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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 527  (Vol. 11, No. 18). This edition is for the week of April 26--May 2, 2010.

Warming Up
So Many "Worst Ever"?
Warming Up
Re: Last Week
Coming Up
Tampa Comic Con
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2006, the third Sanford Summit featuring magician Harry Wise and many other guests.
Jason Fetters, May 3, 38 yrs.
Jason Liquori, May 4, 39 yrs.
Steve Beasley, May 5, 53 yrs.
Chris Woods, May 11, 37 yrs.
Terence Nuzum, May 19, 31 yrs.
To say we are living in troubled times would be an understatement. More and more, I turn on the news to hear about something being the "worst in decades" or "worst in history". All within the last five years.

"The Great Recession" started in 2007 and resulted in the "Great Crash" that was described as the "worst economic disaster in decades", then later as "worst since the Great Depression". The global recession is sometimes referred to as "the worst in history" although that might include a re-calibration of certain criteria to meet that standard. Some predict it may get worse.

Recently we heard about the "worst coal mine disaster in forty years", referring to the incident in W. Virginia where the company igonored dozens of safety violations for years until the roof collapsed.

The newest, oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caused by an exploded BP rig, is leaking 210,000 gallons a day (about 5,000 barrels) and, though still uncapped at this writing (in an earlier edition of PCR, I stated it was capped. I regret the error --Nolan), the slick is headed for the coast of Louisiana. At this rate, it is likely to surpass the Exxon disaster in Prince William Sound as "the worst oil spill in American history".

In previous issues, we've discussed the "biggest earthquake in Haiti in a century" and the Icelandic volcano. I'm sure there are plenty of others I've forgotten.

So what's going on here? Why here and why now? It's enough to make me buy into that old Mayan "prophecy" that the end of the world will occur in late 2012, preceeded by such catastrophes.


Like last week, I'm only able to post a brief "placeholder" section on PCR update day, but pledge to elaborate on some themes over the next couple days.

The title of this section refers to two things, actually. One, the fact that finally the dreadful Winter cold has passed and Spring weather has arrived, at least here in Florida. The out-of-doors is truly a wonderful place to be right now.

And two, that we here at Crazed Fanboy are warming up for a terrific fanboy summer. As work and personal issues are resolving for Ye Olde Editor, I'm looking forward to a very creative time ahead.

We had a terrific response to last week's issue's topics (particularly the Westboro Baptist Church matter), and I want to thank everyone who participated in the discussions.

After an absence spanning several months, our Sports Talk writer, Chris Munger, has access to a computer now, and pledges a return to his column. Didn't quite work out last week (these things happen), but I know he's trying, and I'm not ready to mark his column's tombstone just yet. And now that the bike-riding weather is proving more conducive to, well, bike-riding, Ye Olde Editor is going to try and be a more regular fixture at the local bijou to evaluate Hollywood's latest product.

Anyone out there in Central Florida fandom who's ever felt like hanging out with the CrazedFanboy/PCR gang will have a great opportunity this Sunday, May 2, at The Tampa Giant Comic Con and Toy Show! Looks like almost all of the Florida-based staff members are going. I feel like dedicating this event to the late, great Dick Giordano (1932--2010), comic artist extraordinaire, who I met on several occasions at previous editions of this show and he was always a delight.

Readers' Comments

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Scotty [03-05-2010 18:26] 
Aye, Captain...... the Trek convention was poorly marketed. It wasn't pure Trek, either. Did you see those awful costumes on the news?
Michael [03-05-2010 14:44] 
I LOVE Joel in the Comic Con commercial. He makes me want to buy appliances!
how \'bout me??? [03-05-2010 14:42] 
May 3 birthdays

Pete Seeger 91

Ann B. Davis 84

Frankie Valli 74

Christopher Cross 55
Michael [03-05-2010 14:39] 
I saw Lynn Redgrave on Broadway with Mary Tyler Moore. A great performance and a lovely lady off stage.
Killer Beaz [03-05-2010 14:01] 
Re: The Audio Philes: I can personally vouce for the fact that it's working on both IE8 AND Firefox now! Awesome work!

Re: Birthdays: We need an older person with a birthday in May! I'm beginning to feel like a senior citizen! Really! Feel me and see!

Nole, remember how we'd get the Senior Citizen special at KFC. You started it and we both took advantage of it, even though we were thirty-something back then...LOL! The girls behind the counter didn't even care, they just said, "Okay" and rung it up.
Nolan [03-05-2010 13:29] 
Re: The Audio Philes. The browser compatibility problem has been addressed and the column should be showing up properly on all systems now, and with an updated media file, to boot. I apologize for any inconvenience the previous version caused. I'll elaborate more in the upcoming issue of PCR.

Re: The Trek Con. Due to the event's piss-poor promotion, I wasn't even aware of it until the day of the show. However...the inflated ticket prices ruled out my participation at least for this go-'round, anyway.

The PCR gang did, however, attend the Tampa Comic Con and Toy Show in Largo on Sunday and had a great time. This will also be elaborated upon in the upcoming issue of PCR!
Nolan [03-05-2010 12:56] 
Happy Birthday, Mr. Fetters. You've been added to the PCR birthday roster for May. (It's why Terence and I were trying to get a hold of you via Facebook, for the particulars. I'm not psychic you know.)
Jason Fetters [03-05-2010 12:36]  
May Birthdays
Jason Fetters 38
Steve [03-05-2010 12:32] 
Damn ED is faaassstt!
Steve [03-05-2010 12:31]  
Actress Lynn Redgrave moves again, this time to the Pearly Gates and decided to stay permamently.
ED [03-05-2010 10:01] 
RIP Lynn Redgrave, 67.
Petrey [03-05-2010 01:40] 
Mike - I have both National Lampoon's "White Album" & "That's Not Funny, That's Sick". We played the hell out of these albums in 1979, of course your sense of humor had to be not of the mainstream.
Steve the Accuser [02-05-2010 17:59] 
I'm a Firefox abuser, but I just tried it on IE8 and it was fine.

In the words of my old man, "I reckon thems the breaks, son!
Terence [02-05-2010 16:08] 
intersting. It looks fine on my end. i view it through explorer though.
Steve Beasley [02-05-2010 14:08] 
Rocky Erickson's album review looks to be typed over the 2nd paragraph of the Courtney Love piece.

I tried to copy and paste it into an email to send you, but it would only copy Erickson's image, not the copy. No matter, I found I don't have your email address anyway.

I'll try making some screen adjustments on my end to see if I can improve it. If so, I'll let you know.
J.MILLER [01-05-2010 21:26] 
Tez - Loved the write up for the Hole album...Not because I am a fan of Hole or the woman mooching fame off of Curt Cobains corpse...

I remember that period of time in the 90s you described when people like us where what was considered cool on MTV...It seemed like back then if you were blowing up in the mainstream regardless of genre you had to release a classic album or your career was dead...Or atleast make a few great songs...

Part of the blame in my opinion belongs to Bill Clinton for making it legal for companies like Clearchannel to monopolize radio...Viacom took over the TV racket...This to me is the pivotal difference when we discuss whats different about now and the good ol days...Everything new sucks because it is designed to suck!

Overnight the world changed from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Death Row Records and The Wu Tang Clan to boy bands, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit and Feminems...Sadly things have only gotten worse...Nickleback anyone?
Michael [01-05-2010 19:45] 
For those of you who participated in the Westboro Church conversation last week you may find it ironic that Fred Phelps son, who bolted the family at 18, has returned to Kansas and is speaking out against the wackos. Here is a link to a local story:

http://www.kansas.com/2010/04/26/1286619 /fred-phelps-estranged-son-speaks.html

I hope I have not upset the link police that patrol these pages.
Terence [01-05-2010 19:01] 
it looks normal on my end. what are you seeing steve?
Get Off My Lawn [01-05-2010 18:25] 
Audiofiles formatting is messed up.
Steve Beasley: The Conclusion II [01-05-2010 15:48] 
The exciting conclusion to Lampin' @ the Borough in this week's edition is just that...exciting! I'd love to create a video/movie biz when I get back to Tampa...with Mr. Petrey's valued assistance of course.
Steve Beasley: The Conclusion [01-05-2010 15:31] 
Either my computer is on ther fritz or the Audio Philes column is plain raggedy. It's typed over typing today.
Steve Beasley [01-05-2010 15:25] 
The first thing I thought about when reading CFB this week:

Art Bell's The Quickening (Today's Trends, Tomorrow's World)
ED [01-05-2010 09:52] 
Petrey - I think it varies by the person. Mickey Rooney did not seem like he was having a good time to me. He seemed very disoriented. Peter Graves however, seemed to be having a blast.
Petrey [01-05-2010 09:15] 
Thanks Ed. We recently had to put my father into a nursing home for rehab. He'll be home the 10th but we can already see the on start of the disease affecting his judgement and recognizing things or lack of recognizing. I was thinking what older celebs you guys ran into and I think it's sad that some are pushed out to a crowd they are confused by.
I can understand your thrill seeing them for the last time but I guess what I'm getting at is at what cost to the entertainer's well being. Don't take me wrong. I don't look as the public wanting to meet their screen idols or the comic industry's older talent as a bad thing because we are ignorant when it comes to their condition. I just think maybe some more resposible caretakers should take note. Then again this may be just what they need to keep them going to the end. My father always talks about the war and all the 'good' times he had, so when you say they remember 40 yrs. ago like yesterday you're definitely correct. Thanks a
ED [01-05-2010 04:27] 
Petrey - I have encountered that twice in all the "celebrities" I have met at shows. One was Mickey Rooney at Dragoncon a few years ago. He genuinely looked like he didn't know where he was and was scared. They had him sitting behind the table and he did not really talk to the fans as they got autographs. His handlers took your item, asked how you wanted it signed, took it to him and told him what to do, and then handed it back to you. The other was Peter Graves at FX about two years ago. I spoke to him for a few minutes and he was very sharp on things that happened 40 years ago but not really with it on the here and now. I have to say though that evn in that condition I was very happy to get a chance to meet him before he passed and at least I got to talk to him about the good old days.
Petrey [01-05-2010 01:45] 
For those that are interested, Boris Karloff's THRILLER has been uploaded in it's entirety to my website. The links are provided for all 67 episodes on the Message Board. Enjoy!

I have a question for those that frequent these comicon (?) conventions and other signing conventions with stars from glory days behind them. I'm not being sarcastic so please don't take this as such BUT I was wondering have any of you ever approached your favorite artist/actor at a booth and realized after talking for a few minutes that they don't know where they are at (I don't mean drunk or high) and it seems like they are in their early stages of Alzheimers? I ask this just to see how much they push on OR their agent or publicist makes them go the extra mile. Thanks
Scotty [30-04-2010 18:49] 
$40.00 a ticket?!?!?!? No wonder Nolan isn't covering this! Additionally, why bother paying two bills to see a bunch of has-been television actors who can't offer the insights into their characters like the writers could?
Scotty [30-04-2010 18:38] 
Dammit! Why am I the last to find out about Trek conventions? Why isn't Nolan covering this? I want to find a nice submissive Orion slave girl!
ED [30-04-2010 18:13] 
It's something called Vulcan Events. You can Google it and see the details.
Scotty [30-04-2010 18:06] 
WHAT Star Trek convention?!?!?!?!?!
ED [30-04-2010 17:50] 
Lisa - did you ask Billy Dee Williams if he was drinking Colt 45 malt liquor?
ED [30-04-2010 14:06] 
Fascinating Captain! I wonder how having a big Star Trek convention in town on the same weekend will effect the vendor and patron turn out at the comic show?
The Libyans [30-04-2010 13:04] 
Christopher Lloyd will appear tomorrow at the old Hyde Park 7.
Petrey [30-04-2010 11:49] 
Turn off the news. There's no law saying that once you hit a certain age that mandatory depression must be broadcast into your home guys. Hang loose! Sip a brew, smoke a jay or whatever relaxes ya.
Ralph Nader [30-04-2010 06:27] 
2012? Pshhh.

All of these collapses and catastrophes are the result of years of carelessness, aging infrastructure, and lack of enforcement.
Captain Valdez [30-04-2010 06:25] 
The oil leak has NOT been capped, and it is a LOT worse than reported. This is going to become a historic disaster!
ED [29-04-2010 13:14] 
Happy birthday to cult film maker Ted Mikels! Ted turns 81 today and just premiered his latest film, Astro Zombies:M3 Cloned three days ago!
Chris Woods [28-04-2010 19:43] 
New Schlock Review posted: SMASH CUT
William Moriaty [28-04-2010 17:50] 
Great interview ED!
Nolan [28-04-2010 10:46] 
Andy, excellent. I look forward to your visit.
Nolan [28-04-2010 10:45] 
Simon, thanks for your review of Avatar! Now that you've seen the film you can read our reviews of it on the Message Board and respond to our criticisms.
Simon Lynx [28-04-2010 04:33] 
AVATAR - I've kept away from all reviews, written or A/V so I wouldn't have an opinion going in. Finally saw it last night. It was pretty good, would recommend it to anyone. The story was ok, reminded me of the classic tale of- The White Man fighting the Indians. It had some moments that reminded me of APOCALYPTO, I did predict most of the things before thay happened. But Visually it was beautiful and I'm sorry I missed it on the big screen. I'm definately a fan of the Technology used. After watching the extras, I liked the fact that it was actually the actors performing and not just doing voice over work.
It was also cool to see Sigorny Weaver in another big film.
Steve [28-04-2010 03:56]  
Just saw this on the local news: From now on Peter Jackson will be listed as, 'Sir Peter Robert Jackson.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldn ews/article-1269388/Lord-Rings-director-Peter-Jack son-knighted.html
Jason Fetters [27-04-2010 22:35]  
Thanks ED.
Andy [27-04-2010 18:43] 
Nolan, I'll be back in town starting tomorrow night. I'll be sure to stop by.
ED [27-04-2010 13:25] 
Jason - great throwback review on Inframan. I saw that one at the drive-in back when it was first released. I still remember the commercials that said "science creates a man beyond bionics, equips him with thunderbolt fists and sends him on a mission that will stagger the imagination"! That was back when the 6 Million Dollar man was popular and everything had to reference bionics like Godzilla vs. the Bionic Monster!
Not Brian [27-04-2010 11:32] 
I think it's great that you made the dedication to Dick Giordano -- he'll be missed.
ED [27-04-2010 11:03] 
First with a column this week!
Angry Old Man [27-04-2010 10:11] 
Back in my day, no one ever yelled first because numbers weren't invented yet! GRRR!!! Those are the days I miss... You young punks and your numbers! GRRRR!!!!
Terence [27-04-2010 08:57] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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