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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 550  (Vol. 11, No. 41). This edition is for the week of October 4--10, 2010.

Dark Tidings

  • The Next Reboot: "Superman"
  • The Next Reboot: "Wonder Woman"?
  • "Apocalypse Boyz" Premieres at the Tampa Pitcher Show


    Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
    As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
    From 2007, Crazed Fanboy's Halloween event, CULT-O-WEEN, held at Unique Video in Tampa. A gathering of PCR writers, friends, and fans.
    I would've put a question mark after the title like I did for Wonder Woman (and last week's Munsters), but I think everyone gets the idea by now that all these "reboots" are still in the talking stage.

    The latest seems to be a definite, however, that director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) is going to helm the next stage in the Superman franchise. I'm sure Supes will look really cool, but will he connect emotionally? Whatever. Rumors about that a preliminary script has General Zod as the villain as he was in the 1978 Chris Reeve original.

    No casting has been set. Brandon Routh is not guaranteed to reprise the starring role he had in Superman Returns. That may be good news or bad news for Super-Fans, I happened to think his take on Clark Kent was very Reeve-like, but, hey, maybe that's just me. I'm hoping the costume will change back to something more traditional, not like the muted-color, lizard-skin job in the last one (and hey, the "S" is supposed to be BIG, people!).

    Funny, how all we have is "reboots" now, not "remakes" or "updates". Maybe the latter two got a bad stigma from the non-stop remake hysteria Hollywood has been churning out for years now. And maybe they think "reboot" sounds more computer-age, who knows.

    At least with Zack Snyder directing, the pitchers will be real perty!



    In the everything-old-is-new-again department, just last week Ye Olde Editor pointed out his mixed feelings regarding the announcement of the "reboot" of the '60s TV classic The Munsters. This week, I stumbled upon a new reboot: the '70s comics-to-TV semi-camp classic, Wonder Woman.

    Evidently, David E. Kelley, creator of such television shows as Ally McBeal and The Practice, has been assigned to revamp the heroine for television.

    Or rather, for television again. Long-time TV fans no doubt recall the Lynda Carter-Lyle Waggoner vehicle from the '70s as a decently-inspired version of the venerable DC comic. (The '70s turned out to be kinder to superheroes than I gave it credit for at the time.) Though many movie adaptations have been proposed and even green-lighted over the years, for some reason, our Amazon princess never enjoyed the big-time motion picture treatment her fellow DC'ers Batman and Superman had. Hell, even Green Lantern is bypassing her on his way to the big screen.

    To be fair, back in May, Warner Brothers did announce some plans for a theatrical Wonder Woman project, but as of now, no progress report has been advanced, although DC Comics is expected to reveal some kind of similar thing by the end of the year. I'm a little confused at this sudden attention.

    I do hope they don't alter her beyond recognition like the other '70s Wonder Woman, the awful TV-movie with Cathy Crosby. Or the more recent comic, reportedly mutilated by TV writer J. Michael Straczynski. I don't follow printed comics much anymore, I'm going on what I heard.

    Despite that, I still consider myself a comics enthusiast/collector, though more in the classic-era sense. That said, I have to say having a decent comic book superhero on TV will be a refreshing comeback (I don't really count Smallville---or should I?).



    After a year-long and quite effective local media buzz campaign, local filmmaker Kevin Hoag & Co from Sedition Studios premiered three episodes---or "webisodes" of his upcoming streaming video series---Apocalypse Boyz at a meet-and-greet, show and tell event hosted by The Tampa Pitcher Show last Saturday, October 2. Despite the aforementioned media buzz, detailed info concerning this series has been hard to come by and their website doesn't go into all that much. Now that I've had a sampling, though, I'll say that Apocalypse Boyz can be described briefly as a post-apocalyptic zombie tale with heavy comedy elements. If you're already thinking about previous similar attempts, don't get ahead of me just yet.

    Only 4 pics I managed to take myself...
    Apocalypse Boyz director Kevin Hoag, left, with PCR editor, Nolan Canova
    Kevin Hoag, center, with PCR columnists Chris Woods and Lisa Scherer.
    The goofy but likable Michael Palaez leads us into the theater.
    Nolan Canova and Paul D'Angelis.
    Naturally I developed a sudden and debilitating illness the day of the show, but Ye Olde Editor was determined to support the troops in my first real indie film outing since the closing of The Tampa Film Review nearly two years ago, where I first met Kevin Hoag. I was accompanied by fellow PCR columnist Chris Woods. FANGRRL columnist Lisa Scherer arrived only slightly later and will have her own write-up of this event later in the week (which is most fortunate, since my condition prevented me from staying for the whole show).

    The Tampa Pitcher Show is located at One Million North Dale Mabry. OK, just kidding, but it is quite a haul from my house near MacDill AFB, haha. The establishment is the only one of its kind I'm aware of where the theater is also a restaurant/bar and waitresses come to your table for service. Sweet. (I think the Cinema Grill chain operates differently.) This was my first time here (sad to say), but hopefully won't be my last.

    I immediately found director Hoag at a table out in the front lobby and we conversed for just a bit. Obviously, his attention was in demand for other things. On a sofa near a corner was the always giddily upbeat Michael Palaez, a filmmaker in his own right, and who had a cameo as a zombie in Boyz. Paul D'Angelis, a Boyz promoter, and a terrific indie film supporter, gave Chris and me royal welcomes. It is always good to see him. While it turned out a few folks I was expecting weren't going to show, it was a great turn-out anyway.

    The event was hosted by WWE wrestler Sinn Bodhi, previously known as Kizarny. (On one of my trips to the bathroom to...er...quell stomach distress, I ran right past him getting into his creep make-up). After getting the audience pumped with a few back-and-forths of "ARE YOU READYYYYY?" .... "ARE YOU MOTHERF*!KERS READY FOR SOME MOTHERF*!KING GREAT ZOMBIES?", we were down to business. (In my hasty exit, I didn't get a disc, so this is all from memory.)

    EPISODE ONE: "MEET THE BOYZ". 15 mins. We are dropped right into the action as our heroes Ozzy (Bruce Blauer) and Matt (Taylor Girard) make their way through the backwoods in and around the Tampa Bay area toward an unknown destination, presumably just to safety and survival, and killing as many zombies as possible. Along the way, Ozzie---a sort of ex-GI, doesn't give a f*ck type, whose reverse-falsetto voice affectations are an even cross between the Dukes of Hazzard and Beetlejuice---does most of the ass-kicking, while Matt---kind of a college boy thrown into chaos---tries to bring some sanity into an insane situation. When a woman loses her boyfriend to the zombie disease(?), Ozzie chops off his head and keeps it in his beer cooler(!). Later, the two boyz encounter a zombified woman giving birth to a zombie baby. Ozzie rips the "child" off its cord and drop kicks it into the woods. Swills beer, makes one-liners, har har har. Stuff like that.

    Make-Up FX guru Marcus Koch did his usual amazing job on all things zombie-splatter! But at this point I have to say I was disappointed that the digital projector---the house system, I presume---did not do justice to the photography exhibited on the YouTube trailers. I think Kevin and company did an outstanding job capturing the deep greens and blues of the Central Florida sunlit landscape, but you couldn't tell it from the flat, washed-out version here.

    We pause as the lights come back up, and Sinn Bodhi and his missus, WWF/WWE "The Kat" (Stacy Carter, formerly Mrs. Jerry "The King" Lawler) conduct a scream queen contest and raffle. Hijinks ensue. Then, on with the show...

    EPISODE TWO: "Z.E.D". 15 mins. This episode was even weirder. Ozzie machine-guns a busload of zombie school-children to get into the mood. Later, somehow our heroes wander into the "lab" of a mad scientist who's invented a "Z.E.D", or Zombie Eradication Device. The wild-eyed scientist is straight out of a John Waters bad dream, wearing only a jock-strap, an open lab coat, socks and shoes. His robot...the device in question...looks like it was built as a college science project from the '40s, complete with primitive metal lining and rivets, and never actually seemed to function. Though our boyz never can determine if this is serious or not, Ozzie, still with his beer cooler nearby (and with the decapitated head still inside) wants to personally duke it out with the robot, armed only with a sword he picked up somewhere. We do learn during this outing that Matt is...or was...an anthropologist.

    To be honest, I found Captain Beetlejuice and his drunken-grunt frat-boy humor annoying, and I could've used more exposition on the plot, but that's about the worst I can say about Apocalypse Boyz. It's an interesting idea (one I've heard plenty of times before, but never seen come to fruition), and I am sure future episodes will shed a little more light on details.

    The lights came back up, but I wasn't holding out well enough to stay, unfortunately, so Chris and I made a hasty exit. I waved to my old public access colleague Dan Pestana who'd arrived late (I think he won something in the raffle, though), and Paul D'Angelis, who was instrumental in getting logistics worked out for me to be there at all. I ran into "Matt", aka, Taylor Girard, out in the parking lot.

    The episode I missed was called ZOCKUMENTARY and was, by all accounts, the best of the three (natch) especially as it shed a little light on why this is all happening.

    Info I later obtained from the director indicates that:

  • Apocalypse Boyz has FIVE episodes in the can, 15 minutes each, that comprise this "season". I believe the Pitcher Show event exhibited episodes 1, 2, and 5.
  • Next season, 5 to 10 episodes, including "intros of new monsters, challenges and overall mayhem." (I speculate the total number may depend on financing?)
  • The "webcast" will occur every Friday, beginning October 15 (presumably on their website and on YouTube). "Meet The Boyz" will be divided into 5-minute increments this go 'round for "easy web digestion."
  • The online comic will be released every Sunday.


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