on the Deland Collectibles Expo. Looks like it was a good show. I always liked those cool 70's Halloween masks and costumes. That brings back memories.

John - Liked your article on the death of Guru. Although I'm not a fan of hip-hop and didn't know who Guru was, it was a good tribute of the guy and how his music was important to you.
the_reader [21-04-2010 14:47] 
Just disappointed that the latest entry was not part 2, which was what I was expecting, and waiting for. MORE!
the_reader [21-04-2010 14:46] 
Miller, you need to post the other part of that interview with Petrey, ASAP. One of the best interviews that I have read, anywhere. Do we have to wait another week?
Nicholas Rex [21-04-2010 03:55] 
@Kirky: Calm down, padawan. It's only a movie series. Getting riled up because they admittedly turned Star Trek into an action movie doesn't do anything. As for having no respect for the previous series, I respectfully disagree. The series was always about the core relationship between Spock, Kirk, and Bones, and they've done a great job in keeping that alive.

And seriously, is this the only time Star Trek has used the alternate timeline/universe/whatever to explain away plot inconsistencies? Just so long as they don't portray the difference between good Spock and bad Spock as being solely dependent on facial hair, we're golden in my book.
Kirky [20-04-2010 14:57] 
The new Star Trek movie series sucks. They turned the franchise into a crappy action movie series. J. J. Abrams doesn't know Trek at all, and could care less. The series is anti-canon. I want my next-gen era tv series back (thank god for DVD box sets)! Pine is good as Kirk, and Quinto is good as Spock, though..... and Zoe makes the ultimate Uhura! I love my DS9!
Petrey [20-04-2010 14:19] 
Yep....agreed. There would be those instances where nature would benefit from HD.
Steve: The Sequel [20-04-2010 12:54] 
You knoe, having said that...for some documentaries it may be a good idea, like when the show microscopic creatures close up, but not for every TV program, such as sitcoms.
Steve Beasley [20-04-2010 12:52] 
I'm in complete agreement with you, Petrey. We've had a good enough picture for over 3 decades now. I don't believe we need to see the dimples on Tiger Wood's golf ball as he goes for a birdie, which is how some of the HD retailers are pushing it on television.
Petrey [20-04-2010 12:03] 
Not surprisingly that we had just discussed SW coming out on all the available formats over the years too Nolan. Imagine the dollars spent from die hard fans every time they felt the need to 'upgrade'. OH JESUS, I CAN SEE EVERY PORE ON LUKE'S FACE NOW AS HE SAVES LEIA. THANK YOU BLU-RAY!!! *Yeech*
ED [20-04-2010 11:58] 
Congratulations Lonnie!
Lonnie Dohlen [20-04-2010 11:30] 
First @ Last.First time ever!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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