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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 534  (Vol. 11, No. 25). This edition is for the week of June 14--20, 2010.

What's Next
Oh...F**king Great
RadioActive TV: Episode 4--"A Grave Matter"
What's Next
Little Orphan Annie
R.I.P. Jimmy Dean
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2004, a write up on the first Coffeehouse Film Review (later known as Tampa Film Review) that was founded by The Guzzo Brothers and took place at Romeo Coffeehouse Studio 1515.
As if things weren't already hard enough. A recent news item went out on several news sites over the weekend that the websites most likely to carry malicious downloads are....get ready....pop culture sites!!

AOL's page listed the top ten most dangerous ones, but none of the URL's listed seemed likely to warrant a visit from our circle--although one had "Tim Burton" in the title. HOWEVER....they were all configured to respond to typical search engine inquiries, like searches for famous movie celebrities and pop stars.

One of our Readers Comments posters noted that after last Friday, even after this page downloads, something else keeps downloading for quite a while afterwards that caused him/her to distrust us. There is no reason for concern.

Friday afternoon, the new episode of RadioActive Television was posted here causing a lengthy "buffering" time that kept modems hopping long after the homepage was viewable, whether the movie was started or not. That's because the video continues to download even after it's started playing. It stops when the video is completely downloaded into your browser. I'm working on a different configuration to prevent this.

Please know that I hand-code this site entirely and there is nothing sneaky or malicious going into your computer that I myself included or intended.


As a first step toward establishing a newly-oriented PCR, my co-editor and I are endeavoring to produce a weekly video to debut in this space on Fridays. After the debut, the videos will be archived in the appropriate section and the PCR homepage will return to normal.

First up: a new episode of Radioactive Television! This is only the fourth episode produced for this series (I'm counting "Episode Zero", as I like to call it, that I did at Public Access ten years ago).

12mins 35sec
Starring: Renee Carrick and Mason Troupe
Written and Directed by: Terence Nuzum
Host: Nolan B. Canova

A saucy female detective takes an assignment to stand guard at a grave site on Halloween. What seems at first like an unusual but easy gig quickly turns into something diabolical.

Note: I'm still working out the video system configuration. If clicking on the Play arrow fails to load the video, try refreshing the browser. ---Nolan


We as a country are in a unique transitional period. Analog to digital. Standard Definition to Hi-Def. 3-D movies are more pervasive than in any previous era, and though I think it's another transient fad, there's continuous talk of 3-D television. Cell phones are getting so hi-tech, it's ridiculous. While a "Jetsons"-type existence is only partially realized (we have wall TVs now, sure, but no personal flying vehicles or robot servants, dang it all), as far as entertainment goes, technically-speaking, we're approaching Star Trek levels a little ahead of schedule.

But content-wise, I don't think we've progressed all that much. Remakes, "re-imaginings", and recycled plot lines account for way too much output from Hollywood. "Reality Television" -- which is cheap and can pretty much write itself -- has taken over most of prime-time television. Not ALL, of course, but too much. I, for one, cannot see American Idol and its ilk lasting much longer.

So, what's next? We certainly have the technical ability to realize just about anything. Now all we need is new ideas. Or maybe, more specifically, a maverick producer in Hollywood willing to put money behind some new ideas.

I spend considerable time surfing video sites to see what the independents are doing and it reaffirms my faith that creative people are out there doing interesting things. You have to dig for them, but they're there. The underground always was the incorruptible last bastion of creativity in any era.

I have NOT lost faith that someday, hopefully sooner than later, when everyone's tired of the status quo, something crazy will break through the monotony to break up the monotony.


I was never a huge fan of the comic strip Little Orphan Annie (later abbreviated to just Annie). Even when I was a kid it seemed like a dated concept. Something I didn't get from, say, Blondie.

However, it is noteworthy that this 86-year-old strip is ending. Its syndicator decided that with only about twenty papers left still carrying it, it was time to call it a day.

The final strip ends weirdly. From the AOL press release:

In her final appearance in the funny pages today, the gutsy redheaded orphan didn't receive a happy ending or a warm reunion with her deep-pocketed benefactor, Daddy Warbucks. Instead, the last "Annie" comic strip left readers with a murky cliffhanger: the plucky, pupil-less girl is stuck "somewhere in Guatemala" with a dangerous war criminal named the Butcher of the Balkans.

"And this is where we leave our Annie," the final frame reads. "For now -"

The article did go on to inform that the strip would continue online. With so many newspapers folding, I can see that as a popular--if maybe not as profitable--end game for most existing comic strips.


I was more an admirer of Jimmy Dean than an outright fan, but I wanted to note that the legend of country music and breakfast sausage has passed away at the age of 81.

I do remember being impressed with his song "Big Bad John" back in the day (50s? 60s?) and his many appearances on talk shows of the day (e.g., Mike Douglas).

Dean created and marketed a breakfast sausage bearing his name that went nation-wide in 1969 and continues to this day, although Dean sold the company to the Sara Lee Corporation in 1984. The current marketing gimmick is very ingenius, a deliberately low-budget-looking affair that started a few years ago with "daddy" Sun -- an actor in a mascot-like costume -- telling his daughter he needs to hurry to work to "light and heat the earth". An instant hit, it built upon that theme and more actors were cast in mascot-like costumes representing the Sun and planets who relate about breakfast in their "office". The original actor still plays the Sun.

Anyway, I digress. To fans of classic folk and country music, Jimmy Dean will be sorely missed.

Readers' Comments

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Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
ED [22-06-2010 03:51] 
Wasn't Pa Ingalls a werewolf as a teenager? Perhapse it was all ferral instinct that helped him raise his brood. Well that and Marlboros!
Steve [21-06-2010 20:11] 
Lisa: Charles 'Pa' Ingalls was indeed a good dad.
Good memory! He must've taken after his pa...Ben Cartwright. ;)
Simon Lynx [21-06-2010 15:04] 
Nolan - no probs loading the site here.
LisaGrrl [21-06-2010 12:43] 
Thanks everyone for the feedback on my column. Just trying to use my warped mind and twisted sense of humor for good, not evil. LOL

Beaze -- I'd planned to start a message board thread on good and bad dads from movies and TV to reply in depth, but I only have a minute, so I'll just say that my fave TV dad was Pa Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.
Petrey [21-06-2010 10:47] 
I was going to say something like "Is oneal for real?" But I held my tongue. After checking my mother and father's computer I wanted to tell you Nolan that their computers have the Windows Vista OS and it loaded quickly for them.
Taz [21-06-2010 09:02] 
Nolan [21-06-2010 08:40] 
Oneal, I just discovered that you are Mee Mee. Sorry I was even in the least way polite to you. However, for actual legitimate readers who may have concerns about download times, my answer still stands.
Nolan [21-06-2010 07:11] 
To Petrey: Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to know the video plays well across both systems! About the slower loading time, read on...

To Oneal: The thing that's "constantly downloading" is the video and I'm aware it might cause concern for some readers. As I said in the video sidebar, I'm still working on the configuration. The downloading stops as soon as it's loaded in your browser. Faster connections see faster downloading. This isn't the ideal configuration, of course, but it's what I have for now. YouTube also downloads as it plays, you probably didn't notice it before.

There is no reason to distrust this site! It is personally hand-coded by me and there is nothing malicious attatched at this end.

There was a recent news item regarding a similar topic I will address this week in the headline section.
oneal [21-06-2010 02:37] 
wat is your site doing to my computer! it loads slow and is constantly downloading something! very suspicous! i do not trust this site!
Petrey [20-06-2010 14:50] 
Just some feedback Nolan. Page loads about 5 seconds longer now with my computer that has XP as the OS. My computer that has the Windows 7 OP is in a flash! Don't know why. Both have 2GB of ram. However video plays terrific on both!
Mee Mee [20-06-2010 00:58] 
LOL... You people either have no taste, or kiss each other's @ss a lot. Good to see that you're sticking up for each other, though. Good news, though.... I'm going to have fun with the review! I think that I just found my new poster child / kicking boy for what's wrong with Tampa film. This is going to be fun for many years!
And, no, Terence, you can't submit it to the online film festival... even if you begged for forgiveness. It's just not nearly up to the standards of real filmmakers.
Pastor Tom [19-06-2010 18:29]  
New Page Look, Outstanding!
Snakebyte Steve [19-06-2010 01:00]  
Hey, nice touch! (Video at top of page)
Petrey [18-06-2010 18:56] 
1) Nolan is great as the gravedigger/host. Be nice to see ongoing.

2) The lighting and editing is good

3) It doesn't drag in any place. Good pacing.

4) Gave me the feel of the early Ormsby films of the 70's.

5) Kept my interest, that's hard to do these days.

6) Well done goes out for everyone involved!

7) We take care of trolls differently in Kentucky.
The Dark Mistress [18-06-2010 18:39] 
BTW, I don't think T. Nuzum should hide his film at all. It's a neat, dark film. Promote the hell of it, T. Indeed, don't hide it. It just gives undeserved delusions of power to sad people like Mee Mee. I think they're on to you, MM.....Bwaaaahahahahahaha.
The Dark Mistress [18-06-2010 18:36] 
Hey, Mee Mee, what do you have up your butt, man? Are you low on your pills or something? It seems like you have a personal ax to grind here. You should take your little vendetta and go home, bud.
Mee Mee [18-06-2010 17:41] 
LOL... First off, it's like you're saying "I don't want my film to be seen". Embarrassed? Petty? Jealous? You undermine the marketing of your film by limiting how it can be seen. Additionally, compare your films to the tons of films that I have playing on there right now. Even if you wanted to add it, I'd refuse because it's not up to the standards that the other films have set. So, keep it on here. Have at it. Enjoy! I'm sure that Hollywood will be knocking down your door to give you a film deal. Better yet, show this to investors! I'm sure that you'll get funding for any film that you want to make! Good luck!
Terence [18-06-2010 17:28] 
first off you cant add it unless I let you.

"Seriously, though, unless I do end up adding a dumpster channel, where we mock films, I'd have serious reservations about adding your new "film"."

at least I can sleep soundly tonight then,
Mee Mee [18-06-2010 17:21] 
Swipe? I'm doing them a favor by giving them exposure! Additionally, we get a lot of submissions, and they send us embed codes. It's how the online film festival works, and it works well.
Seriously, though, unless I do end up adding a dumpster channel, where we mock films, I'd have serious reservations about adding your new "film".
Terence [18-06-2010 16:55] 
uh huh. ok. but you forgot that this isnt on Youtube where you swipe the rest of your films from so you couldnt put it up anyway. so no worries.
Mee Mee [18-06-2010 16:49] 
Well, that online film festival is the best indie film marketing platform in Florida (and it's been proven), so it's certainly not a good thing!
Terence [18-06-2010 16:44] 
"It's so bad, that I don't want to add it to the online film festival! "

well thats a relief.
PattyG [18-06-2010 16:25] 
Great stuff, Terence. I've seen some real cliche junk from local Tampa filmakers. Just violent, serial killers kind of stuff. Glad A GRAVE MATTER took a different and more creative approach than some of the other crap out there.....
PattyG [18-06-2010 16:21] 
Mee Mee? Are you for real?
William Moriaty [18-06-2010 16:12] 
"A Grave Matter"

Cool beans Ter!
Mee Mee [18-06-2010 16:02] 
It's so bad, that I don't want to add it to the online film festival! My viewers would tear this apart!
Mee Mee [18-06-2010 15:59] 
ROTFLMAO! Love it! What's up with the lighting? We'd you get the actors... Craigslist? Did you use the first takes? Love the characterization and delivery! Love the quick "knife attack", and the canned reactions? Did you direct this, or tell the actors to go at it, and merely observe? This makes Renegade films efforts such as "Bloody Mary" and "The Web Of Darkness" look like "Gone With The Wind"! This makes the efforts by Joe Davison look like a James Cameron film, and those films are terrible, too!
I thought that there were parts of Milk Crate Scars which were brilliant, Really, I did. "A Grave Matter", however, has got to be one of the worst films ever made in the Tampa film scene. Congrats, Tez! Thank you for making me laugh, and restoring my faith that I am on the right path with my cause.
Mee Mee [18-06-2010 15:38] 
Oh, goody! I get to watch another film from Terence! Yay!
Petrey [18-06-2010 06:16] 
Ditto here with the Army Drill Sargeant Father Steve. STEPfather that is. Anything I ever did was never good enough. I told him "You're going to get old one day old man" and now I am the one who tells him what to do along with my mother. Yes, the spider is now the fly, ha!
Steve [18-06-2010 00:47] 
OOPS! Sorry, MIKE is the one that mentioned 'The Great Santini'!

Sorry about that, I'm fairly beat after a tough shift at the station! I'm too pooped to pop!
Steve [18-06-2010 00:45] 
Mike: I remember the 'Bonanza' scene in Tin Men. Good movie!
Lisa: The Great Santini I remember well. See it a few times and it left an indelible impression on me. My father was a drill sargeant in the Army. Life was a bitch with a hardcore military man.
Michael [17-06-2010 21:15] 
Lisa, great list. I'd like to add 10a. Bull Meacham played by Robert Duvall in "The Great Santini."
Michael [17-06-2010 21:13] 
Steve, there's a part in the movie "Tin Men" where they talk about "Bonanza" and remark how odd it is that Ben Cartwright had three sons from three different women, as all mothers had died during childbirth. They called him "the hump of death!"
Simon Lynx [17-06-2010 04:24] 
Lisa - entertaining article. I laughed a bunch.
Stephen Beasley [16-06-2010 22:30] 
Lisa: Great article this week! Very colorful characters, indeed!

Now for the decent dads:
I think Jim Anderson and Henry Mitchell were a couple of televison's best fathers...oh, and of course, Andy Griffith would be at the top of the list. Wait! There's Ben Cartwright! All these in contraast to stuffy old Ward Cleaver who was only okay as a father. He was more like my dad as far as being close to his kids...meaning not at all. Of course, Ward didn't beat his kids, as far as we know. John Walton was a purty good dad himself! Okay, I'll stop now before thus becomes an article in itself! :/
Michael [16-06-2010 20:59] 
Steve, I too felt the thump of calloused fingers whenever I dared interupt Mssrs Huntley and Brinkley.

I do know that Fess Parker made a couple of DAVY CROCKETT movies for Walt Disney. Perhaps you saw those in the 60s. I don't remember Crockett but I did enjoy Daniel Boone.
Jason Fetters [16-06-2010 12:26]  
Ed- Great write up!! The Vigilante is the coolest looking member of the Seven Soliders.
Steve [16-06-2010 04:27] 
Sorry, apparently Davy Crockett originally aired in 1955, so either I saw reruns...or I'm just confusing Davy with Dan'l Boone. I could have sworn Davy Crockett lasted through to '64 or '65. I remember is kids singing the song over and over and over again. I could be having a flashback to one of Dad's western movies...who knows? When we go that far back, my memory tends to become a bit blurry.
Stephen Beasley [16-06-2010 04:20]  
Mike: I don't think so, but not sure. I looked up the Dumont Network and scanned the list pf programs and the only ones there that I remember watching with any frequency are: The Amateur Hour (Ted Mack version), The Garry Moore Show, The Cavalcade of Stars (Jackie Gleason version) and The Ed Sullivan Show, of course.
Most of those we watched because Mom was a huge fan. Dad only cared for one genre his entire life...Classic Westerns...oh and umm...he did like the news when delivered by Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. We weren't allowed to speak when the news was on...at all, unless we felt like getting thumped in the head by his big thick, calloused fingers.
Michael [15-06-2010 20:51] 
FYI everyone: Neither "Jonah Hex" or "Toy Story 3" screened early in Kansas City (though I know they've screened in other cities) so this week's review is a film that's a few days old. Sorry!

Jesus, Bease, were these shows on the Dumont Network?
Simon Lynx [15-06-2010 19:06] 
Chris W - sorry about your Grandfather, RIP James....
Steve Beasley [15-06-2010 16:16] 
The Jimmy Dean Show was a staple in the Beasley house in the 1960s along with Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton Show. Frank Oz of Muppets fame got his start on Jimmy Dean's show. We're talking about the days when television was monochrome, y'all! Sky King, The Ed Sullivan Show, Davy Crockett...all good memories.
Petrey [15-06-2010 15:03] 
Thanks for mentioning Jimmy Dean Nolan. I loved the look on James Bond's face in "Diamonds are Forever" when Dean delivered that line "Tell him he's fired." Ha!
Brandon [15-06-2010 09:38] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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