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Loose in Las Vegas: 2010
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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 531  (Vol. 11, No. 22). This edition is for the week of May 24--30, 2010.

Reflections and Directions
American Idol 2010 Winner
R.I.P. Art Linkletter
Clarification on "Reflections and Directions"
Shoo Flu
Reflections and Directions
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2007, Paul Guzzo writes an open letter to arts and entertainment newspaper, Creative Loafing about them overlooking the local film scene.
The Season 9 winner of American Idol is Lee DeWyze who captured the crown in the finale over Crystal Bowersox, who was---I thought---generally perceived to be the more talented. Goes to show...

The two-hour finale also happened to be judge Simon Cowell's last. Randy Jackson will be the only remaining original judge.

I'm only reporting all this because I've traditionally done so every year to mark the occasion of the end of another pointless season of American Idol.


One of the most fondly-remembered talk-variety show hosts I remember from my childhood, Art Linkletter, has died at the age of 97.

Although he started on radio in the '40s with People Are Funny (and a '50s TV version of same), I remember him mainly from House Party, a 1960s syndicated mid-afternoon talk-variety show with simple sets. He featured brief comedy bits and guests from all walks of life, celebrities to scientists, some I've never seen elsewhere. The final segment of the program featured Art interviewing grade-school children, sort of a live-action version of his best-selling book, Kids Say The Darndest Things.

Art briefly entered politics, of sorts, as a crusader for drug control after his 20-year-old daughter, Diane, walked out of the window of her sixth-floor Hollywood apartment to her death in 1969. He famously blamed her death on LSD use, but only today, after I did a brief search online looking for his daughter's name, did I learn that toxicology tests found no LSD in her body after she died. Despite this, I remember an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show, where Art commented he actually thought alcohol was the "worst" drug (perhaps that was also tied into Diane's "suicide").

The same search turned up the fact that Art Linkletter was an adopted child whose adopted father profoundly influenced his religious and spiritual beliefs. This no doubt helped him cope with other tragedies in his life (one son died in a car accident in 1980).

Despite the hardships, Art Linkletter remained a very optimistic man and reflected that through many personal appearances over the years.

He was a TV and radio original and will be sorely missed.


The clarification on my badly-executed post of the 25th, intended to go in this space, has been cancelled. It was a mistake to go public with our modification plans this soon anyway, however vaguely they were expressed, and I regret the error. All PCR staff writers will receive an email tonight or tomorrow with the down-and-dirty details. Everyone else.....just forget I said anything.


I've said it before and I'll say it again: if there's a bug that's "going around" it will go 'round my way.

Last week's PCR was meant to be slightly more robust in content, but around mid-week, Ye Olde Editor got the latest flu bug that's "going around". It debilitates you completely for about 48 hours, then leaves you with a nagging cough and a sick day or two racked up at work.

The posting of Mike Smith's personal Summer Movie Preview is one week late and directly attributable to this. Apologies to Mr. Smith for my tardiness, but...*cough, cough*....it couldn't be helped....*rasping cough*.


This first paragraph started out as another chapter of Everything Sucks Now, Part...what are we up to now...Five? But I decided against it as it basically seemed to repeat what I'd already said in the previous Chapters about the current state of American pop culture. Plus, it always seems to give our enemies/frenemies/stalkers inspiration to leave their video-game consoles and attack us and I don't feel like dealing with them this week.

This paragraph was going to be an attempt at a concise retrospective of, you know, where we've been, where we're going, the state of internet fandom, etc., for the purpose of leading into our proposed plans for the rest of the year and beyond. But....I've gone into our history a hundred times and it's easily researchable via the Archives, so I threw that out, too.

So that leaves me with the concluding paragraphs of this week's "placeholder" section where I hint at what co-editor Terence Nuzum and I have been discussing regarding modifications to this website, its direction, and its Mission Statement. While those plans haven't been finalized yet, they have to do with, basically, a decision on focus. Respecting the tremendous volume and variety of topics covered in the hallowed electronic pages of Nolan's Pop Culture Review over the past ten years, it wasn't as obvious to me as it was to others (you know who you are) what most readers are looking for when they wind up here. Trying to be all things to all people was an exhausting, but productive (for a while) experience, but in the end, people want to re-live the best parts of their past by reuniting with the pop culture that best facilitates this indulgence. But there's more...

I maintain that reviewing some....SOME....of Hollywood's newest commercial product is a healthy way to stay on a balanced diet of pop culture awareness, and I will not bend on that (current movies and albums, for example). HOWEVER, even there, our focus should stay on genre-related experiences and aquisitions, Independent-type and Cult-type alternative entertainment.

There's more, but it would be premature to make any announcements when some things are still sketchy.

None of this is immediate, so no need to brace for impact right away. Heck, it might be subtle enough that many of you won't even notice it (anyone miss the politics?). If there's any reason to fasten your seatbelts, we'll let you know.

Readers' Comments

The Readers' Comment section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
Petrey [31-05-2010 17:52] 
What planet do you order your films from William? Cool retro stuff! That's interesting about the school using that airspace back then.
William Moriaty [31-05-2010 08:17] 
New Schlockarama:

"Superargo and the Faceless Giants"
ED [31-05-2010 04:26] 
I remember seeing Damnation Alley in Sensurround. It was great at the end of the film when they had the big storm that shifted the world back on it's axis. I remember that theater really shook!
Michael [30-05-2010 21:08] 
T, no Christopher Lee and James Coburn never appeared together on screen, though I think both of them did seperate episodes of Shelly Duval's Faerie Tale Theatre, which used to run on cable.

Petrey, I think the idea was to release "Concorde - Airport '79" in Sensurround but Universal decided to make a few extra bucks off of the pilot of "Battlestar Galactica" and release it in theatres. I think the rumbling of the Concorde as it broke the sound barrier would have been sweet!
Terence [30-05-2010 19:47] 
Mike-I always thought it was awesome that Coburn and Chistopher Lee were on an album cover together. did they ever actually co-star in any films together?
Petrey [30-05-2010 18:50] 
Dennis Hopper had class in the fact that he divorced his wife several months earlier before he passed. THAT was a slick move IMO. I counted 17 movies and 1 TV episode, that being the TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODE in my collection. That's really sad. I thought I would have more. WHOOPS! Wait, I have BACkTRACk so make it 18 movies. Got one in mind ya want? Just PM me and I'll see if I can get access to it or it's in my stash.

Anyway yet another R.I.P. goes out across the web :(
Petrey [30-05-2010 18:27] 
Well that sucks Terence that I didn't use my noggin and figure out that someone else used your name, hiding behind their mother's apron giggling like they did something 'cool'. The good news is I should have them all together this week to ship out.

If they plan on pretending to be me then I know how to stop it, at least on my end.

Michael - I would have given anything to have experienced the sensurround feeling of these movies. I saw "EARTHQUAKE" as well but it had already left the classy Showcase Cinemas with the advanced sound system. I'm actually surprised MCA/UNIVERSAL didn't try it with one of their AIRPORT features.

Steve Beasley [30-05-2010 00:38] 
I was never a fan of Gary Goleman or Diff'rent Strokes. He was annoying as a child actor and even more annoying as an adult. Perhaps I was a bit too old when the show was on TV, but the few times I saw it, it seemed it's target audience was post-frontal lobotomy patients.

As for Dennis Hopper, I was a huge fan.
Michael [29-05-2010 23:07] 
I would be happy to review DVD only discs. I have done a couple in the past (Gamebox 3.0 is one that stands out..."Graduates" is another). In fact I just received a film called "Attack of the Vegan Zombies" which looks interesting : ) The tagline is "Zero trans fats have never been so deadly." I have also discovered a few gems in the past that for one reason or another never got a wide theatrical release.

Chris, I do agree that "PoP" would have been a better review. Unfortunately it wasn't screened for me and I didn't want to have an issue with no review in it. Sadly they don't release "our" kind of films (sci fi/horror/fantasy, etc) every week so I have to take what I can get.

Petrey, "Rollercoaster" was a fun watch in the theatres with the heavy bass driven soundtrack. Same with "Midway," "Earthquake" and "Battlestar Galactica." I also own it and I do think it holds up still today.
Terence [29-05-2010 19:49] 
Petrey- no i dont hate life. that was paul guzzo or passinualt screwing around. yeah im am still anxiously awaitng the Thriller discs but no rush. good idea about reviweing direct to dvd features. is that something you could do Mike?
Petrey (yet again) [29-05-2010 19:17] 
Michael - Can you do a Write-up of a film that is new to DVD and skipped the Theatrical circuit completely? I have viwed many films in the last several years of high caliber that I couldn't believe they went straight to disc!
Petrey (again) [29-05-2010 18:47] 
BTW Michael this is Louisville Ky. I'm talking about.

Terence - Why the hatred on life or is thiz nun mine biz? Well I hope the delay of the THRILLER discs hasn't helped to trigger this ;) Get this, I pulled ALL DVDs (nearly 4,000) that were hanging on the wall and just threw them into 6 plastic drawers so I get up to Floral City, unpack and realize I'm going to have to categorize and put them back in to the computer. Now, I have (had) 2 terabyte hard drives and one of them took a dive off the roof of the car!

Turned out to be the TB HD that stored RARE films for quick burning. The GOOD news isthat I ALWAYS keep the DVDs. NEVER do I chuck a title just because it was stored on the massive HD. "Never put all your eggs in one baskrt". You'll get them soon.
Chris Woods [29-05-2010 18:38] 
Mike - Just to clarify I wasn't looking for a review of Prince of Persia, I was just saying it would of been a better fit for the site and even if you think Sex in the City 2 is a part of Pop Culture, the core audience of the site wouldn't read a review or go see that film. Since we were talking about a new direction for the site, I thought I would bring that up. Not trying to dump on you or anyone just expressing my opinion. Films like Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood fit, but they have been other films in the past that have been reviewed that do not fit the fanboy universe. Just like politics and sports don't fit on here and if we wanted to read about those topics we can go else where.
Petrey [29-05-2010 17:57] 
If it's any consolation Grim, Jackson stole Fawcett's 'thunder' last year, ha ha! Not that I'm taking you serious however Hopper was a cult figure and Gary was......well, a one hit show wonder? I don't know, I guess it's about the dollar man.

Michael - Sadly I never saw ROLLERCOASTER at the theatre. Just caught the Cinemax showings. Now I own the DVD which at least gives me the widescreen Cinemascope image. My opinion is it still holds up. My AMC theatre of preference was Westland 4 theatres ONLY because I had to walk every where and it was only a mile away. AMC only built 3 4plexes and claimed JTOWN 4 as one of their own.

For all you ghosthunters the cool thing about the WESTLAND theatre was in the morning the rooftop of the WAVERLY SANATORIUM would shadow the plaza. Just Google Waverly Sanatorium and check out the history! Lot of cool stuff to read! Even made a film a few years back called "DEATH TUNNEL". The deceased TB patients would be carted out that way ;)
Grim [29-05-2010 15:01] 
Coleman gets upstaged by Hopper! Hopper steals the kids thunder, and Coleman will quickly be forgotten! This is so unfair to little Gary. He and Corey Haim are up in heaven smiling down upon us.
Simon Lynx [29-05-2010 12:52] 
R.I.P. Dennis Hopper
Terence [29-05-2010 10:56] 
Dennis Hopper RIP.

Michael [29-05-2010 09:44] 
ED, no slight taken. All I can say is thank God for free popcorn refills.

Petrey, you know (as I do) from experience that ever since time began it's always been acceptable to the people who bitch the most that an exploding head is good while a pair of boobs is bad. Funny how that is. Years ago I wrote a piece in the PCR about that very thing, ending with the idea that hopefully one day (and he's 25 now so I'm sure he has many times) my son would see a pair of naked breasts and that he would NEVER see someones head explode!

"Rollercoaster" ran at the Britton when I worked there. When I'd take my break I would grab my popcorn and soda and go sit INSIDE the Sensurround speakers. What was your AMC theatre of choice when you went to the movies as a young man?

I think Dallas is the only city now that still has a "film board" to approve movies. When I was in Baltimore I came across a reel of "edited scenes" that had been cut out in the 70s. Funny stuff and, yes, most
ED [29-05-2010 06:51] 
Nolan - just to set the record straight, my comment was not a dump on Mike but rather a dump on Sex in the City 2. I respect the fact that he could sit through a film like that for any reason when I know that I could not.
Nolan [29-05-2010 06:43] 
OK, everybody, listen up. I told Mike Smith years ago he had carte blanche to post a review about any movie he wanted, genre-oriented or not, and I never told him any different, so you can please stop dumping on him now. I felt it kept this e-zine in the here and now, AND gave us a taste of the "outside" world I felt was healthy for balance.

HOWEVER.....this policy, and a few others, are undergoing aggressive review due to priority changes demonstrated by some staff writers over the past year.

Mike is correct about there being no "official" word on any policy changes because none have been decided upon just yet. This was hinted at in this week's headline section but was necessarily kept vague.

The post of the 25th got more feedback than anticipated. A good sign everyone's paying attention.
ED [29-05-2010 05:26] 
Mike, I applaud your integrity as a film critic. I wouldn’t waste two hours of my life seeing Sex and the City 2, even for free.
ED [29-05-2010 04:28] 
Mike - I finally got to see the Love show on my last trip to Vegas. This was the first time I had been there since it opened that it was not blacked out. This was the my first time in Vegas since the show opened that I did not go to the Mirage just to check out the Beatles store and displays. I have been to that grossly overpriced memorabilia store in Caesers. It's fun to look through as a museum but the prices are ridiculous. Cinema Collectors has always been a store front. I think you are thinking of Movie Goods which is also located there and is strictly mail order. They are a 90% reproduction business these days any way so you aren't missing much.
Petrey [29-05-2010 00:36] 
Ripe for a remake - "ROLLERCOASTER" (1977)
Petrey [28-05-2010 23:01] 
The topless girl was no longer topless. My friend and I went up to the concession stand and literally cussed out the manager whose only explanation was something like "I can edit films when deemed appropriate and we received too many complaints over that scene". Well he was edited out as manager a year later and we noticed prints not being butchered up with that f***ing jackass gone.

Funny, JAWS played under his administration and just the scene where Quint gets bit in half was a hundred times more vivid and shocking for a PG rated film than a pair of boobs.
Petrey [28-05-2010 22:49] 
Damn Nolan, since it seems like there's a celebrity death every week, why not have an image of a gravestone for the month off to the side with R.I.P. and 'sculpt' each entertainer's name that passes? Then wipe the 'slate' clean every month and start over.

Also (I know this is a little late) when the BORN LOSERS was re-released, the "PLANT ONE ON ME" kiss was not in the print shown at our AMC. I don't know if this was the studio's doing or the manager's because we had a manager at this particular 4plex that cut out what he didn't think was appropriate for PG rated audiences.

Once I was told that PART TWO WALKING TALL was playing there as a kid and that a boathouse scene included a topless chick and once I heard that I beat it down the path to the theatre. My friend said,"Here it comes." Then the film jump spliced ahead by what seened to be 3 or 4 seconds and we sat there speechless. >
Michael (again) [28-05-2010 20:56] 
ED, loved the piece on Vegas. We usually stay at the Orleans when we go and I'm very familiar with their buffet. Mmmmmm, bacon. I do plan to hit the famous Pawn Shop next time I'm there as well as Cinema Collectables, who I thought only did mail order. Stupid me. If you haven't seen it yet, next trip you should take in the Beatles "Love" show. They also have a great display of Beatles memorabilia. There's a store in Caesars that sells great memorabilia and another one that has lesser items. The owner of the lesser one was bragging how he'd sold the Mirage the instruments on display, which are advertised as having been used on stage. He wasn't happy when I pointed out to him that I found it curious that the Hoffner bass on display (that he said had been used by McCartney) was strung for a right handed bass player.
Michael [28-05-2010 20:45] 
(cont'd) next week. I actually saw it a couple weeks ago because I was able to interview the director (FYI: Nolan has decided not to run any more of my interviews here...just a heads up in case anyone was thinking "Ooh, I'd like to read that")

Would I have rather seen "Prince of Persia" instead of "SATC 2?" Heck yeah.
Michael [28-05-2010 20:41] 
Chris, unfortunately I can only review what I see. "Prince of Persia" was not made available to the critics in Kansas City. If you want a review you can go to the OTHER site I hang out at. My partner saw an early screening in NYC and has a review there. MacGruber has been out already. Unless it's that rare week where nothing is released I don't like to review a film that's been in theatres already.

Sadly, my full time job is not watching movies. Most movies are screened for the critics at 10 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon. Between a full time job, coaching baseball , playing baseball, helping to run the OTHER site and spend a few quality minutes with my wife and son I'm only able to see the movies that are made available to me. I've had no "official" word on the direction this site is heading. I do know that it's called the "Pop Culture Review" and I would argue that "Sex and the City" is definately a part of pop culture. Cheer up, reviewing "SPLICE"
Chris Woods [28-05-2010 15:08] 
With all this talk about change to the web site and keeping things more fanboy/genre-related, why is this week’s movie review Sex in the City 2. IMO, it doesn’t belong on this site. I don’t get why this film was reviewed and not Prince of Persia, which is more genre-related or even MacGruber. These two films came out this week. Just my thoughts.
ED [28-05-2010 14:24] 
Todd Bridges' career died a long time ago and the cruel part is he was forced to watch it.
Grim [28-05-2010 13:50] 
R.I.P. Gary Coleman! This is just WEIRD.... Different Strokes was cursed! Who's next? Todd Bridges? Mr. Drummond? Mrs Garrett? The Facts Of Life cast, which was in the same sit com universe? No!
Simon Lynx [28-05-2010 13:19] 
John - good article, I agree

Chris - I have the same thoughts about Game of Death and part 2
Brandon [28-05-2010 12:57] 
Gary Coleman did pass away RIP
Beasley [28-05-2010 08:41] 
John Miller hit the proverbial nail on the head this week! I was just bitching on my blog not two weeks ago about the lack of mid-market FM stations that are privately owned. As it stands, you have LPFM stations that don't pay much at all and are overwhelmingly become Christian just to make ends meet or the Conglomerates such as Westwood One. Damn hard to get a gig with those stations unless you already have a golden name in broadcasting. When you have Westwood One, ClearChannel and a couple of others owning everything under the sun...it damn near locks out new talent and minimalizes the ones left in the biz. You make more money with those types of stations, but creative control goes out the window for all with the possible exception of the coveted morning drivetime slot.
Brandon [28-05-2010 06:52] 
Miller. possibly the best article yet!
ED [28-05-2010 06:28] 
Different Strokes star Gary Coleman may be the next celebrity passing. He is in a coma after a head injury from a fall. Whatchu talkin' bout God?
Robert [28-05-2010 05:58] 
Very good analysis by John Miller. Unfortunately FCC makes it virtually impossible (difficult and expensive) for someone like you or I to put on the airwaves.
Fortunately we still have an unregulated internet, but the feds are drooling over that too. Again, good piece.
Steve Beasley [28-05-2010 00:16] 
He shoots, he scores! I just finished my first shift at a NZ radio station. First time I've been on the air since '90 or '91. I've got the afternoon drive times slot. The weirdest part is that radio has changed since the old days...and that's an understatement! I use a computer mouse...make that TWO computer mouses/mice, or whatever you call'em. Anyway, I had a freakin' blast and I'm glad to be back on air! In the coming weeks I'll be building my show into, well...I hope...into a powerhouse of Friday afternoons ala Q-105 in the 80s...that is, if my mojo hasn't divorced me for good since I abandoned it so long ago.

I hope everyone is doing well. As for the arguing, to quote Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get a bong?
Stop Bickering Beasley [26-05-2010 21:24] 
What's going on here? We're all crazed fanboys/girls in one way or another! Stop acting like children and stop being over sensitive, please! In other words....

Chris Woods [26-05-2010 20:12] 
Okay, I'm interrupting the current chaos to bring us back to our regularly schedule Crazed Fanboy program....New Schlock Review posted: GAME OF DEATH II.
Feedin' Frenzy Jaws [26-05-2010 18:25] 
There's blood in that there water..... is the PMS about to end?
Life Supporter [26-05-2010 16:46] 
..... Where are our readers? Maybe we should just quit.
Either fix the problems or give up.
Life Supporter [26-05-2010 16:45] 
Need to spin, spin, spin. Losing writers... fall back..... "We need more focus"..... Losing writers..... fall back....... "Trying to be all things to all people was an exhausting, but productive (for a while) experience"...... Hey, let's slander and piss off more of our regular readers....... Losing writers.... can't take criticism...... fall back....... let's spin our shortcomings some more......... "but in the end, people want to re-live the best parts of their past by reuniting with the pop culture that best facilitates this indulgence. But there's more.."....... let's let haters and losers who try too hard to be cool and relevant while they are Limpin' their way through their pointless lives have free reign of this web site, attacking all of the cool people and running them off, but let's spin it some more, shall we? Fall back..... fall back. Hey, wait, why are our backs against the wall? We can't fall back anymore! Let's get more insecure, now! Where are our writers
DK [26-05-2010 16:37] 
Hey, cool people play video games! Get with the times!
COL Linkletter [26-05-2010 16:35] 
When two opponents have the same observation, and say the same thing, it's worth paying attention to. You must pay attention to your critics, and address the points that are brought up, instead of censoring and ignoring. That is all.
Observer [26-05-2010 16:29] 
Nolan, maybe you should start having weekly fanboy summits at an undisclosed restaurant with all of the writers (that you have left) so you guys are on the same page. The communication between you and your staff seems to be lacking, and it could prove to be the undoing of this site.
Also, why can't pop culture be current? I know all this new-fangled technology may be confusing to some of you, but wouldn't it be cool to be able to spot pop culture-bound things as they happen, or make this site the go-to site for things that are cool and interesting? Wouldn't it be cool if you guys were able to make predictions on what will be relevant in pop culture as they sprout?
Oh, that's right..... as one of your newest critics points out, everything new sucks. Well, that's not true. Choosing the be stuck in the past is a mistake, and is a sure way for this site to be steamrolled by the up and coming competition.
Tez [26-05-2010 15:38] 
I hate life.
Michael [26-05-2010 15:19] 
R.I.P. Art Linkletter. Looks like there are some changes happening here. No time to read, have to cut the grass before the rains come. As Arnold once said (well, actually he said it a bunch of times): "I'll be back."
Terence [26-05-2010 14:07] 
A Paul Guzzo and Chris Passinualt comment section tag team. who wouldve saw that coming? its like you both come out of the woodwork at the same time for the same common cause. ah how the tables turn. maybe you two could hang out together. stranger stuff has happened ya know.
Terence [26-05-2010 14:01] 
"Like that new album by Hole"

so you pick one album over all the others. id hardly call Hole mainstream. no one listens to her anymore. ever turned on 98 rock and heard a Hole song? answer is no you havent. you win the lame-o award paul. thanks for playing. try again next time and have a good day.

you also failed to remember this from nolans frontpage article:

"I maintain that reviewing some....SOME....of Hollywood's newest commercial product is a healthy way to stay on a balanced diet of pop culture awareness, and I will not bend on that (current movies and albums, for example). "

come back when you have an actual argument.
Nolan [26-05-2010 12:48] 
"Hate", yeah whatever.

I've gone through five drafts of a clarification and all I see coming is a backlash of hurt feelings and "are you talking about ME???" That's not gonna work.

So, I'm postponing it until later after I've talked it over with Terence some more.

To those writers who are regular, prompt, and exclusive to PCR, none of this applies to you anyway. Just forget I said anything....
Also Not Passinault [26-05-2010 11:47] 
So if you don't focus on things you hate - everything - then I guess this website is converting to a blank page???
Nolan [26-05-2010 10:44] 
"New album by Hole" Not Mariah Carey.
Not Passinault [26-05-2010 10:00] 
@ how many of us dont write about cult, indie, or retro anyway?

Like that new album by Hole
Nolan [26-05-2010 09:52] 
Sigh.....OK, I'll attempt to write a clarification in the headline section.
Terence [26-05-2010 09:15] 
I think what Nolan means is that there are going to be different deadlines and that the type of new writers we accept. for instance they have to fit the new mold and direction. i think everyone is for the most part on the right track with the new direction already. how many of us dont write about cult, indie, or retro anyway?
Confused But Curious Lisa [26-05-2010 08:16] 
Nolan -- I've read your article several times, and I still have no idea what you're trying to say. Some changes may or may not be coming; readers may or may not notice those changes anyway; and whatever changes may or may not be coming haven't been finalized yet so I can't disclose anything about those changes that may or may not be coming and may or may not be noticed. ????

You've got an untapped talent writing teaser copy for TV promos, methinks. ("What's in your refridgerator may or may not be killing you...tune in at 11.")
Not Passinault [26-05-2010 08:10] 
Ok, so Retro is the theme except for Mike and Mike's review of new movies, because all of the new stuff still pretty much sucks...clear as mud. First kicking off Brandon and now Chris...who'll be next?
Uncle Rico [26-05-2010 07:50] 
We need more creepy Asian columns!!!
Nolan [26-05-2010 07:17] 
To J.MILLER and Uncle Rico: You didn't read my article carefully enough. I said that while I realize most of what visitors are seeking is retro, I feel strongly that we should keep some feet in the present.

I realize terms like "most" and "some" are vague. That is by design at this point.

I also forgot to point out the tremendous search-engine feedback to terms that are historically Florida-centric. Next to ED Tucker, Will Moriaty generates the most email that comes to me in that regard.

Mike's Movie Review and Mike's Rant aren't going anywhere and I'm sorry if I left that impression. The Rant may be modified in format later in the year to help streamline it for Mike.

Sports Talk, whose writer I've tried to support through countless setbacks, will likely officially fold later this year. No more sports columns are planned.

Of course, any political topics are out indefinitely as far as any columns devoted to it exclusive
J.MILLER [25-05-2010 18:34] 
Wait a second...

So...Does Nolans headline mean no more Mikes Movie Review and attempting to keep the site strictly retro?

If people are coming here strictly to read about the past then they would be missing out on some of the best articles ever written for this site..

I dont know...Nothing in those paragraphs were very clear...Just sounded like you were skirting controversy but wanted to stir it up anyways...
Uncle Rico [25-05-2010 11:42] 
The time machine doesn't work guys. You're stuck in the present.
Andy [25-05-2010 09:05] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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