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PCR #206  (Vol. 5, No. 10)  This edition is for the week of March 1--7, 2004.

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Dylan Jones

The Great Battle of "We the People of the US" and Free Speech

Hey everybody! I know my last article I wrote said I was gonna write about CCGs but this issue is of more importance! We all know of the greatly stupid Super Bowl "wardrobe malfunction" and its effect on TV programming... And now all these people on the radio and TV are getting suspended for thing they did in the past. Like how Howard Stern got fined for indecency, Now I for one don't like him but I do believe in Free Speech! And of course, don't forget Mr. rock singer Bono cussed during the 2003 Golden Globe Awards and nothing happened to him! One other point I should bring up is in Georgia women are now banned by law to have genital piercings! The bill was passed 160-0 with no debate! What kind of crap is this?! Genital piercing is another thing I don't like or really understand but I believe your body is your own to do whatever with! Free Speech people! Of course Men can still get there genital pierced which is just kinda funny...

I shall leave you all but don't fret, soon enough I will have another post about how screwed up the US is getting.

This is The Drow saying Be careful of what you say or you could get a dart in the neck! Goodbye peoples!

(Dylan wrote me and said his next column would be more column-length, but I asked him to send his two cents re: Free Speech before the Jackson episode got too old. ---Nolan)

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