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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 528  (Vol. 11, No. 19). This edition is for the week of May 3--9, 2010.

Tampa Comic Con and Toy Show
Vinnie's New Project
Hoaxes Updates
Lynn Redgrave, RIP
Re: Audio Philes Extension
Readers' Comments

May 2, 2010
Minnreg Convention Hall
6340 126th Ave N., Largo, FL

Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2001, Brandon Herring reviews the movie The Gift. Plus in this issue The X-Files and the return of Art Bell to late night radio.
I have attended and covered so many of Tim Gordon's shows that it's increasingly hard to come at it from a fresh perspective without repeating myself, so for this installment, I'll note was was new and/or different, but say right from the start that we all had a great time (as usual).

This is the first Tampa Comic Con I've been able to attend this year. It also featured an amazing turn-out of the Crazed Fanboy/PCR group, including out-of-towners ED Tucker (Jacksonville) and Andy Callahan (Talahassee), and out-of-stater Drew Reiber (California). See photo section for more details.

The returning horror/fantasy/goth authoress Andrea Dean Von Scoyoc was a very pleasant surprise to see, since, up to now, she has skipped this show since it moved to Largo. In fact, wedged as she was between Joel D. Wynkoop (B-Movie King) and John Lewis (Creature Productions), it was like old times!

Of the professional comic artists in attendance, only Austin Janowski (Iron Man) was notably absent, as I learned later he is recovering from surgery. I wanted to see him since he paid me a visit to 7-Eleven only about a month ago. Of course, I wish Austin the very best with his recovery efforts.

The presence of Joe Leone, Jr., an independent comic artist (Blank Slate Studios) in attendance marked a rare reunion of he and high school friends Terence Nuzum and Drew Reiber!

A few members of PCR's Youth Nation and I briefly visited the Creature Film Fest, which is manned by Doug Vaters (VE Entertainment), and we took in some of Joel Wynkoops's The Bite, which the kids seemed to like. I wish I could've stayed to see some more indie films, but I was on a strict schedule since I had to be at work later that night.

The selection at Tim's shows has always been large and varied, and this show was no different. Except that Ye Olde Editor still needs to win the Florida State Lottery to afford some Golden/Silver Age memorabilia, prices for most collectibles generally were well within affordable range. The show was a most productive experience for all of us and we wound up walking away with quite a collection of vintage comics, DVDs and VHS.

A post-show gathering of our group at a local Applebee's Restaurant for lunch, and Ye Olde Editor's taking advantage of the two-for-one margaritas, finished off my participation for this day. As always the post-show fan-talk was animated and enjoyable. I look forward to doing it again.

For more information about this or any Tampa Comic Con and Toy Show, please visit their website.

PCR Reunion at the Tampa Comic Con and Toy Show
Ashley Lewis (Creature Productions) and son Gavyn, now 2 years old, last seen as a baby in PCR #438Granddaddy John Lewis (Creature Productions), left, talks with Retrorama celebrity ED TuckerMy traditional portrait with vivacious authoress of darkness, Andrea Dean Von Scoyoc.Joe Leone, Jr. (Blank Slate Studios) appears just after being stunned by a first-time sighting of fellow classmate Drew Reiber in 15 years!
PCR co-editor Terence Nuzum with a prospective purchase.L-to-R: John Miller, Lonnie Dohlen, Chris Woods and Terence Nuzum excited about their purchases.Second-floor view of the right side of the convention hall.Second-floor view of the left side of the convention hall.
L-to-R, Andy Callahan, Mason Troupe, and Jainie Tyler, alone at Creature Film Fest, taking in Joel D. Wynkoop's The BiteL-to-R, Lisa Scherer, Terence Nuzum, Nolan Canova, Chris Woods, Drew Reiber and ED Tucker. Terence and Chris display their latest aquisitions.L-to-R, Lonnie Dohlen, Jainie Tyler, Andy Callahan, Mason Troupe, and John Miller.Our benevolent host, the amazing Tim Gordon, owner of the Tampa Comic Con, at his own booth. He's appearing most robust, I'm happy to say. Thanks again, Tim, for everything.


Another good friend has decided to create--or increase--their web presence. Former PCR writer Vinnie Blesi has returned to form with The Church of 2012, featuring news and political opinion, the "Beta" version of which has just launched. Good luck, Vinnie!


Long-time readers may recall Ye Olde Editor's long fascinations with the fringe, the weird, and the paranormal. While I usually follow these topics for personal entertainment, I can't help but hope that, somehow, some day, something really elusive will finally be recorded or captured and solid proof will be irrefutable. Not surprisingly, almost all---if not ALL---such reports turn out to be hoaxes.

I could wax nostalgic on my long involvement with Ufology, cryptozoology (e.g., Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monter), and the like, but I'll save that for another time. For this installment, I'd like to conclude an episode that started here nearly a year ago, that of the Gable Film where the legendary Michigan Dog-Man, or something close to it, was purportedly caught on film. Then, I'll touch on the most recent "discovery" of Noah's Ark .

The Gable Film
Last summer, I was told about this unusual home movie from Tampa taxi driver and popular paranormal blogger Tim Fasano. A Super-8 home movie, supposedly bought at an estate sale, showed a wintery family outing for several minutes before concluding with a shot of an unusual animal---seen in silhouette against the snow---that looked like an odd combination of dog, gorilla and bear. After several seconds, the animal charges the photographer, the camera falls to the ground and the film runs out.

To read the in-depth legend of the film and the best YouTube links of it, please revisit 2009's PCR #490, The Gable Film, Part 1.

Most of us concluded that while the first part of the film was likely a genuine home movie, the ending might've been tacked on at a later date. Further, that the animal was probably a small bear, not entirely out of context with that environment, but unusual-looking due to the shooting angle.

Then Gable Film Part 2 was explored (see PCR #491), the alleged film documentation of the "police investigation" of the animal attack. I thought this part was a total hoax, but Terence thought it was more realistic than Part 1. The thing is, we all thought at least something of these films was legitimate, if somewhat doctored.

We were all wrong. It has since come to light that both films were hoaxed in their entirety. The creature seen in the film is a man in a costume. The "period" look of the film (early '70s-ish) was helped by the hoaxer's private car collection. The vintage Super-8 camera was bought at a garage sale, and the family seen in the movie is the man's own. Part 2 was similarly constructed.

To read the complete behind-the-scenes. along with the motivation to re-create a Michigan Dog-Man to film, please see this YouTube clip (which is actually a History Channel segment). To see some great behind-the-scenes photos of the costume and set-up, visit this MySpace blog Terence found.

Noah's Ark
Abou every ten years or so, somebody, or some expedition claims to have discovered the Noah's Ark of the Bible on or about Mount Ararat, which is located near the southern border of Turkey.

Baby-boomers like Ye Olde Editor frequently remember being profoundly influenced by those wonderful old Sun Classic International "documentaries" that toured movie theaters in the '70s. One such film, The Search for Noah's Ark was a favorite, and featured a climactic scene of several photos, taken from an airplane, that seemed to show a large, boat-like object near the top of the mountain.

The section of the Ararat mountain range in question is notoriously hard to get to, not only from protective governments, but at 6,000 feet in elevation, any human artifacts to be found are buried in glaciers most, if not all of the year.

Recently, a group of "evangelical archeologists" (whatever that is) from China claimed to have discovered the Ark and took pictures of parts of some compartments, where, you know, the animals lived. They further made the extraordinary claim that this was 99.9% for certain proof of Noah's Ark.

Then there was a problem. One of the group went renegade and outed the team as basically hoaxers who set the whole thing up in frustration. See his story.

I believe that many of the petrified wood samples that come down with many expeditions from Ararat are legitimately from the mountaintop, but are they from the Ark and not from an old building or monastery that may have existed.

I have a life-long pet theory that a large ship may very well have been discovered up there by the ancients, and the Noah's Ark story simply written around it, based on the earlier Epic of Gilgamesh.

The search continues....


Actress Lynn Redgrave has passed away at the age of 67 following a seven-year battle with breast cancer.

She first came to prominence in the 1963 film Tom Jones and even more so in 1965's Georgy Girl (catchy song, too). Her brother Corin had just died of cancer recently as well. She is survived by her sister, Vanessa Redgrave.

No doubt Mike Smith will elaborate more eloquently on Ms Redgrave's career and personal life later this week in Mike's Rant.


For those of you who may be confused as to why last week's The Audio Philes is continuing to run this week as well, permit me to explain. The lateness of its original posting is only part of it, after all, several columns have been known to come in very late over the weekend (unfortunate, but a fact of PCR life) and still move to the Archives the following Tuesday.

The more pertinent angle is that due to a significant formating glitch, much of the column was unreadable for anyone trying to access it on a Firefox browser. (Brief tech-talk: Firefox and Internet Explorer interpret margins, background styles, and text-wrapping two completely different ways. But I'm usually here when Audio Philes goes up and I can make adjustments immediately.) Since it went up so late, and since I was off the computer all weekend (work and convention schedules), I was unable to make corrections until Monday morning, just 24 hours before it normally would move to the Archives. That...and an embedded Windows Media file Terence wanted to include had to be inserted manually which ran it even later. Though it's very unusual for me to do so, a decision was made to run it an extra week so those who missed it the first go-'round (or weren't aware of the embedded audio sample) would have more time to indulge.

Readers' Comments

The Readers' Comments section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
Petrey [11-05-2010 01:06] 
Mike - Thanks for warning us about the CGI apes. I'll definitely avoid. Also we had a horse racing game on an LP that did the two sides on one side of a record trick. Just like the album you mentioned, where ever you put your needle the out come of the race would be different.
Petrey [11-05-2010 00:57] 
BARFLY would get my vote for the best Rourke vehichle.
Simon Lynx [10-05-2010 20:50] 
Just saw Iron Man, thought it was good. Not the greatest movie ever but definately worth seeing. "Watch the whole movie" ...... teaser at end.
Stan Lieber [10-05-2010 19:19] 
Whoever "Stark" is on the MB apparently prefers to see Mickey Rourke only in romantic roles. Makes ya wonder...
Stark [10-05-2010 18:54] 
.... Oh, and I will also watch Wild Orchid again and pretend that Rourke can still act. I'll pretend that his character in that movie was the character in Iron Man 2, and that he seduced Black Widow AND Pepper both and allowed Nick Fury and Hammer to watch. The new scene could play out in the interrogation room where Stark and Micky "conversed". Iron Man 2 would have been so much better had it been like that. I keep remembering the Director's character in PCU, where he is stoned and tried to put together a keg, and said "Let's just give up!" Is that what happened when he tried to put together this train wreck of a movie?!?!?
Stark [10-05-2010 18:43] 
I'm just going to watch the original Iron Man again, pretend that that the desert crash sequence didn't happen and I manage to walk out of the desert (I could have never survived that), and pretend that the original was the sequel, and that the sequel never happened (not that it does much to progress the story, to begin with). Although, I must say, that the Hammer character was pretty good, and there were a few good points about the sequel. Iron Man 2 should have been so much better!!!!!!!!!
Stark [10-05-2010 18:30] 
What?!?!? WHAT?!?!? My father rips off Walt Disney and Epcot, Mickey Rourke does little more than grunt and has a few lines delivered in a bad accent (very one-dimensional character), the science is even more questionable (hey, I create a new element which could not possibly exist, but yet does because the writer wanted to make it), the fighting is even more cartoony (inertial dampeners and shields built into the thin suit, anyone? Anyone?!?! Pepper would have been ripped apart at the end.....), that party scene and pointless fight REALLY sucked (the children in the audience really loved it, though, which speaks volumes about the wit of the script), my best friend was re-cast by a lesser actor who could not pull off the character as well, anyone can build an arc reactor (they should just run them off of an assembly line and pack them in Cracker Jacks and cereal boxes), and there is a lot more!!!!!! Iron Man ruled, but NOT the sequel!
matthew [10-05-2010 15:46] 
it is with great sadness i report the passing of one of my favorite artists of all time; and easily one of the most gifted: frank frazetta.

Simon Lynx [10-05-2010 15:03] 
Hey, who the hell is that?
Siumon Lynx [10-05-2010 13:42] 
Going to see Iron Man tonight.
Steve Beasley [10-05-2010 12:24] 
Nolan & Co: You're sight about that, I still have difficulty maintaining a publishing schedule the way you guys do. It may be because I don't take it serious enough, and I am trying to improve in that department. When I get back home where my time will be my own...perhaps then (and hanging out with my pals) I will be able to wrie consistently.

Nolan: As far as me going into places I shouldn;t go, I have made a career of that, but if I hadn't...I wouldn't have any stories to write about in the future. But the biggest reason for going to 'forbidden' places is because I've never been big on RULES. As a kid, I was always the first one to trample freshly laid concrete and it progressed from there. Look on the bright side, at least I wasn't killing little animals! Oh wait, there was that time back in KY when me and Mack were kids...Oh wait! that was Mack injecting those frogs with Hydrogen Peroxide. I just watched, helplessly. Whew! That was close!
Nolan [10-05-2010 12:06] 
I liked Iron Man 2 very much and disagree it "fell off the wagon" in relation to Iron Man!

I started a new Message Board thread (under "At The Movies") for those interested in discussing the film.
Lonnie [10-05-2010 11:28]  
RIP Lena Horne (92)
Nolan [10-05-2010 11:05] 
Re: "missing links", etc. To put it as briefly as possible, whatever I did with this website TEN YEARS AGO is not directly comparable to what I'm doing now. I did a lot of things differently back then, because I was still learning and still experimenting with direction. What IS comparable, I'm proud to say, is the quality was as high then as it is now (naive formatting notwithstanding).

Ten years ago, Steve Beasley created, like, ten websites a week -- all consisting of one page -- for years just screwing around. I'm amazed he keeps up with his WordPress thing now. Hope he stays with it.

Re: Ed Rose. I remember him, too, he was a union projectionist, only one I ever knew personally. Funny guy.

Steve, you always went into places you weren't supposed to go. Drove me nuts at the time, but we have some pretty funny stories to tell now.
Petrey [10-05-2010 07:48] 
Michael - We'll call it THE MISSING LINK! We'll get the media involved, strippers, disco music, camel rides for the kids....ah never mind. It would cost a fortune.
Feeling Better Michael [10-05-2010 05:30] 
Steve, it was some political site called "Politics and Plundering." I'd put up the link but....


Petrey [09-05-2010 19:49] 
Yeah Steve, Nolan and I had only known each other for about 6 months at that point. It wasn't until the 90's when we started talking about html and web basics, which all bore the living hell out of me now, ha ha!
Steve [09-05-2010 15:07] 

I meant to add, "What websites of mine did Nolan mention on PCR?"

I only have my Fb page and a Wordpress page that I update about once or twice per month.
Steve * the Prisoner * Beasley [09-05-2010 15:05] 

>>>>web sites run by Steve, Matt and Will.
Bitter Michael [09-05-2010 05:20] 
"The Born Losers" was a cheaply made drive in flick that earned some popularity after being re-issued after the enormous success of "Billy Jack." Tom Laughlin (who directed "The Born Losers" and, of course, WAS Billy Jack) was pissed because the majority of the money made from the re-issue went to AIP!

I really enjoyed this weeks' memorable moments. Brandon was an employee of mine and is still a very good friend. Of course, after all of the brouhaha about my having the audacity of mentioning a different web site on these pages it was odd to see Nolan personally highlighting (and suggesting readers visit) web sites run by Steve, Matt and Will. :-(
Belchin\' Beaz [09-05-2010 05:13] 
It's a shame I didn't know you then Petrey, although I knew of you from Nolan. he kept me away from his gang, because I might sprout tentacles or something, I suppose.
Bruiser Beasley [09-05-2010 05:08] 
John Early! That's it! Thanks! I remembered his name for years, but when I tried to remember it today, my mind crapped out.
Petrey [09-05-2010 00:28] 
Miller - No, I didn't hear anything about a sword fight showdown with Segal. If this director is smart he'll use Lohan to the greatest advantage and edit it right and juding from PLANET TERROR he can do that. Yes, it will be good to see DeNiro (which will always be Travis Bickle to me) in an actioner like this however I'm also looking forward to the return of Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan) hoping the machine gun is still intact, ha!
Petrey [09-05-2010 00:10] 
That's cool that you knew Ed Steve. What's even cooler is I was starting in projection when we premiered ROGER RABBIT. The manager's name was John Early BTW.
Steve [08-05-2010 22:17] 
John, I can't remember most prices, but I can tell you this...the coke machine at work was a dime. Then you'd open a door and grab an ice-cold Coke!
J.MILLER [08-05-2010 21:59] 
Steve - I wouldn't doubt that you could see a triple feature in those days for a dollar...Damn...How much were the snacks?
Steve Beasley [08-05-2010 21:52] 
That was somewhere around the time that Roger Rabbit was released...into the wild.

Sorry, I couldn't resist the 'wild' bit.
Steve Beasley [08-05-2010 21:50]  
Miller: Ironically, $1.00 is probably what I paid to see it brand new. Ain't it funny how some things work out?

Petrey: I'm familiar with Ed Rose. I went to Britton with Nolan once to see the manager, who's name now escapes me and Nolan went into his office. I wandered around abd met Ed who brought me into the projectionist's booth to show me his gear and how he would sit in a big, worn out, overstuffed recliner after he starts a reel. My thoughts were, "How the hell can I get a job like that?" When I walked back out the the booth, Nolan and the manager were there and Nolan just about sh*t a 10 lb. brick on the spot. He wasn't mad, but he was shocked at my being in the booth. He made some comment that if we went on a tour of the White House, I'd probably walk into the Oval Office and come out shaking hands with Reagan. LOL!
Stark [08-05-2010 19:38] 
WARNING: Iron Man fell off the wagon. The sequel is not nearly as good as the original. Good popcorn flick with great special effects if you can overlook the bad script.
J.MILLER [08-05-2010 19:19] 
Petrey - Did you hear that the ending of Machette will be a sword fight with Steven Segal? Crazy...Plus I am wondering how Lindsey Lohan will not detract from the films likability...Looking forward to seeing Robert Deniro in a legit movie for a change and not in some retarded comedy or flat drama
Petrey [08-05-2010 18:19] 
Ironically John I just added the Ms. 45 trailer to my collection.

BTW guys (and gals) have you noticed that MACHETE is getting closer to release? They actually made the film full length but I don't know if it's going to be beat up to look like a Drive-In print.
Funny enough I've been carrying a machete on my belt loop when I walk around Britton Plaza since it's legal to do so in Hillsborough county. I had a run in with a drunk at Tappers a few months ago and after a stare down and him not knowing what was in my coat pockets made him back off. 50/50 chance. I got lucky. So the machete has become a nice addition to the wardrobe for the last few months.
Petrey [08-05-2010 18:05] 
BORN LOSERS. A film I saw in KY. at a brand new shoe box TWIN BAY styled AMC in 1975 re-released many years after it's first run. Look closely at the scene with the glasses breaking apart a few seconds or more before the gun shot and you can clearly see the make-up. Yep, the unofficial(?) FIRST Billy Jack film.

You should have heard the stories about the Auto Park Steve from the Union projectionist who I worked with at the Britton. Ed Rose, a name Nolan knows well. Ed said one time he had to stand on a milk crate to show a feature because it would flood so much at that drive-in.

If you want a DVD version of BL John for your dad just let me know.
My favorite part of the film is when Billy Jack is telling the chick being held hostage by the gang to split out the back in talk easily heard by anyone in the room only to be cut off by the goon! We've laughed our asses off every time a group of us have watched it over the years for scenes like that.
J.MILLER [08-05-2010 16:49] 
Steve - Thanks...Thats cool you saw Born Losers at the Drive-In...My dad loves Billy Jack films and has been demanding I find that one for a while now...Personally I was a little disappointed when I watched it a couple of years ago because Billy Jack really isn't even in the movie that much...Still a nice addition to the collection for a buck
Steve Beasley [08-05-2010 16:35] 
John Miller: Nice article this week. I saw the classic Born Losers at the drive-in 2 or 3 times I loved it so much! This had to be back in the very late 60s or very early 70s. Seeing the main bad guy shot between the eyes and his white sunglasses flying apart was awesome! If memory serves. this was the first Billy Jack movie. It was either at the Auto park or the Fun-Lan, I can't be sure.
Petrey [08-05-2010 06:24] 
Great Article Lisa! Just in the trailer alone for BLACK SUNDAY Barbara looks so gorgeous right before she's put to death. I never knew they dubbed her voice in PIT & THE PENDULUM as well, I ran that one on the 'big' screen at the Britton a few years ago one late night by myself and that Cinemascope picture overwhelms you! I'm glad you listed the titles because I realized I have all of those (Thanks to a CFB contributor for one of those titles) except for one. Thanks!
Simon Lynx [07-05-2010 20:26] 
Just saw "Legion" , I want the 1hr 1/2 of my life back.
Chris Woods [07-05-2010 19:35] 
John - I liked your article. Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the Comic Con. You got some cool VHS tapes. Ms. 45 is a great film, you'll enjoy it.

Nolan - Liked you write up on the Comic Con. I had a great time and can't wait till the next one. Good pictures of all of us.

Lisa - Great article on Barbara Steele. She's a great horror actress. I learned lots of things about her I didn't know from reading your write up.

ED - Enjoyed both part 1 and 2 of your interview with Erma Broombeck.
Terence [07-05-2010 14:42] 
Barbara Steele number 2? 2? she is number one in my book.
Answer Man [07-05-2010 14:28] 
Curious -- I don't know what anyone else bought at the Comic Con, but I got a great deal on a pretty shocking picture of your mother. Hubba hubba. :P
Curious [07-05-2010 11:09] 
Steve the Banished [07-05-2010 04:29] 
Thanks John, much obliged! 35 doesn't feel much different than 34...
Petrey [06-05-2010 23:44] 
Happy Belated Steve
Michael [06-05-2010 16:19] 
Vinnie B back on the web! Woo hoo!
Chris Woods [05-05-2010 18:41] 
New Schlock Review posted: BLACK CANDLES
Looley [04-05-2010 18:23] 
We are now... holy.
matthew [04-05-2010 16:59] 
The Trinity.
Looley [04-05-2010 16:25] 
Second! Top THAT!
ED [04-05-2010 11:48] 
First! Boo-Yah!
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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