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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 533  (Vol. 11, No. 24). This edition is for the week of June 7--13, 2010.

New Phase
Lost Silent Movies Saved
Sloot Hoot
Return of Pastor Haggard
PCR Change Update
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2001, the debut column from Mike Scott, Deadguy's Dementia. Scott's first article is his take on MTV's reality show, FEAR. Also in this issue, Nolan talks about the first anniversary of Crazed Fanboy that is approaching soon.
About 75 silent movies, once thought lost forever, have been found in a film archive in New Zealand. Among the movies resting comfortably in the New Zealand Film Archive: John Ford's 1927 epic Upstream, Clara Bow's Maytime and a promotional film from Southern Pacific Railroad that dates to 1898.

Since the prints were orignally supposed to be destroyed after their runs to save on storage, this find is a gold mine. Someone thought to save them.

Thanks to an initiative between New Zealand and the United States, about a half-million dollars will be spent to restore and preserve these lost films which will then be divided up among five domestic archives for public scholarship: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the George Eastman House, the Library of Congress, the Museum of Modern Art and the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

I would LOVE to think Lon Chaney's London After Midnight is in there somewhere. Along with many other genre classics that are either classified as lost or with scenes missing.


Joran van der Sloot, 22, the prime suspect in the disappearance of American teen Natalee Holloway in Aruba, has confessed to killing a young Peruvian woman in his Lima hotel room last month, according to police.

Since Peru has no death penalty, he is facing 35 years in prison. The murder of Stephany Flores happened five years nearly to the day of Natalee Holloway's disappearance. Although he was arrested and questioned in that case, he was released due to lack of evidence, like a body.

You may remember he confessed during a secret taping with a reporter that he killed Holloway by accident and had a friend dump her body at sea. Unfortunately, this was inadmissable evidence.

On the day that he was arrested in Chile, he was charged in the U.S. with trying to procure $250,000 from Holloway's family in return for revealing the location of her body and describing how she died. What a sweetheart. He ought to write a book called "If I Did It".

A full confession regarding Holloway, I feel, is imminent. At this writing it hasn't happened yet.


The disgraced religious leader who lobbied against gay marriage before being caught with his gay lover and removed from power is attempting a comeback. The Reverend Ted Haggard is starting a church whose members are like him, disgraced and sinful.

This is so full of ironies it's hilarious. But the way I see it, he's tired of being poor (word has it he tried to sell insurance--another irony), and needs the flock to line his pockets once again.


This will be my last word on the subject before we switch to a new system.

The vulgar and insulting exchange that took place on Readers' Comments this past weekend -- all since removed -- only serves to bolster my conviction that we are moving on the right path with upgrades to PCR's basic direction, layout, and mission. The following issues will be addressed:

  • Since the weekly e-zine format and publishing schedule we've had for ten years seems to be unworkable now (this is no one's "fault") a blog-like posting system will replace the Archives. The homepage writers' nav-bar will still look much as it does now, but, with the exception of Retrorama and The Asian Aperture, will update and shift as columns are posted (similar to Schlockarama). Time stamps will replace PCR issue numbers.

  • A promotional blueprint for PCR begun last December and planned for increasing this year has been stymied due to publishing schedule issues. Terence started our Facebook page at the end of 2009 as a first step towards promotion. Currently, one of us will update the FB "Wall" at noon Friday plugging whatever we have at the time. The E-mail campaign is on hold until issues are worked out.

  • Much more video will be featured.

  • Readers' Comments has outlived its usefulness and is being abolished. An advanced version of The Lettercol will be making a comeback. And there's always the Message Board.

    Readers' Comments

    The Readers' Comments section for this issue of PCR is now closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Leter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

    Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
    Michael [14-06-2010 05:25] 
    Happy Birthday to "Booming" Ron Canova. And everyone else, of course.
    Steve *FM* Beasley [13-06-2010 20:49] 
    I wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who's birthday is in June, including my old friend, Ron!
    ED [13-06-2010 07:59] 
    An early happy birthday to the Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, who will celebrate his 81st birthday on Tuesday, June 15.
    Nolan [13-06-2010 07:19] 
    Happy 52nd birthday to my "little" brother, Ron Canova, today, June 13th! And many happy returns.
    Michael [13-06-2010 05:45] 
    Simon, I hope you like the film. Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict DO make cameos but they were unrecognizable to me (due to make up, not age).
    Petrey [13-06-2010 04:39] 
    It looks like I won't be buying anything in St. Pete from now on. It's a shame too. I loved crossing the bridge to get away to Walmart in the AM and stuff.
    Simon Lynx [12-06-2010 04:23] 
    Mike S. - I'll be seeing the A-TEAM in the next week or so. I hope my review of the film is as good as yours. Growing up in the 80's there was alot of good fun shows and unfortunately the present day remakes or adaptations have been horrible. I noticed that you didn't say if any of the original actors had cameos or not. I actually hope they squeezed the surviving members in there somewhere.
    Petrey [11-06-2010 11:05] 
    This may shock some of you knowing that I am a rabid film lover however I've never understood the hard on to see 'London After Midnight'.
    Chris Woods [09-06-2010 19:36] 
    New Schlock Review posted: NEVER TAKE CANDY FROM A STRANGER
    Nolan [09-06-2010 08:40] 
    Woops, my fading memory again. Actually that was my second newspaper quote. The first was in a 1984 issue of the Tampa Tribune where then movie critic Greg Tozian came by my workplace--a newsstand--to inquire about sales of Soldier of Fortune magazine. Long story. Anyway Chris, thanks for stirring some memories!

    The PCR issue spotlighted is actually about Mike "Deadguy" Scott---didn't mean to steal his thunder with my ramblings, haha.
    Nolan [09-06-2010 08:32] 
    Chris---the PCR issue you spotlight in The First Decade was also the one that resulted in my first newspaper quote regarding the vote on renaming my neighborhood. The newspaper reporter who called was one Rick Gershman with whom I would work again in the future!
    Chris Woods [08-06-2010 17:55] 
    Lonnie - Thanks, glad you liked the article.

    Terence - Sorry, I wanted to do a Growing Up Fanboy on music since I covered movies, TV shows, comics, etc and I had to do it on my favorite band. Still write your article. I want to read it and see your take on Genesis.
    matthew [08-06-2010 17:23] 
    Nolan, would that not be a BLAST if London After Midnight is in that collection of films found in New Zealand? I'm pretty pumped about the idea.
    Terence [08-06-2010 16:32] 
    Nolan- Im sure once i got ahold of it it would end up sucking but Ill just be frank about it......id pimp out a nun to get a copy of London After Midnight! hopefully its in that set and gets a dvd release.
    Terence [08-06-2010 16:28] 
    damn you chris! you went and did a Genesis article before i could! i had been planning one for a year now. mine was just going to cover the best version of the band only,which is the gabriel years. so maybe i will still do it. cool article though. i still need to copy that Lamb Lies Down...bootleg from you.
    Lonnie [08-06-2010 15:55]  
    Chris,I enjoyed your Article on Genesis.I knew several guys in High School who played their Music all the time.
    Chris Woods [08-06-2010 15:41] 
    Forth two post and second with column up.
    Me [08-06-2010 15:17] 
    FIRST! from NZ
    Michael [08-06-2010 14:37] 
    Second! Damn it, one more week and I could have reached the top!
    ED [08-06-2010 08:56] 
    First in the new phase!
    [31-12-1969 16:00] 
    End of Comments    

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