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"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"
Happy Anniversary Video Watchdog!
June Album of the Month: Alejandro Escovedo-Street Songs Of Love
Book Review: The Flamingo Rising by Larry Baker
Kamikaze Girls (2005)
Staring Down "the Last Airbender" .... Passing On .... Another Thing I Hate .... .... .... .... .... .... Mike's Record Shelf t
Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 536  (Vol. 11, No. 27). This edition is for the week of June 28--July 4, 2010.

Staying the Course
Tampa Manhunt Update
Happy 4th of July!
$100,000 Tampa Manhunt
ABC News Story's Ironic Ending
This Week's Movie Review
Weekend Video
Message Board
News Bits
Readers' Comments


Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
From 2003, original fiction written by Jason L. Liquori which is an adventure series originally written in 1994, but was published for the first time on Crazed Fanboy.
Brandon Jones, July 1, 40 yrs.
Christian Dumais, July 11, 36 yrs.
Juanita Smith, July 15, 47 yrs.
Phillip Smith, July 26, 25 yrs. U.S.A., July 4, 234 yrs.
The manhunt for Dontae Morris (see story below) ended last night, Friday July 2, when Morris surrendered to authorities around 10:00pm, with help from a "third party" (suspected to be a lawyer). Morris is currently in custody at the Orient Road county jail. Since the officers' final funeral service is today, Saturday (I originally stated it was Friday; that was the wake), the capture is well-timed. The funeral is being broadcast live on local TV.


Despite the grim economic situation, the Gulf Oil Spill, wars abroad, and a particularly grisly crime in Tampa this week (see below), I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day. Our country is 234 years old this week. It is the greatest country in the world and I am grateful to be one of its citizens.


This has been a sad week for Tampa. Two young police officers were gunned down in cold blood during what was originally a routine traffic stop.

First Jeff Kocab, then David Curtis, both 31, arrived at the scene near Martin Luther King Dr. and 56th St (east Tampa) last Tuesday around 2:15am to investigate a car whose license plate was not clearly visible. A woman was driving, but the male passenger had a warrant out for his arrest. That particular charge, as I understand it, was minor, but he also had a lengthier record of violence. As the police were close to making an arrest, Dontae Rashawn Morris, 24, took advantage of a minor distraction to shoot both officers in the head before getting back in the car and speeding off. Two female bystanders heard the shots and went over to see what happened. Alarmed at the scene, a call went out to 911. Officer Kocab was pronounced dead at the hospital, Officer Curtis lasted until about 8:00 in the morning.

Four days later (as I write this) Morris is still on the loose despite one of the most massive manhunts I've ever seen mounted in the Tampa area. There are billboards with his picture all over the place. The first reward for information leading to capture was $5,000. As of this writing, the reward has jumped to $100,000. In only four days Morris has gone from a neighborhood hoodlum to one of America's Most Wanted (including an FBI profile).

The funeral services for the fallen officers is today, July 2nd.


I had to laugh out loud. I was sitting there a couple days ago watching the ABC Morning News show, the one with George Stephanopoulos, when a piece came on regarding a family so addicted to technology, they sought counseling. Seems their recent family vacation was marred when they realized they'd spent nearly the whole time on their laptops and cellphones, particularly the father.

A therapist was interviewed and the family was set right, agreeing to certain times of the day when everyone would "unplug" as it were, like for dinnertime.

All fine and well, but here's the kicker: Stephanopoulos closed the segment by saying something like, "for more information on this segment, please go to our website and click on the relevant link to this story!" HAHAHA! In other words, in order to find out how to unplug yourself from the computer, go to the computer right now and plug back in! I have to believe George himself had to be suppressing a laugh getting that out before cameras went to black.


This week we welcome guest movie critic Phillip Smith, the 24-year-old son of PCR's Michael Smith, to our hallowed halls! We are proud to sponsor this young man's first foray into movie journalism and honored that PCR's where it's happening. Welcome aboard, Phillip! Check it out.


PCR's "Video of the Week", since re-christened "Weekend Video" (to prevent confusion that there's some kind of contest going on), is still on track, believe it or not. There was no video last week due strictly to last-minute and extremely frustrating technical snafus suffered by Ye Olde Editor, and time simply ran out. Weekend Video should....theoretically....be posted on time this Friday afternoon.


As we phase out Readers' Comments over the next couple weeks, my co-editor and I are planning a return to an emphasis on our original Message Board for reader feedback and, hopefully, more troll control. I'm not sure I want to return to the maintenance-heavy "On the Message Board" graphic I used to post on here, but at least links will be posted to help steer traffic.

As a jump-start, Chris Woods started a new forum on our Schlockarama section here.


I wish to acknowledge the passing of Senator Robert Byrd, 92. The longest-serving statesman in US history, I admired how he was, well, admired. He managed to escape any stigma of his alliance with the KKK in the '40s, later changing his position on integration (kind of like Gov. George Wallace did). He was one of a kind.

The Gulf Oil Spill I haven't written about in weeks because I figured everyone was tired of hearing about it. It is still not capped and the damage could reach Biblical proportions. The near-approach of Hurricane Alex is, at this writing, a threat to the oil-skimming boats off the Louisianna coast, which may have to return to port.

Readers' Comments

The Readers Comments section for this issue of PCR is noiw closed. To continue to interact, please use the Message Board or write a Letter to the Editor! The comments below are listed starting with the most recent. Thank you.

Crazed FanComments -- We Welcome Reader Feedback on any article(s) on this page.
Petrey [05-07-2010 23:44] 
Political Correctness, what the hell is that?
Take No Crap Beaz [05-07-2010 18:36] 
Mike: You probably did the right thing by today's standards, but I know you found it very difficult to walk away from a guy who needed to be knocked out cold. I've done that while every bone in my body was saying, "Hit the Bastard as hard as you can!" Sometimes I believe it's necessary to puncg them, in spite of political correctness.
Inspector Gadget [05-07-2010 11:27] 
One readers comments door closes, and another opens elsewhere. The true potential of the format is not only improved upon, but is finally realized, and embraced.
Petrey [05-07-2010 10:15] 
Roger that! Thanks
Nolan [05-07-2010 07:24] 
Mr. Petrey, Readers Comments is likely ceasing this week.
Petrey [04-07-2010 22:38] 
You're absolutely right about the short film having that 'Night Gallery' ending feel Nolan. Also, when does the reader's comments cease?
Chris Woods [04-07-2010 09:10] 
ED - Glad you enjoyed my review of Bloody Birthday. I heard about the film for years and just finally saw it. It was a good horror film from the 80's. Joe Penny wasn't the guy in the van. That was some teenage couple. He was just in that one scene as a teacher or boss to the lead actress in the film.
Nolan [03-07-2010 09:27] 
Yessiree, sir! Davis Island it was.
William Moriaty [03-07-2010 07:25] 
Enjoyed the flick of the week, "Fangory Yours". Had lots of beef and cheese cake ala mid 1980's. Was that filmed somewhere on Davis Islands?
ED [03-07-2010 05:36] 
Chris -I just got done with your Schlock review on Bloody Birthday. That is a film I had not thought about in years. Back in the 80's a friend of mine from up north recommended that one to me when it played as filler at a theater he worked at. He even sent me a poster for the film I still have which features a fourth kid that isn't in the movie and a woman covered in frosting like a birthday ckae the kids are about to cut into! It's been a LONG time since I watched that film but isn't Joe Penny part of the couple that is killed in the van?
Apache Jack Beasley [02-07-2010 18:21] 
Ed: I'm all for making the punishment last longer, as long as his head's a gory, bloody mass when finished. Then we could take pics and send them to Fangoria and circulate some graphic flyers around College Hill as a warning to potential copycats.
ED [02-07-2010 13:04] 
Steve, your not thinking here. Make it a Nerf bat instead. It'll last a lot longer and they'll make more money!
Hellhound Beaz [02-07-2010 12:58] 
They should capture that Dontae Rashawn bastard and put him in stocks in the middle of Tampa Stadium and charge $10 a head to grab a Pete Rose autographed Louisville Slugger and pretend the scum's head is a baseball. Imagine how much money they could raise! Of course, that will never happen since we've sworn obediance at the Alter of Political Correctness.
Rockabilly Beaz [02-07-2010 12:44] 
Flip: That's a bang up job ya did sittin' in for your pa as the resident film critic! Now Mike has an understudy in the event he ain't feelin' so good at anytime in the future.

Considerin' the above, I give Junior 4 spectacularly bright stars.
Steve - Stringbean - Beasley [02-07-2010 12:29] 
Nolan sez: "Despite the grim economic situation, the Gulf Oil Spill, wars abroad, and a particularly grisly crime in Tampa this week (see below), I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day. Our country is 234 years old this week. It is the greatest country in the world and I am grateful to be one of its citizens."

Lisa Lisa [02-07-2010 06:34] 
Horrorhound is better than Rue Morgue?? Wow, I'll have to check it out. I adore Rue Morgue.
ED [02-07-2010 03:57] 
I just recently picked up my first issue of Horrorhound and was impressed. I also like Scream although it is a little more hit and miss. I always loved Psychotronic Magazine too but I never could find it locally. I had to buy it out of town on business trips.
Terence [01-07-2010 21:01] 
Horrorhound is the best. it even puts Rue Morgue to shame most of the time.
Chris Woods [01-07-2010 20:38] 
ED - Great article on Video Watchdog. I only have one issue of the magazine that I got recently and it's very good. It was never on in stores in my hometown, but Fangoria, Gorezone, Slaughterhouse, Horrorfind, and Toxic Horror were the ones at my stores and that I collected. The late 80's and early 90's were a great time to be collecting horror mags. They were so many of them and some were good and some were bad, but it was good to have a lot of them around back then.

A good horror magazine to check out now is Horrorhound. It's much better than Fango.
Yoodlie [01-07-2010 15:50] 
Yes! Nicholas Rex is awesome! Make them scream!
Nicholas Rex [01-07-2010 07:45] 
Having said all that, props to the young man for showing excellent writing skills. I have to agree with Terence that you seem to have inherited your dad's skill with words.
Nicholas Rex [01-07-2010 07:43] 
Three stars for a Twilight film? What's the review criteria? Did the sparkly vampire make you feel good? Or do you like watching leads who have absolutely no chemistry? Or maybe it's CGI battles that look like they take place at a dog park?

I'll say this much: I may disagree with Mr. Smith on some reviews but its a subjective thing. He likes some movies that I consider absolute crap, like the Wolf Man that came out a few months ago. But there is no redeeming quality for this emo, cliche-riddled, causes fans to attempt murder and mayhem, series. If I could burn every frakkin' copy, I would do so in front of thousands of bound Twi-hards just so I could watch them scream. It's sadistic but therapeutic and more importantly, fun.
HRH Lisa [01-07-2010 07:10] 
ED -- Oops, my bad. I really do know how to read, believe it or not. Guess I just got so excited at the blast-from-my-past mention of Pantry Pride that I put the wrong magazine name in my comment. C'est la vie.
Simon Lynx [01-07-2010 04:24] 
Just saw A-Team last night. Best tv show to movie I've seen in a long time. Just thought I'd share.
Proud Papa Michael [30-06-2010 23:14] 
Glad to see the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree. Even though he was pretty matter of fact about the whole thing, I can't tell you how many times Phillip called me to see if his review was on line yet! Nice to know I have a back up.
Jason Fetters [30-06-2010 22:14]  
Ed- Great write up on Video Watchdog. The old columns from Gorezone used to help me out a lot. Back in the 80's I had a subscription to Fangoria and their special Fangoria Horror Video Guide. I would take that to Blockbusters to weed through the clever box art. Before the video guide magazine, I would rent based on the box art and the results were always mixed. Sometimes it would be something cool and most times something bad from Europe.
Terence [30-06-2010 21:26] 
Phillip- good review. it seems your dads writing talent has rubbed off on you.
southtampa pervert [30-06-2010 19:29] 
flesh gordon. i love sci-fi pron.
Chris Woods [30-06-2010 19:07] 
New Schlock Review posted: BLOODY BIRTHDAY
Stephen Beasley [30-06-2010 17:50]  
Sgt. York:

What in the hell is your beef with the Crazed Fanboy website? If you believe you can do better, then do it. No need to bash others over who is the better fanboy. State who you are and offer your website address so we can check it out. I don't believe this should heve anything over who has the best fansite, best movie-making skills or who the best fanboy is. There's room for everyone. We're not playing, 'King of the Hill'.
ED [30-06-2010 17:47] 
Lisa, my Pantry Pride (which was originally connected to the J M Fileds next door) was long gone by the time Video Watchdog came out. It was Fangoria they carried and they stopped that after issue #9 which had the guys head exploding from Scanners on the cover!
Her Majesty Lisa Scherer [30-06-2010 17:39] 
Enjoyable column, ED. Soooo not fair that the Pantry Pride grocery store in my hometown didn't carry Video Watchdog. Sadly, I bought The Enquirer every week. (That was way back in the day, before Carol Burnett sued them, when the gossip was really juicy. Plus I was like 10 years old and the options were limited. LOL)

Happy birthday to all the July crazed fan peeps!!
Sgt York [30-06-2010 17:04] 
Staying the course? If you want a funny analogy, Nolan should have been the captain of the Titanic, scaled down to the size of a rowboat with him and a few fanboys. It's even harder to spot the ice ahead in a rowboat, now, isn't it? Oh, my. You satyed the course right into the ice! You already hit the ice, now, didn't you? Your boat is half sunk. Here, here's a bucket from the local elementary school. You can have Terence bail out ice water. Awe, Nolan's footsies are wet! LOL!
Stephen Beasley [30-06-2010 16:00] 
I hate to sound too upbeat in light of this week's Reader's Comments dark and depressing theme, but...


Brandon Jones, July 1, 40 yrs.
Christian Dumais, July 11, 36 yrs.
Juanita Smith, July 15, 47 yrs.
Phillip Smith, July 26, 25 yrs. U.S.A., July 4, 234 yrs.
Confused [30-06-2010 11:10] 
Wait, making films is a competition?!?!?!?!
Moi Moi [30-06-2010 07:43] 
Mee Mee, are you a filmmaker too? Cool. I'd love to see your work. Are your films available on DVD or on YouTube? Please let me know so I can watch your movie(s). Thanks.
Petrey [30-06-2010 05:25] 
No one is bitter and no one is jealous except you Mini Mee. So until you've revealed yourself, I'll sit back and laugh at YOU. Only someone who comes back and trolls the people, board or whatever with hatred or contempt without good reason are the ones who are jealous Mini Mee. Of course you could Man-up and come to the Message Board and PM me with who you really are. Thank You
Mee Mee [30-06-2010 04:57] 
There's not video this week because you guys are not filmmakers. You go out, video tape poorly shot footage, and torture your friends with it! No wonder you people are bitter and jealous!
Mee Mee [30-06-2010 04:54] 
LOL! Terence's ENTIRE film DID NOT work! It's funny watching Terence talking on here like he's a real indie filmmaker. And Simon, you're just being polite. Don't even say that you'd be proud to have your name on that piece of trash film... We'd never buy it.
Terence, everyone is being polite to your face, but are laughing at you behind your back. Real filmmakers don't see you as a threat to their films,and realize that you are not competition, when they see your films. They humor you.
Simon Lynx [30-06-2010 04:38] 
Everyone - If you have my RR email, delete it and use my Hotmail instead. Thank you
Simon Lynx [30-06-2010 04:25] 
Ter- I hate when stuff looks or sounds great on paper but then doesn't work in the end. It's definetely frustrating when you wanna shoot some thing and have to change it on the fly but sometimes it works for the better.
Michael [29-06-2010 20:31] 
They were indeed, ED. Used to fit on the end of a pencil if I remember right.

I'd like to let everyone know here that, due to an incident, which I will elaborate on in great detail in this week's Rant, during the screening of "The Last Airbender" this week's film review (of "Eclipse") was written by my son, Phillip. Unfortunately I can't post it because if I use my template it will appear under my name. So I've sent it on to the boss and he will post it as soon as he can. Maybe just proud papa talking but I think the kid did me proud!
Terence [29-06-2010 19:30] 
first with column!!!

simon- yeah it couldve been a little longer. in fact it was slightly. there some scenes that just couldnt be filmed in time and a scene or two that was shot but had to be cut because it didnt work in the end.
Simon Lynx [29-06-2010 19:26] 
Ter - just watched your flick. Interesting..... I would have liked if it were a little longer.
Nolan [29-06-2010 16:08] 
ED: Yes! And I think I still have some of them somewhere.

Mike: Point taken, but "troll" is a common Message Board term for the individual defining himself right here on Readers Comments. He doesn't even see himself. Wow.
Nolan [29-06-2010 16:05] 
To "Troll?" Oh....did you think I meant YOU? LOL! Wow.
ED [29-06-2010 15:43] 
Mike - weren't those cute little pot bellied things that were supposed to bring good luck?
Kewpie Kutie Michael [29-06-2010 15:39] 
I believe "trolls" are a copywritten property of Hasbro. Perhaps we should use the word "Kewpies?" Just a thought!
Troll? [29-06-2010 13:48] 
Correction..... You have to accept what's wrong and fix it. Period. Otherwise, you have no chance of competing against what is to come.
I do hate typos, and the message board has one advantage over readers comments: you can edit and correct typos.
Troll? [29-06-2010 13:47] 
(Continued) Those so-called "Trolls" are actually trying to help something which may still have some potential to do good. You're being petty, and childish, and completely miss the point. If someone disagrees with you, they are automatically wrong? Whatever. Don't hate someone because they care enough to speak out, and help the less fortunate.
Either fix what's wrong, or someone better will come along and outdo you in every way. You know your "competition" can out-write, out-design, out-cover, and out-do you. you know that this flawed web site can be outdone by someone who is much better at web site development and design than you are.
You have to accept what's wrong and fix it. Period. Otherwise, you have no change of competing against what is to come.
Troll? [29-06-2010 13:40] 
Listen here, primitives...... People who have legitimate criticisms are NOT trolls. Labeling them trolls is a pathetic attempt to discredit and disregard the valid points that they bring up. Smart people see what's going on, however, and you constantly whining about "trolls" beating you up on your own web site does nothing to help your cause, or your credibility.
In my opinion, this site has been mismanaged, and the favoritism, discrimination, and the maintained culture of hate and bias have degraded it to the point that it is irrelevant today.
Where are your readers? Why are you losing writers? Why is this site crippled?
Sure, doing away with readers comments might help you censor your critics, but hiding your head in the sand and pretending the issues don't exist and will simply go away won't fix what's wrong.
You might find that these so-called "Trolls" are not your enemies, and do not hate you.
Trolly Roller Lisa [29-06-2010 09:46] 
"troll control" -- tee hee hee...That phrase amuses me for some reason. I'm gonna try to use it in conversation today.
ED [29-06-2010 08:52] 
[31-12-1969 16:00] 
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