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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 532  (Vol. 11, No. 23). This edition is for the week of May 31--June 6, 2010.

Crisis and Change
Sports Talk Surprise
Crisis and Change
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2002, Nolan Canova's review of The Roy Huston Spook Show at The Royalty Theater in Clearwater, FL.
Ron Canova, June 13, 52 yrs.
Clayton Smith, June 16, 30 yrs.
Derrek Carriveau, June 17, 38 yrs.
Simon Lynx, June 22, 35 yrs.
Just when I had given up on seeing a Sports Talk column at all for 2010, one popped in this morning while I was out! Welcome back, Chris Munger.

Apparently, a little pep talk I had with him at work about the future of PCR stirred his creative juices, I'm glad to say. Judging from the sheer volume of information in this week's column, obviously, Chris has been saving up quite a bit until this now! Will it continue on? Time will tell, I guess. But his opening paragraph is way more revealing of the respect he carries of what I'm trying to do here, and for that I'm grateful.

The changes planned for PCR shift somewhat from day to day. Nothing's in granite yet, but reliability and regularity are high on the agenda.

Anyway, thanks again to Chris Munger for the first---and possibly only----Sports Talk column this year, and an outstanding one it is.

And what of you, gentle readers? Are there enough sports fans out there to support Mr. Munger's efforts on PCR? Please speak now.


Last week was quite the eye-opener for me, ladies and gentlemen. The notorious "post of the 25th", as it has become known in my inner circle, originally perceived as confused rambling by Ye Olde Editor, resulted instead in a needed and vigorous conversation between me and a few who saw themselves in between the lines somewhere.

Initially, I regretted even bringing up the subject of inner PCR conflict in a public forum (and I highly doubt I ever do that again), but after the dust settled, it worked out for the best.

No more specific updates will be posted here regarding personal editorial decisions between me and the writing staff. The "mass-emailing" I pledged last week to send out was cancelled entirely. Any conflicts regarding our mission statement were handled internally and will continue to be. We go forward from here.

HOWEVER....Nolan's Pop Culture Review is currently being revised and to some extent re-purposed. I am writing new code and re-assessing our mission, which takes time. The new version of PCR will be coming out sometime in the next few weeks.


Between being enbroiled in conflict and running late with PCR last week, I was unable to comment on the passings of Gary Coleman at 42 and Dennis Hopper at 74. Thankfully, Mike Smith wrote an outstanding piece on both gentlemen in last week's Rant. What he said goes for me.

Well, almost goes for me. I was never a big fan of Gary Coleman who was a foul youngster who became a foul middle-aged man. I wouldn't wish him the early death he got, of course, I wouldn't wish that on anybody. But I, personally, cannot say "he be sorely missed".

Dennis Hopper is another matter. A terrific actor who became one of the poster boys of the Baby-Boomer generation with many memorable roles. Battling personal demons during the course of his professional life didn't stop him from becoming a legend. Besides his career-defining roles in Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, and Blue Velvet, I was a huge fan of Speed (1994), a guilty pleasure, and the only Keannu Reeves flick I ever saw more than once (Hopper was the bad guy and I've seen Speed at least 20 times), and the under-rated Flashback (1990), where he starred with Kiefer Sutherland as a '60s fugitive being taken into custody. Dennis Hopper will be sorely missed.

Readers' Comments

The Readers' Comment section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
ED [07-06-2010 15:06] 
Mike, I haven't heard that commentary. I am waiting to buy the DVD until it turns up for $3 at Big Lots!
Michael [07-06-2010 14:37] 
ED, I read an interview with Corey Feldman on another web site (wink wink) that talks about the "Goonies" anniversary. In fact, Feldman's band is playing a concert in the town it was filmed in as part of a 25th Anniversary Celebration. Have you ever listened to the commentary on the "Goonies" DVD. When they get to the part where Feldman's character is telling the Hispanic maid which dresser drawer he keeps his drugs in there is dead silence. Finally, Feldman speaks up and asks, "Does anyone else find this pretty ironic?" A pretty sharp guy from what I've read.
ED [07-06-2010 08:35] 
Did anyone realize that today is the 25th anniversary of the release of The Goonies? I wasn't crazy about this attempt t updated The Little Rascals when it came out but it has grown on me over the years. Too bad Corey Haim isn't here to appreciate it.
Stephen 'Stevie B' Beasley [06-06-2010 17:56]  
Mike: Loved the Coleman Coleman Cooler gag! Brilliant!

I loved all those old Beatle tunes like I am The Walrus, etc. Sure, they weren't huge hits and were incredibly quirky, but I dug'em just the same. There's definetely a market for catchy, quirky gems such as these.
ED [06-06-2010 11:40] 
Mike - I loved The Rutles and think that was the single best Beatles parady every. I owned a number of the K-Tel albums . My favorites were the novelty compilations like Goofy Greats, Dumb Ditties and Looney Tunes that I intend to get around to writing about one day.
Terence [06-06-2010 05:41] 
Petrey [06-06-2010 00:59] 
Dennis Hopper's role as Frank Booth was intended to be the way Terence described it but for some strange reason we laughed our heads off at the scene...um, oh "Here's to Ben!" and punches Kyle and make him say it. Ha Ha, classic. Guess what Terence, my molasses made a** has finished your DVDs and will be sent out today (SUNDAY) so they will finally be on they're way! I put a bonus in there for ya! I think you'll like it.
Bad Uncle [05-06-2010 07:55] 
Less sports, more creepy Asian columns...
chrism [05-06-2010 00:18] 
miller is disagreeing that i agreed with him. lite another 1 up j!
Steve Beasley [04-06-2010 22:28] 
Lonnie: Sorry for mispelling your name in the previous comment.
Steve Beasley [04-06-2010 22:27] 
Lonny: I remember 'The Science Project'.
Good summer movie fare. I'd watch it again.

I saw it when it was first released. Not unlike 'Top Secret' or 'Weird Science'.

J.MILLER [04-06-2010 14:13] 
Fanboy Corporate doesn’t want writers that talk about the pot they smoked in the bathroom at school, and how the lunch lady shorted the pepperoni, or how that writer got into squabble cuz someone be mackin their chick

Chris - I disagree...The site needs more of this...Also...The Celtics and Lakers met two NBA finals ago...Last year the Lakers beat the Magic....
Sports Talk Fan Lisa [04-06-2010 12:09] 
Chris M said "Yeah they might not last long, or be consistant, but I believe the time they share here, the writer will never forget, and neither will the fans."

Chris M. -- Welcome back! I wholeheartedly agree with the above.

Nolan -- Consider this a yes vote from me.
Lonnie [04-06-2010 09:57]  
Does anyone remember Dennis Hopper in a Film called,"My Science Project"(1985) ?
Petrey [03-06-2010 23:02] 
No problem Ed. >NIGHT WATCHER> I've never looked at it that way Terence.
Terence [03-06-2010 20:38] 
Petrey- Night Walker is a cool little film. but most Castle did were awesome anyway. Night Walker always felt sorta like a proto Nightmare On Elm Street to me.
ED [03-06-2010 19:35] 
Interesting information Petrey. Thanks.
Petrey [03-06-2010 19:21] 
Yes Ed, it's all about timing. What a collector really wants might be on Ebay the week s/he decides to take a break from the computer or something similar. I'll tell you something interesting. BARFLY, the film I think is the ultimate head rush stays at an enormous price at Amazon. BUT they have now added the $2.99 download for the film.
So you can dl it without paying outrageous prices. Of course the resolution is about half. Plus it's almost instant.

NOW, Radio Shack sells a PC to TV Converter for $100. Once hooked up properly you can use the S-Video output for the DVD recorder and a Y plug with a mini pin and two RCA's for sound from computer to Audio in. Works Great!! You can record anything ya want off the web. NO RESTRICTIONS!!
ED [03-06-2010 18:41] 
Petrey - Amazon is a strange barometer for VHS/DVD prices. I have seen stuff through the roof one week and cheap as dirt the next. Beyween them and eBay though I usually find I can pick up just about anything used at a reasonable price.
Petrey [03-06-2010 18:38] 
Yes Byron, RIVERS EDGE is a good film and hat's off to the casting personell. Also the music is quite intoxicating at times. I was working briefly at a video store upon it's release and the older people complained about the swearing and nudity. That's when I said "That's why we have ratings". The old fart walked out and called me a wiseass or something close to it.
Petrey [03-06-2010 18:28] 
I must have seen ISLAND OF TERROR about the same time Ed, on it's re-release. I remember that night coming home freaked out and watched MONSTER ON CAMPUS. It's a lot for one kid to take in in one day, ha! I have both on VHS and am quite surprised at the value of ISLAND on AMAZON.

Another film I have on VHS, and MCA/UNIVERSAL hasn't released it to disc is the NIGHT WALKER! Great film with Barbara Stanwyck, directed by William Castle. Good atmospheric shots and lighting. Worth a watch!

BTW the value of I SAW WHAT YOU DID by Castle on DVD is getting costly.
Byron [03-06-2010 17:23] 
i absolutely loved the rivers edge
Byron [03-06-2010 17:21]  
i read three chapters of the book that follows abraham lincoln vampire hunter and had to put it down --- it was boring --- i think the name is three little vampire women
J.MILLER [03-06-2010 15:22] 
Jason Fetters - Around these parts you're not likely to find a bigger Woo fan then me...I love pretty much every movie he touched before coming to the states...

For my money though The Killer is his masterpiece...I've only seen Hard Boiled once but I have watched The Killer like 30 times...I'd actually place it third behind A Better Tomorrow which I feel is Woo's second best film...Great thing is almost any of Woo's standout films could be considered his best...
ED [03-06-2010 10:43] 
RIP Rue McClanahan. Another Golden Girl bites the dust at 76.
ED [03-06-2010 10:37] 
No Terence, I have loved that film ever since I saw it in the theaters back in the early 70's. I think it was part of a kiddie matinee but I wouldn't swear to it. I keep hoping MGM will release this on DVD as part of their Midnight Movies collection. Preferably on a double bill with Night of thBig Heat.
Terence [03-06-2010 09:08] 
Ed- wow I thought I was the only one who loved Island of Terror. I always felt it was aping Hammer mixed with Fiend Without a Face. but its still awesome.
meoki [03-06-2010 05:25] 
satan! i cast you out!
Nolan [03-06-2010 05:01] 
Also, congrats to Lisa for being the first column up this week!
Chris Woods [02-06-2010 21:06] 
Sorry, there was a typo on the title.

Chris Woods [02-06-2010 21:04] 
New Schlock Review posted: ASSAULT OR PRECINCT 13
Terence [02-06-2010 20:20] 
John,Chris- Hopper was great in TCM2 but his greatest role is as Frank Booth in Blue Velvet. I defy anyone who says there is a more intense and frightening performance ever captured on celluliod that can beat it.
Chris Woods [02-06-2010 15:21] 
John - That was a great scene in the film. I also liked when he's running around with chainsaws in the cave and battling the family. He was also good in River's Edge.
J.MILLER [02-06-2010 15:09] 
Chris - Whenever I think of TCM2 I think of Hopper at that chainsaw store...He goes out front with a chainsaw in each hand and goes nuts on a piece of wood...LMAO...The look on that redneck at the stores face is priceless...
J.MILLER [02-06-2010 15:08] 
Hopper has been great in alot of great films...But to me his finest work was in True Romance...For the love of god Hopper owned that movie and he was really only in it about 10 minutes...

Looking back on Hoppers career I will admit I have not given the man the credit he deserves...He will for sure be truely missed...

BTW...Speed was actually a decent movie despite Reeves and Bullock....It was a big part of my youth
Chris Woods [02-06-2010 14:50] 
Nolan - I've always liked Dennis Hopper's work and I'm sad to see him go. He had so many great roles. Hopper was great in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Blue Velvet. I liked him in Speed as well and liked the film. He was also good in his part in Land of the Dead.
Chris Woods [02-06-2010 14:42] 
Lisa – Enjoyed your article. It was very informative and I always learn something new about something when I read your articles. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter book sounds very interesting.
Byron [02-06-2010 12:17]  
Well then, to all, great job and thanks Nolan
Mark A. Nash [02-06-2010 11:43]  
Hey Nolan, it's been a long time! Glad to see you are still going strong!
Nolan [02-06-2010 11:14] 
The Top 10 Box Office is one of those things that helps keep us rooted in he here and now, and I think it is beneficial.

To Byron: My gratitude to the writing staff is a matter of record and should not be in any doubt. Nobody's getting paid for this, myself included. There are other matters being addressed behind the scenes that may affect a subtle course change for PCR, that's all.
Byron [02-06-2010 11:03]  
i personally dont see any reason for changes, so what if i only read if something is of interest to me. I would love to do articles on new board games being published, but i dont have the time, in many cases you are lucky to have writers willing to submit new material every week, enjoy it :-)
meoki [02-06-2010 07:07] 
screw u, satan! i cast you out!
The Truth, the Real Truth and Nothing... [02-06-2010 06:22] 
... but the Truth...

Dump the Top 10 movies and instead list the 10 things you all hate.

1. Air
2. Sunshine
3. Smiles
4. People
And so on...
Michael [01-06-2010 16:15] 
Damn it, ED! Third!
J.MILLER [01-06-2010 13:46] 
Nole - With all of the changes being made how about you get rid of that useless top 10 movies at the box office thing...I havnt gone to a movie theater in close to a year and have no idea what the hell any of that crap is...Dump it and use the space for something useful
ED [01-06-2010 08:57] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
End of Comments    

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