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HAPPY NEW YEAR! The contents of the 2002 Archives, below, are presented "as is", that is, with original content, formatting and links intact for authenticity and historical purposes. I regard these editions as "magazine back issues", specific to their published time period, and they will not be monitored for updating.
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ARCHIVES of Nolan's Pop Culture Review, 2002. Click on date to view issue.

144.......(December 23--31, 2002). MERRY CHRISTMAS! Holiday issue, part 2 and  final edition of the year! Blustery weather this Christmas in Tampa, but not especially cold. The PCR staff, the gang, and I write about the ups and downs of 2002 in personal history, and/or best and worst movies/CDs/television of the year. Biggest news stories likely touched on. This week's movie review: Gangs of New York!
143.......(December 16--22, 2002). Holiday issue, part 1. Real Server for CF! My letter to Art Bell! "La Floridiana" heads to the hills in the great Smoky Mountain retreat! In this week's movie review, Mike Smith and I both take on "Star Trek: Nemesis"! Me, I do a solo (this week) on "LOTR: The Two Towers". "Deadguy's Dementia" has discovered another Chapel of Bones! And, of course, there's "Mike's Rant"!
142.......(December 9--15, 2002). Historic landmark down. Bigfoot's creator(?) dies. MTV: FEAR, revisited. A rare personal visit from an old friend, the reclusive Vinnie Blesi, publisher of the '70s fanzine "Advent"! "La Floridiana" continues the history of Picnic Island in part 2 of the series! This week's movie review: "Analyze That"! And, of course, "Mike's Rant"!
141.......(December 2--8, 2002). The Renegade Film Festival Strikes Back: Saints & Sinners II! Was I "Taken" with Spielberg's new mini-series? "La Floridiana" tracks the history of Picnic Island! "The Enlightenment" continues the history of James Bond in print! "Deadguy's Dementia" spotlights another Chapel of Bones! This week's movie review: "Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights"! And, of course, "Mike's Rant" and "Matt's Rail"!
140.......(November 25--December 1, 2002). HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Attending to loose ends and unfinished stories before year's end. "La Floridiana": Part 2 of the interview with BLONDIE artist Denis Lebrun! "The Enlightenment" shines the spot on James Bond in print! And speaking of Bond--this week's movie review: "Die Another Day"! And, of course, "Mike's Rant"!
139.......(November 18--24, 2002). Action-packed issue! HOLLYWOOD BABYLON. "La Floridiana": Part 1 of an interview with BLONDIE artist Denis Lebrun is here!! Fan updates: Winter's Movies, Shonen Jump, and Corey Castellano! "Deadguy's Dementia" returns to begin an astounding series that I'll call the world's "Chapels of Bones"! This week's movie review: "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". "Matt's Rail" returns: the fate of the Forry vs Ferry battle, and the ramifications to Famous Monsters fandom. And, of course, "Mike's Rant"!
138.......(November 11--17, 2002). Floridana Fest! "La Floridiana": The 20th Anniversary T.R.E.E. planting! "The Digital Divide" returns! And what's happening with Gus Perez? HA ha...the filmmaker updates. This week's movie review: "8 Mile"! And, of course, "Mike's Rant".
137.......(November 4--10, 2002). Our healthier look returns after Halloween! "La Floridiana" and "Deadguy's Dementia" are very free-form this issue; anything and everything goes! Also: Election Day in Florida--we got it right this time! The sad passing of original Lost In Space cast member Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith) at 87, and the abysmally small notice it got in the paper. Well, I'll fix that. Art Bell retires.
136.......(October 28--November 3, 2002). Our "dead" look continues through Halloween! The Roy Huston Spook Show comes to the Royalty Theater in Clearwater! A new "Deadguy's Dementia"--the grand finale/sequel to the "marriage proposal" issue of #116! "La Floridana" takes us to Miami and the airliner convention attended by our own Will Moriaty! Movie Review this week: "Punch Drunk Love"! Plus, a new Halloween-themed "Digital Divide"! And, of course, Mike's Rant!
135.......(October 21--27, 2002). THE HALLOWEEN ISSUE! Continuing the Top 10 Vampire Flicks of All Time! A new book review in La Floridiana: "Floridaland Ghosts"! After a long absence, the return of "The Enlightenment"! Movie review: "The Ring"! A veteran SPOOK SHOW returns to Clearwater! And, of course, Mike's Rant and Matt's Rail!  Also....we look pretty ragged around the edges as our "Dorian Gray" side takes over!
134.......(October 14--20, 2002). Mike Smith reviews "The Transporter"! More Top 10 Comic Strips of All Time! A new "Digital Divide"! "La Floridiana" reviews the paranormal of "The Tampa Triangle"! Patty G. Henderson's new Halloween Top 10 challenge! And of course, Mike's Rant is in!!
133.......(October 7--13, 2002). Mike Smith and I review "Red Dragon"! More TV reviews! "La Floridiana" is here with another chapter on Florida paranormal happenings! More Top 10 Comic Strips! "Murder on the Woo Woo Express" made it in this week, and of course, Mike's Rant and Matt's Rail are here!!
132.......(September 30--October 6, 2002). "La Floridiana" is here with another chapter on Florida paranormal happenings! Other columns this week: The Digital Divide, Mike's Rant and Matt's Rail, and a new Movie Review: "The Tuxedo"!! PLUS: A NEW TOP TEN CHALLENGE: Rick Sousa has challenged us to The Top 10 Comic Strips of All Time!!
131.......(September 23--29, 2002). The weird world of movie censorship-for-resale and rental--who knew this was going on? Digital-VHS, the true story. More new Fall TV series? My Dentist and the Tiger. La Floridiana has got some paranormal happenings to report! Mike Smith reviews "Ecks vs Sever", plus The RANT is in! Also, Terence Nuzum sent a new Digital Divide!!
130.......(September 16--22, 2002).  I review "One Hour Photo", Mike reviews "Stealing Harvard"! La Floridiana takes us back on the road in Florida. Fall TV! More Beasley's Bits! Mike's Rant! Matt's Rail! All here, right now!
129.......(September 9--15, 2002). SEPTEMBER 11th---ONE YEAR LATER. "La Floridana" reviews Joel D. Wyncoop's "The Part" and "Time for Dessert"! "The Digital Divide" features an essay by Terence Nuzum on The Modern Age of Rock! "Deadguy" exposes "Orbs" for what they are! "Matt's Rail" has the last word on the now-defunct baseball strike, plus an update on Famous Monsters! And "Mike's Rant" is in!
128.......(September 2--8, 2002). My life stabilizes...and I get help from TV Land! La Floridiana this week takes a look at Dan Allison's "All The Little Birdies"! "The Digital Divide" returns with double-barreled action from Terence and Will! "Mike's Rant" is in and Mike generously threw in another "DVD Enthusiast" to round out the bill!
127.......(August 26--September 1, 2002). Well, I'm employed, but will it affect the PCR? "La Floridiana" covers the career of Central Florida actor Gus Perez. Will and Nolan at the movies: Joel D. Wyncoop's latest releases! (Pics included.) "Matt's Rail": the baseball strike and injustice in America! "Mike's Rant": the baseball strike, movie notes, and celebrity passings. Ever the sport, Mike threw in a "DVD Enthusiast" contribution reviewing "Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan"!
126.......(August 19--25, 2002). Light may be shining at the end of the unemployment tunnel--more details as I get 'em. "La Floridana"--Will is ready with his overview of Florida photographer Clyde Butcher! Deadguy reviews the DVD release of "Collateral Damage"! "The Digital Divide" returns--in: Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Enon, Hot Snakes! Upcoming: Joel D. Wyncoop's new film! And great news about the lost tapes of Dr. Paul Bearer! "Matt's Rail" and "Mike's Rant let it rip on DVD and sports ripoffs. "Deadguy's Dementia" on Hollywood's (mis)treatment of the comics!
125.......(August 12--18, 2002). Many well-wishers sending Happy Birthday greetings warms my heart! Deadguy and I review "Triple-X"! Change of plans: "La Floridiana" will cover Florida photographer Clyde Butcher next week! This week--more Florida UFOs! Deadguy and Drew Reiber have new reviews of DVD releases! "Matt's Rail" and "Mike's Rant" contain a birthday greeting for the Nolmeister.
124.......(August 5--11, 2002).  The Renegade Film Festival rocks the area. This week's movie review: "Signs" w/Mel Gibson and crop circles! "La Floridiana" recalls famous and tragic air crashes in Florida. "The Digital Divide" is here with more great music news and CD reviews! "Deadguy's Dementia" returns with Howl-O-Scream try-outs! "Murder on the Woo Woo Express" is back with the latest news and great reviews of murder-mystery books! My crisis of faith that started last week has started to abate...
123.......(July 29--August 4, 2002). Big personal changes for the Nolmeister. This week's movie review: "Austin Powers in Goldmember"! La Floridiana reminds us of how much musical talent came from the Tampa Bay area! The Digital Divide is back with more great music news and reviews! Matt's Rail is in on security, Forry and an important birthday! Mike's Rant is in with the TV Guide's Top cartoons of all time!
122.......(July 22--28, 2002). Mike Scott reviews "Reign of Fire" (Movie Review section) and the DVD release of "Vanilla Sky" (Dementia)! "La Floridiana" recalls the halcyon days of Dr. Paul Bearer, and his impact on the local film/fan community! "Matt's Rail" is here on the Ackermansion news. Me, I'm still reeling over World Com, Monster Fish, and missing moon rocks! "The Unapologetic DVD Enthusiast" returns with reviews of "The Last Dragon", the "Lethal Weapon" series, and "Night of the Living Dead"! "Mike's Rant" is in--happy birthday Phillip!
121.......(July 15--21, 2002). Updates on running news stories. Hurricane season is upon us and "La Floridiana" gives us the lowdown and some history! "Digital Divide" is back with new CD reviews! A brief "Deadguy's Dementia" on some involvement with the upcoming DragonCon! "Matt's Rail" is in on his NY trip! Mike Smith and I review "Eight-Legged Freaks"!
120.......(July 8--14, 2002). Very slender issue this week! Ted Williams on ice?? The veracity of Cryonics. "La Floridiana" review of Florida indy movie "Beware!" "Matt's Rail" is in--our boy is employed again! "Wake Up and Smell the Comics" is in on the Comics-to-Movies wave in Hollywood! "Mike's Rant" congrats Matt, then comments on the recent deaths of three celebrities.
119.......(July 1--7, 2002). One Nation, Under God: the pledge of allegiance. Time Magazine's End Times. Maxim's Worst Movies. "The Digital Divide" returns with some music news and reviews by Terence Nuzum, plus brief personal retrospective of John Entwistle by Matt and myself. "La Floridiana" reviews another notable Florida Filmmaker's work! "Murder on the Woo Woo Express" with more great reviews of mystery novels! "Matt's Rail" and "Mike's Rant" are in! PLUS a new column: "The Unapologetic DVD Enthusiast" debuts this issue with "Wake Up" writer Drew Reiber!
118.......(June 24--30, 2002). I remember a few more things I wanted to talk about (hint: Star Wars, Ep. II---Camino clone), plus: the death of VHS? Movie review: "Minority Report"! More Top 10 Best Song Covers of All Time! "La Floridiana" reviews the Tim Dorsey book, "Triggerfish Twist". "Mike's Rant" and "Matt's Rail" are here! "The Enlightenment" on '70s horror movies, Part 4---final chaper!
117.......(June 17--23, 2002). Party in Ybor! "The Enlightenment" on '70s horror movies, Part 3! In "La Floridiana", Will details the Florida independent movie scene as it's found on the web! "Wake Up and Smell the Comics" is here with the concluding chapter on Spider-Man! "Matt's Rail" and "Mike's Rant" are in! In the Lettercol, more fallout over the Kreskin/Art Bell episode! Plus, a new Top 10 challenge: The Top 10 Song Covers of All Time!
116.......(June 10--16, 2002). Lots of "Part 2s"!  Slipped Thru the Cracks, Part 2! Kreskin banned on Art Bell! "The Enlightenment" on '70s horror movies, Part 2! In "La Floridiana", Will continues with Part 2 of his Rocky Mountain High adventure! "Wake Up and Smell the Comics" is Part 3 of Drew's Spider-Man overview (delayed from last week)! In non-part 2 news, "Deadguy's Dementia", Deadguy recalls his high-risk, high-thrill wedding proposal! And we have a brief retrospective, "in The Digital Divide", on the passing of Dee Dee Ramone. "Matt's Rail" and Mike's Rant" are in! (Look for a new Top 10 challenge!)
115.......(June 3--9, 2002). Terence Nuzum begins a new multi-part "Enlightenment"---this one focuses on '70s horror films! In "Digital Divide", Mike Smith reviews the .38 Special concert he saw recently in Kansas! "La Floridiana" is back and Will Moriaty chronicles his recent trip to Colorado. This week's movie review by Deadguy(!) is on "The Sum of All Fears"! "Murder on the Woo Woo Express" returns with more mystery book reviews! And me, I got a few things I've been meaning to write about, and now I do.
114.......(May 27--June 2, 2002). HELLZAPOPPIN'! The fallout over "Matt's Rail" in an extended Letters section. Old Home Week as old friends reappear and others seem to come back from the dead! "La Floridiana" writer, Will Moriaty, is on vacation, so this issue I upload a handy index he wrote a while back. "Digital Divide" is in with two Tom Waits CDs and bring more music news! "Wake Up and Smell the Comics" is here on Spider-Man! "Mike's Rant and "Matt's Rail" (sans religion) are here!
113.......(May 20--26, 2002). "Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones" wide-release premiere knocks "Spider-Man" to number two. Read my review in this issue! Deadguy on "Clones" technical issues. The last X-Files episode. "La Floridiana" resumes the "Miami Tropical Deco" story. Digital Divide---music news, plus CD reviews of Weezer and The Breeders. "Matt's Rail" continues his series on America's masonic origins.
112.......(May 13--19, 2002). A disturbance in the force as Spider-Man takes the box-office for the second weekend and negative pre-screen reviews surround "Attack of the Clones". Could this be the upset of the summer/year/decade? "La Floridiana" suspends Part 2 of the "Miami Tropical Deco" story to relay info on the upcoming "Miami Vice" movie! In "Digital Divide" Terence Nuzum has lots of music news; also reviews 2 CDs--The Notwist: "Neon Golden" and Pulp: "We Love Life". Deadguy shops for skeletons! "Blank Thoughts" on Lauryn Hill! "Matt's Rail" on Freemasons in America. The PCR homepage reaches 10,000 hits 5-9-02!
111.......(May 6--12, 2002). "Spider-Man" breaks weekend box-office records--read our reviews of the movie right here! Brandon Herring returns with his views on "Jason X"! "La Floridiana" takes us on a tour of Miami Beach's "tropical-deco"! "Murder on the Woo Woo Express" rolls into town with two brand new book reviews and a news column! "Matt's Rail" is here on Iverson and the TV Top Ten! Late Updates: Brandon Herring's review of "Spider-Man" is added to the movie review page; and "Wake Up and Smell the Comics" is here--a primer on Spider-Man!
110.......(April 29--May 5, 2002). After a year of arguing and inside jokes, the reviews of "Jason X"! The lettercol has some good feedback on our recent topics. Yours truly makes the local papers as a full-length article on "The World of Nolan" hits the stands. Will Moriaty of TREE researches my family "tree"! Anybody remember the PMRC? A look a the VH-1 special. "Wake Up and Smell the Comics" returns with some thoughts on Spider-Man. "Blank Thoughts" on Nova from "Apes". Special Update: Mike Smith reviews "Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones"!
109.......(April 22--28, 2002). Weird Dead Hollywood: before Robert Blake there was...? "La Floridiana" reviews a Carl Hiassen book, "The Mangrove Coast".  Mike Smith reviews "The Scorpion King"! "Matt's Rail" on the Hagar/Roth tour, plus a Supreme Court porno decision. "The Digital Divide" is in: Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), Gomez, Wilco and more news. Deadguy on A.D.D. "Mike's Rant" is in!
108.......(April 15--21, 2002). The debate about Computer-Generated Imagery, or CGI. The current sad state of the Catholic Church. "La Floridiana" part 2 on crime in Old Tampa. New page (I hesitate to call it a "column"): Gary Esposito returns with "Blank Thoughts" on The Twilight Zone! "Matt's Rail" takes on the CGI debate and, surprisingly, while discussing the molesting priests' situation, Matt shares a sad and shocking episode from his past. "Mike's Rant" addresses this and more.
107.......(April 8--14, 2002). I made the papers! (Even if I don't have a controversial public access show.) Terence Nuzum and I start a new music-review column, "The Digital Divide". Letter from Steve Beasley, "down under." "Matt's Rail" is here on the Bucs and Bush! A new "Deadguy's Dementia"---the case for CGI! Will Moriaty takes us on a tour of an older, seedier Tampa: organized crime of the '20s! "Mike's Rant" is in on everything!
106.......(April 1--7, 2002). Unrest in the middle-east. The Beatles almost made "Lord of the Rings"? Public Access news. Terence is back with a tirade on "E.T." and a movie review of "Blade II"! Will Moriaty reviews two Florida independent movies: "Scary Tales" and "El Lector"! Matt Drinnenberg has a lot to say about televangelists! Mike Smith on Billy Wilder---plus, a response to Terence!
105.......(March 25--31, 2002). The 74th Academy Awards! We comment on the winners, losers, and politics. Will Moriaty recalls Rattlesnake, Florida! "The Enlightenment" History of the Blues by Terence Nuzum--FINAL CHAPTER (10 of 10) is here, topic: The Field Recordings! Mike Smith reviews "E.T.", the re-release! A new installment of "Murder on the Woo Woo Express"! "Matt's Rail" on The Oscars and Schlock! UPDATE: 3-27-02 The sad passings of Dudley Moore and Milton Berle. UPDATE: 3-28-02 The sad passing of director Billy Wilder.
104.......(March 11--17, 2002). Two-year anniversary for PCR! Wrestlemania! "La Floridiana" takes us on a tour of Orlando's Howard A. Kelly Park--with pictures! "The Enlightenment" History of the Blues by Terence Nuzum--part 9 of 10 is here, topic: Profile--Leadbelly! Mike Smith's "Rant" is in with his Oscar picks, PLUS he reviews "Ice Age"! "Matt's Rail" is in with HIS Oscar picks! Special links and announcements: yours truly is interviewed by Legion Studios! And, at long last: the update of Crazed Fanboy dotcom begins with "The Lost Interview of Dr. Paul Bearer" by ED Tucker! And "Schlockarama", reviews of tacky movies, begins!
103.......(March 11--17, 2002). The 6-month anniversary of 9-11 observed. "La Floridiana" looks back on the odyssey of Flight 257, plus a 3-toed monster update! "The Enlightenment" History of the Blues by Terence Nuzum--part 8 is here, topic: The Country Blues. Deadguy waxes poetic on web-surfing.  Mike Smith reviews "The Time Machine"!
102.......(March 4--10, 2002). Looks like a shorter isssue this week! The shadow government of George W. Bush. Amy Fisher/Paula Jones vs Tanya Harding. "La Floridiana" reviews the book, "Florida Trivia". "The Enlightenment" History of the Blues by Terence Nuzum--part 7 is here, topic: The East Coast Piedmont Blues.  Lauré Piper reviews "The Count of Monte Cristo". "Matt's Rail" and "Mike's Rant" are in!
101.......(February 25--March 3, 2002). The passing of animation pioneer Chuck Jones. "La Floridiana" launches a new concept page reviewing low-budget/zero-budget and/or schlock films and videos filmed primarily, but not exclusively, in the Tampa or Florida area. "The Enlightenment" History of the Blues by Terence Nuzum--part 6 is here, topic: The Urban Blues. "Matt's Rail" comments on the situation in sports. Mike Smith's computer fried, but he sent in a Rant anyway! Wotta guy. More Top Ten Comics lists! And the absolutely, positively last word on Waylon Jennings by our intrepid reporters via the Lettercol.
100th huge issue!!  (February 18--24, 2002). Centennial issue of the PCR. Jon Gruden ends the Bucs' head coach musical chairs. Waylon Jennings history revisited as we try to separate fact from fiction. How the Academy Award nominations came out. "The Enlightenment" continues its blues history series with Part 5's "The Holy Blues". "La Floridiana" covers some spooky cryptozoological Florida history. The return of "Deadguy's Dementia"! And, yes, the long overdue--Rick Sousa's challenge: The Top Ten Comic Books of all Time launches with this issue!  New column: Tampa author Patty G. Henderson reviews current and favorite mystery novels in Murder on the Woo Woo Express!
99........(February 11--17, 2002). Waylon Jennings, dead at 64. Will someone please coach the Bucs? Good location--moderate climate--difficult owners, so must have even temperment. "Matt's Rail" is here with a look at this ludicrous situation. "La Floridiana" is in with Part 2 of TV filmed/based in Florida; "The Enlightenment" continues its history of the blues series with Part 4's focus on "Women and the blues"; Mike Smith's Oscar nominations and "Rant" are in!
98........(February 4--10, 2002). Florida Folk Hero, Hampton Dunn dies at 85. Gasparilla. Matt Drinnenberg enjoys a healthy "I told you so" after his prediction of the Super Bowl proved prophetic. Terence Nuzum's series on the history of the blues continues in Part 3 of a multi-part "Enlightenment"! Will Moriaty begins a multi-part series on television shows filmed in Florida in "La Floridiana". "Mike's Rant" is in with lots of commentary! More letters--and yes, the Top Ten TV lists are still coming in!
97........(January 28--February 3, 2002). State of the Union. Inglis, Fla, bans Satan. "La Floridiana" covers must-see spots in Florida! Terence Nuzum's series on the history of the blues continues in Part 2 of a multi-part "Enlightenment"! And "Matt's Rail" is here on Tony Dungy, The Monkees, Evil Dead and Mike Smith!
96........(January 21--27, 2002). Top Ten TV Series of all Time revisited--updates; first reader feedback is in. Terence Nuzum explains the History of the Blues in part 1 of a 10-part "Enlightenment". Will Moriaty tackles a famous Florida case of spontaneous human combustion in "La Floridiana". And "Matt's Rail" is here covering Bill Parcells, The Top 10, and terrorism! "Mike's Rant" covers award nominees, celebrity passings and a TV faves update. PCR Spotlight returns with a Gilmore Girls review by Lauré Piper.
95........(January 14--20, 2002). President Bush crosses paths with a dangerous pretzel. Tony Dungy fired as Bucs' coach. N' Sync vs George Lucas. "La Floridiana": Part 2 of Florida's Fabulous Gardens. "Wake Up and Smell the Comics" is in with what to watch out for in 2002! "Mike's Rant" is in and is packed! And finally....FINALLY...The Top Ten Television Series of All Time! Mike, Matt, Drew, Will, and yours truly all have our lists on the homepage!
94........(January 7--13, 2002). Why did a youth plunge a plane into a Tampa bank building? Terence Nuzum's Best of 2001 list is here! In "La Floridiana", Florida's Fabulous Gardens. Matt's Rail on Stallone and Famous Monsters. Mike's Rant on Wendy's Dave Thomas and comments on spurious discrimination news. The returning Brandon Herring reviews "A Beautiful Mind". Many new letter-writers in "Letters"!
93........(January 1--6, 2002). Happy New Year! Welcome back. Another new look! Some necessary exposition in the headline section, then down to business. La Floridiana on Florida's Skunk Ape. Drew Reiber's "Wake Up..." is a highly-recommended piece rebutting Terence's attack on mainstream comics from last issue--and Terence responds! "Mike's Rant" is in with more movie news and insider tips! I'm considering a hall of fame for the most special articles from these talented people.

Nolan's Pop Culture Review: "Because everyone's entitled to my opinion!"---Nolan B. Canova

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