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CD Review: The Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees (3 CD Limited Edition Boxed Set)
Happy 30th Empire Strikes Back
The Big Boss
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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 529  (Vol. 11, No. 20). This edition is for the week of May 10--16, 2010.

Indie Film News Update Discontinued
R.I.P. Frank Frazetta
R.I.P. Lena Horne
Oil Spill in the Gulf
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
A collection of short stories from 2003-2005. These were stories of mystery, science-fiction, and horror written by different writers throughout those two years. Patty G. Henderson was the editor-in-chief from 2003-2004 then Art Brown took over in 2005.
After a discussion last week with PCR contributor Lisa Scherer (FANGRRL), it was mutually agreed that we have taken the Indie Film News Update section of PCR as far as it can go and, effective next week, the section will be removed and discontinued. Coincidentally, this is happening a year, nearly to the day, Lisa took it over from its previous editor, Paul Guzzo.

Begun two years earlier by Mr. Guzzo, a former PCR columnist (Filmlook), Paul Guzzo's Indie Film News Update focused on any and all local film topics, including film festival submissions and acting auditions. When his book-writing and other projects caused schedule conflicts, he was forced to give up his column and the Indie Update. It was at this time that Lisa Scherer (formerly Lisa Ciurro) voluntarily took over the reigns and it was rechristened Lisa Scherer's Indie Film News Update.

As I've said many times in these electronic pages, we are all very proud of having been on the ground floor of promoting the re-birth of an era in Florida indie filmmaking, including event reviews and enabling some networking to happen via the Message Board. But a lot has changed in only the last five years. Film festivals are no longer a rare commodity. MySpace, Facebook, scads of other networking sites, and improved email campaigns have developed immensely, which dwarf our humble efforts. Since the new avenues of communication have proven so effective for filmmakers, it is only logical that our time and energy can now be better spent on other endeavors.

Please do not misunderstand -- I am not saying we no longer support local indie film, nothing could be further from the truth. I am satisfied at what we were able to accomplish on this end, and I thank Paul Guzzo and Lisa Scherer for their unceasing efforts in helping improve communication and promotion as well as they did for as long as they did.

The final installment of Lisa Scherer's Indie Film News will remain posted on the PCR left side nav-bar for the remainder of this publishing week. Please check it out as it marks the end of another PCR era.

As is getting all too sadly familiar to this Baby-Boomer, Ye Olde Editor is compelled to report more than one passing of a major contributor to popular culture in these hallowed pages. But all I can do today is mark the occasion---elaboration will have to come later, unfortunately.


From his early work on MAD Magazine to his iconic covers for sci-fi/fantasy books (like Conan the Barbarian) to his heavy metal album covers, artist/illustrator Frank Frazetta was a profound influence on my life as an artist and, dare I say, an influence on millions of fantasy fans around the world.

He died yesterday, May 10, at the age of 82 from complications stemming from a stroke. To say he'll be sorely missed is a gross understatement. I can't even summon the strength right now to give him a proper eulogy--I will elaborate on my history with him, however, after I've had some time to gather my thoughts on the matter.


Besides being one of the world's greatest jazz/blues/pop singers, Lena Horne's rise to fame in the early part of the 20th century has probably influenced more young minority women to seek a better life through music than anyone in history, her rarified talents only comparable to, maybe, Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin. Lena Horne has left us at the age of 92. She was a true pioneer and an original and will be sorely missed.


OK, I've blown this important news story off for too long as it is. It is getting downright scary out there. If British Petroleum is unsuccessful in capping the oil spill very soon, the spread of sludge in the Gulf of Mexico is predicted to get dozens of times worse. From the space view, it already covers an area about half as large as Florida. Even when capped (if capped?), we're looking at a clean-up of historical proportions. I think it's safe to say at the very least, we won't be hearing any more about increased off-shore oil drilling.

Readers' Comments

The Readers' Comments section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.
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Randy [18-05-2010 05:27] 
Rip Ronie James Dio. One of metal's greatest voices is silenced. Saw him live six times.
Beaz [17-05-2010 23:46] 
One of the reasons it pisses me off when people call me racist is because I travel and anyplace I go, as soon as I speak (Southern Accent), I'm presumed a racist. But I ain't changin' my accent on account o'that!
Stephen Randall Beasley [17-05-2010 23:42] 
Mike: Thank you, but I got the gist of it with my very basic Spanish and German language skills. I learned some Spanish growing up in Tampa and because I was born in Germany, have learned a bit of that.

Racism: I personallt do not believe that I'm a racist however, if given an opportunity and I'm ripped off or beaten...then I choose to not trust that person again. I've had a few instances in the past with blacks. If people want to call me a racist because I'm cautious, so be it...I'm a racist bastard. Can I get along with blacks? By all means, if they care to act human. If they choose to act like an animal, then I'll treat'em as such. I'm not a religious man and all I ask is that everyone follow the Golden Rule when dealing with me.
Michael [17-05-2010 21:07] 
I love the translation. To solve the mystery, the intended headline was:

If you're not here legally, take your ass home!
Michael [17-05-2010 21:06] 
I was raised in the 60s. Back then I could go to a bar with my dad and sit on a stool, drink a soda, and watch him play pool. Back then blue collar people often referred to others by their ethnicity. Joe the Polack. Pete the Wop. And of course the dreaded "N" word.

Steve bases his thoughts and perceptions on his past experiences. When I lived in Baltimore I had an employee whose father ownded a fast food restaurant. One night, two black men came in and robbed the place. Even though they had the money and there was no resistance they shot and killed his dad. This boy harbored, and for all I know still does harbor, a hatred for blacks because of his experience. And racism is universal. One day as I knocked on a door I noticed a sign on the door that read "Reperations first...then forgiveness." When the mother told me she couldn't pay I headed to the meter to turn her off. As I walked off I heard her tell her young son "See, I told you they were the devil."
Michael [17-05-2010 21:00] 
Sir, I understand your points. I guess I should have said that the police shouldn't stop you without a reason.

I'll be honest here....I did not attend school with a black person until I hit Plant High School. I'm not sure why. I would assume there were black families Cleveland and suburban Chicago. Seattle, however.....

For those of you not aware, my job for the local utility company is to knock on the door and either collect money or turn out the lights (I call it "cash or candles"). I do go into some bad areas and in the 5 plus years I've been doing it I've only had one or two bad experiences with black families. I actually have more problems with the white people who live on the Kansas side....apparently they are guaranteed lights in the constitution.

I believe that all of us get our beliefs and bias' from our own experiences and upbringing. (continued above)
Sir Disagreesworth [17-05-2010 20:33] 
Okay, so what do you want me to do? Copy and paste my last response?

I get that you're not a racist and that you're just calling it how it is. After all, whenever I see a black guy at a bus stop wearing an oversized t-shirt, I know that he's nothing more than a knuckle-dragging ape since he looks like those nasty and foul rappers on MTV.
Steve [17-05-2010 20:17] 
Sir Dingleberry: Read my comment again and see if you can make the same argument.
Sir Disagreesworth [17-05-2010 20:05] 
No. I don't want to sound arrogant here, but you are wrong. Being someone who is very interested in architecture, I spend a lot of time going around and looking at it, on foot or in car. Due to white flight, many older, historic neighborhoods are now black neighborhoods. Do I deserve to be heckled by the police for minding my own business on the sidewalk? Not at all. The same thing with photography. Some of the most interesting remnants of commercial architecture are found in slums due to years of neglect. Should I be unofficially prohibited from looking at them due to the color of my skin? Not at all.

In short, you are completely wrong in saying that whites only go to black neighborhoods for drugs and taxi-related business.
Steve Beasley [17-05-2010 19:23] 
To all reading this, that doesn't mean that I dislike blacks in general, for I'm prefudiced of a few whites, too.

After awhile you get to recognize something in the eyes of certain people, regardless of color. That something can be good or bad, but it's there.
Beasley [17-05-2010 19:03] 
Petrey: I can't find a thing to argue about with your comments today. You call it as you see it and I appreciate it. If I'm racist, it's because I was made that way by ignorant a**holes. I choose to call it prejudice. I'm also prejudiced against eating certain foods and I'm prejudiced in favor of baseball over basketball.
Petrey [17-05-2010 18:55] 
Two things I've noticed.

1) Some of my white friends who usually say they are diverse live the furthest away from black neighborhoods. Not all, but most I know.

2) A great percent of whites I know who claim to be 'diverse' will get nervous as hell sweating when they are around my black friends and talk about how great black people are and talk black entertainment and just go on and on which I can obviously see it's bugging the hell out of the black person they are talking to.

3) The person who speaks his/her mind gets crucified while those who stay P.C and go with the flow live a false life. To hell with them.
Me [17-05-2010 18:53] 
As for being racist, one of the reasons I pulled away from the church is because as a child attending church in Southeast Georgia, we'd sing songs like, Jesus Love Me" and then away from church in town, the church elders would become racists. It was contradictory to teachings, so I left, when I became old enough to decide for myself.
Petrey [17-05-2010 18:30] 
Steve - As long as Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, North Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky are around gun control will be a pipe dream for any government that wants to try to impose gun control. I'm sure there are other areas of the USA that are that way too, thank God.

Stereotyping, so now we are down to this? If 2 black guys are buying drugs from the apartment across from me every day am I stereotyping? No. I am being realistic about calling them knuckle dragging black trash that needs to get out of my neighborhood before I clean up the action the best way I know how.

If two white kids come into a mixed neighborhood and I witness their 'black wannabee' white trash race confused drug hunting asses around then they will get the butt of law enforcement as well.

I don't judge a person's skin but by character. I will grip my .380 if 4 whites approach just as I would 4 blacks or other races. You prove to me 1st then we cool.

I've dealt with this many times in this decade.
Steve [17-05-2010 18:28] 
Terence: By the way, he knocked me out. I don't believe I'm a racist, but if I am to be judged, then bring it on.
Stephen Randall Beasley [17-05-2010 18:25]  
Terence: Being a very young man, I doubt you can teach me anything much racism and cultures. I didn't learn from books, I learned from having my ass kicked a dozen times in high school and it was always for no good reason. I remember specifically in 7th grade when a black student walked into my class and all the was over to my desk near the windows. He said, "Stand up!" I didn't know what he wanted, but I stood up because he told me to. As soon as I stood up, he het me in the face so hard that I fell on students in the next row. I've learned in the intervening years that it was my fault for provoking hiim with my lack of a tan. And when I had the flat tire in the middle of College Hill, I should have gotten out of my car and risked death at 2am, just to prove my love for the black man. Terence, I had black friends in high school and I've even got black friends today, but I can't discount every one of my life experiences merely because the modern social concious dictates
Petrey [17-05-2010 18:11] 
Michael - That's cool about the poster picking. It is totally sad about today's lack of creativity and the digital age becoming part of the norm for this generation because they don't have anything to compare to and really shouldn't because look at it this way.

Back in the 70's the 40's movie posters looked a hell of a lot different and the difference in class between THAT 30 year span changed drastically. If I were standing outside a Twin theatre in the 70's and THE GAUNTLET poster was displayed as NOW PLAYING as was a retro-feature showing of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, I would pay for Life and sneak into the Gauntlet just because of that awesome poster. Don't get me wrong, there are some cool posters from the Golden age but for a kid, I mean come on. This is like AVATAR today. They broke their necks to see that because of some of the marketing moves.

When I was 12 I would see the first runs, the drive-ins and watch Bogart and Cagney at night on the late show!!!
Lisa Lisa [17-05-2010 15:40] 
Chris W., Steve, et. al. -- Thanks for the feedback on my column.

"wow the amount of stereotypical white people on here is scary."

OMG for maybe the first time in my life I agree with Terence.

Terence [17-05-2010 14:27] 
wow the amount of stereotypical white people on here is scary. that opinion is so naive steve its distgusting. i have and other coworkers have dropped off our fellow black coworkers off in their neighborhood before and i know white people who have friends who live in the ghetto and even white people who live in the ghetto. what world do you live in where you think that cops dont racially profile unjstly? they do it all the time.
Steve [17-05-2010 13:16] 
Mr. Dildosworth: I realize I'll be called racist here, but if you're a white guy in an all black neighborhood, you are either there to buy drugs or you are there dropping off your passenger as a taxi driver. Nothing else could explain it. I was in the latter role once and the taxi got a flat after I dropped of my passenger around 2AM. I was surrounded completely by neighborhood thugs, so I locked the doors and called dispatch and had them send out a towtruck. There must have been 60 or more people hanging arond my taxi, whoopomg and hollering about god-knows-what. Having said that, police profiling has been done forever and for good reason. If a black man robs a liquor store, should the cops be told to searh everyone, just so the PD doesn't get sued? Of course not.
Sir Disagreesworth [17-05-2010 10:37] 
Regarding Mike's claim that you have to be doing something wrong in order to catch the police's attention.

I disagree. It can be as simple as being black in a white neighborhood (you're there to commit crimes, after all), white in a black neighborhood (you're clearly here to buy drugs), age (you're young, so you don't know your rights), or what you look like (the oftenly, yet jokingly, cited "long hairs").

I know this through observation and, unfortunately, from experience.
Steve - Uri Geller lied - Beasley [17-05-2010 03:36] 
Mike, check out how Babelfish translated you dual headline! Funny!

Spanish: If not here legally, takes to its house the ass!

German:Or if you legally here, do not take your ass at home!
Michael [16-05-2010 20:16] 
Oh, I forgot, my nephew graduated from the University of Kansas today. Guess who was protesting? Uncle Fred and his clan. Now apparently God hates college graduates!

One of my former workers was/is married to an illegal immigrant. He oversees the kitchen staff of a local Mexican restaurant. Twice in the past couple of years the place has been raided and he has been deported. Of course by deported I mean that he is flown to San Diego, set free and told to sin no more. If they snatch him on Friday he's usually home by the next Wednesday.
Michael [16-05-2010 20:12] 
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Glad I put smiles on your faces. I didn't realize the "Yours, Mine and Ours" poster wasn't showing...I've reposted it.

Petrey, my very first job at the Britton in 1977 was to clean out the poster room (if my memory serves me properly---up the stairs next to the office and the big room next to the booth). I was told to "get rid of them" so I took them home. From my bounty it appeared the room had NEVER been cleaned out. That is how I started collecting posters. You're right...a lot of today's one sheets leave much to desire. And these days the poster cases are electronic (they can sell ads as well). I went to one of the new AMC theatres here last week and all 12 movie poster cases ourside had posters advertising the kinds of food they sell in their fancy movie grill. I have a storage facility full of posters (rough estimate a couple thousand). One day my son will be very rich!

And yes, sadly, R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio!
Chris Woods [16-05-2010 19:59] 
That sucks to hear about Dio.
Beasley [16-05-2010 15:32] 
Petrey: Your immigration post. I realize you know this already but...
That's exactly why we should never allow handgun (or any other gun) bans in the U.S. The illegals always carry handguns and even if they were outlawed completely, they would continue to carry them. Even discounting the illegals, we should be able to protect ourselves and our property from whomever threatens it.
Petrey [16-05-2010 15:06] 
Some posters used to be such a thing of beauty. I have the GRANDMA'S BOY poster from a few years ago just because it was drawn in the style of the classic ANIMAL HOUSE poster. Also DETROIT ROCK CITY. Sadly I lost my bulk poster collection to a drunk friend who crushed them. THE EXORCIST was among them. The posters alone in the 70's were sometimes enough to pull me in to the theatre. Today's posters, they usually have the main stars just stare at you. Pathetic. There are very few with creativity. Now I just have the 8 films to die for from 2006 poster on the wall in back of the computer with ORPHAN on the door. Esther stares me down, ha ha!
matthew [16-05-2010 14:54] 
RIP Ronnie James Dio. He was 67.
Petrey [16-05-2010 14:46] 
Here is my experience with illegal immigration. I was in Corbin, Ky. in 2006 and took my sister to the USave. She was shopping while I was eyeing 4 Mexicans staring at my sister and staying on the other side of the counter keeping an eye on her and followed a little ways behind us. I told her we should wait on the sidewalk for a moment. They came out and pretended to read some papers out of a machine. I then told her to walk briefly to the trunk to unload groceries. They came up to us a few minutes later. I pulled my .380 out and held it close to my black long sleeved shirt. Wearing black all the time pays off. They said a few words in spanish and I flashed the piece to point them away. They walked off and my sister said all they wanted was the time. Yeah...right. You see in that area they gather together and call themselves the MEXICAN MAFIA, all illegals. Now the sickening part. She's living with one who supposedly sleeps with my 7 yr. old niece. I owe her a slap! Him? .............
J.MILLER [16-05-2010 14:45] 
""When you're lamenting why they never made a "Porkys 4" perhaps you'll be more supportive of the rules.""

LMAO I shot milk out of my nose when I read that...This weeks rant is a classic...Loved the line about New Years Eve...

That Guantlet poster is incredible...I need one asap!
Stephen R. Beasley [16-05-2010 12:44]  
Mike: You are right on target with this week's opener regarding immigration, but no one needs to prove that that aren't a racist on these (or any other) pages in my opinion. If we just allow them to remain in the country, even the ones that are behaving responsibly, it is still wrong. I read in the news that there is a movement to consider giving them all green cards or making them citizens. Relaxing or even doing away with immigration laws for Mexicans or any other nationality doesn't fix the problem either. It would also be bad news for America's current citizens. Every country I've been to is very careful whom is allowed to reside in thier country, why should we be any different? As a matter of fact, I believe Americam should have much, much tougher immigration laws than we do now. After all, this isn't the late 19th century when we needed more citizens.
Andy [15-05-2010 21:59] 
I've seen Woronov in "Rock 'n Roll High School" and something else, but I can't remember the name.

Tried out Eats today, the restaurant that took over Nina O's. Pretty good stuff. The restaurant is exactly the same as it was under Nina O's, down to the waitstaff. All that's changed in the menu.
Simon Lynx [15-05-2010 17:01] 
Jason - I liked your article on The Big Boss. I have the newest box set of Bruce Lee and each film that I've watched so far has alternate music, scenes, and actuaully a choice of Mandarin audio. The 70's was an interesting time in the entertainment world.
J.MILLER [15-05-2010 11:03] 
Tez...Lol I think what you said says more then enough
Terence [15-05-2010 09:53] 
Mary Woronov should not be number one. thats all im gonna say.
Chris Woods [15-05-2010 09:34] 
Lisa - Very good article on Mary Woronov. As always, I learn something new about the actress you are writing about.
ED [15-05-2010 04:00] 
An early happy birthday to cult film director Bill Grefe who turns 80 on Monday!
Steve [14-05-2010 13:42] 
LISA: Interesting choice for number 1! I can't say she's underserving of such lofty stature, considering her many roles and to my mind she is a B-movie version of Lauren Bacall. Why someone like Woronov didn't became an A-Lister is beyond me. I can only assume that it's because Bacall would also have been a B-movie queen had she been born a decade or two later. What I mean by that is simply, the era for the sultry, smoky voiced siren had long since passed. Cybill Shepperd was similar in that she never was a true A-Lister, though she had the chops. Hollywood is, in my mind anyway, a big roulette wheel on the west coast of the United States. What works today, may or may not work tomorrow. As wonderful and sexy as Waronov may be, she is relegated to only the ocassional big screen appearance.
Petrey [14-05-2010 10:42] 
Found an old FRIDAY EXTRA from summer 1989 with Bernadette Peters on the cover. The top ten list didn't even mention how much a film made. I won a bet so to speak because a friend of mine said the top 10 always had the $$ next to the title. Nope This bet resulted out of me complaining to him calling me every weekend wanting to know what I thought the top movie would be and how much or what range. That stuff gets old man. It's about the film, not the intake but don't tell that to him or IMDB.
Nolan [14-05-2010 06:08] 
To Mike and ED: Agreed about Nesmith, he was ahead of his time regarding video. I also agree about Timerider, and liked it quite a lot when it first came out.

To Loki, Triumphant, etc.,etc., thy jealousy, as always, betrays thee. If Lisa hadn't responded, Terence would've already removed your posts and may still. I leave 'em up 'cuz they're so redundant, retarded and funny. For whatever it matters, Lisa's eloquent reply speaks for me as well.
Ken Kesey [14-05-2010 06:02] 
Uh oh ... someone has flown over the Cuckoo's Nest again.
ED [14-05-2010 05:27] 
Mike - yes, I saw Elephant Parts and loved it. I also watched the Television Parts TV show. I saw Timerider when it was released. I never thought it was great but it wasn't bad. I still think the best version of Circle Sky is the live one they used in the film Head.
Steve *Stir Crazy* Beasley [14-05-2010 00:05] 
Mike: Interesting review of Robin Hood. I like the sign-off where you mention the sitcom, "When Things were Rotten". I loved that show with the lovely Misty Rowe, Gailard Sartain, Dick Gautier and others. A classic! It didn't last long, but I thought is was funny as hell.
Petrey [13-05-2010 21:33] 
My dad caught some Loki (rot between the legs) in 'Nam. Nasty stuff.

Just wanted to also say I got "TIMERIDER" about the same time as "ELEPHANT PARTS", around the mid 80's Michael. Good stuff!
Michael [13-05-2010 20:00] 
I love "Circle Sky." There is a great version on the last Monkees album, "Justus." There is something about the opening riff that really catches my ear.

ED, have you ever heard/seen "Elephant Parts?" Nesmith was truly a video visionary.
Loki [13-05-2010 18:29] 
Oh, and another thing: If a web site is dying, like this one is, the last thing that you do is remove features! It's kind of like a business which isn't doing so well saving money by cutting back on advertising, or benefits in their products and services. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!
Loki [13-05-2010 18:24] 
You people refuse to name it, but there is one site which, literally, has the Tampa film scene saturated. TFN, GIFF, whatever...... nothing even comes close. You might be into reading about all of this amateur web 2.0 social networking trash, but real web sites dominate all.
Check your search engines lately? Tampa filmmakers lose out these days when they are not mentioned on a certain site, and it's not CFB!
This is only the beginning. You don't invest that much time, effort, and money into resources if your don't have a long-term master plan. Behold, the future!
Chris Woods [13-05-2010 16:01] 
Jason - Liked your article on The Big Boss. That film has always been my favorite Bruce Lee film. I have the box set that has the movie in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. I still have to watch the ones in Cantonese and Mandarin. I actually like the music in the intro and the film has some great one-liners. I like it mostly for the story and the fight scenes.
Lisa [13-05-2010 16:00] 
3 continued -- As a starting point, I'd suggest you check out mashable.com, the Media Shift blog on pbs.org (in particular the February 2010 post about the digital marketing campaign for AVATAR and the April 2010 post about film festivals using Twitter), and Ad Age (in particular the article "Forget Ebert:How Twitter Makes or Breaks Movie Marketing Today" from October 2009). Very interesting reading. And 4 -- last but not least -- you can kiss my ass.
Lisa [13-05-2010 15:58] 
Triumphant -- 1st of all -- It's sweet that you're moved enough to comment. I'm touched, really I am. 2 --Um, have you ever visited Facebook, Twitter or tampafilmnetwork.ning.com? There are scores of local filmmakers on those sites (and other sites) promoting their films. Most, if not all, of the local film festivals have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blogs. It is incredibly easy to get Tampa Bay area indie film news and info nowadays, which is why it's not practical to try to continue the TBAIFN section. 3 --There's a lot of interesting research on and fascinating articles about social media analytics and online movie marketing ... (continued)
local_film_scene [13-05-2010 15:17] 
the danfords of the world are smiling today. the end of an era?
Triumphant [13-05-2010 14:56] 
.... Another nail in the coffin of CFB. Love the spin about social networking sites taking point, which is totally without merit or supporting data.
Steve Beasley [13-05-2010 12:34] 
I'm sorry to see the Indie Fil News go, but like you say, it's no longer necessary considering all the other similar Florida-based websites. I wish Ms. Scherer well in her other endeavors.
Sarcastic Old Man [13-05-2010 12:28] 
Looks like the indie film war is over...
Petrey [13-05-2010 09:40] 
Whatcha holding Lisa ;)
29 And Holding Lisa [13-05-2010 08:20] 
And happy birthday to all the crazy fanboys with birthdays in May!
Tampa Bay Area Indie Film News Grrl Lisa [13-05-2010 08:19] 
Nolan -- Wow, what a weird coincidence that the indie film news section is ending so close to the exact date I took it over after Paul. I didn't realize that. I also didn't realize that my name was part of the title. I thought the title was Tampa Bay Area Indie Film News! LOL (And thank you for spelling all of my bizarre last names correctly.)

Even though the indie film news section is no more, I shall continue to follow in Paul's footsteps. My brother and I are working on a film about mixed martial arts fighters, and I'm currently writing a book myself. (My book is about Paul and his books.) :P
Me [13-05-2010 02:15] 
ED: So I was on TB, TB & TM! It isn't my favorite Monkeees song, but I dug the old sounds and the skipping. It was 'fresh' back then. Thanks!
ED [12-05-2010 19:50] 
Steve - actually Magnolia Simms is on The Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees. It's not a bad track but Nesmith was recording much better material around this time, including the awesome Circle Sky that ended up on the Head soundtrack, that was passed over on this album and, in many cases, left unreleased.
Chris Woods [12-05-2010 19:44] 
New Schlock Review posted: THE STREET FIGHTER
Chris Woods [12-05-2010 19:43] 
Petery - Glad you enjoyed the article on Empire. I'm a big fan of Temple of Doom as well. Thanks for the birthday wishes too.
Steve [12-05-2010 17:39] 
ED: The Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees was in my record collection...when I had one. I lost everything when I moved here. It wasn't on that album, but one of my favorite songs by them in the 60s was, 'Magnolia Simms'. At 10 or 11 years old, I'd play it ivover and over after school. The 'skipping' part was cool to me in those years.
Me [12-05-2010 12:45] 
To All & Sundry: Henceforth, in my RC postings, I shall endeavor to direct readers towards the MB when I have links to post.

Thank you,
Mister S. R Beasley, Esq.

Surgery Update: I have another pre-surgery appoinment tomorrow. I will once again, attempt to find out the exact date of my surgery. I have a suspicion that tomorrow's appointment is the last of the pre-surgical type. We shall see. I hope so, because home is beckoning.
Petrey [12-05-2010 12:13] 
Good write-up on EMPIRE even though I'm not a SW fan, I can honestly say if I had to choose one of the original 3 it would be this one for the darker tone. Of course I'm like that with all the major studio franchises. Indiana Jone's Temple of Doom was my favorite but I may go down in history as one of the few liking all 4 of the Indy films from that series. Happy belated btw Chris.
Nolan [12-05-2010 08:24] 
To "Stark": Please keep your views of Iron Man 2 and any plot spoilers on the Message Board where a thread has already been started. Any more ranting on Readers Comments will be removed.

To Steve: Links on Readers Comments frequently have extra spaces you did not intend. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. This space is for comment only, please refrain from posting links here, and refer us instead to the Message Board. Thanks.
Stephen Randall Beasley [12-05-2010 03:48] 
Hopefully, you'll still have that footage when I get back home. I'd like to see it.
Petrey [12-05-2010 02:34] 
I wasn't referring to you Steve with the 'gimp' reference. Just ta let ya know. I see what you put up now. It's sad for me to look at old theatre pages of days of yore. I do however have a good amount of the Britton Theatre photos with the balcony intact when it was tri-plexed AND some video footage of Nolan making a short speech on stage during our closing of General Cinema in 1992.
Me [12-05-2010 00:34] 
Check the Cinema Treasures website.
Steve [12-05-2010 00:33] 

Yes, well...it is an Army Archer page. The best way to see the cinema is to google, "home cinema rantoul, IL". That should get you a pic of how it looks today.
Petrey [11-05-2010 20:53] 
I never respond to gimps that can't man up with their real names. Steve, the second link earlier said something about trying to access 'army arch's' page and ask me if I wanted to do so. I take surfing cautiously as not to get viruses so I hope you understand. Is this your page?
Birthday Boy Chris Woods [11-05-2010 20:35] 
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
Steve [11-05-2010 19:31] 
Who the hell is Stark on the Reader's Comments and why is he taking up so much space with worthless drivel?
Steve *Prisoner in NZ * Beasley [11-05-2010 19:29] 
Okay, something's wrong. I checked the second one just prior to posting it and it worked fine.

Anyway, I saw Star Wars in may '77 at the Home Cinema in Rantoul, Illinois, just outside Chanute Air Base.
Steve [11-05-2010 19:26] 
Links on Reader's Comments: Ever heard of copy and paste?
tychoon typhoon [11-05-2010 18:24] 
there be oil there in that gulf!!!!! me so sad cause all that money goin' ta waste! brother obama has egg on his face case he wanted to xpand drillin' in that there gulf of florida just days before he blowed up! i secretly for mo' drillin' in that there gulf, cause there is money to be made! i don't care about florida beaches, cause i deserve all that money from that there oil!
Stark [11-05-2010 15:40] 
Links do not work on readers comments, as Tez has already stated. I also do not appreciate my posts being drowned out in multiple posts of gibberish.
Petrey [11-05-2010 15:18] 
Check your links Steve.
Steve [11-05-2010 14:08] 
Take 2!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/army_arch/82001 7722/
Steve Beasley [11-05-2010 14:07] 
This is the theater in Rantoul, Illinois where I saw Star Wars in May 1977 with 4 or 5 other GIs. It is closed and decidely less elegant than it was in those days. Note the stainless steel and glass ticket booth on the right.

http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1284/8200 17722_d2c86afb3e.jpg
Post of New Zealand origin... [11-05-2010 14:01] 
Stark [11-05-2010 13:43] 
Saw the director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 acting in "Couple's Retreat" last night, which he also co-wrote. Pepper asked me to watch it with her, and I did not regret it. Excellent, enjoyable movie. I especially loved the witty, funny stuff in the script, such as the divorce by committee, and the Vince Vaughn line "Now it's a party". What Iron Man 2 should have been, as far as the script.
ED [11-05-2010 13:27] 
Chris - I agree it is hard to believe Empire was 30 years ago. I saw it the Saturday after it opened at a matinee with a school friend. He had read the book and insisted on telling me parts as they were about to happen! I never liked Empire as much as the original because it was so open ended and played into the sequel. Getting to finally see Boba Fett was pretty darn cool though!
Simon Lynx [11-05-2010 12:47] 
Happy B-day "C Love"
Nolan [11-05-2010 12:21] 
Happy Birthday, Chris, and many happy returns!
ED [11-05-2010 09:44] 
Well I'm the FIRST one to wish you a happy birthday Chris - so take that!
Birthday Boy Chris Woods [11-05-2010 09:36] 
1st with column on up!

2nd to post!

37 in age today!
ED [11-05-2010 08:33] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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