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Nolan's Pop Culture Review 2010!
Assistant Editor / Co-moderator: Terence Nuzum

Established A.D. 2000, March 19. Now in our eleventh calendar year!
Number 559  (Vol. 11, No. 50). This edition is for the week of December 6--12, 2010.


  • Jim Morrison Pardoned
  • On The Anniversary of John Lennon's Assassination
  • Brrrr...!
  • WikiLeaks


    Crazed Fanboy's Most Memorable Moments, 2000--2009
    As submitted by PCR writers, compiled by Chris Woods
    From 2004, Terence Nuzum lists his top 30 bands from the 1980's that didn't make the decade suck.
    A tip of the hat to PCR contributor Chris Woods for the alert that yesterday, December 9, in what is likely one of the last official acts of departing Governor Charlie Crist, a pardoned was issued forgiving the alleged "indecent exposure" conviction Doors' vocalist Jim Morrison incurred following a wild late-night 1969 concert.

    Versions of what actually happened that night are all over the map. From the time of the incident until now I've heard it was Jim exposing himself, Jim exposing himself to simulate masturbation, Jim mererly fondling himself through his leather pants, Jim getting a simulated blowjob from an audience member, Jim giving a simulated blowjob to one of his band members, a combination of the foregoing, or nothing at all. Keyboardist Ray Manserak insists due to the heat (no a/c in the building that night) and heightened frenzy of the crowd following one of Jim's improvised political rants, that a mass hysteria took place where people were claiming all kinds of weird stuff. (I imagine there was much pot-smoking in the area as well.) Several police claim they saw Morrison's member, but those closest in proximity said no such thing happened. Was his member out, but only for a moment? Or was he too drunk and stoned to even locate his own zipper? We may never really know.

    Nevertheless, a 1970 trial ended in a conviction that by today's standards would've labeled him a sex-offender. Morrison, however, died in 1971 before appeals could be heard. And that is where it has stood for 40 years.

    Until yesterday. Governor Crist, urged on by a Doors fan years ago, managed to push through a pardon for Morrison, along with several others a committee helps vote on.

    Rest in peace, Jim. Regardless of what actually may or may not have happened that night so long ago, your record has been cleared by---ironically---a government official.

    A Message Board thread has already been started on this topic.



    A big mea culpa echoes from Ye Olde Editor on being a day late to acknowledge the 30th anniversary of the death of former Beatle John Lennon. Thankfully, both Mike Smith and ED Tucker were alert to the date before it passed.

    What's the difference beween a "murder" and an "assassination"? Good question. Well, first you have to be famous, but I've always figured an "assassination" has to do with a celebrity's stature and if there was any politics involved. With Lennon, both. But sometimes it just has to do with some lone nut's version of reality.

    John Lennon had just signed an autograph for his assassin shortly before the lone nut decided there wasn't enough room on the planet for the both of them...or something. Life in the entertainment world never really recovered from that. Not only would a Beatles reunion never be possible again, Lennon's keen insight into both music and politics would be forever denied us.

    And, to me, John Lennon was the pivotal Beatle. Paul McCartney was equally talented as a songwriter, but it was Lennon who started the Quarrymen which became The Beatles. It was Lennon who so threatened authorites with his peace rallies. And it was Lennon who retained his Liverpool punk attitude till the day he died.

    For a Baby-Boomer, The Beatles invasion was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Watching the surviviors George Harrison (who left us many years ago due to cancer), Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr grow older is challenging the feelings of immortality we all thought we had. But at least they're still touring (amazing, that!).

    But John was taken from us way too young, having just turned 40 two months earlier in October of 1980. Knowing his assassin (we usually don't name him, you can look it up) will likely die of old age in a jail cell somewhere is a diminutive consolation for this lost treasure.



    I could have sworn the meteorological cognoscenti of this country assured us that this winter was going to be much milder than last winter due to a very active La Niña system. LIKE HELL! West Central Florida has encountered several near-freezing mornings recently, and as I write this, it bottomed out at exactly 32 degrees where I am, with more on the way. The rest of the country seems to be covered in snow, and we've only just entered December.

    I keep hearing that we aren't going to be suffering from weeks of sub-30s like last year, and that's mildly reassuring (you know the forecasters are never wrong!,) but I have to wonder what happened to La Niña! She roll over and die or something?



    I have to admit I haven't really done all that much homework on this one even though it's turning out to be one of the year's top stories, at least as far as how much space it takes up on the news. I'm not sure I understand what the big deal is.

    The US "Top Secret" documents "leaked" onto the internet by the notorious website WikiLeaks have been an embarrassment in that it's revealed we spy on our allies as well as our enemies (shocking), and a rather humorous attempt by a Saudi king to get Obama to do him a favor by bombing Iran. I'm sure State Department officials would rather not see their personal cables to international contacts posted for all the world to see. And all this was accomplished by the owners of WikiLeaks getting the documents from a private first class stationed overseas.

    But let me ask you this: HOW WAS ONE PRIVATE FIRST CLASS ABLE TO ACCESS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS OVER HIS SINGLE WORKSTATION COMPUTER?? Are there no checks and balances? Hell, there's probably more security at your local bank's online access interface!

    The real scandal to me is not the leaks, but that it seemed to be so very easy to pull off. Even though the private in question and the owner of WikiLeaks have been arrested and their futures look grim, there's, apparently, more to come!

    So, is this Freedom of Speech? Treason? Espionage? I don't mean to be insensitive, mind you; if there are field agents and their real names named in these documents, that would present a real and unnecessary hazard (remember the Valerie Plame deal). What I get from the talking heads on TV, however, is that this is more of a big case of egg-on-their-face politics.


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