General search tips for and the online universe in general       by Mike "Deadguy" Scott

The most common search term is just a word or two ("Movie reviews"). Proper names are common, but like one/two-word terms, are exceedingly vague and you will likely need to narrow your search.

If you wish to look for a specific phrase, rather than individual words, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. ("History of the Blues" or "independent films made in Florida")

If you want to limit your search, use the minus sign (-) to indicate which words to avoid. (Florida - elections) This must be used carefully (see below).

If there are terms that MUST be included in the search, use a plus sign (+) in front of them. ("Mike Smith" + baseball, or "top ten" + comics)

Finally, if all else fails, there is a checkbox on the resulting Google™  page that enables exiting Crazed Fanboy and searching the 'net.

The following example employs most of these at once and illustrates possible pitfalls. Mike Smith is a PCR writer who's never missed an issue:

Mike - Smith + "Ed Gein"

MEANS:  Find "Mike", but ignore any pages that have the word "Smith" on them. "Ed Gein" MUST be on EVERY page listed. (Mike Smith is in every issue, and a good author, I don't advise "blocking" his stuff--this is an extreme example.)

This would be a good way to find Ed Gein references that DON'T appear on the main PCR homepage, because Mike Smith's name can't be on the same page. (All regular writers for the Pop Culture Review are listed somewhere on the homepage, if for no other reason than to declare copyrights. Mike Smith and Mike Scott have the same initials and the same first name but write about entirely different subjects, hence Mike Scott's example of limiting your "Mikes" in a search.--Nolan)
The "Mike" term means that you want to see the pages that have "Mike" in them, but if everything else is in place, "Mike" doesn't actually have to be there.

For the record, when I conducted the search listed above, the return was a single Terence Nuzum article, and not my Ed Gein article (by Mike "Deadguy" Scott). That's because my article was done when the PCR was in an older format, and everything was on the same page. I'm sure Mike Smith's name occurs on that page, so it was blocked by the search. Just remember, it searches by PAGE rather than by specific article, so use the "minus sign" VERY sparingly!
(The moral of the story is if you want to search for Ed Gein, just enter the words "Ed Gein", with or without the quotes. However, if you have previous knowledge of a specific writer or format, then you enter the extra qualifiers via the plus and minus signs.---Nolan)

Just remember, this search is based on Google™ coming to look through our site. Newer pages may not show up, though I've found it to be relatively up-to-date, often within 2 or 3 days! (Powered by dead folks in hampster wheels & Google)